Friday, August 29, 2008

Alaskan Walleye

We went out to supper tonight in a nearby town. It has one of our favorite restaurants and they always have the best food around. We ordered the specialty tonight - Alaskan Walleye and it was just delicious. They always serve a small loaf of hot bread and lots of butter with it and you can have several choices of potatoes and salad bar too if you like. We always see some people coming in for carry outs too and I can see why. I think if we lived there we would do that too sometimes, especially when it is hot and you don't want to cook at home.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Hummingbird Feeder

I took down the Hummingbird feeder and washed it all out. Then I made up a new batch of the special hummingbird syrup and refilled it. Ants had gotten into it too and I sprayed the shepherd's hook with ant spray. That really works to keep them out of it. I put some old salve on the pole first and it really holds the ant spray through many rains. I also had to scrub out the dirt out of the yellow flowers on it. Dust must turn to mud in the rains we have had. It was so hot the syrup had turned from red to white and the other day we saw our first Hummingbird since Spring so feel there will be more migrating south soon. We're ready for them and they are a delight to watch.

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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Stomach Ache

My husband has had a stomach ache since Sunday. We can't figure out what he ate or if that is even the problem. I made home made whole pea soup and he ate that for days and it didn't bother him. He has always had a very sensitive stomach. Today we will have some cream of chicken soup for lunch. Maybe that will help. I guess I will have to get to the store and get some Pepto Bismol as we have run out of the liquid and the pills don't see to help like the liquid.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Sprint Cup Series and Chase

NASCAR has a new rivalry. Carl Edwards vs. Kyle Busch has become a growing feud and is adding to the excitement of the Sprint Cup Series and the upcoming Chase. Since Edwards called the latest race payback, Busch has promised that retribution will come down the road. They have both dominated Victory Lane celebrations. After the last race, they did a little bumping and nudging and Edwards caused Busch's car to spin out to the delight of the fans. It all adds to the excitement and looking forward to future races.

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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Cataract Surgery

Our sister-in-law is having a cataract removed Tuesday. My husband had them removed from both eyes. It takes a lot of eye drops over many days and a couple of weeks to recover completely. But it is great to have 20-20 vision afterwards. She will be very happy to have it done as she has a great deal of trouble with her vision in that eye. I told her to go to the eye clinic as her doctor is getting old and doesn't keep up. He told her it wasn't ready and it was more than ready to be removed. They say if you have an old doctor - dump him. We have found that to be true a couple of times already.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

The Fastest Man in the World

There is no doubt but that Jamaica's Usain Bolt is the fastest man in the world and the fastest man ever. How does that stack up against Michael Phelps eight gold medals? It is possible that the Beijing Olympics will not be remembered for what Michael Phelps did in the pool. Instead of that, it will be sure to remember Bolt celebrating winning the gold in the men's 200 meter final at the 2008 Olympics. I think both guys are great. There is no argument there.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Pontiac Pickup

Today is the day we pick up our Pontiac from the repair shop. The had to fix the back bumper. Someone ran into it and cracked it badly and didn't tell us. It makes you mad because then you have to pay the $250 deductible out of your own pocket. That would buy a lot of gas or groceries. We will really be glad to get it back though and they clean it up and shine it better than a new car dealer does. It will look great.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Dog Sitters

We have the best little dog, Holly. And every once in a while we have to be gone for a day and get someone to come in and let her out during the day. She hurt her neck jumping off a chair or the bed or something and she is on pain pills right now. She stands and waits for me to give it to her every morning because she knows it is coming. I got the next door neighbor to come let her out while we are gone this weekend. My two other "sitters", as I call them will both be out of town so I didn't know what to do. This lady has a little dog of her own and said I could help her out sometime too to let her little Rufus out so that will work out well.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Michael Phelps

Michael Phelps did it again. He got the gold medal. And it was a photo finish. He is built for swimming. His body is amazing. His arm reach is longer than he is tall. And his feet are special too. It is just amazing to watch him shoot through the water. The other swimmers only see his back ahead of them. One more gold medal I believe is all he needs to set the world record. Good luck Michael. He can do it.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Go Packers!

