Saturday, February 28, 2009

Holocaust Denier Apologizes

A British bishop whose denial of the Holocaust embroiled Pope Benedict XVI in controversy, has apologized for his remarks. The Catholic news said Thursday, that Bishop Richard Williamson, with the conservative Society of St. Pius X, had faced worldwide criticism over a television interview in which he said no Jews were gassed during the Holocaust. He certainly put his mouth in gear before he engaged his brain. How anyone could say that is way beyond me with all the evidence of 6 million Jews dying in the Holocaust.

The bishop did not specifically say that his comments were erroneous or that he no longer believed them. So why did he bother to apologize in a statement to all those who took offense and for the distress he caused? He apparently was not sincere in his apology and I guess if I was a Jew, I would take great offense at this.

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