Saturday, February 28, 2009

14 Kids!

Yup, this gal has 14 kids. She had in vitro and had 6 babies the first time. Then she went ahead with it again and had 8 more babies. The doctor is being investigated. I think he should be. Why would a doctor implant more embryos into a woman who has already had sextuplets?

She lives with her folks in a 3 bedroom home. What was this girl thinking? Now a former boyfriend of Nadya Suleman wants DNA testing to determine if he's the father of her 14 children, including her nearly month-old octuplets. He says he donated sperm to her during their three-year relationship in the late 1990's because she claimed to have ovarian cancer. He says that regardless of whether the tests show he is the father, he pledged to help her. I hope he does. In my opinion, the 8 newest babies should be adopted out to good parents who can't have children and have been trying to adopt for a long time.

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