Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Pizza Night

We will be heading for the Pizza Ranch for supper in a little while. They have the best selection of pizzas and when you come in, if you have a favorite, you just tell them and they make it up right away. I love their cheeseburger pizzas because I love the dill pickles on them. They also have a great salad bar, plus broasted chicken, mashed potatoes, broasted potatoes, chicken fingers, a vegetable and macaroni and cheese. If you don't get full, it is your fault. We usually ask for an apple or peach cactus bread for dessert. Yum.

Hair Schools in Wichita

Now that high school is over and you have enjoyed the wonderful summer, you are probably thinking of more schooling to complete the career of your choice. If you are wanting to pursue a position at a salon doing hair, then you are probably looking for a good hair school. In checking the Internet, I see that regency has been in business for over 50 years and now have hair schools in Wichita. Perhaps you may want to check the Internet too, like me, and see about those schools. Being a Regency graduate puts you ahead of the game right away as they are known to be well trained. They work on placement too and it would be so much fun to work on a cruise ship. Another exciting field would be working for the models on runways. They always need to look their very best. I need to look into this further as it is very exciting.

Rain at Last

We are starting to get a little rain today. The ground is so dry it is cracked. The flowers need watering really bad. Have been putting water on some of them but hate to drag out the hose. We are supposed to get some pretty heavy rain in the next few hours so will wait and see. Put a few new Iris bulbs in and they need all the water they can get. Starting to show signs of growing already.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Gaither Gospel Music

We are fans of the Gaither gospel music group. They are on for an hour every afternoon and my husband never misses it. I can hear the music from there while I am at the computer and I really enjoy it. The Gaither Quartet are really good. We have a lot of their CD's. We have been to a number of their concerts and always have a good time.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Buy Gold

How far are you from retirement? Do you have a long ways to go or are you nearly there? No matter what your answer is, it is a good time to buy gold as a safe investment for the future. In order to preserve your wealth, you need to invest in a commodity that is safe and gold has been known for centuries to be a safe way to preserve your wealth. The Romans and Egyptians knew way back many years ago that gold was precious. It keeps its value and most often gains in value. That is the kind of investment everyone wishes to have. the U. S. Gold Bureau has a professional staff that is waiting to help you make your purchases of gold. They will also guide you in choosing a safe depository in which to safely keep your gold. And if you wish, they will arrange to have it shipped right to you.

Egg Recall

Iowa has had a major recall of millions of eggs due to E-Coli bacteria. We are fortunate that our grocery store has eggs that were not included in the recall. It is a shame that so many had to go to waste but I heard that many were returned to the plant and cooked and sterilized and then put into products that were safe to eat. I am glad to hear that as it was such a waste when so many people are starving. The eggs are safe as long as they are hard boiled or hard fried. It will be a while before people can eat their eggs sunnyside up.

Knee Surgery

My brother is going to have his left knee replace this month. I want to be at the hospital when he has it done. He isn't in the best of health and it is rather risky. They will be doing a spinal but if anything goes wrong with his breathing, they will have to put him under general anesthesia and he has emphysema and it could mean he would have to be on oxygen the rest of his life. I hope that doesn't happen.

Gold Bar

What are you doing to preserve your wealth for the future? Have you been checking into various investments such as I have done? I have checked out the Internet to see what they advise as good safe investments and I am not so sure about many of them. However, I ran across investing in gold bar as a safe investment. I really believe that is true because people have known for hundreds of years that gold was a truly safe investment that not only keeps its value but generally grows in value. Men are intrigued with gold as it is so beautiful and much jewelry is made of gold. You feel special when you own something made of gold. I decided to purchase gold bars and put them in a safe depository at my local bank. I would be able to go look at it there and it would be safe and I would know my wealth is protected for the future.


Alzheimers is a terrible disease that just takes the persons life away as they know it. Our brother-in-law who is only 77 has been diagnosed with it and he his memory has been bad for a couple of years already. Our sister-in-law who is only 71, has also bee diagnosed with it and I know her memory has been bad for a couple years also. They have medicines they give them to supposedly help and prolong the effects of the disease but it is really only a temporary fix since there is no cure. It is so sad to see loved ones deteriorating before your eyes. It really bothers my husband as he is 6 years older than his brother. There is a good chance he will outlive his younger brother and he just lost his older brother who was very close to him.

Party Time

Our neighbors celebrate every family birthday. It go to be too much so they started combining two birthdays together at one time. I see they are moving in tables and chairs today so it must be a double birthday celebration again today. It is nice to see families getting together this way. All the grandparents come and they all sit outside and BBQ hamburgers and hot dogs and have a good time. They also have games they play and have a great time.

