Saturday, November 29, 2008

Teacher Wants Attackers Doused with Acid

Can you imagine anything so horrible as being doused with acid? I can't. But a 23 year old teacher was burned in an acid attack on 15 schoolgirls and instructors. She wants the Afghan government to throw acid on her attackers and then hang them. Kandahar's governor said Tuesday that authorities had arrested 10 alleged Taliban militants for the Nov. 12 attack and that several confessed to taking part.

Gov. Rahmatullah Raufi said the men would be tried in open court. That pledge pleased Nuskaal, a first year math teacher who suffered acid burns on her shoulders. She said the girls were simply going to school to get an education and her parents told her that security wasn't good enough. They were worried about her teaching. She has told her parents she won't stop teaching and that she is not afraid. I think she is more brave than I would be.

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