Friday, October 29, 2010

Bargain Sales

I got out early and went to the store with a coupon I received in my email. I got a great new blanket for the bed at about 1/3 the original cost. It is so nice and warm and threw out the old one. It was starting to be worn so thin it had a couple of holes in it. It is very nice to have a new blanket on the bed with winter starting. It was about 10 degrees this morning and the furnace, although shut down at night, ran a couple times during the night. So I knew it was cold.

Men's Vitamin

Today everyone is taking vitamins. There are so many on the market both multivitamins and individual vitamins. When you go to the store, you are almost overwhelmed by the huge selection of vitamins. And now they are talking about men's vitamins in particular. I thought both men and women could take the same vitamins and get the same results. However, a men's vitamin can be entirely different as they contain what is needed to better the health of men as they age. For best results, you want the best one you can find and so I checked out the Internet and found a company who has done all the work for me. They have checked on ingredients, safety and best of all have gotten reviews from customers. Then they are able to recommend to you the best one for you to buy to promote men's health.

Lipofuse Reviews

I have heard a great deal about Lipofuse but I really wondered if it could live up to all its fantastic claims to get rid of your fat. They said it really burned off the fat but I wondered. So I thought I would see what others had to say in lipofuze reviews. I was surprised to learn that everything I had heard about Lipofuse was said to be correct. It is composed of just the right ingredients to really burn off your fat. But not only that it increases your muscle at the same time. Often you lose muscle along with the fat and that is not a good thing. If you have any questions about using Lipofuse, I would suggest you do as I did and check out the Internet.

New Home on the Farm

Here is a picture of part of the yard on the acreage where our Grandson and his family have moved. It is a great place to raise kids. They will have plenty of room to play inside and outside. It gives them a chance to get out of their apartment and out into the world and play in the sunshine and also in the snow this winter. They have a beautiful place to grow up. We were on an acreage for 21 years with our children and I know it was good for them.

Calcium Supplements

Did you know that men as well as women should take calcium supplements? Your bones start losing calcium at an early age and by the time you are 70 or less, you could be subject to osteoporosis like me. I should have been taking calcium supplements a long time ago. My doctor recommended that I take them 2 or 3 times a day but she did not say which kind to take. When I went to the store, I found a shelf full of them. Then someone told me calcium can give you kidney stones if you get the wrong kind. What was I to do? As usual, I got on the computer to find out which calcium supplements would be the safest and do the job for me. I found companies have already done the work for me and checked out the ingredients and found the top 5 that are more easily absorbed by the body and will do me the most good. I was surprised at all the information I learned and was so glad I checked them out before just buying something off the shelf at the store.

Men Vitamins

When it comes to vitamins, you may think that they are all the same. But they are not. Men and women require different vitamins to promote good health. Perhaps this is the first time that you have heard of men vitamins. If so, I could suggest that you do as I did and check out the Internet to see if there is a difference. I was pleasantly surprised to find companies that check out these things and can recommend a vitamin that is especially geared to the best health for men. In fact they will tell you the top ones so that you won't have to search and search to find them. You will generally find you can get the best prices too and save some money, and we all want to do that.

Effective Weight Loss Program

If you think it is time to lose weight, then you want to look for a good weight loss program. However, there are so many on the market now and which ones work best? I read on the Internet that 90% of them do not work. So what is a person to do? I know I have always heard that you lose a great deal of water weight at first and then it comes right back on. So what is an effective weight loss program? I decided I had better do some deep research and find out if there is such a thing. I found there are companies who have done all the work for me. They have checked out many Customer Reviews which I feel is a good thing. The people who have tried various programs are the ones who know which ones worked for them and which did not work. Not only that but you want to be sure if you are going to take a pill that it has safe ingredients. There is much to learn about safe programs to lose weight.

Brotherly Love

That's what the world is all about isn't it? We need more brotherly love all over and here is a great example of my great grandchildren displaying such love for each other. They have so much fun together already and once the little one gets to really walking all over, they will have even more fun. It is such much fun watching them mature and it is also great to see how well they get along together. They play and hug and it is so cute to watch. I hope they will always stay this close.

Tiger Direct Coupons

We all love a sale and a bargain. I clip a lot of coupons but I found out an easier way to do it is tiger direct coupons. By checking into the Internet I found all kinds of coupon codes for all the many stores I love to shop. I want to save as much money as I can on my purchases and this is a fantastic way to do it. It is so simple to use the coupon codes when you check out and save that extra money to buy more things that you need and want. I will probably still clip coupons for my local grocery store but from now on, I will be checking out the Internet for great savings there.

