Monday, March 31, 2008

Technical School

Often times, a student does not wish to go into a college but would rather specialize in a certain field. This is where a good technical school is the place to enroll. There are so many great fields to go into today. IT training or information technology is a wide open field. Computer science and engineering is also a field that is calling for skilled people. Today tech schools are certainly the way to go to get great training in less time and less expense. At this online website it is their goal to help you get started as quickly as you can so once you have decided on your career path, they will get you the information so that you can study up on it and make your decision. If you will check into their website you will find many choices of careers. There are so many more choices today in interesting fields that didn't exist even a few short years ago. Our grandchildren are going into all kinds of careers that pay very well and have done it through tech schools. If you can graduate with a technical certificate, you can demand a higher salary that you would without one. They have advice for you on certificates, as well as, the many various careers and programs. In order to find the school near you, just check out their large listing of schools and get the information on them and get started on your career field of choice.

Pharmacy Technician Training

For anyone who is planning to go into the pharmacy technician field, this online website is the ideal place for you to go to check into schools. They have an unlimited number of great schools and all you need to do is put in this field of endeavor and your zip code and they will show you where the schools are located. Then it is easy for you to contact them for further information right on this website. Nothing could be easier. This is a rewarding career to study for as you are able to help people through your knowledge and training in medicines and dispensing them, making sure they are getting the right medicines. There is a great deal more to being a pharmacy technician than you might imagine. You work right under the direct supervision of the pharmacist and are of great assistance to the pharmacist. Therefore, you will earn a pharmacy technician salary which will make you a good living. You learn to count pills, thereby filling the prescriptions, measuring medications to be sure they are correct and also making sure they are property labeled with the person's name and the instructions on how to take the medication. My daughter was a pharmacy tech and I was surprised to learn how much they are depended upon in the pharmacy. They help keep the records and also often deliver prescriptions to the customers.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Church Service

Had a great church service this morning. Our Pastor's wife taught this morning. We always have great music. An 80 year old lady who hasn't been able to come for some time, came this morning. It was sure good to see her. She had fallen this winter on the ice but fortunately didn't break anything but she was afraid to go out until the ice was gone and I can't blame her. Sounds like we might get a little rain tomorrow night and maybe a little snow and hope that is the last of it for this year.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Kids Find Parachute - Possibly D.B. Cooper's

A lot of people may not remember D.B. Cooper, a famed plane hijacker but I do. The FBI is analyzing a torn, tangled parachute, found buried by children in southwest Washington, to determine whether it might have been used by the famed plane hijacker, D.B. Cooper. Children playing outside their home near Amboy found the chute's fabric sticking up from the ground in an area where their father had been grading a road. They pulled it out as far as the could, then cut the parachute's ropes with scissors. The FBI is investigating but they have to be very sure they are not wasting time and money on this. It could very well be D.B. Cooper's though, I bet.

Class A Motorhome

Ready to go on that long vacation with the family? Why not go in a class A motorhome. This is the website to pick out the best in motorhomes. You can choose from all brands, new or used, and according to price. These motorhomes have all the conveniences of home and all have central air now and they sleep a lot of people. Some have push outs so that when you park you can push out the sides and they are practically like a regular home. They have several televisions and many have beautiful leather seating. Some even have hardwood dining room floors. They are both beautiful inside and out with lots of storage space, beautiful bathrooms and bedrooms too.

Singulair Investigated

Have you heard the latest news about Singulair? They think it might lead people to commit suicide. The Food and Drug Administration said yesterday that it is reviewing a handful of reports involving mood changes, suicidal behavior and suicide in patients who have taken the popular allergy and asthma drug Singulair. I saw on the news this morning where a young teenager killed himself with an overdose of this medicine. I sure hope they are able to find out if this medicine could cause suicides.

Thursday, March 27, 2008


I went to the MRI labs today and had a brain MRI. It was a different experience as I had MRI's before and they wrapped you up and ran your whole body through it. But this one you didn't have to undress. Just take off your watch and glasses and any metal and they put in ear plugs and put your head in a helmet and just put your head into it. You could see out and see around the room. You could see the operator behind a window running the thing. It took about 45 minutes. It was rather enjoyable compared to the others I have had and the noise was lots less. It wasn't a bit claustrophobic like the other ones.


