Thursday, August 27, 2009

Destination Weddings

What a great deal of planning and work go into planning the perfect wedding. Although most weddings are close to home, what a delight it would be to go to the Riviera Maya and get married. If you are planning a wedding and honeymoon, check out destination weddings. The Karisma Hotels have planned for your every delight. You can be married in one of their wedding chapels and honeymoon in one of their lovely hotels. Check out their wedding packages and ceremony locations. They also can arrange photo and video packages to your liking. You can even sign up for their honeymoon gift registry and also plan your private banquet reception after the wedding. It will be something to remember all your life and you will,no doubt, want to return to celebrate future anniversaries or spend vacations there too.

Headstart Bus

The little yellow Headstart Bus is driving up now every morning to pick up the little 3 year old next door. She has cried for the last two mornings but I am sure once she gets to school she has a very good time. I used to be a bus aide for Headstart and watched the kids that were on my bus grow up. Many of them don't remember me anymore but I remember them and it is fun to see the little 4 yr old boy, now 6' tall and working in the local Pizza Ranch. It is always fun to run into one of my "little" kids as now they are practically grown.

Mexican Food

Tonight we are going out for Mexican food. We haven't been out there for nearly a month due to my surgery. Today our favorite waitress dropped in to visit us. She said she would but we never really thought she would. We have a great visit and she brought me a neat get well card. She said she almost came tomorrow and brought Tex Mex but she thought it wouldn't keep very well overnight. She was happy to hear we would be there to eat and see her tonight. She has a cute little 4 year old daughter.

Destination Weddings

Lots of people get married in their local church in their home town. However, have you given any thought to other destination weddings? There are so many beautiful ceremony locations where you could have your wedding and one of them is on the beautiful Riviera Maya where Karisa Hotels has five of the most indulgent hotels. They can provide honeymoon gift registry for you. But not only that they have wedding packages for you to check into to see which suits you best. Imagine your own beautiful private banquet after the wedding with your friends and family there to enjoy the beauty with you and celebrate your happy day.

Baby Announcements

Whether you are giving a shower for a friend or having a baby yourself, you know now important baby announcements are. Especially if this is your first baby, you want to find an announcement that is very special to you.

At this website, they have the finest selection of every type. You not only can choose between girl or boy but multiples announcements. Perhaps you would like to have a picture of your little newborn in the announcements. You can do that and so much more. Check out this great website today and choose your own unique announcement.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

First Day of School

The little neighbor girl is only 3 years old and she started in Headstart this morning. The little yellow bus drove up and she got on and cried and cried. They had quite a time getting her settled before the driver could take them all to school. I bet when she got there she loved it. They serve them 2 good meals, breakfast and lunch and they have so much to play with including a computer and they teach them a great deal. It will be interesting to see if she is excited about going again tomorrow.


You know we just take shopping for granted. It is an easy task really but when you are using a walker or crutches, it is a whole new ball game. My husband doesn't want to take me along as I am too slow. However, he can never find anything and I am afraid he is going to come home with the wrong foods. He does pretty good on the basics but since our grocery store expanded, there are so many kinds of breads, it is hard to find the one you are used to. I told him to ask the clerks and they are very helpful. I am glad he can do some of the shopping by himself.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

WHG 7 20

It hasn't been that long ago that I decided to set up my own domain. I like to post on all kinds of subjects and had the idea of what I wanted it to be called. Also I decided on what I wanted to name my new domain of my very own.

But that is were it came to an abrupt stop. I didn't know the first thing about webhosting and didn't know where to look. My grandson helped me find what I needed but I could not have done it without him. However, in finding dedicated server hosting at this website, I discovered I could have done it myself and not bothered him. This website gives you all the places where you can set up your own domain and lets you know how much each costs such as space. I would not have thought of that but they tell you the cost up front of the space you need.

Not only can you find out the most highly rated webhosting providers, but you are able to see right online what their host rating is. And of course, you want the best one for your money. You need to be sure they are trustworthy and competent and this website gives you all that information. Being pretty green at this, it sure is a great deal of help to find this website with all the information you need to get started. The information is invaluable.

Most of us are on a tight budget so it really helps that they list the best budget hosts for you, saving you a great deal of time.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Funeral Visitations

We went very early to a visitation of a young man, age 53, who grew up near us on the farm. The family is very dear to us and his parents are taking his death extremely hard. He had a motorcycle accident and had ridden them for years. We just don't know how to explain the way these things happen. But one thing we can rest assured that he is in Heaven with Jesus. That is a great comfort.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

A New Van

My brother got a 2007 Freestar Ford van and it is the most beautiful shade of maroon red. He sent some pictures on the Internet and I am anxious to have a ride in it. It will be awhile though before I can crawl into it. I am so short. He said he would bring a little stool to step on to get into it. When he comes, he is going to bring some homemade pie too and he makes very good pie.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Best Weight Loss Supplements

As I am sue you know, all weight loss supplements are definitely not alike. They may all promise you a great deal of weight loss but will they really come through with it. Thee is a lot of information that companies would rather you didn't know about the best weight loss supplements. It is about time someone came out with the truth and if you check out this website, you will find out both the bad and the good about many weight loss supplements. You will find out which each can do for you. So before you go out and buy some, check out this website first.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Walkers and Crutches

Well, I have been dusting off my walker. I got my crutches out and dusted them off too. Going to have knee surgery so thought I better get them ready. Packing the little suitcase too. Summer time is a good time to get something like this done before it gets icy and snowy. It looks kind of cloudy today and think it is supposed to rain for the next couple of days. The crops need it.

Monday, August 3, 2009


Today, an AED is being used by all kinds of EMT's on Ambulances everywhere. They are being used more and more in places where many people gather as they are very much a life saving device. The Red Cross will give training in their use. Check out this website for a great deal of information on their use.

I have heard of them being put in schools as it isn't so uncommon anymore for a student in sports having a heart problem. Many lives have been saved because of them. Many pacemakers and being made up with AED's in them also. I think it is a good idea for for professionals and the public to be made aware of their use and life saving benefits.


Yesterday, one of my daughters came and brought me everything to re-do the bed in the bedroom. Got a new bedspread with pillow shams and throw pillow and bed skirt. Makes the whole room look different. May be changing the curtains too.

Then she went to work on the bathroom. Then she changed the shower curtain. Put up a new picture and added many extras to the counter. New soap dispenser, tooth brush holder, paper cup holder, kleenex holder and more. I got the old cup dispenser down off the wall and threw it away. It looks like a new bathroom. It is amazing how much a few things can make a huge difference. Beautiful new towels too for everyone to see.