It is still preseason football and the Packers lost 20-17. But don't write them off yet. The season hasn't even started yet officially. Even though Brett Favre has gone to the Jets, Aaron Rodgers delivered a pair of scoring drives and a handful of highlights against the Cincinnatii Bengals Monday night. Give the man a chance. It was his first start for the Green Bay Packers. He didn't seem to be nervous and he was greeted warmly by fans before the game. A significant part of the fans gave him a standing ovation. I think that was great. Good Luck, Aaron.


Are you ready for a vacation? The summer is flying by and if you plan to take a vacation, you should get started before the snow starts flying again. Of course, if you are a snowbird, you will be going south this winter and that is like one big long vacation in warm weather. I just found some wonderful places on the internet to go to in the UK and Wales and they look fantastic. I wish I had the money to fly to some of these places as they are just gorgeous. They look like more fun and pleasure than here in the USA.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Wormy Fish

Our neighbors went fishing and brought home a huge cooler full of sunfish. We went over and saw them. They were really nice and a lot of them. They bought some special bait that they had to put on the hook each time but it really caught the fish. Then they came home and cleaned a big number of them. The wife decided she would like some skinned so the husband started skinning them and out jumped a worm on the table. They were all full of worms. The DNR says you can eat them anyway. I wouldn't be able to put them in my mouth cooked, let alone eat and swallow any of them and neither could them. I just about vomited just hearing about it. Don't bring me any fish you caught because I won't eat them.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Fish Fry

Went to the fish fry tonight. Our nephew rode along with us. We met his parents there. They were quite late and thought they weren't coming. But they showed up in time before all the chicken and fish were gone. Our nephew lives alone and he sure enjoyed a big meal. Got two huge plates full. The girls scouts were selling pie and we got a couple pieces of graham cracker crust pie. It was very good. We had a nice visit, then stopped by Wal-Mart and got gas for $3.499 - a good price. Filled it up. Also got the car washed today so it really looks nice. Supposed to rain though. That figures, doesn't it?

Tigers Attack

What is going on with tigers? In St. Louis news, three tigers attacked a 16 year old worker at Predator World, This was at an exotic animal park in Branson West. This happened on Monday. After the teenager entered their cage to photograph the animals for customers, the tigers attacked. The teen is in critical condition, with injuries including punctures to his neck. The attack happened a day after a tiger attacked a 26 year old volunteer who was trying to clean its cage at the Wesa-A-Geh-Ya animal farm in Warrenton. That man had to have surgery on his leg. I wonder if the terrible hot weather had something to do with it. Surely they are feeding the animals enough so they aren't hungry.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008


The neighbor lady just got her four kids all outside. They lined up their bicycles for a ride. She has a cart for the little two year old that she pulls behind her bicycle. It is really neat to see a family doing something that is good for their health too. It is a beautiful 70 degree morning with sun shining and just perfect for a bike ride. Too many kids today are in the living room or family room watching television or playing Playstation 2 games and getting no exercise. This Mom is doing the right thing. All her kids play outside too all day with a big swing set and they have lots of fun drawing on the blacktop driveway too.

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Temperature Changes

Wow! We went to bed last night with about 80 in the house or more. We turned off the air conditioner yesterday because there was a north breeze. But believe me it didn't get cool until about 4 in the morning. Now my husband is running all through the house closing windows. He thinks it is cold. I have not closed mine in here because the computer can use some cool air and with the overhead fan running, it is almost chilly. But I would rather have it this way than hot. It is supposed to be a bit cooler for the next few days but their idea of cooler and mine are two different things. I don't feel 79 is cooler, 69 degrees is cooler to me.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

President Dollars

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Morgan Freeman is in Good Spirits

After surgery, Morgan Freeman is doing well. They had to reconnect nerves and repair damage to his left arm and hand after a car wreck on Sunday night. The surgery, itself, took about four and a half hours including recovery. Morgan is in good spirits and was visiting with family members this morning. Freeman, 71 years old and Demaris Meyer, age 48 of Memphis, TN. were taken to the hospital in Memphis. State troopers said the car careened off the highway and flipped end over end before landing upright in a ditch. They had to use the jaws-of-life machine to get them out of the wrecked car.