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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Detroit Mayor Charged With Perjury

Is anyone honest anymore? Especially in government, you begin to wonder. Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick was charged with perjury and other offenses and got a stern lecture about the importance of telling the truth. This happened after a bunch of raunchy text messages contradicted his sworn denials of an affair with his chief aids. The 37 year old "Hip Hop Mayor" who brought youth and vitality to the job in this struggling city of 900,000, could get up to 15 years in prison for perjury alone and would be automatically expelled from office if convicted. Even though there were mounting demands that he step down, he ignored them and said he looked forward to complete exoneration once all the facts were brought forth. I wonder. Time will tell and truth should win out. Where there's smoke,there is fire and looks like a blaze here.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Pizza Ranch Night

We went out for supper at the Pizza Ranch tonight. They have the freshest salad bar and I love their cherry jello. They had a great assortment of various pizzas and dessert pizza. We usually ask them to make apple cactus bread or peach and it is sooo good but I like apple best because there is more apple on it. They have the best broasted chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy and green beans or corn. They had macaroni and cheese tonight too and cheese sticks, and broasted potatoes. If you don't get enough to eat, that's your problem because it is always fresh, hot and so good. Tuesdays is Kid's eat free with adults and lots of families attend.

Mail Order Brides

Sometimes the term "Mail Order Bride" does not always have a good sound to it. People are often suspicious and afraid they may get someone who is just trying to get over to this country and is not really serious about them but has ulterior motives. But this online website mail order brides is totally secure and safe and different from anything like that. They have lots of profiles of beautiful Russian women and photos for you to look through. You will find many other singles looking for the same ideals you are looking for in marriage. You will be able to talk with them online, email them and even send FREE introductory messages to them. Russian women are different from many women in that from little up, they look forward to home, family and love before career. This makes them wonderful wives, faithful and divorce is rare. I know you must have many questions about dating a mail order bride, but this website can help you answer them all. Check in with them and see.

Friday, March 21, 2008


We had company yesterday. Our son and his wife, my brother and his friend all came for lunch and then our son and wife spent the day visiting. We had sandwiches with all he extras to put on them and potato salad so it turned out real good. It was a perfect weather day. The snow missed us again but we had rain about 1:30 last night. We need a good Spring rain to clean up everything. Snow piles are mostly melted down to ice now and a lot of dirt has blown onto them over the winter.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Zale to Shut More Stores, Lay off Workers

We are hearing more and more about layoffs around the country. I would imagine people just don't have the extra money to spend on jewelry with the high price of gas and groceries. So it comes as no surprise to hear the jewelry retailer, Zale Corp, said it will close more stores and cut 20 percent of its headquarters staff to save more than $65 million a year. The company also said it will close another 23 stores, bringing to 105 the number it expects to shut by the end of July. That would leave about 2,145 stores and kiosks under several brands, including Zales Jewelers and Piercing Pagoda. They added they will lay off 140 people and eliminate 140 unfilled positions at its headquarters in suburban Dallas, Texas.

Franke Sinks

If you are looking to update your faucets, you have come to the right place. They have such beautifully designed faucets that will fit any decor. And they can be purchased in so many different finishes such as brass/gold, bronze, chrome, stainless steel and more. They are very tastefully designed both to be useful but beautiful at the same time. Your satisfaction is guaranteed at Franke sinks and they offer fast delivery, guaranteed low price, and Free shipping on faucets over $99. Check through their website for all the beautiful, stylish faucets. I feel sure you will find many to your liking.

Primera Labels

It is always good to have a supply of labels handy but you have to be careful that they are compatible with your equipment. When you buy Primera labels here you can be sure they will be compatible with your Dymo LabelWriter Printer. There is no glue to foul up your printer as they have a glueless core release. So when you are ready to order your next supply, be sure to contact this company for your labels. They are guaranteed 100% so you can't go wrong there, can you?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Gas and Diesel Prices Rocket to New records

