Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sky Diving Instructor Dies

A young man was given skydiving lessons by his girlfriend as a gift. Little did she know it would turn out to be quite an event. The authorities said the skydive instructor, who was sharing a parachute with a first time, jumper apparently died of a heart attack in the air. He was identified as George C. "Chip" Steele of Sumter, S.C. The young man kept asking him questions as they were heading for the ground and he wasn't answering. He thought something funny was going on. He was able to maneuver the parachute to a safe landing last Saturday. He then tried to revive the 49 year old instructor with CPR after they had landed but the coroner's office said it was too late.

They were skydiving in a tandem jump, where instructors are strapped to the backs of their students. The first time jumper was described as an active member of the military in his 30's and he felt his training in the military served him well during this anxious time. His girlfriend heard that a pair of skydivers had landed and one was dead and scared her. I think she regretted giving him the lessons as she thought she had lost him.

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