O.J. Simpson's co-defendant Seeks Separate Trial

The last remaining O.J. Simpson co-defendant is making a final appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court for a separate trial. They are coming up for trial in the armed robbery and kidnapping case that made all the news some time back. The man's lawyer says the armed robbery and kidnapping charges in Las Vegas are all about Simpson and he doesn't feel that anybody sitting next to him is going to get a fair trial. I think he is probably correct in that assumption. Stewart is facing trial with Simpson beginning September 8. He's one of five men who were with Simpson during a confrontation in September with two sports memorabilia dealers at a casino hotel room. Charles Ehrlich, another former co-defendant, pleaded guilty Monday to reduced felony charges and agreed to testify against the Hall of Fame football player, O.J. Simpson. Perhaps O.J.'s past is finally going to catch up with him getting some punishment.

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Indictment Links 'Junior' Gotti in 3 Killings

Sounds like John "Junior" Gotti is following in his dad's famous footsteps. He had insisted that he had retired from a life of crime but that was not the case. On Tuesday, a federal judge ordered him held without bail after he was arrested on charges linking him to three killings and large scale cocaine trafficking. Earlier on Tuesday, a federal prosecutor announced the indictment in Tampa, Florida. This indictment included the 44 year old Gotti and five other men who were said to be trying to gain a foothold in the area. It doesn't matter whether you violate federal law today, tomorrow or 20 years ago, the FBI and its law enforcement partners will pursue you till they get you. If convicted, Gotti faces life in prison.

Gunmen Kill U.S.-Allied Sunni Group Leader

There was an ambush south of Baghdad. Gunmen killed a senior leader of a U.S.-allied Sunni group. They also killed six of his guards at the same time. The U.S. military confirmed casualties in an attack on the man's house but denied that he was killed. According to one of his followers and several residents in the town, Sheik Ibrahim al-Karbouli's convoy came under attack on Monday. They were all afraid for their own lives so would not give their names for publication. I can't blame them as I am sure they would be as good as dead if they did.

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Hot August

It was supposed to be cooler today. So we opened all the windows. We thought it would be nice to have some fresh air for a change. But now it must be 90 in the house and the humidity is unbearable to me. But tonight it is supposed to get down to 54 so it should really cool off. I sure hope so. Will be sleeping on top of the sheets until it does cool down. That is for sure.

Court Rejects Plea to Abort Sick Fetus

I do not believe in abortion of any kind. Monday, the Bombay High Court rejected a woman's petition to abort her 25 week old fetus with a congenital heart problem because the law does not permit such late term abortions. I don't think they should allow any at all. The parents say they cannot afford to pay for the frequent change of pacemaker that the baby's condition would require. Abortions there permit abortions after 20 weeks only if there is a risk to the mother. There are so many wonderful groups now such as CBN who do operations on babies free that they should be able to find someone who will do this for them at no cost. The baby can have a heart operation even in the uterus. It is being done today.

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World Powers Threaten Penalties for Iran

New Penalties now threaten Iran by the major world powers. They agreed to seek new sanctions against Iran over its nuclear program. Iran didn't respond to an offer aimed at getting it to halt nuclear activity. I feel their leader is a loose canon and we had better be very careful how we handle Iran. Monday, two days after the deadline expired, Iran announced it has tested a new weapon capable of sinking ships 200 miles away. This is not good. Tehran made threats to close a strategic waterway at the mouth of the Persian gulf if attacked. Did you know that up to 40 percent of the world's oil passes through the Strait of Hormuz. This is a narrow passage along Iran's southern coast.

Fish and Hashbrowns

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Vikings Didn't Tamper on Favre

Even though the NFL season hasn't even started yet, the Minnesota Vikings have already gotten a victory over the Green Packers. This is because NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell ruled Monday that contact between the Vikings and Brett Favre this summer did not violate league tampering rules, as the Packers alleged. The then retired Favre and Viking coaches did have conversations but none of them suggested that Favre was trying to get a job with them or that they were trying to get him to come play for them. Brett was reinstated at noon on Monday to the NFL and will play for Green Bay.