I have heard a lot of truckers are dropping out which will make prices of food go even higher than it is now. You can now buy a gallon of gas for less than a gallon of milk. I heard this morning that a biodiesel plant not far from us is shutting down and laying off 30 workers because the price of beans has gotten so high. Wheat bread is skyrocketing, not that it wasn't already quite high. And diesel and heating oil futures are setting records of their own amid concerns about strong global demand and tight supplies. I see our own stations in town have jumped up to $3.199 a gallon now,I think the highest it has ever been. If the environmentalists don't wake up and let us drill for oil for this country, I hope they are the first ones walking.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Google Stock Emulates Sliding Economy

The U.S. economy is wheezing so badly that even Internet power Google Inc. and its once robust stock is looking haggard. The focus on Google's recent deterioration sharpened Tuesday as investors reacted to the latest evidence indicating fewer people in the United States are clicking on the Internet ads that generate most of the online search leader's profits. This is an unsettling trend. It was captured in a closely followed report from Internet search firm comScore Inc. when it shoved Google shares to an 11 month low. The company's market value has lowered 33 percent or about $70 billion, during the first seven weeks of the year. Not only that, but the tech-laden Nasdaq composite index has also declined by 12 percent during the same time period.


I, too, was a skeptic when I started reading about the fantastic results people were getting from taking Orovo. Orovo contains the 10 SuperFoods that everyone should have in their diet. But most of the time, it takes too long to prepare some of them and we never get all of them. You can get Orovo that will take away your appetite and you will lose weight effortlessly because it is giving you all the food values you need for a healthy body. You will find you have more energy and it will even clear up skin problems you may have. I think if you read he testimonials on their website, you will be absolutely amazed at what this product can do for you and not only that, you can join them and make some extra money too. Check in and see.

Google Wraps up $3.1 Billion DoubleClick Deal

Google has been working on this deal for awhile and they have finally sealed the deal. Google Inc.'s long anticipated acquisition of online ad service DoubleClick is expected to turn the Internet search leader into an even more powerful marketing vehicle that is fueled by better insights about consumers. They are a very powerful company. This deal was completed on Tuesday after nearly a year of regulatory wrangling and also may intensify the pressure on Microsoft Corp. and Yahoo Inc. to resolve their stormy courtship so they don't risk further distractions while Google tries to sprint further ahead in the race for internet advertising. They took control of DoubleClick a few hours after Europe's antitrust regulators removed the final stumbling block by approving a deal that was first announced 11 months ago. Without a doubt, when I think of the Internet, I think of Google first and I am sure many people do.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Deficit Widens as Oil Prices Hit record

I wonder how many people really realize how serious our trade deficit is. It is big enough but now the United States trade deficit grew even larger in January as imports, including crude oil prices, zoomed to an all time high. The dollar is slipping too and that makes it even worse.The latest snapshot of trade activity as reported by the Commerce Department on Tuesday, showed that the country's trade gap increased to $58.2 billion. That was up from a trade shortfall of $57.9 billion in December and was the highest since November. It is downright scary. Imports of goods and services climbed to a record high of $206.4 billion in January. The U.S. voracious appetite for imported crude oil, where prices skyrocketed to the highest on record, figured into the increasing demand for overall imports.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Diet Soda May Be Part of Your Problem

The University of Minnesota researchers have found another reason to cut back on red meat, fried foods and diet soda. Many people do not realize all the horrible side effects there are to diet soda. Headaches, dizziness, and weight gain are just a few of them. Yes, weight gain is what I said. People think they can eat more because they are saving calories by drinking diet soda but actually, it may work just the opposite way. All of the above appear to raise the risk of developing metabolic syndrome, a condition that often paves the way for diabetes and heart disease. This syndrome is increasingly seen as a major health problem. Now, this is the second big study in a year to suggest that diet pop may be part of the problem. This metabolic syndrome is a cluster of symptoms that pre-dispose people to diabetes, heart disease and stroke, such as fatty buildup at the waistline, high blood pressure, and abnormal levels of triglycerides, blood sugar and cholesterol. I found out quickly that if I sat at the computer and ate and didn't exercise, I was on my way to diabetes so I changed my ways, cut out the sweets, pop, eating inbetween and made sure I got 30 minutes of exercise every day and reduced my glucose to normal levels. Last year, a Boston study found that diet soda raised the risk of metabolic syndrome by nearly 50 percent. There were other surprises too. Dairy products appeared to lower the risk. Researchers thought refined grains such as pasta and white rice would be associated with a higher risk but it wasn't so. They also thought eating fruit and vegetables would lower the risk; but again, not in this study. The message in all this is to eat a variety of foods in moderation. That doesn't mean you can't eat meat either, just eat it in moderate amounts. The best diet of all is eat less, exercise more. You'll feel better all the way around.


