Saturday, June 1, 2013

Wild Weather

This has been the worst Spring ever!  We had so much cold weather when it was supposed to be warm.  Then we had wet weather all thru April and May.  We hardly got a break at any time.  Then on May 2 we got 11" of snow.  Who gets snow in Iowa in May?  Not for many many years.  Then we had snow again that night and the next day.  Would it ever end?  It did finally quit snowing and the sun came out and melted it away in a few days but then the rains started.  The house swelled from all the rain hitting it and I can't get the storm door open and shut so had to quit using it altogether for awhile.  Today is supposed to be sunny and it isn't.  It is cloudy and the grass is almost ready to bale.  This is not a good thing.  The dandelions came and went and still we couldn't mow.  My son-in-law mowed his lawn in the rain.  I see others doing that too.  They are desperate to get the lawns mowed and it keeps growing.  For 2 years we couldn't get rain and the lawns nearly died out.  Now we are getting way too much rain.  We are staying below normal in temperatures too.  We do have to be thankful that we haven't had any tornadoes.  I feel so bad for Oklahoma.  They just can't seem to get away from the tornadoes.  A mother and her baby died last night in a tornado.  That is so sad.

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