Friday, November 2, 2007

Environmental Products

Going green today is a very important goal and this company environmental products is doing all it can to help. A very interesting part of their site is their community and staff blog, called "Green Musings". It is a very interesting read as it gives you a great deal of information on what other companies are doing and what the government is doing, as well. You can read through the many entries and will find they are of great interest. This company offers hundreds of eco friendly products that we can all use to help the earth "go green". They not only just sell products, but they live their mission. They practice "green" on-site by not using plasticware, recycled office supplies, etc. They are serious about their mission. They have a special offer going on right now where they will give you a 10% discount off your entire order and list the coupon code : GREEN10 which is good until 12/31/07. They have eco friendly gifts of all kinds such as for him, for her, for kids, gifts under $100 and luxury gifts as well. They have many solar products, such as solar powered lights and security lights, and this is only a few of them. They have many home improvement products that will make your home much more energy efficient and that is going to be very important this winter with gas and electricity going up all the time.

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