I got my haircut this morning and it feels so good. I tried a new shampoo and conditioner and it is great. It was a sample and now I want to find a store that sells it around here. It gives your hair more body and feels so good. I think it is a good idea anyway to change shampoos now and then as your hair seems to get used to them and sometimes some even seems to stay in your hair permanently and you have to use something to get it out. I have short curly, easy to take care of, hair and I love it.

Coin Dealer

If you are a collector of rare coins, then you have come to the right place. This company has been in the business of dealing in precious metals investments and rare coins for over 40 years. They both buy and sell rare coins and can be found on the Internet at this online website coin dealer. They will put you in contact with your own personal representative who has the experience and expertise to work with you to find the rare coins you desire. They have coins as highly valued as $10,000,000 and a great many more.The are actively involved in international, collector and wholesale markets for the trade of rare coins. Their advisers and staff are members of a great many of the finest numismatic organizations.
you can trust them to assist you in your choices of rare coins.

U.S. and Iraq to Discuss Long-term Relationship

The United States and Iraq were to open negotiations today in Baghdad. They worked on a plan for a long term relationship, plus a lesser deal to define the legal basis for the U.S. troop presence. This was reported by a Pentagon official. Also a spokesman said the U.S. expects a lengthy negotiation with a goal of completing a deal by December, when the U.N. Security Council resolution that now governs the U.S. and coalition presence in Iraq will expire. This process has triggered criticism from some in Congress, in part because the administration's position is that the deal will not require congressional approval and in part out of concern that it might commit to a specific U. S. troop level. It would seem the Democrats would like to set a date to end the war and bring the troops home on but that is easier said than done, in my opinion.

Supreme Court Allows Case Against FedEx

Did you know that the Supreme Court decided that employees who claim job discrimination should not suffer because of mistakes made by the federal agency charged with investigating their allegations. The 7-2 ruling allows an age discrimination lawsuit to proceed against FedEx Corp. The majority opinion by Justice Anthony Kennedy was critical of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, which failed to notify FedEx that 14 employees had filed a complaint. Companies must be told about complaints before discrimination lawsuits can be filed. I am surprised to learn that companies are still discriminating according to age. I thought that was pretty much settled and not a problem anymore but guess I was wrong.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Midwest Auto Recycling

If you are looking for a good used engine for your car, then this is the place to go. Check out this online website midwest auto recycling for the best in used engines and transmissions too. They have a great warranty as well and that is important to everyone. You can call them direct on their toll-free number to see if they have what you are looking for. You can also email them. And their website shows you a great listing of engines and transmissions so you can check that out. On most engines they offer a 12 month standard warranty, as well. You can go to their website and do a search for parts also. You will find testimonials also of happy customers.

Explosion at a Military Recruiting Center in New York

Times Square returned to business as usual Friday as police investigating the explosion at a military recruiting center looked at dozens of security videotapes, hoping to identify the bicycle riding bomber. Anymore, you just don't know what is going to happen where. Among the videos was one showing a hooded cyclist pedaling toward an area where a bicycle was found ditched in the trash and another with someone walking away from the same spot. Investigators suspect the bike may have been used by the bomber in the attack just before dawn Thursday on a landmark military recruiting station. There were no injuries or serious damage from the bombing, which was like two previous small explosions at consulates in Manhattan. Makes you wonder, doesn't it?

Row House Fire Kills Four People

A fire in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, whipped through a row house on Sunday, killing four people and extensively burning one resident who jumped from a second story window to escape. High winds and the collapse of the building's rubber roof complicated efforts to rescue residents and control the blaze. The intensity of the fire was too much for them to advance too far. It sadly destroyed all three homes in the building about 4:30 a.m. and appeared concentrated in the middle residence. Each home was occupied, but officials did not immediately know how many people were inside or how many escaped.

