Saturday, February 28, 2009

Suspected Suicide Ring Defends Mission

Even Jack Kevorkian doesn't agree with this bunch. As authorities try to determine how many deaths nationwide may be linked to an alleged assisted suicide ring, members of a group known as the Final Exit Network are defending a mission they call "self-deliverance." In my opinion suicide is the same as murdering yourself and someone helping you to do it is also guilty.

The network's president, its medical director and two other members were charged Wednesday in the death of John Celmer, a 58 year old Georgia man who suffered for years from cancer of the throat and mouth. They each face up to five years in prison if convicted on assisted suicide charges. I don't feel this is enough punishment.

Latex Exam Gloves

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Government Plans to Charge al-Qaida Agent

Federal prosecutors plan to move an alleged al-Qaida sleeper agent out of a Navy brig in South Carolina and send him to federal court in Illinois to face trial. Two people familiar with the case of Qatar native Ali Al-Marri said Thursday the government plans to transfer him to the civilian court system. The transfer could avert a Supreme Court hearing in April and a subsequent ruling that would govern other cases against accused terrorists.

Holocaust Denier Apologizes

A British bishop whose denial of the Holocaust embroiled Pope Benedict XVI in controversy, has apologized for his remarks. The Catholic news said Thursday, that Bishop Richard Williamson, with the conservative Society of St. Pius X, had faced worldwide criticism over a television interview in which he said no Jews were gassed during the Holocaust. He certainly put his mouth in gear before he engaged his brain. How anyone could say that is way beyond me with all the evidence of 6 million Jews dying in the Holocaust.

The bishop did not specifically say that his comments were erroneous or that he no longer believed them. So why did he bother to apologize in a statement to all those who took offense and for the distress he caused? He apparently was not sincere in his apology and I guess if I was a Jew, I would take great offense at this.

All Inclusive Mexico

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Food States Leaving Inspector Jobs Vacant

Tight state budgets have led some of the biggest fruit and vegetable growing farm states to leave dozens of food inspection jobs vacant at a time when hundreds of people have been sickened by a nationwide salmonella outbreak tied to a filthy peanut processing plant. The salmonella outbreak linked to Peanut Corp. of America has sickened hundreds, may have caused nine deaths, and prompted one of the largest food recalls in the nation's history.

Georgia, the site of the plant, has about 60 inspectors for some 16,000 sites. However, budget cuts have forced the state agriculture department to keep 15 inspector positions vacant. Florida, Texas and California are among other states facing the same problems while food experts say the federal government relies increasingly on states to monitor the nation's food supply. Food safety experts warn that each loss of an inspector increases the possibility of food problems eluding detection. Texas has 8 vacancies, leaving 34 people to inspect about 21,000 facilities. Florida has 12 open positions of its 129 inspector jobs. This is horrible.

Turkish Jet Cash Kills 9

In the Netherlands, a Turkish Airlines jetliner plummeted out of the mist and plowed into a muddy field on Wednesday near Amsterdam's main airport. Nearly everyone on board, 125 people, survived, however, there were nine dead including both pilots. It was a Boeing 737-800 that was en route from Istanbul to Amsterdam carrying 134 people when it suddenly lost speed and fell out of the sky about two miles short of the runway at Schiphol Airport.

The jetliner broke into three pieces upon impact and if you have seen the pictures, you wonder why it didn't catch fire, or that many more people were not killed. It was a miracle, I think. The fuselage tore in two near the cockpit and the tail was ripped off. Despite the catastrophic impact, the wreckage did not burn and scores of people walked away.

Gold Coins

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14 Kids!

Yup, this gal has 14 kids. She had in vitro and had 6 babies the first time. Then she went ahead with it again and had 8 more babies. The doctor is being investigated. I think he should be. Why would a doctor implant more embryos into a woman who has already had sextuplets?

She lives with her folks in a 3 bedroom home. What was this girl thinking? Now a former boyfriend of Nadya Suleman wants DNA testing to determine if he's the father of her 14 children, including her nearly month-old octuplets. He says he donated sperm to her during their three-year relationship in the late 1990's because she claimed to have ovarian cancer. He says that regardless of whether the tests show he is the father, he pledged to help her. I hope he does. In my opinion, the 8 newest babies should be adopted out to good parents who can't have children and have been trying to adopt for a long time.

What a joy little chiildren are. They are so innocent and trusting. They have no idea of what lies ahead of them in the world of work and raising a family and all the stress that goes with it. Fortunately, they can just enjoy every day of their lives, learning new thing and new words. They can play for hours and then nap and play again. They are such a delight to watch accomplishing new things such as eating their first solid foods in their high chairs, or climbing up and down stairs. They have so much to learn and our little great granddaughter is learning so much so quickly. It is a joy to keep up with her on the Internet.

Hair Stylist Jobs

I have several friends who are eager to get into hair stylist jobs and now there is a new search engine available to assist them in finding those jobs. It is very easy to go online and fill in the zip code information and find salon jobs. You can also search the schools as they have the alphabet listed and you just click on the school you are looking for and there it is. I think it is a neat way to just look through schools, as well, even if you don't know their names.

