Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Eye Examination

I had my annual eye examination today. They used to be quite simple but now they run you from room to room doing all kinds of tests. I think it is a good thing as it is much more thorough that it used to be. The pressure in my eyes is normal. They have a new machine that tests for the pressure in case you have or are getting glaucoma. It is much more accurate as before my eyes always tested way too high in pressure for at least 15-20 years and there was nothing wrong. Now they get a correct reading.

The doctor checks for macular degeneration and retinal damage and everything was fine there too. He said I have cataracts that are growing slowly and maybe by my next annual checkup, they will be ready to be removed. My husband had them removed from both his eyes and enjoys wonderful eyesight with new glasses that have just a little correction.

I think it will take longer for mine but I could be wrong as I have such great eyesight right now and his was really bad. Anyway I didn't need new lenses or anything so it was a good checkup.

Monday, December 29, 2008


Funerals are not everyone's fun thing to do but necessary. I worked for a man for 25 years and his wife died Dec 22 at the young age of 69. She was a real sweetheart and I am going to the funeral this morning. It is a beautiful sunny but cold day out. At least it isn't snowing or freezing rain. It is so very sad and it seems more so at Christmas time. The children and grandchilden too must be devastates along with her husband and her brothers and sisters. She was a special lady. We go to celebrate her life.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Christmas Cards and Letters

Now that Christmas is over, I will have to take some real time to sit down and re-read the Christmas letters everyone sent. There were quite a few pictures to look over again too. It is so neat to hear from people you haven't seen for a long time and see their families growing and changing.

I didn't send out any cards last year but this year I started in September, ordering the cards. Then every spare minute I addressed them. Next I got the stamps and return addresses on them and got them ready to mail. But it took me awhile to get together a Christmas letter but I finally did it and they were all ready to go. Guess what? Our card was the first one anyone got this year so I made up for last year. It was fun to have my cards ready a month in advance for the first time in years.

Truck Driving School

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Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy New Year

That's the next big Holiday to come next week. I get to go have my eyes checked on New Years Eve day. Always glad to do that though but I have pretty good vision as can take off my glasses and see quite well. Reading becomes a problem though without them.

My husband needs a good sturdy pair of leather slippers with non-slip soles and we are going to see if we can find some while we are in that town. He often walks out on the deck to get the paper or the driveway to put out the garbage and recycle, so he can't just have an ordinary soft snuggly sort of slipper. The place we got his last pair said they discontinued them so we will have to do some searching. At least by then, most of the people will have returned everything they got for Christmas and traffic should be better.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Oil Prices Drop

Storage space has become tight for traders locking up space for crude and it created a huge rift in prices between oil that must be delivered in several weeks and oil that can be taken in February. Therefore, the January contract for crude expired on Friday and with stockpiles rising at the key storage facility in Cushing, Oklahoma, the price dropped close to a five year low as brokers and traders attempted to unload for whatever they could get. That is good for the average person. Sounds like they got greedy and now have to give up their oil.

Now in a glut of supply, with space tight, light, sweet crude for January deliver fell $2.35 to settle at $33.87, a level last seen in early 2004 and music to my ears. The February contract, however, rose 69 cents to settle at $42.36 a barrel. Enjoy the low prices while we can. It is so nice to pay $15 to top off your tank rather than $30 or more.

I don't know how people made it with gas guzzling vehicles when the prices were so high and I know it put a lot of truckers out of business and they are the life's blood of our country now, moving groceries and everything else we use. It's too bad the train had to go the way of the dinasaur because anymore you feel like you are just surrounded by semis on the freeways and it is not always a comfortable feeling. A highway patrolman once told us if you find yourself driving between 2 semis, get out of there as soon as possible. If there is ever an accident, you will be crushed.

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meteorologists Oppose FAA Cutback Plan

News out of Miami, Florida says that the National Weather Service employees are balking at a cost-cutting proposal that would pull meteorologists out of all 20 air-traffic control centers across the country. They feel if this happens, people are going to die. It is as simple as that. Dan Sobien, president of the union that represents weather service workers says it is as simple as that.