Ford Radiators

When your radiator springs a leak, you find yourself with a real problem. Often times, it is hard to find a good place to get one when you need one. But now you can get on the Internet and go to this online website Ford Radiator and find just the right radiator for your vehicle. They have over 60,000 radiators and 45 expert professionals to help you 24/7. You can give them a call on their toll-free number and find the radiator you need. Because they have warehouses all over the United States, you should be able to get your radiator quickly and with an unlimited lifetime warranty besides. That gives you real peace of mind knowing you have a good product from them. They have been in business for 20 years so you know you can depend on them.

Top Movies

Everyone loves a good movie and I love anything about prehistoric times. I see that other movie goers felt the same way as they went to see the prehistoric adventure "10,000 B.C.", which led the weekend box office with $53.7 million. It was a visual effects spectacle, about a band of people struggling to survive amid woolly mammoths, saber toothed tigers and human marauders, and also took in $25.3 million in 20 overseas markets where it began rolling out last week. I love dinasaur movies best of all. Jurasic Park movies were great for me.

Flu, Colds, Fever and Chills

My husband has been sick for 9 days with a cold. He has fever or chills almost every day and an awful cough. We tried some stuff from the pharmacy which helped some but I think it is one of those things you just have to wait out. I hope he is feeling stronger soon. He exercises 30 minutes every day but has been holding it down to 10 minutes until he gets over this. We have heard of others suffering from the same thing.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

O.J.'s Robbery Trial to be Delayed Until September

A judge agreed Friday to delay the armed robbery and kidnapping trial for O.J. Simpson and two co-defendants until September to give the defense more time to prepare. Clark County District Judge Jackie Glass also refused to throw out the charges against the former football star, and refused to separate his trial from co-defendants Charles Ehrlich and Clarence "C.J." Stewart. In her ruling to push the trial to Sept. 8, Glass acknowledged it took longer than expected for prosecutors to analyze and enhance tape recordings, transcripts and fingerprints and turn them over to the defense to prepare for trial, which had been set initially for April 7.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Former Alaska Governor's Aide Pleads Guilty

The former chief of staff for ex-Governor Frank Murkowski apologized to Alaskans for concealing more than $68,000 in Murkowski campaign expenses that were paid for by an oil field services company. Jim Clark pleaded guilty to fraud in an ongoing corruption probe that has led to charges against legislators and VECO Corp. executives and put some of the state's most powerful politicians under scrutiny. According to Clark's plea agreement filed in U.S. District Court in Anchorage, he could be sentenced to nearly four years in prison plus three years supervised release and a fine ranging from $7500 to $75,000.

Outdoor Furniture

I am looking out the window at the snow banks and dreaming of outdoor furniture for the deck. We can hardly wait for it to be warm enough to get outside and enjoy it. This website has great outdoor collections of furniture. Many kinds of chairs and outdoor coffee and side tables to put your food and drinks on. It is so much fun to browse their selections and decide what would look great on our deck. We can have the neighbors join us in style with new furniture. I can hardly wait.

Iran Continuing to Train and Arm Insurgents

Iran is a very dangerous country to the United States but I'm not sure everyone is aware of that. However, Military officials accused Iran on Tuesday of continuing to train and arm insurgents in Iraq, while U.S. lawmakers said they were disappointed that Baghdad opened up its doors to the Islamic republic's top leader. Although Iraq has every right to invite whomever they want, they're sovereign. But we have a right to express an opinion about it, said chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee. His remarks come as the U.S. is struggling to combat Iran's growing influence in the region, and senior military commanders say it continues to provide powerful bombs to Shiite militias in Iraq. I think if we don't keep a close eye on Iran, we are just asking for more trouble. We still feel they transported weapons of mass destruction across the border from Iraq to their country before the Iraq war ever started. We heard that pictures showed trucks hauling something across the border into Iran but it seemed like they were never able to prove anything. Iran's head man is a dangerous man. It is scary to think of what the future holds.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Ford to Pay Bonuses

Now this is a happy story. Even though it lost $2.7 billion last year, Ford Motor Co. will pay performance bonuses to all hourly and salaried workers in the U.S. and Canada and to its management team around the globe. Chief executive Alan Mulally said the bonuses will come in paychecks this month because the company is making significant progress toward becoming profitable again. I think that is a really great thing for Ford to do for their people. It shows their employees that they value them. Employees all over need more positive input.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Israeli Forces Clash in Gaza