Friday, August 27, 2010


There could not be a better time to buy bullion. That is what I have been hearing daily on the news so I decided to investigate. I found that for centuries, civilizations have known the value of gold and silver. They knew that by investing in gold and silver that their wealth was safe and protected for the future. Why? Because they keep their value and usually go up in value. That is the kind of investment to have. You can get gold in coins or ingots which are pure gold bullion and silver bars may be purchased, as well. Silver is in demand as there is beginning to be a shortage of it as they cannot mine it fast enough. You can purchase gold, silver directly from the U.S. Bureau and they will ship it directly to you or help you choose a safe depository in which to keep it.

Weather, Heat and Humidity

We have had two days of cooler weather and it has been wonderful. The high heat index dropped. The humidity went away and the breezes began to blow after a number of very hot humid days. We threw open the windows and doors and let in all the fresh air. We turned off the air conditioner and gave it a rest. The nights got so cool you needed a blanket and it felt good to have so much cool fresh air in the house. Now the temperatures are rising and so is the humidity and the air conditioner is back on. Well it won't be long and it will be winter so we will enjoy this now. The first day of fall is only about 25 days away. I think Fall is the prettiest and best time of the year in our State.

Our Church

Our church is an Interdenominational church. We welcome everyone to come and worship with us. We are a lively and loving church. Before church, we usually meet and greet everyone, giving hugs and handshakes. Our music is very lively and up-to-date choruses. We clap and dance and sing with all our might. We have a fantastic Praise and Worship group of people, in fact we have 3 of them so they can change off ever 3 months. There is a great drummer, many guitars and keyboard and more. We really enjoy it. We are celebrating 30 years this month and every Sunday has been something special. Skits and music we used to sing 30 years ago. Also a treat after church for everyone. Two weeks ago we had a wonderful pot luck.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Online Military Degrees

One of the many benefits of being in the Military service is being able to continue your education. You may have wanted to get a degree before you entered the service but did not get around to it. I found on the Internet that you can get your degree when you get out of the service, or it may be that you want to advance in the military. This would be a great way to do it. You can get online military degrees if you are still in the service or on campus if you are now out of the military. You may even have college credits that could help you with your tuition. That sounds like a win win situation to me. If you wish to continue your education while still in the military, some schools may even offer discounts to you.

Online Auction

I think almost everyone loves an auction. You get caught up in the excitement of bidding sometimes and even buy things you do not need. But it is fun just the same. However, I never thought of an online auction before. I came across one on the Internet and was surprised to learn that I could bid on many items and also sell items as well. It was really easy. I had heard people talk about selling on the Internet and the commissions they had to pay the company. But I found you can buy or sell with no signup fees and not only that but there are no selling or buying fees. I think you just can't beat that.


We had a project to do today and that was repainting our front door. The sun really hits it hard all year long and just peeled the paint right off. My husband came up with a great idea. We took the door off once before and it is very heavy and we are not getting any younger. So he got his drill and sandpaper and closed the door and sanded it off. The residue brushed away very easily. Then we applied a coat of spray undercoat which dried in an hour. We then applied the finish coat and it was very fast drying paint and looks like a new door. I am sure glad that job is done and was so easy.

Snow Boots

When we got up this morning it was cold. It was in the 40's and you could feel fall in the air. It made you think that winter is not that far off and I need a new pair of snow boots. I got to figuring and mine are at least 10 years old. I want to get another pair that are as well made so I searched the Internet. I found I could order boots for the whole family right now. Not only that but my order would be more than $49 so I would get the free shipping. That really helps stretch my budget.

Assisted Living

My husband's sister, age 91, just moved into Assisted Living. She has a beautiful big apartment, 836 square feet and 3 home cooked meals served in the dining room every day. She has done well to stay in her own home this long. She will be 92 on September 8. Her daughters and their husbands helped her find this place. She loved it the minute she walked in. She said everyone was so nice and friendly. I am glad she has found such a good place to live out her remaining years.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Gold Coin

If you are really serious about protecting you wealth, then perhaps you should consider gold coin. People for centuries have known that gold was a safe and valuable investment. You like to see your investments grow rather than shrink so you look for a safe way to protect your wealth. Gold coin can be purchased, as well as, gold bullion and shipped directly to you. However, you may decide to get some assistant from knowledgeable people on where to store your gold in a safe depository. I know I would feel much more safe knowing that my gold was in a good safe place. They say that now is an excellent time to buy gold as it has always been a good safe investment and generally grows in value. That is the kind of investments everyone wants.

