Friday, March 7, 2014

El Nino

I wonder how many people know what El Nino is? Also do they know about La Nina? They have a great deal to do with controlling our weather for the year. We have been in La Nina, which is a cooling of the ocean and we have had really bad winters, less hurricanes and drought in places like the West Coast. It has been in control and doesn't seem to let go. But now scientists think the ocean is beginning to warm. But they aren't sure but it could be El Nino and that would be normal rain for the West Coast and they may get rid of their drought. That would be great as they provide the largest share of vegetables for the USA. It would, however, mean more hurricanes next winter and a milder winter for the midwest. We would love that part of it as we have humungous snow piles built up from trying to keep roads and driveways clear enough to drive on.

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