Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Snowstorm Causes 59 Vehicle Pileup in Ohio

That isn't the only place that is having car pileups. Wisconsin had a really bad one we saw on TV today too. Last weekend when a winter storm blanketed parts of the Midwest and Northeast with up to a foot of snow, this caused a 59 vehicle pileup and at least four traffic fatalities.

In New Hampshire, three buses and two tractor-trailer rigs were among the 59 vehicles that crashed on snowy Interstate 93, sending a dozen people to hospitals Sunday morning. This temporarily shut down a stretch of the highway's northbound lanes. None of the injuries were life threatening, but it took emergency crews about an hour to remove one man from a car wedged under the back of a tractor trailer.

Here in Iowa part of I35 was shutdown on Monday and black ice was north of Des Moines. They had to pull the tow trucks and snow plows off the roads, it was so bad. Now it is -16 and -30 wind chill and going to get much colder yet tonight. Isn't winter fun? NOT!

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