Monday, December 17, 2012

Snow? Blizzard?

Sounds like by Wednesday sometime and Thursday for sure, we will be getting a bunch of snow.  The winds are supposed to be terrible on Thursday so I look for whiteout conditions.  This is ok for me but I feel for the people that need to go to work.  I can stay home and look out the window at it.  We haven't really had any snow to speak of yet this winter which is great for a lot of us but it is bad for those who make a living moving snow.  Also those with snowmobiles are going nuts wanting to get out there and use them.  And those selling them are praying for snow.  Everyone says we need a White Christmas.  I don't.  I love a winter without snow.  Let it catch up on the moisture with warm Spring rains hopefully.  I heard on the news about 2 weeks ago that there was someone out mowing their lawn.  That person is nuts too.  The grass is dormant for the winter and I think the last thing it needs is mowing.  Better have their head examined :0).

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