Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Self defense Products

It has become a sad world where everyone seems to need to be on the defensive against personal attacks, household burglaries and kidnappings of little children. Now there is help for all of us and this website self defense products has it. It is easy to sign up at this website also to receive regular safety tips and advice. I signed up and have already received valuable information to keep myself and my family safe. Today it is so easy for our little children to wander away from us while shopping, especially with the huge supermarts that we all love, and predators are just waiting to scoop up our little children and run with them. Now there is a very useful and helpful way to keep your child safe. It is the Child Guard pictured above. It is a cute and easy way to keep track of your child and you can adjust the range of it from 3 to 21 feet. This cute little teddy bear is equipped with both an alarm and a camera and your child wears it. Then you carry the parent alarm and when your little one strays, the alarm goes off, letting you know immediately that your child is out of range. My grandson hid under a clothing rack once when he was little and his parents went crazy trying to find him. He thought it was funny, but it wasn't. Why take a chance with something as precious as your child when you can purchase this amazing alarm system from this website to keep them safe. And while you are checking that out, be sure and sign up for their safety tips and look through the vast array of self defense equipment you can buy for yourself including stun guns, Mace, motion alarms and many more items both for yourself and your home.

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