The Federal Aviation Administration pays for 84 weather service employees stationed in air-traffic centers. Meteorologists would be moved to two central forecasting locations in Kansas City and outside Washington. The workers have worked side by side with air-traffic controllers since l978 after the National transportation Safety Board ruled that a crash the previous year was because flight crews could not get quick updates on hazardous weather. Doesn't it sound like a bad idea to you to move these meteorologists? We need all the help we can to keep those planes safely in the air.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Win a Gift Box of Ferrero Chocolates

There is a great contest going on at Jenna's blog between now and Monday, Dec. 22, at 5:30 p.m. Check it out. She is going to give away 7 Ferrero Chocolate Christmas tree gift boxes filled with Ferrero chocolates and all you have to do is leave a comment on her post with your e-mail address. Then on Monday, December 22, at 5:30 p.m. CST, she will randomly draw 7 winners and they will get an e-mail immediately. Who wouldn't want to win a prize like that. I know I would. So hurry over to her website and get your entry in to win that box of chocolates.

The great part of this giveaway is that the Ferrero Company is in their second straight year of partnering with Share Our Strength. This is one of the nation's leading organizations working to make sure no child grows up hungry in America. So far they have given $150,000 to this organization and you can add to that amount as well. It is easy. All you have to do is go to Share Something Sweet and "send something sweet". That is a customized e-card, and then Ferrero will donate another $1 per card sent. They will match this up to $10,000, In addition to that, for every person who joins the Ferrero facebook page, "Ferrero Lovers Unite," they will donate another $1 to Share Our Strength - up to $1,000. Let's all help the hungry children of our country, the good old USA and get a chance to win a lovely box of Ferrero chocolates.

Beef Sales Continue Despite Dioxin

This story was out of Dublin, Ireland where Irish officials confirmed that cattle at three farms have tested positive for dioxin. Dioxin is the cancer causing chemical that has contaminated its pork industry. However, they insisted the country's beef posed no real risk to health.

Ireland has already ordered the withdrawal and destruction of all pork products produced since Sept. 1. This is a sweeping move the government says should reinforce, not undermine, international confidence in Ireland's food exports. Agriculture Minister Brendan Smith, however, said the government decided not to recall an Irish beef products at home or abroad because, unlike the contamination of pork products, the level and extent of dioxin found so far in cattle is much lower.

Travel Insurance

Anytime you are planning a trip, it is always a good idea to consider getting some travel insurance. You never know what extra expenses you may incur on a trip. You could become ill and land in a hospital away from home. Not all health insurance covers you when you travel so it pays to be sure you have some that covers you while traveling. Anymore it seems you hear about many airline strikes and also weather problems. You are stranded with no where to stay and perhaps no money to pay those extra expenses incurred through no fault of your own. They also have flight insurance and more. Check them out and see what coverage fits you best.

International Media Can't Enter the Gaza Strip

The Gaza Strip seems to be in the news all the time. There is so much unrest there. Now Israeli defense officials have reinstated a ban on international journalists entering the Gaza Strip. This is despite protests from the heads of major news organizations and an appeal to the Supreme Court. After weeks of media protests, the ban was lifted, only to be re-imposed the following day as part of a wider closure of the Gaza border in response to Palestinian rocket attacks. I think it is far safer for them to stay out of there.

Monex Precious Metals

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North Koreans Need Food Aid

There is a critical shortage of fertilizer and fuel in North Korea. Because of this, much of the North Korean population is going to be in need of food assistance in the next year. This was announced by U.S. food agencies. The World Food Program and the Food and Agriculture Organization said that food production was down again for the third year in a row. North Korea's total population is about 23 million and about 38 percent of those people will need food assistance. That amounts to 8.7 million people who are going to go hungry without outside help. We are so blessed to have an abundance of good food in the United States. The food discarded by restaurants in this country alone would probably feed thousands of people. That is a shame.