Monday, August 23, 2010

BBQ Ribs

It is BBQ ribs for supper tonight. They are baby backs and have been baking them very slowly in the oven with BBQ sauce for several hours. The house smells wonderful. Have baked potatoes and also a Yam. My husband doesn't like sweet potatoes in any form, but I do, so thought it would be good to make one just for me. It is about time to get them all out of the oven and eat so I better get going.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Online Marketing

Every online business needs more contacts to bring in the business. With an online marketing business assisting you in increasing both your search engine traffic and website's traffic, you will easily be able to increase your business. With search engine marketing, you will be given the tools you need to do just what you need to bring in more business. You can sign up for as little as $50 a month. I know you want to get your rankings up with the big search engines at an entry level, and I found on the Internet a place where they are always constantly checking to be sure that you are getting the best results for your key words. Sometimes you can get great results quickly in a couple weeks but it is better to get consistent results in a couple months and then stay there. I found it was free to sign up and easy too.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Aunt Ethel

My last living Aunt died a couple of days ago. The funeral will be on Wednesday in our home town. I am going to ride down with my brother. Since we have a long drive tomorrow, it is almost too much to go again. However, it will be great to have someone else do the driving. The weather has been much cooler and the humidity has dropped a great deal making things more livable. Will be seeing relatives and first cousins we haven't seen in some time. Funerals are almost better than family reunions as you see more people you haven't seen in years that are more distant relatives.


We are finally having a few beautiful days. The humidity is way down and the temperatures are way down too. It was so good to have the windows open yesterday and overnight. Breezes from the North and Northeast blowing in the windows was delightful. It is a gorgeous sunny day and you can enjoy the sun because it isn't over 100 heat index anymore. Heard this morning that it has been the hottest weather ever in history. The Bible says in Revelations that the sun will become so hot it will blister people in just seconds out in the sun. It seems to be headed that way and I don't believe it is Global Warming but it is the end of times as told in the Bible.

Order Mailboxes and Much More for Your Home

Our mailbox is looking pretty bad. Now that we have moved, we need a new one. Also since we moved into our new home, we thought it would be a good idea to get an address plaque personalized with our name on it so people would know where we live. Since I do a great deal of shopping on the Internet, I thought I would look for address plaques there.

I was very happy to be able to locate a site on the Internet that not only had house address plaques but also had great mailboxes, as well. One of the items I have always wanted for our home was a sundial. I found that too. And while shopping, I even discovered personalized doormats, as well.

Additionally, I picked out a beautiful address sign for our new home that is quite attractive and certainly will let people know where we live. I have had so much fun shopping for our new home. I want to get a bird feeder and and a bird bath, as well.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Walk in the Park

We went for a walk in a beautiful little park in a small town. We found it was full of mosquitoes so we quickly got out of there. We find as we age, we have to watch our step and since I have had knee surgery, it is helpful to have my husband hold my hand over the rough ground. It hadn't been mowed in some time either, making it worse, but it was a beautiful park. We went to a restaurant right across the street and had a great meal and celebrated my birthday. What fun!!!! Thanks kids!!!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

More First Cousins

Kaelyn and Emry are first cousins and they are only 13 days apart. They each have a little brother now too so their Grandpa and Grammy found themselves grandparents of 4 within 2 years. They have so much fun with those grandkids and love them so much. It is so neat to see such a great loving family. And we are blessed to be their great grandparents and be alive to enjoy them too. Pictured here is Emry's Mom, Di, coming to the rescue with treatment for a mosquito bite.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Laminate Floor

Hardwood floors are all the rage right now. When I was young, there were many hardwood floors and it was a job to wax and polish them and keep them in shape. Now I have decided to get rid of all my carpet and go with hardwood floors again. Why? You may ask. It is because I found on the Internet that you can buy laminate floor materials that look like the real thing but are so much easier to care for. Not only that, but they come in so many choices of types and colors. There are several shades of cherry laminate alone, and the Canadian Maple is quite different. It is going to be difficult for me to choose one of the types and colors that I want in my home but it will be exciting also. My granddaughter has them in her home and they are beautiful. I can hardly wait.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Church Surprise

My sister drove up for church this morning. That was quite a surprise. We were to have a guest speaker but she couldn't come so my sister got to hear our Pastor teach. She said she thought it was the first time she had heard him as there was always a guest speaker before when she came. It was a beautiful sunny day to drive up here. She is about an hour away from us. We are celebrating 30 years of the church and celebrating all month so every service has a little something from past days. Had a neat DVD of happenings over the years that was fun to watch.