Friday, January 10, 2014

Terrible Weather

We just went through the big arctic blast that has hit most of the United States.  We had days and days of below zero temperatures during the day.  Then with the wind chills, it was common to have -50 and -60 wind chills.  A great many of my neighbors had frozen pipes.  My brother, who lives in another town, had his water freeze up too.  He is elderly and I am so glad he had a young friend who could come and thaw out the pipes for him.  It has started to warm up. At least it now above zero and it hit 32 today but we got fog that caused freezing on all the roads and a coating over that, making driving and walking dangerous.  I am lucky I could stay in and didn't have to go anywhere. It is now 32 degrees and lightly snowing.  We don't need any more snow either.

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