Wholesale Flowers

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New Battery

Got a new battery for the car on Tuesday. The old one was a 6 yr battery and we had it for 8 years and didn't know when it might die on us. We have been having zero and below weather so it is a good idea not to take a chance. Some people had told us it could just die on you going down the road, but the mechanic said that isn't true. As long as the engine is generating power to the battery it will get you where you are going but then it can die when you stop. In these temperatures, it wouldn't take long to freeze to death. I saw a young woman walking to work this morning with her purse and nothing on her head. I don't know how she stood to do that. I hope she didn't have to go far but I know she must have walked 2 blocks already and it is another 3-4 blocks uptown where the banks and businesses are. Did you know that a Pontiac can have the battery under the back seat. Well, ours was and I thought that was a funny place to put the battery. I signed up for a $50 gas card drawing while I was there this morning and I was the first to sign up. The drawing is over on Monday so I think I have a very good chance of winning.

Monday, December 15, 2008

New Great Grandson

We got the pictures today of our newest great grandson, Caleb. He weighed in at 8 lbs 4 oz and is just a cute as can be. He is so nicely filled out and he sure looks like his cousins. That makes 6 great grandchildren for us now, 3 boys and 3 girls. It is neat to see the new generations arriving to take over.

These little children are very blessed to have lots of grandparents and great grandparents too. My husband never knew a single grandparent all his life as he was the 11th of 12 children and the grandparents were all gone by the time he arrived on the scene. We are blessed too to have lived to see these little ones.

Wedding Gifts

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Want to own Michael Jackson's Glittery Glove?

How would you like to own Michael Jackson's glittery glove? No, seriously, it is going on the auction block. After it was unveiled in the l983 video for Jackson's hit "Billie Jean", the glove inspired countless copycats, quips and Halloween costumes. And now it will be part of a five day auction next year.

Julien's Auctions in Los Angeles will be auctioning off the glove along with the grandiose gates that once led to his Neverland Ranch. They announced this last Wednesday, and Jackson is also going to have more than 2,000 other personal items on the auction. The auction begins April 21 but Jackson's possessions will be on display before the auction begins. You can make a bid in person or online.

MusiCares, a charitable organization founded by the recording Academy to help musicians in need, will be the recipients of a portion of the proceeds from Jackson's auction. So get ready, count your money and get out to that auction if you are a Michael Jackson fan and want to get your hands on some of his personal possessions.

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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Generic Prescription Drug Prices Drop

U.S. Prices for generic prescription drugs is dropping. The competition is so intense for drugs that had brand name success. At last, there is some good news for us. We all know that generic drugs save us a lot of money over the brand names, but now that Wal-Mart and Kmart and other giant retailers have gotten into the business of providing generic drugs, the prices are dropping accordingly.

It is said that you can get a 90 day supply for $15 at Kmart, so why so anywhere else? I think this will be a big help, especially to the elderly who are living on a fixed income. They will more readily be able to buy the drugs they need and save money at the same time. This is good news.


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Friday, December 12, 2008

Oil Prices Dip Again

Tuesday, oil prices dipped near $42 a barrel amid new reports the anemic global economy will lead to an even sharper falloff in energy consumption through 2009. Many people are laid off now and are not going anywhere. They don't have money for the necessities so are cutting back on gas and going places. Our local restaurant has really noticed a big decline in people bringing in their families and it is an all you can eat buffet for a good price and on Tuesdays, they get one child free for each paying adult. But still people are not coming out.

There were also indications that internal divisions continue at OPEC as member states pummeled by falling oil prices, ignore promised production cuts that might boost prices. I sure hope they don't cut production. It is so nice to get quite a bit of gas for $11 instead of $22 and I am sure the SUV's and big pickups are delighted too. We try to fill up at half a tank so it doesn't cost so much. We have really cut back on all unnecessary driving.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Dick Clark New Years Eve 2009

Who will join Dick Clark this year to welcome in 2009? Taylor Swift, Lionel Richie and the Jonas Brothers will ring in 2009 from Times Square on "Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve." That should be quite an evening with all of them taking part. You don't want to miss it.

