Thursday, February 5, 2009

Energy Saving

Everyone wants to know how to best cut back on their energy use. The bills are going up dramatically and there are so many ways to cut back on that energy usage. I learned a great deal by checking into this online website How Much Energy Does a. They suggested you have an energy audit done on your home and we did that and were surprised to learn just what is using the most energy in our home.

One of the best ways, I believe, is to replace your old appliances as they use so much more electricity and gas than the newer ones. We got a new refrigerator and it has really made a difference. We have also replaced all the light bulbs with the new energy efficient light bulbs. They give great light but cut back on your electric bill.

We had a new motor put on our furnace which has really made a difference. And replaced the old storm door that let in a great deal of cold air. We also replaced leaking window panes and made sure they were sealed all around. Did you know that if you unplug all those things such as the coffee pot, lamps, or anything that is ready to turn on immediately, that it is using electricity even when they are off?

I am being paid for this post.

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