Dental Visit

We were so proud of our little great granddaughter when she made her first trip to the dentist. She is not quite three years old and most children that age do not do well on their first trip to the dentist. Her Grammy works at the dentist where she went so she prepared her grandchild in advance of what would be going on during her dental visit. I am sure that really helped her not to be afraid and she sat very well to have her teeth cleaned and polished. I think she did better than many adults who are afraid to go to the dentist.

Medical Computer Carts

The last time I was in the hospital I noticed they were using something new to me. It appeared to be medical computer carts. I am sure this is a great way to enhance the care of the patient. After the nurse sees the patient and administers everything she has for them, everything is recorded on a computer on a rolling cart that can be taken easily from room to room. All their work was done in the hall out of sight of the patient in the room, but when the patient is walking around she can see the person busily at work on her computer cart. This simply has to ease the busy routines of the hospital staff. I am sure they order the carts with the most features that suit their medical facility for both medicine dispensing and charting of the patient's care.

Bridesmaid Dresses

I am sure that right now a great many future brides are selecting their dresses for their wedding. However, a very important part of the planning is the bridesmaid dresses. They compliment the bride and I know that I always checkout their dresses as much as the bride's. In checking the Internet I found you can order the most beautiful dresses in all styles and colors. They have plus sizes as well as maternity bridesmaid dresses that are very beautiful. There is a variety of fabrics, as well, to choose from. And you can choose accessories to go along with the bridesmaid dresses too. You can also get free ground shipping if you shop at the right place and that will save the bride considerable money.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Grocery Shopping

Today was the day to stock up on some good meat for the freezer. I like to get a large roast and have it cut in two for crockpot roast. Got carrots and onions so will make one this weekend. Also like to get a rack of baby back ribs and cut this up and package them in the quantity we will eat at one meal. It is so nice to just pull out a package and in no time the house smells so good from both of these meals. I like to put Cookies BBQ sauce on the ribs and slow bake them. Yum

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

New Cars

Our brother and sister-in-law got a brand new 2011 gorgeous red Buick. It has all the bells and whistles and they are still learning many of them. It has heated seats which they love for winter traveling. However, they got a hit and run damage to their rear passenger bumper. They took it into the garage and found out it wasn't just scratches but there was something broken out underneath too and it is going to cost them $500. Why can't people be honest and tell you when they hit you? I suppose they didn't have any insurance so took off after they hit their car. They were on vacation so many times it was parked with other vehicles in parks, etc.

Depuy Lawsuit

Have you or anyone you know had a hip implant that is giving them problems? If so, please check with them and see if their implant is a Depuy implant. About 93,000 of these have been recalled because many people have had problems, swelling, and pain. It would appear to me that these people have a Depuy lawsuit and should get hold of a good law firm and see if they have a claim. I would really hate it also to have to go through a second hip surgery because the first one was faulty or defective. It certainly will affect a great number of people who had hip implants. I feel very sorry for them as I know a lady who died after her implant and now I wonder if it was a Depuy implant. We will never know.

O’Hanlon, McCollom & Demerath – Personal Injury Lawyers – 808 West Avenue, Austin, TX. 78701 – 512-494-9949

Chinese Restaurant

We have a new Chinese restaurant in town. It is a great addition to our little town. My sister came up one Saturday and we went to lunch there. It is decorated really cute. The buffet had a great many choices on it and we had a very good lunch. I don't often eat Chinese but I love their sweet and sour and it was so good. I had some dishes I had never tried before and I think the restaurant has a real winner there. We used to have a Chinese place that closed and everyone was very disappointed as it did a big business but the family who ran it broke up and closed the restaurant. It was a big loss to the town so I am glad this new one has opened up.

My Sister

My sister came up for a visit and we had a real good time. We sat over fresh cups of hot tea and visited about the old days. She is 11 years younger than me so she missed out on the first 11 years of my life and there were many things she did not know. It was fun to tell her stuff she was so surprised to learn about. It isn't often that we can just sit down and talk. It seems everyone is so busy these days, even we retirees.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Buy Gold Bars

Did you know that you can buy gold bars directly from the U. S. Gold Bureau. They have a wonderful staff of professionals who are very knowledgeable about fine metals and can help you with your purchases. Perhaps you will wish to have your gold sent directly to you, however, you may wish to put it in a safe depository. They can assist you with that decision, as well. Perhaps your own local bank would be the safe depository you would need to keep your gold. But why buy gold in the first place? Because it keeps its value and generally increases in value. It is a safe manner in which to preserve your wealth for the future. For centuries, civilizations such as the Egyptians and Romans have known that and highly prized their gold because they knew how valuable it was and would continue to be.