They will perform live during the ABC broadcast, joining Dick Clark in New York along with his co-host Ryan Seacrest. Kellie Pickler also will be there in Times Square with live reports. Fergie will host the Hollywood party segments. Don't forget. The show will begin December 31 at 9 p.m. CST.

Crystal Figurines for the Holidays

Crystal Figurines have always been a favorite of mine, both to give as gifts and to receive as a special gift. My good friend and I at work, both have a passion for Snoopy and have collected various forms of Snoopy, such as stuff toys, sun catchers and I have a Snoopy hanging from the mirror of my car. However, crystal collectibles are the best of all and I love "Best Friends" the most because I can get it to give to my best friend for Christmas and she will just love it. It will remind her of all the birthdays and special occasions when we gave each other Snoopy gifts for birthdays, Halloween, and Christmas and will remind her that we will always be Best Friends. I know she will put her beautiful crystal Snoopy on the corner of her desk and everyone in the office will come by and ask where she got it. Then I will be able to tell them to check out this website for holiday gift ideas and the very best in crystal collectibles. The roses are also absolutely gorgeous and you can have them forever and they will always be beautiful. Crystal gifts are outstanding in the way they catch the lights and reflect colors. While you are checking out the website Crystal World crystal figurines don't miss out on Crystal World's Web-Only Specials and the Gifts Under $50 categories too. They all make great "Thank You" gifts as well as a lovely Hostess gift for the person preparing that wonderful Holiday meal you will soon be enjoying. They are also perfect for those weddings and wedding anniversary gifts. The list is endless for reasons to give crystal collectibles.


Half-Dose Flu Shots Work for Adults

They have done a government study and found that half-dose flu shots are effective in adults. They are especially effective in women and those younger than 50. This offers a way to stretch supplies during vaccine shortages. During hard economic times, the strategy might be an option since lower doses would mean cheaper shots also. The lower dosage could open doors to vaccinating people in poor countries where flu shots are little used.

The study involved l,114 adults aged 18 to 64. It is the first to test half-dose flu shots in those aged 50 and older during a single flu season 2004-2005. The results among younger adults echo previous research. Traditionally, vaccine programs have followed a "one size fits all" approach which means everyone gets the same dose and during shortages, supplies are more likely to run out. Half-doses could be given to a large numbers of adults, if the study results are confirmed through additional research. This would enable more people to get vaccinated. This is very important as each year the disease is responsible for 36,000 deaths.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Hebron Settlers, Palestinians Clash

Israeli settlers and Palestinians hurled stones at each other near a disputed home in this West Bank city of Hebron. Two dozen people were injured, including a Jewish teenager with a serious head wound. Seventeen Israelis and Palestinians were arrested according to Police.

The clash was the worst outbreak of violence in the dispute over ownership of a four story building where settlers have defied an Israeli Supreme Court order to vacate. Hundreds of right wing Israelis rushed to the house following rumors that eviction was imminent. Hebron, Holy to Jews and Muslims, is one of the most volatile flashpoints in the West Bank. There seems to be constant unrest all the time between the Israelis and the Palestinians. I don't know what the solution is.

Online College Courses

If you have been looking for an easier way to get your degree than going to the local college after work, then you should look into online college courses at Capella University. Capella offers 111 graduate and undergraduate specializations. Not only that but they have put out a podcast recently on financial aid options. This may be just what you need to get going on that Masters or doctoral degree that you have been wishing you could get. I know money is tight right now and every day expenses are tough enough to keep up with and Capella appreciates that. So they have made arrangements to help their working students out with solutions to financial aid. Check out this fully accredited online university and see if it is for you. They have a fine line of courses of study.

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Polar Bear Clubs - BRRRR

In the town next to us a bunch of people decided to join the Polar Bear Club. That is the club that dresses up in swimwear, bikinis, etc. and jumps into the icy water which is about 13 degrees right now. I think they are crazy but they seem to enjoy it and they all said they were coming back again next year.