Kyle Busch - NASCAR Sprint Cup

Although he hasn't done so well the past two races this season at Pocono raceway, there is a good chance he will win more races. The Sprint Cup Series points leader ran out of gas Sunday. He was very frustrated at coming in 36th but as miserable as that was, it was still an improvement over his last place finish there in June. He and his Joe Gibbs Racing team have to make the decision in the next five weeks as to whether they can regain momentum or start planning for the Chase for the championship. One of the problems is that Busch does not have patience and getting him to go for a month long test session could be an impossible challenge. He seems to want to race for every championship, no matter what. And lucky for him, his points are in his favor.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Las Vegas Vacations

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Tropical Storm Edouard Heads for the Gulf Coast

For the second time already this season, another tropical storm is headed toward Houston. The first one was a Hurricane by the time it landed but this will be bad enough. It will bring high winds and several inches of rain to both the coasts of western Louisiana and eastern Texas. I am sure they are already waterlogged and it is too bad some of that rain can't go north to Dallas where they need it very bad. It was possible it could reach hurricane strength by the time it made landfall in Texas as it had 50 mph winds on Sunday afternoon, but I don't believe it did.

Green Bay Packers

You might have thought there would be a big celebration for Brett Favre when he came back to Green Bay, but there wasn't. Nobody caught a glimpse of him if he did report back to the Packers on Monday. Security told a few hundred fans at the entrance to the players' parking lot that Favre was already in the building but Packers officials weren't available to confirm that he was there. The team announced Monday that he had been reinstated and returned to the active roster. Cornerback, Condrew Allen, was put on injured reserve with a knee injury to make room for Favre on the team. There was going to be a news conference but it was called off too. I am sure all the fans are happy he is back.


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Monday, August 4, 2008

Canadian Police Identify Suspect in Bus Attack

Witnesses said a man stabbed and beheaded his seat mate on a Greyhound bus in Canada. He made his first court appearance Friday. Police could offer no motive for the savage attack against a 22 year old carnival worker. I heard this on the news and could hardly believe it. Wouldn't it have been scary to have been on that bus and have seen that happen before your eyes. The man, age 40, was charged with second degree murder. The prosecutor asked for a psychiatric assessment, but the judge said he wanted to give the man a chance to meet with his lawyer. His next court appearance is scheduled for Tuesday.

Wisconsin Dragnet Ends with Man's Arrest

A gunman was arrested Friday after he came out from some woods near the scene where three teenagers were slain and a fourth person was wounded. He was suspected of opening fire on a group of young swimmers gathered along a riverbank. Scott J. Johnson, age 38, was dressed in camouflage when deputies caught up with him. They hunted for him all night. As officers approached, he dropped his assault rifle. Nine young adults had gathered at a railroad bridge to go swimming in the Menominee river when the gunman appeared Thursday afternoon and opened fire. He must have been a little wacky.

Baby Shops

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The Feds are Likely to Hold Interest Rate Steady

Rising unemployment, large numbers of foreclosures and rising energy prices is plaguing the country and making life difficult for federal reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke as he tries to right the economy. I wouldn't want his job, would you? He and his central bank colleagues are faced with dueling problems: a weak economic growth and advancing inflation. If you treat one, you risk aggravating the other. Meeting on Tuesday, the Fed is expected to leave a key interest rate alone. To say they are caught between a rock and a hard place is almost an understatement. I wouldn't trade places with them for anything.

Ruler of Dubai Visits Cap David

On Sunday, President Bush welcomed Dubai's ruler to Camp David. He was returning the favor for the wonderful hospitality he received in the United Arab Emirates this year. Bush met with the Sheik Mohamed bin Rashid- al-Maktoum, at the presidential retreat in rustic Maryland. Both leaders dressed casually and engaged in small talk before driving out of sight on a golf cart.

