Monday, June 28, 2010

Special Gifts

If you are looking for something different and special, then you should check out a new blog, She really has the know how when it comes to putting delicious decorated foods together and you can purchase them online.She has yummy cookie bouquets and all sorts of things for weddings and anniversaries, birthdays. This gal is a tremendously good cook.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heavy Rains

We are really having some kind of weather this Spring. Now it is the first day of summer and it is going into the 80's and more rain. Neighboring town got 4" of rain. We got nearly 1 3/4" and in the next county they got 6" of rain. They are warning people not to travel in the southern part of that county as there is much flash flooding and many roads are under water and not safe. Don't cross over moving water as it only takes an inch or two to wash your car away and drown you.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Student Laptop Insurance

I would almost bet that you have not thought of insuring your children's laptops. With all the other things you buy for them, I know it did not enter my mind that maybe we should insure the laptops. I saw on the Internet that you could get affordable student laptop insurance and I thought it was a great idea. So many things can happen to their laptops. They can be dropped so easily and broken and sometimes even stolen. If you have this insurance you wouldn't need to worry if you had a fire either. In addition, one of the most common accidents with any laptop is liquids, such as pop, spilling on them. It really pays to insure them from K-12.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Boarding our Dog

We boarded our dog for 3 days and they treated her so well. She was so happy to see me though when I picked her up, she was running and dashing around. She is out like a light now in a favorite chair sleeping like a rock. I bet other dog's barking kept her awake more than she was used to as she sleeps alot during the day at home. She is a Boston Terrier and the best dog we have ever had. She is about 21 lbs and 11 years old. I hate seeing her get old as would like to keep her the rest of our lives. It is too bad pets don't live longer.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Colon Cleanser Reviews

You hear so much today on the news about colon cancer. You feel you should perhaps use a colon cleanser to clean your colon and help prevent cancer. But what type is the best one to use? Does anyone furnish colon cleanser reviews? I got on the Internet and looked up what others had to say about colon cleansers. I found that all the work had been done for me and that many factors such as safety and effectiveness had been carefully researched. In this way, I was able to find out just which colon cleansers were not only rated the highest, but it would also save me money by checking out this research.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Future Cook

We have a future cook in the family. She loves to work in the kitchen, whether it is in her Mom's kitchen, her Grammy's kitchen, or her own little kitchen. If she is as good a cook as her Mom and Grammy, she will be a good one. She is all girl and loves girlish things. She has a lot of fun playing with her little brother too. They are such a delight.

Buy Gold Bars

Perhaps it has never occurred to you to buy gold. I know everyone is into buying stocks and watching the stock market rise and fall. Lately, it has fallen more than ever and they have watched their savings fall with it. I wonder if they have ever thought to buy gold bars? Gold has been a safe investment for centuries. It comes in several forms, gold coins and gold ingots,or bars. Both can be purchased in convenient sizes and you can have them delivered directly to your home or they will help you decide on a safe depository for your gold. Then it can be delivered directly there. Gold holds it value and that has been a proven fact over a great many years. Today people are hurrying to buy gold and I heard they are buying it faster than they can mine it so there is no time like the present to buy gold.


We like to try new Mexican restaurants. This weekend we had a family get together and went to a new one. It was quite an experience. It was also fish fry night and the fish left something to be desired. The Mexican was different too and the cheese sauce would have made good wallpaper paste. The salsa was so thin you could see through it. The poor waitress had quite a time of it as the cook lost one of the orders and one couple didn't get their meal and we were all ready to leave. Needless to say, we won't go back there and will go to our favorite place the next time we want good Mexican or American too.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Sell Merchant Account

As an R3 reseller, you want to know just where your clients stand. It often takes considerable time to sell merchant account, as well as acquiring them. Did you know that there are as many as 12,000 clients being referred each year? In checking the Internet, I found that there is help there. You can find out quickly what information is needed by your clients so that the processes can go through quickly and you can also find the most profitable accounts.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


It does not take your family long to grow up. One day they are babies. The next thing you know, they are going to school. Then they become teenagers. The next thing they want a car so they can go places and drive to school instead of taking the bus. Graduation and then marriage and now grandchildren and great grandchildren. The time flew by so fast we didn't get enough time to enjoy it all. It's too bad you can't have a replay of some of the years.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Dangerous Tree

We had a big cotton wood tree next to our garage that was getting way too tall. It was not a strong heavy tree and had short roots. Everyone began to worry that it would fall on our house with one of these big winds we get here. Our landlord came with his homemade bucket and got up there and cut off many branches first. Then he cut off the first half of a "V " section at the top. It felt into the neighbors yard but didn't do any damage. Then they hooked some sort of cable and chain to the rest of it and just pulled it over. What was left was cut lower to the ground and then he had someone grind the stump right down below ground level. We are relieved to be rid of the tree. It gave no shade and started gobs of little cottonwood trees everywhere. We had more little trees in the flower bed than flowers and were always pulling them out.