I think perhaps even real polar bears might have thought it was a bit chilly at noon on Sunday as an estimated 200 members of the Polar Bear Club took an icy dip in the waters of Clear Lake. The snow had just stopped falling when teams of runners dressed in red pirate kerchiefs, bikinis, long flowered dresses (the Lady of the Lake team) and matching flowered swim caps dashed down the snowy beach into water over their knees. One of them said it was indescribably the coldest thing they had ever done. Duh! They risked hypothermia to do this nutty thing :0).

Monday, December 8, 2008

Barbara Bush Discharged From Hospital

It wasn't too long ago that they put Barbara Bush in the hospital. She had a dime sized hole in her small intestine that was caused by an ulcer. She was in the hospital for a week after she underwent surgery for a perforated ulcer. Former President George H. W. Bush said the "silver fox" was in good condition. She is a grand lady. Her vital signs were normal and her lab test results were also normal according to her surgeon, Dr. Pat Reardon.

Barbara, who is 83, was hospitalized due to abdominal pains. They operated on Nov. 25. What a way to spend Thanksgiving - in the hospital. I spent Thanksgiving in the hospital when our first son was born the day before. His birthday falls on Thanksgiving about every 7 years. It's funny because I always joke about making a big dinner for his birthday when it falls on Thanksgiving.

Personal Injury Lawyer Austin

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Thursday, December 4, 2008

Air Patrols, Cameras to Watch Record Inaugural Crowd

Law enforcement officials bracing for the largest crowds in inaugural history are preparing far-reaching security. There will be thousands of video cameras, sharpshooters, and air patrols on hand to safeguard President-elect Barack Obama's swearing-in. I, too, think this will be the largest crowd ever especially since it is a historic event as well. The first African American to be President is something this generation has lived to experience and view from our homes on television.

If you are attending the ceremony and parade on January 20, you can expect to be searched by machines, security personnel or both. Precautions will range from the routine meters used at airports to countersnipers trained to hit a target the size of a teacup saucer from 1,000 yards. Now that is skill. One thing about it, there is a bit of a hometeam advantage for the Secret Service and law enforcement agencies. All of the Secret Service's law enforcement partners are in D.C. and they have worked together on similar events, one of which most recently was the G-20 summit on Nov. 14-15.


Wherever you are planning to go on your next vacation, look up this website for Westgate. They have the most beautiful hotels and spas too. How about 3 days and 2 nights in Las Vegas at the Westgate for $109? Can you believe it? And they are just now introducing Planet Hollywood Towers by Westgage and they look phenomenal. Check out the 3D tours at their site to see their extraordinary beauty as if you are right there. It is fantastic.

Safe Haven Law in Nebraska

I think it is wonderful that states have safe-haven laws. However, Nebraska didn't think to put an age limit on the children that could be dropped off at their hospitals. In fact 35 children, including some teenagers as old as 17, were dropped off and abandoned at state hospitals. Some of them were crying hysterically as they pleaded with their parents not to leave them there.

I saw one mother on television that said she just could no longer cope with her teenage son, so she drove halfway across the United States to drop him off in Nebraska. Isn't that sad? Anyway the lawmakers got together and drew up another bill that the Governor signed setting a limit of 30 days of age so no more of this will happen. Children were dropped off from as far away as Florida and Michigan. Five of the children were from other states. What sad situations in families.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Patrick Swayze - Winning Fight Against Cancer

I just loved Patrick Swayze in "Dirty Dancing" and loved the music especially. I was very sad to hear he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Now he is angry about tabloid reports that say he doesn't have long to live. The actor, who was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer earlier this year, issued a statement affirming that so far he is winning his fight against the disease and responding well to treatment. I really hope that is true as he is too young and talented to die young.

Swayze says they are reporting that he is on his last legs and saying goodbye to my tearful family. That is very upsetting that the shoddy and reckless reporting from these publications cast a negative shadow on the positive and good fight he is fighting. He stars in the upcoming A & E series "The Beast" and says such coverage is tantamount to emotional cruelty and it angers him when hope is so precious. We wish him all the best and hope a cure in is sight.