Sheet Blankets

I have been thinking about putting the sheet blankets on the beds. It has been getting colder and colder at night and we like to turn down the heat at night for the best sleeping. However, sheets get pretty cold at night and sheet blankets are cozy and warm. It was funny too, because my husband mentioned tonight that maybe we should put the sheet blankets on the bed. Great minds run in the same channels, don't they? I think that is something I will do tomorrow.

Evening Out

We are going out to supper tonight at one of our favorite restaurants. We have a great gift certificate for our meal. We received several certificates for our 60th anniversary and we are enjoying them immensely. I enjoy getting out of cooking for an evening. It is always nice to have someone else prepare a good meal and then you can get up and walk out without having any dishes to wash. It is always fun to go out and have something you wouldn't cook at home. I love that.

Buy Gold Bars

Have you given any thought to your future and investments for your future? Many people let it go until they get near retirement and then it is actually too late. In order to preserve your wealth for the future, it would be good to buy gold bars. Gold is the safest investment you can make. And why is that, you may ask? It is because gold retains its value and generally gains in value. Everyone loves anything that is made of beautiful gold, so why not invest in it for the future? It can be easily obtained through the U.S. Gold Bureau. Their large professional staff has the knowledge to assist you in making your purchases of gold. They can also arrange to have it sent directly to a safe depository or directly to you, whatever you choose. Often your local bank may be the place you choose to keep your gold.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gift Certificates

We love receiving gift certificates to our favorite restaurants. We got a number of them for our 60th anniversary and are enjoying them immensely. Our local Pizza ranch sent us one this week for 2 free buffets so we are going there tonight for supper. I love their big salad bar and they have a big selection of pizzas, broasted chicken and potatoes and also mashed potatoes, gravy and a hot vegetable. All the kids who come in head for the macaroni and cheese. Isn't it funny how kids love mac and cheese? They will pass up everything else to get to it. I like it too though.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Flowers for our Anniversary

The flowers of Fall are really blooming now for the last time. It won't be long and we will have really hard freezes that will kill them off for the winter. The yellow Mums we have are really blooming and are so pretty. We received a beautiful vase of fall flowers for our anniversary and they lasted over a week and looked so nice. I have two hanging baskets that are really blooming right now and look so nice out in front of the house. I wish they could stay that way all winter.


I wonder if you have given any serious thought to investing in bullion? Perhaps you didn't know how valuable gold bullion is and how it keeps it value and gains in value a great deal of the time. You may not know that it is very easy to make your purchases directly from the United States Gold Bureau. They have a large staff that are very experienced in helping you with your purchases of gold bullion. They also can suggest safe depositories in which to keep your gold. Or you may decide to have it sent right to you and your local bank may be a safe place in which to keep it. Which ever way you go, you should know that for centuries civilizations have known that gold was the safe way to preserve your wealth. Why not look into it as I did, on the Internet and see what you think.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Leaf Looking

That's what they call this time of the year and the people who go east in our state to drive along the Mississippi and see the turning of the trees into beautiful colors along the river. It is almost a ritual this time of the year to spend a weekend traveling to see the gorgeous colors of the trees and sumac along the roads. That is what we did for 3 days this year with relatives and had the best time. We spent some time too in unique little shops where you could see things you don't see at home. We stayed in a very unique motel that used to be an old button factory at one time and had a great deal of history. It was really neat. We had a great time.

Cashmere Sweaters

The leaves are falling and the temperatures are dropping. Winter will soon be upon us and it has already cooled off considerably from what it was just a couple of weeks ago. It is time to get out the warm clothing and dress warm once again. Of course, one of the most important part of anyone's wardrobe is their sweaters. My husband has his sweaters handy at all times and is wearing one most of the time. But nothing feels so warm and soft against your body than cashmere sweaters. I think, being a woman myself, that cashmere is a very important part of my winter wardrobe. I delight in the warmth and softness against my skin. They also come in so many delightful styles, I am ready to go shopping for new ones for this winter and I love to shop the Internet for great buys.

