Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Battery

Got a new battery for the car on Tuesday. The old one was a 6 yr battery and we had it for 8 years and didn't know when it might die on us. We have been having zero and below weather so it is a good idea not to take a chance. Some people had told us it could just die on you going down the road, but the mechanic said that isn't true. As long as the engine is generating power to the battery it will get you where you are going but then it can die when you stop. In these temperatures, it wouldn't take long to freeze to death. I saw a young woman walking to work this morning with her purse and nothing on her head. I don't know how she stood to do that. I hope she didn't have to go far but I know she must have walked 2 blocks already and it is another 3-4 blocks uptown where the banks and businesses are. Did you know that a Pontiac can have the battery under the back seat. Well, ours was and I thought that was a funny place to put the battery. I signed up for a $50 gas card drawing while I was there this morning and I was the first to sign up. The drawing is over on Monday so I think I have a very good chance of winning.

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