Monday, February 28, 2011

Don't Cross Your Eyes

When you were growing up, how many times did your mother tell you not to cross your eyes because they might stick that way? I know I can hear my mother now saying just that. It was fun to try and cross our eyes and make faces at each other. Every generations tries it. Here is our little great grandson crossing his eyes and his Mom is telling him the same thing mothers everywhere have said for years. Watch out - they might stay that way.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Finance Job

My granddaughter has a degree in Accounting and several other degrees in a similar field. However, she has been checking and checking for jobs and although she has found a couple of short part-time jobs filling in for an absent employee, she needs to find a good full-time job in her field. Her Dad told her that now companies look at resumes by Internet, rather than taking your resume to their place of business in person or mailing them in. So in order to find a good finance job she has been searching the Internet to see what she can find. I was amazed when she told me she found a place where she could register with this company, letting them know what job she was looking for, and they do the searching free of charge for her. It doesn't take long at all to post your resume and you may find the job you want right away. They have thousands of jobs that are available. It is truly amazing how simple it is and so much less time consuming than the way she was going about it. I know she will find the right job very soon.

Dav Rain Boots

What a winter this has been. Right now it feels like it is never going to be Spring. We have had all kinds of freezing rain this winter and I have worn my boots every day for months. Needless to say, they are looking kind of bad and in checking the Internet, I found some really stylish boots that just put mine to shame. The dav rain boots are so good looking and right now there is a great sale on them so you can save some money and be in style at the same time. I guess I didn't realize how old fashioned my boots were either. I have not purchased boots for many years but perhaps this is the time to do it while I can save some money and look good at the same time. All the while, I will be keeping my feet nice and warm and dry. There is free shipping too on purchases over $49 and free returns within the continguous USA.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Old Family Photos

My sister has been digging through many old photos and trying to put names to them. I was looking at this photo again and it seems like it is hard to remember our kids being this young. Now they are all married. Some are grandparents too already. Time just goes by too fast. When they are young, it seems like they will be small forever but before you know it, they are middle aged. Hard to believe.

Friday, February 18, 2011


If you have ever been on the prescription drug phentermine, then you know there are a number of bad side effects connected with it. Although it may help you lose weight, it can also be habit forming which is never a good thing. I found, on the Internet,a similar diet drug without all those side effects. It will not only take away your appetite, but will give you increased energy. We all know when you are feeling energetic that you do more and the more you do, the more calories you burn, thus losing more weight faster. It would make sense to me to take something that will not harm your body and yet help you lose weight and feel better doing that. Check out the lifetime guarantee too. Many products come with no guarantees.

Anti Wrinkle Cream

We all get wrinkles as time passes. Some just get more of them and some sooner than others. No one likes to look in the mirror and see wrinkles that make you look older. So of course, the first thing we do is head for the store to buy the best anti wrinkle cream you can buy. You look for name brands in the best stores and usually spend a great deal of money for them. Then you get home and use them faithfully and guess what? They don't work. Well, I have had it so I decided I needed to get on the Internet and get some good advice about creams that would get rid of my wrinkles and wouldn't break my budget doing it. I found some products that are recommended to really do the job and I could save a great deal too by buying on the Internet.

Hair Loss Product

My husband has been gradually losing his hair over the years and wishing there was something he could do about it. We have seen a number of products advertised on television but how do you know if they will work or not? How fast will they work? How effective is the hair loss product? We do not have the time or the money to buy them one at a time and find out they do not work and that we have thrown away our money. I thought there must be someone who has investigated these products and can give us some good advice. In checking the Internet, I found there are companies who have checked out the results with consumers who have used the products. They check out all the claims made by these products to see if they are true and also scientific studies. Then they are able to recommend the ones they feel live up to their claims. That is a huge help.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Snow is Melting

The snow is beginning to melt at last. It has been above freezing now for several days with lots of sunshine. I heard on the news tonight though, that they are starting to worry about flooding already. Once all this snow melts up north here, it floods the south. It is sure sad that it has to be that way. I wish it could go slowly enough so that there wouldn't be bad floods. However, we are really glad to get rid of the snow. I guess we are going to get some more, though, this week or weekend.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Sport Trophies

In life today, there are many opportunities to take part in a great variety of sports. Not only that but there are other activities that give sport trophies for achievements. When you think of a trophy you may generally think of a sports trophy such as is given for football and basketball awards. However, there are many other types of award such as lanyards, pins and patches and much more. I remember receiving a music award that was a patch for my letter sweater in high school. You can find any type of trophy on the Internet with a quick search. Be sure to look for free shipping, and engraving and even free 24 hour rush service and much more.

Telephone Batteries

I used to keep many batteries on hand for flashlights, battery operated clocks and items such as that. Now with our cordless phones and cell phones, I find that I really need to keep a good supply of telephone batteries of several types. Since there are a number of types of batteries and not all phones use the same ones, you need to keep an inventory of what you need and be sure to purchase enough to have ready when they are needed. There is quite a difference between ordinary batteries and rechargeable ones.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Chocolate Cherry Bars

Our neighbor brought over 4 huge chocolate cherry bars she had made. They are cake with some cherries in the and chocolate frosting. Hard to resist. So good with a hot cup of tea in the early afternoon. She is a wonderful cook and baker and is always bringing us over something new she has tried out. She's never brought over anything we didn't like. She makes the best rhubarb cake in the summer. If I get hungry for chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, all I have to do is think about it and here she comes with some, fresh out of the oven. Great neighbor to have.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Playing in the Snow

One thing about snow is that you can have a good time with your kids. They love to be pulled around on a sled or saucer.
Here is Dad giving his daughter a ride in the snow. They are having a great time. It is good weather to play in when you are dressed nice and warm. Our family is growing and the little great grandkids love the snow.