About 25 Israeli armored vehicles rumbled into southern Gaza and clashed with militants after nightfall Tuesday. A one month old baby was killed in the crossfire, according to a medical official. The Israeli tanks fired shells and attack helicopters fired missiles during the clashes. The baby girl was killed by a ricocheting bullet. A local Islamic Jihad leader was killed and eight militants and three civilians were wounded, none of them seriously. Islamic Jihad pledged revenge attacks.

Beasy Board Transfer Board

This company was founded in 1996, and now offers 55,000 products in 50 categories and subcategories. They serve over a million customers with all kinds of medical supplies and have expanded into maternity, baby, and exercise supplies and equipment. No matter what your needs are, all you have to do is check into their website Beasy Board Transfer Board by category and I am sure you will find just what you need. With pressure on everyone today to be healthy, lose weight and keep track of their blood pressure, it is great to know that you can go online and get blood pressure monitors, heart monitors, exercise equipment and even nutritional dietary supplements. It is important to keep first aid supplies at home and you can stock up here. If there is something you use on a regular basis, they will set you up with an automatic refill of your order so that you don't have to keep remembering to order. Join them and you will receive their eCatalog with limited time specials and discounts. That is a great favorite with everyone.

Brett Favre Retires After 17 Years

Whether you love him or hate him, he was fun to watch. You were never quite sure what to expect. He had a way of making you questions his every decision he made on the field until you saw the results. His streak of consecutive games started most likely will never be broken, especially by a quarterback. He endured pain, both physically and mentally. Whether or not you are a Packer fan, you have got to respect him. He will really be missed. Good Luck, Brett.


If you are looking for low impact workout then you should look into getting an elliptical. Our daughter and her husband have just purchased one and they exercise on it every day and they just love it. You can adjust it to give you more or less tension to exercise your muscles however you wish. It works with adjustable resistance. They are great exercise machines suitable for anyone.

Amazon Coupon Code

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Branson Missouri

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Online Auto Insurance

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Drug Rehabs

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Hotels in Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas! Let's get going and have a good time in Las Vegas, the city of lights and action. Not only is there the best in gambling there but also the best in hotels in Las Vegas. Be sure to make your reservations when you go. Don't take a chance, be sure to check out the availability of hotels at the time you are going and especially check out their rates. I know you will be very pleased with your holiday in Las Vegas and have a great time. Because whether it is poker, slot machines or seeing great shows this is the city to have a great time in.

What do You Do for a Cold?

I called the pharmacist and asked what you could take to make a cold less miserable? My husband caught a cold somewhere, probably in church Sunday, shaking hands and there were a lot of people coughing. He can feel it in his chest. The pharmacist recommended Mucinex. You take one and it lasts 12 hours so I got some of that. I hope it helps him. He feels pretty rotten. When I came out of their driveway, the "tire Pressure" light dinged at me and I checked the dash and sure enough so drove to the local place where we got our new tires this fall. He checked and the passenger front tire and driver rear tire were both down 10 lbs. The two on the opposite corners were both down 5 lbs. It is because of all the changes of temperatures we have had. They say you should be sure and check your tires often when temperatures change because tire pressure change too and it takes more gas if they aren't filled the way they should be and with the price of gas going up, it is an easy thing to do to save on gas and easier on your tires too.

Monday, March 3, 2008

Prince Harry Returns from Tour of Duty

Prince Harry returned home to his relieved father and older brother on Saturday after a 10 week Afghan tour of duty that security officials fear could now make him a top target for extremists. His body armor hanging loose off one shoulder, Harry, 23, descended the steps of a Royal Air Force troop carrier with about 170 other soldiers. He handed some of his gear to his brother, Prince William, and was led by his father, Prince Charles, to a waiting family car, where he took off the bullet proof vest. An army cornet,or second lieutenant, Harry left the southern province of Helmand after details of his deployment appeared Thursday on The Drudge report Web site, leaking news previously kept secret under a pool agreement between the Ministry of Defense and all major news organizations operating in Britain.