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Big Budget Could be a Difficult Sell

Obama unveils plan that assumes the highest federal deficit in history. He proposes higher taxes on the wealthy in order to help pay for health care for all. Who do they think is responsible for creating the jobs? They are going to be taxed right out of business and then there will be much more unemployment.

It is amazing to me also that no one has actually read the latest bailout plan. Nancy Pelosi put several billions of dollars into this bill to protect a certain mouse. How could that possible create jobs for anyone? I heard she also added much money for Samoa as her husband has $17 million dollars of stock there and in order to keep their product at a lower level and sell more, they have people working for under minimum wage.

Yesterday my husband told me there is millions of dollars earmarked to get rid of pig odor. Whoever put that in, has never been around any hogs. They might just have well burned that money for all the good it will do. Unless you want to do away with hogs entirely on the earth, you will never get rid of the smell. Are you ready to give up your ham, pork chops, roasts, bacon, sausage and more? I don't think so. I'm not. I think our Congress should have at least been responsible enough to have gone through this bill without signing it blindly and putting our great grandchildren and their's in debt for many years to come. And that's my own opinion

Friday, February 27, 2009

TV Executive Accused of Beheading Wife

What is going on in the world today that we hear of people being beheaded so often now? Is it a sign of the times? Police say a television executive from the well-off Buffalo, New York suburb of Orchard Park beheaded his wife after she filed for divorce. He was seeking to improve the image of Muslims in the media. I think he definitely went about it in the wrong way, don't you?

He is scheduled to appear for a felony hearing. I think it should be a first degree murder charge. He is 44 and she was 37. On February 12, he went to a police station and told officers his wife was dead at the TV studio. The slaying gave rise to speculation that it was the sort of "honor killing" more common in countries half a world away including the couple's native Pakistan.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Wine of the Month

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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Khmer Rouge

News out of Phnom Penh, Cambodia says the former head of a prison where thousands of Cambodians were tortured and then killed for opposing the Khmer Rouge, expressed remorse for his deeds as a genocide tribunal got under way last Tuesday. Kaing Guek Eav, better known as Duch, is charged with crimes against humanity. He is the first of five defendants who belonged to a close-knit ultra-communist regime that turned Cambodia into a vast slave labor camp.

At least 1.7 million or more people died of starvation, disease and execution there. Duch oversaw that S-21 prison in the capital, Phnom Penh which was previously a school. It is now the Tuol Sleng genocide museum. About 16,000 men, women and children passed through those gates and only a handful survived.

After the fall of the Khmer Rouge, Duch disappeared for two decades, living under two other names and converting to Christianity before he was found in northwestern Cambodia by a British journalist in l999. The orders he gave to murder, torture and rape are too numerous to mention. He is the only defendant to have expressed any remorse for his actions. He wishes to ask forgiveness from the victims but also from the Cambodian people.

Friday, February 20, 2009


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Thursday, February 19, 2009

Weather Forecast

Well, here we go again. Now they are predicting snow again tonight. Sounds like enough to shovel this time. The last big snowstorm went south of us and missed us completely. One to three inches and going from Friday into Saturday is what they are saying. I don't know why it always lands on the weekend. Lately it has been Tuesday and Wednesday too and sounds like more of the same for next week. BRRRRR It is so cold too but at least the wind has let up a little.

Online Traffic School

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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Animal Sounds by Kaelyn

It is so funny to see little grandkids developing their speech and sounds. Our granddaughter sent a video of her little girl learning to make animal sounds. They grow up so fast. She is ahead in learning words too.

The Internet is such a wonderful way to keep up with her growth and how quickly she changes and learns things. We love getting emails with videos. I hope you enjoy this one as much as we did.


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Monday, February 16, 2009

Fish for Supper

I know it isn't Friday, and a lot of people eat fish on Friday. However, it is good for you and good to have any time of the week. We really like Pollack filets. I like to get a big package and keep them in the freezer so I can thaw some when I am ready to cook them.

We like them dipped in beaten egg and then coated with crushed soda cracker crumbs. Put them into some hot oil and brown them on both sides. Oh yes, I forgot to say that I cut the filets into about 2-3" pieces first. Salt them a bit while cooking and throw some frozen shredded hash brown potatoes in another frying pan and you have supper. A good salad goes good with that and some fruit for dessert. I like to make my own tartar sauce out of Miracle Whip and some sweet relish mixed in. Guess I better get going as it is almost supper time now.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Organ Donor Saves 5 Lives

Dennis John Malloosseril was 25 years old when he was shot at St. Thomas Syrian Orthodox Knanaya Church. His organs were donated to save lives. Five recipients of the organs from this young man who was killed last November, attended a memorial service for him at the church where the shooting happened. Before that, they had a very emotional meeting with Dennis' parents. James O'Hea, age 57 of Woodbridge, N.J. said they bent down and listened to his heart. Malloosseril was shot on November 23 as he tried to break up an argument between a fellow church member and her estranged husband. That was so sad, however, his organs gave life to 5 other people helped turn sadness into happiness for others.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Tornado Hits Oklahoma

