Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kugel Mesh Lawyer

The law firm Mark & Associates, P.C. are handling many cases of defective products for people who have been injured by them. Presently, one of the cases they are involved in is the Kugel mesh used in hernia operations. These have been recalled due to injuries of a serious nature. Serious infections, bowel obstructions and bowel perforations are just several of the problems that have occurred because of these mesh implants. My husband had a very serious hernia about 7 years ago now and his side still often hurts him. I am thinking after reading this, that perhaps we should also look into Kugel mesh lawyer to find out more about it. It would really be something if his mesh implant is one of those being recalled. The recall is due to a "memory ring" and I beieve it would be important to check it out.

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