Saturday, February 28, 2009

Big Budget Could be a Difficult Sell

Obama unveils plan that assumes the highest federal deficit in history. He proposes higher taxes on the wealthy in order to help pay for health care for all. Who do they think is responsible for creating the jobs? They are going to be taxed right out of business and then there will be much more unemployment.

It is amazing to me also that no one has actually read the latest bailout plan. Nancy Pelosi put several billions of dollars into this bill to protect a certain mouse. How could that possible create jobs for anyone? I heard she also added much money for Samoa as her husband has $17 million dollars of stock there and in order to keep their product at a lower level and sell more, they have people working for under minimum wage.

Yesterday my husband told me there is millions of dollars earmarked to get rid of pig odor. Whoever put that in, has never been around any hogs. They might just have well burned that money for all the good it will do. Unless you want to do away with hogs entirely on the earth, you will never get rid of the smell. Are you ready to give up your ham, pork chops, roasts, bacon, sausage and more? I don't think so. I'm not. I think our Congress should have at least been responsible enough to have gone through this bill without signing it blindly and putting our great grandchildren and their's in debt for many years to come. And that's my own opinion

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