Saturday, February 28, 2009

Turkish Jet Cash Kills 9

In the Netherlands, a Turkish Airlines jetliner plummeted out of the mist and plowed into a muddy field on Wednesday near Amsterdam's main airport. Nearly everyone on board, 125 people, survived, however, there were nine dead including both pilots. It was a Boeing 737-800 that was en route from Istanbul to Amsterdam carrying 134 people when it suddenly lost speed and fell out of the sky about two miles short of the runway at Schiphol Airport.

The jetliner broke into three pieces upon impact and if you have seen the pictures, you wonder why it didn't catch fire, or that many more people were not killed. It was a miracle, I think. The fuselage tore in two near the cockpit and the tail was ripped off. Despite the catastrophic impact, the wreckage did not burn and scores of people walked away.

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