Friday, December 30, 2011

Carlos O'Kellys

This is my most favorite Mexican food restaurant. My kids invited me to join them tonight and they bought supper. It was absolutely great as usual and brought home some delicious left overs. Went shopping in Wal-Mart inbetween going to my sister-in-laws retirement party. They had a very nice party for her, a beautiful cake and snacks. Gave her a lovely plaque she can hang on the wall. Got to see her office too.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Taco Johns

I took my brother to Taco Johns today. They have a special on tacos for 69 cents each. He loves them and always eats at least 3. We also get churros that are a delicious desert. I had a taco burger today for a change. I like to change off. I brought home 2 combination burritos for supper tonight and they were very good. We like to go every Tuesday as long as the weather is good. We always have a good visit that way too over good food.

Fast CD Duplication

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Monday, December 26, 2011

Twas the Day After Christmas

Here it is and it won't be Christmas for another year. But that year will fly by just like the rest of them did. It sneaks up on you so fast and it is over in a flash. Next is New Year's Eve. I had so much fun playing a game with my kids and grandkids. It was so much fun watching the little ones open their presents. Kids make Christmas. They are so excited over every single thing about Christmas.

Home on my Own

Guest post written by Derick Burks

Having a home of my own has always been a dream of mine and I’m finally realizing it, if not a bit less dramatically than I thought. When I inherited this house I would have thought it wouldn’t take long for me to decide to sell it but something about this place stuck with me and I decided to keep it and work on it – restore it back to its previous glory. I am finally at a point now where I’m doing things like installing Massachusetts adt and putting in a doggie door but those first few months were more about making sure the electrical was up to code and that the bathtub wasn’t going to fall through the ceiling. I love being a homeowner, like I said, but I never imagined I’d have to learn how to be a contractor at the same time. That being said, it’s nice knowing exactly what’s inside of this house and that I made it what it is today – that’s something I feel like I can be proud of.

Friday, December 23, 2011

Sister's Visit

My sister came to visit today. Her birthday was the 15th so I took her out for a belated Birthday lunch. We went to the Pizza ranch. It was really crowded with people. I think some companies were having their Christmas party in there. They could hardly make pizzas fast enough for everyone. It is good to see a business doing so well in a small town. We had a great visit and a great lunch.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christmas Shopping

I took my brother Christmas shopping yesterday. It was a great deal of fun to be able to get him some things that he would not ordinarily be able to afford himself. We had a very good time and we are very close and always have been close. So we always have a good time together talking over old times and such. We had a great Mexican lunch too and I got to see my niece that I had not seen in awhile. It was a fun day.

Yoga Mat Bag

Many people are attending Yoga classes now. However, what do you do with all your things when you go to class. What you really need is a good yoga mat bag. They are very convenient to carry and you can get them in several styles. You have a number of color choices as well. Perhaps you think they are too expensive, however, they are very reasonable and you can choose your own price range and style. I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how low the cost of owning a yoga at bag can be and you will love the convenience.

Thursday, December 15, 2011


I sure do miss my little Holly. She was the best little dog we ever had. It is too bad that dogs don't live longer. She was a Boston Terrier and she learned tricks so quick.
We really hated it when she got sick and we knew we would have to take her to the Vet and have her put to sleep. She was so much company and fun.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Switch Plate Covers

Every day in our homes, we use switch plate covers and never really think much about them. But actually they are a very important part of every home or business, anywhere there are switches. When redecorating our home, I checked out the Internet and was pleasantly surprised at how many different designs of switch plate covers there are. You can match them to your decor, choosing your favorite colors in some cases, or single or double switch plates. It is easy to pick out some that will catch visitors eyes and add good looks to your home.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Eclipse of the Moon

I got to watch a part of the lunar eclipse this morning. I could see it plainly out my west window. I saw about a good 1/3 of it and then when I came back, clouds had moved in and I missed the rest. My daughter said she got to see the moon under total eclipse. That is so neat. It won't happen again, they say, until 2014.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Tea and Cookies

There is nothing better than a good hot cup of tea and one or two fresh cookies. I decided last night I was going to bake some cookies. I had purchased a box of ready to bake frozen chocolate chunk cookies from the two Girl Scouts next door. I had the box in the freezer and decided it was time to bake some. They are already to put on your cookie sheet and nothing could be easier. You can bake a dozen or two. It makes it easy to have just a few around. Or if you have company coming, bake a couple dozen. I think there are about 4 dozen in the box so I have lots more I can bake and enjoy.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Step Throat

Saturday was to be one of our little great grandson's second birthday. However, he got sick and they found he had strep throat. Of course, the party had to be called off. That was sad for him and everyone. He is getting better and hope his brother doesn't get it also. This is the season when it sees like everyone is getting colds and more.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Christmas in Branson, Missouri

Branson is all aglow with so many beautiful Christmas lights this time of the year. They also have all Christmas shows and we saw the Miracle of Christmas, an outstanding production. At you can go in a see some exclusive videos and photos of the show. It will cause you to want to go there and see it. We were fortunate to be able to travel on a bus because of our local bank. They took us to all the best shows and best shopping malls. We also ate at great steakhouses with a variety of foods besides steak. One of the top shows is called SIX. It is six brothers that sing acapella but not only that they make all their instrumental sounds with their voices. You would swear there was a band behind them but it was the men making all the instrumental sounds. You have to see and hear it to believe it, especially the brother who did the drummer. Just amazing.