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Ford and Toyota U.S. Sales Down in July

People just don't want to go out and buy a new car. It is taking too much of their real income to buy gas and groceries these days. When we do go out to eat, we notice there are less people in the restaurants that used to be standing room only, waiting for a table or booth. U.S. auto sales slumped to a 16 year low in July as automakers failed to keep up with consumers' growing demand for smaller, more fuel-efficient vehicles. That does show you that people are getting some money somewhere to buy smaller cars and get rid of their gas hogs. There is also trouble in the credit and auto leasing markets that will continue to take a toll on sales.

Millions of Medicare Dollars at Risk

Did you know that the government is putting millions of Medicare dollars at risk by authorizing fictitious sellers of wheelchairs, prosthetics and other medical supplies to submit reimbursement claims with only a limited review? Congressional investigators have discovered this. We keep hearing about the bad claims and millions spent wrongly. What kind of people do they hire that they do such a bad job of policing the claims? If I had done that in my job, I would have been fired years ago. Can you believe that roughly $1 billion of the $10 billion in annual Medicare payments were made for medical equipment later deemed improper? The investigation found that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services approved two companies in the past year for Medicare billing privileges that the GAO had set up as sham businesses. The companies did not have clients or medical inventory to supply prospective Medicare patients. This really makes me mad!!! Taxpayer money is being thrown out the window or might just as well have been.

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Huricane Season is Here

Hurricane Season started early this year. The first one blew through southern Texas and it looks like Eduardo is going to follow pretty much the same path. They have issued warnings for parts of the Louisiana Coast but New Orleans is not in the warning area. I wonder what they are going to do there when the levees have not been fixed yet and have gaping holes in them. They don't have enough time to fix them properly. Houston seems to be getting the brunt of it so far this year.

They Caught the Anthrax Killer

They found the man who killed all those people with anthrax attacks, however, he committed suicide before they could take him in. They said that DNA from the bodies of the people who were killed in the anthrax attacks led investigators to the suspect. It turned out to be Army scientist, Bruce Ivins, who was responsible for the laboratory. Isn't that something? They figured it took years for him to develop the technique. Prosecutors were preparing to indict him on murder charges for the deaths of five people when he killed himself.

Honeymoon Vacation

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Truck Bomb in Baghdad

Is there anywhere in the world where there isn't fighting going on? That is all you hear on the news and now I heard that 12 were killed in Bagdad by a truck bomb. There were 23 others who were wounded besides. Their Parliament had called a special session on Sunday to try and reach an agreement regarding elections. Even though there were extensive talks between party and legislative leaders, they were unable to agree on a formula that would satisfy Arab, Kurdish and Turkoman demands for governing Kirkuk.

20 Killed in Somalia

At least 20 people, half of them women were killed in Somalia by a bomb that was hidden under a pile of garbage. I say the people who did that are garbage. They have no concern for human life at all. The Government and the Islamic insurgents had signed a peace deal and it had been rather calm for a bit. But this was a bloody, horrible explosion that blew body parts all over and blood. I don't know how people can do this to others.

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Saturday, August 2, 2008

Is Big Oil Really Swimming in Profits

Everybody talks about all the money that the top oil companies are making. Yes, that may be true but have you ever seen it broken down as to where that money goes? I saw a graph in the paper the other day. I was shocked to see that the largest share of those profits went back to the stockholders. That isn't all bad because those people are spending money and keeping the economy going. The next biggest share went to exploration and development and we sure need that. This was a graph of the five biggest oil companies and I felt a lot better when I heard about their huge profits. It isn't all going into the pockets of their management at all.

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Friday, August 1, 2008

Hello! It is Friday!

August 1st already. Can you believe it? July just flew by and the summer is going fast. Sept 21 is the first day of fall and it will be here before we know it. The weeds in the ditches are starting to get that dry look and it is all so pretty and green right now. We better enjoy it while we can because its days are numbered. The flowers are really in the best part of the season, blooming like crazy. My mums are covered with buds and some are blooming and other are getting ready. They will last till it snows. That is neat.