Sunday, October 14, 2007

Waverly South Beach

What a beautiful place to live in Miami, Florida, Wavery South Beach. The views are outstanding of the ocean and you can deal with someone who really knows all about it. He has lived there for 6 years himself so he is very knowledgeable. You can rent or buy, either one. If you get on the website you can go through the photo gallery showing you gorgeous pictures of the building and floor plans. The prices are all listed for you whether you wish to rent or buy and the number of bedrooms, etc. It is pet friendly, so our little Holly would love it there too. The location is just the best, a walk to the beach is easy and there is 24 hour Security to put your mind at ease. You can call and talk to him in person or email him and he will be glad to send you pictures or floorplans.

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