Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Polar Bear Clubs - BRRRR

In the town next to us a bunch of people decided to join the Polar Bear Club. That is the club that dresses up in swimwear, bikinis, etc. and jumps into the icy water which is about 13 degrees right now. I think they are crazy but they seem to enjoy it and they all said they were coming back again next year.

I think perhaps even real polar bears might have thought it was a bit chilly at noon on Sunday as an estimated 200 members of the Polar Bear Club took an icy dip in the waters of Clear Lake. The snow had just stopped falling when teams of runners dressed in red pirate kerchiefs, bikinis, long flowered dresses (the Lady of the Lake team) and matching flowered swim caps dashed down the snowy beach into water over their knees. One of them said it was indescribably the coldest thing they had ever done. Duh! They risked hypothermia to do this nutty thing :0).

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