Well, if it isn't snow, it is freezing rain. But here it is February and they had a terrible tornado in Oklahoma. That is unusual but they tell us a tornado is possible every month of the year. It is just that some months do not have as many. If I recall correctly, March is a bad month, as well as, June but it is terrible to have your town completely destroyed and people killed in February, one of the winter months. I know it is warmer in the South but they do get some snow in Oklahoma too. It is so sad to see all the destruction on the television. I feel so sorry for all those people who are now completely homeless and lost family members besides.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Death and Life

What do you think you would feel like if they told you that you had a month or two to live? And then it turned out not to be true? Wouldn't that be a horrible event? Well that is exactly what happened to my husband's brother this weekend. His doctor told him he did not have gangrene in his foot and that it was not true about dying soon.

However, now he has been moved to the physical theraphy part of the hospital across town. It sounds like there is a possibility of gangrene setting in within his foot as there is no circulation from the ankle down. They are beginning to discuss amputating his foot but it would have to be done in Rochester, MN at the big hospital there as they can't do it here.

Then we wonder what is next? Would he have to go to a nursing home? Can you get an artificial foot? I don't know all that much about it but time will tell.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sky Diving Instructor Dies

A young man was given skydiving lessons by his girlfriend as a gift. Little did she know it would turn out to be quite an event. The authorities said the skydive instructor, who was sharing a parachute with a first time, jumper apparently died of a heart attack in the air. He was identified as George C. "Chip" Steele of Sumter, S.C. The young man kept asking him questions as they were heading for the ground and he wasn't answering. He thought something funny was going on. He was able to maneuver the parachute to a safe landing last Saturday. He then tried to revive the 49 year old instructor with CPR after they had landed but the coroner's office said it was too late.

They were skydiving in a tandem jump, where instructors are strapped to the backs of their students. The first time jumper was described as an active member of the military in his 30's and he felt his training in the military served him well during this anxious time. His girlfriend heard that a pair of skydivers had landed and one was dead and scared her. I think she regretted giving him the lessons as she thought she had lost him.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Australian Open

Rafael Nadal ousted Roger Federer in five sets for the title in the Australian Open. Roger had nowhere to hide. Rod Laver was about to present the cup to Australian Open champion Rafael Nadal. Federer stood on the court, having just missed his first chance to equal Pete Sampras' record 14 Grand Slam singles titles. He was sobbing. He could not speak. I guess I can't blame him, can you? He said it was the worst feeling. He was stuck out there and the problem was he couldn't go in the locker room and just take it easy and take a cold shower.

Nadal, the first Spanish man to win the Australian Open, beat Federer in Grand Slam finals on clay and grass last year. He added the missing link Sunday with his first major title on hard courts. The 22 year old Spaniard is 5-2 against Federer in championship matches at the majors. That was 3-0 in the last three and 13-6 in career meetings. I guess the most riveting was Nadal's five-set, 4 hour, 48 minute win over Federer at Wimbledon last year, ending the Swiss star's five year reign on grass. Now, here it is 40 years after Rod Laver last won the Grand Slam, all four majors in one season, Nadal is the only man who can emulate him in 2009. Until now, Federer had been the most likely of the recent contenders but he missed by one in 2006. That has got to be tough to take.

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Energy Saving

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Monday, February 2, 2009

Ford Posts Big Loss

Ford has posted a $14.6 billion loss, however, they will still not seek aid. After the worst annual loss in its 105 year history, Ford Motor Co. still doesn't plan to seek government aid. Good for them! However, it is borrowing more money and hinting at further restructuring to brace for a tough 2009 along with any surprises from the unpredictable economy. It is anyone's guess as to how the economy is going to go this year. It sure doesn't look good right now.

Ford reported Thursday a $14.6 billion net loss for 2008, beating its old record of $12.6 billion set two years ago. They lost $5.9 billion in the fourth quarter, but more importantly, it spent $5.5 billion more than it took in. That dropped its cash reserves to $13.4 billion at the year's end. I feel you have to respect their decision instead of asking for a bailout right away.

Extended Stay Hotels

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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Amazon Stock Soars Inc. said Thursday that its fourth quarter profit rose 9 percent and easily surpassed analysts' forecasts. Those results, plus an optimistic forecast, sent its shares soaring 13 percent in extended trading. Amazon had called the holiday season its best ever and the earnings report backed up the idea that the online retailer is not being seriously hurt by cutbacks in consumer spending. This is really good news. They also said their revenue in the current quarter should be between $4.53 billion and $4.93 billion while analysts are expecting $4.57 billion. Shares of the Seattle based company shot up $6.39, or 12.8 percent, to $56.39 in after hours trading. The stock had fallen 36 cents to finish regular trading at $50.