I Saw It Here

One thing everyone should have is life insurance. If something should happen to you, you want your family protected. But what kind of life insurance do you want or need? How much is it going to cost you? Can you save some money somewhere? Well in checking the Internet, I saw it here. I got some tips on shopping for life insurance and then I just filled in a simple form to get free quotes from all kinds of reputable and well-known life insurance companies. It was so easy and I could compare rates and decide what kind I wanted and how much and how much to pay for it. How about you? Do you need some life insurance?

Copper Sinks

Have you been thinking of updating some of the rooms in your home? If so, I know the kitchen and bathrooms are always places to start. That is because it does not take a great deal to make a lot of difference in these rooms starting with the sinks. In checking the Internet, I came across beautiful copper sinks and quite frankly, I had not thought of them. I was sort of considering new stainless steel sinks for the kitchen and other kinds for the bathroom. However, I found beautiful finishes and styles of copper sinks that would really make me the envy of my friends and family. I know I would just love to choose several artisan crafted sinks to beautify my home.

Lady Gaga Concert Tickets

Everyone loves a good concert. And it is especially exciting when you can go to a concert of a new exciting performer that everyone is talking about. Of course, you want to go, but you can't always get the tickets you want because they are often sold out. I know many of you out there want to know when lady gaga concert tickets will be available. It is easy to get on the Internet and fill out a short form and they will let you know. I checked out the schedule of concerts and it is nice to know that so you can maybe plan your vacation or a couple vacation days around those dates and take in a concert. You will be the envy of your friends that are Lady Gaga fans too.

Holly's Visit to the Vet

When we take a trip we board our little dog, Holly, at the Veterinary. They love her there and she is such a good dog. They give her treats, of course and spoil her so sometimes, she would rather stay there and eat treats than come back home :0) She spent 3 days there and had a good time. However, when she got home, she was so excited, she just ran and ran around the house. She was happy to be home again with us. Now she is asleep here by my computer.


Being sure that your house is properly ventilated with clean pure air is very important. Mold has become a very serious problems in many homes where there is a buildup of moisture in the air. What you need is a good dehumidifier that will not only remove the excess moisture but will also expel clean fresh air into your home. It helps eliminate bad odors as well and makes for a much healthier environment. Many people use them in their basements but it is well to have a good one in the main part of your home as well. I was checking them out on the Internet and found out what a find job they do if you get the proper ones.

Wood Stoves

In our part of the country, we have very cold winters. We have lots of snow and sometimes winter seems to last 6 months of the year. That is why so many people use good wood stoves to keep their homes warm. Wood is easy to come by because there are so many trees and storms blow a great many of them down every year. They also die off on the farms and farmers are glad to have people come and chop them down and take them home for their wood stove. It is very warm heat and costs much less too. In checking the Internet, I found some beautiful stoves at greatly reduced prices. Shopping the Internet really pays off.

Friday, October 8, 2010


It seems a lot of people have been getting infections at our big hospital lately. There has been a lot of staff and MRSA also. My brother had total knee replacement and about the 4th day they said they thought he had some sort of infection in the skin around the incision but it wasn't one of those infections. However, they put him on an IV first and then antibiotics for 10 days. I think Monday will be 10 days. Today he called and said they are going to recheck his knee because something isn't quite right. I sure hope it doesn't turn out to be serious as he was doing quite well yesterday with physical therapy.

DC Ranch - Scottsdale, Arizona

This is kind of a tough country to live in. The Spring was cold and wet and then Summer was kind of weird with hot, cold, wet, dry and now Fall is cold, then hot and now they predict rain. They say we are going to have a hard winter again this year. It will be very cold but maybe not quite as much snow. I want to get out of here this winter so I searched the Internet and found DC Ranch a lovely community in Scottsdale, Arizona. It has great golfing place with many other activities such as basketball, tennis and many places to have fun. There are a great number of sizes of homes and also many condos. I want to look into it further and the website gives me much information to help me make up my mind where I want to live. The scenery there is great and the area is also environmentally friendly which is a good thing as well.

Monday, October 4, 2010

83rd Birthday

My husband enjoyed steaks for his 83rd birthday last Thursday. We went to one of our favorite restaurants. We always have a good time there as we know the people who serve you and one of the hostess too. She always comes and sits a bit with us and visits. We had a really good time and the food was great. You get your meal free on your birthday so you can't beat that either.