Thursday, July 31, 2008

Are You Hot and Tired - Have a Glass of Eel

That's what they do in Japan when it gets into their hottest season. That means it is eel season. Now they have put out a canned drink and it is mainly for men who are exhausted by the summer's heat. They believe eating eel boosts stamina so now they came out with this fizzy, yellow-colored drink. It contains extracts from the head and bones of eel and five vitamins contained in the fish. Eel days are July 24 and Aug 5 especially this year. It makes me sick to think of it. Yuck.

Many Deaths Blamed on Home Drug Errors

Today you can get prescription drugs that were only given out in hospitals and have them in your home. You are given directions but often people don't read everything and don't realize they can't ix their prescription drugs with alcohol. Heath Ledger's accidental death was blamed on just such an action. Since l983, deaths have been steadily climbing. I think another problem is probably that older people forget if and when they took their medicines and may skip some that are critical to their survival or else take double doses, not realizing they took the first dose. I don't know what the answer is. It is a hard thing to control.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Los Angeles Earthquake

A 5.4 earthquake hit Los Angeles about their lunch hour and they have had 26 aftershocks and it probably isn't over yet. Just heard they shut down part of one of the freeways. They said it was 20 miles south of downtown L.A. We used to live 15 miles from downtown so we would have really felt it there. They have felt it as far away as Las Vegas and many other places 100 miles away are calling in that they felt it. Our granddaughter is visiting in San Diego so I bet she got to feel it there too, her first contact with an earthquake. She will probably have something to talk about when she gets home from there in a couple days.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Conan O'Brien Will Take Over the "Tonight" Show

I haven't watched Conan O'Brien much, so guess this isn't really fair. However, I don't think he will come close to replacing Jay Leno on the "Tonight" Show. I have gotten a kick out of Leno for years now and just feel they could have chosen a better replacement. I guess I don't have anyone else I would recommend but I will miss Jay. He has a special kind of humor that always made me laugh, much more than Dave Letterman. I guess everyone has their favorites and since I don't watch the late shows like I used to, it really doesn't matter that much. I hope Conan can make the audience happy. Best of luck to him.


When I think of Branson, I think of good wholesome family fun. Often referred to as the New Nashville, they have a great many shows whose stars have made their permanent homes there from Las Vegas and Nashville. Shoji Tabuchi is one of the main headliners and Mickey Gilley always puts on a wonderful performance. When you are planning your trip to Branson just go to this website where they have some wonderful vacation packages waiting for you. You can reserve your motel, along with tickets to your favorite shows. And don't forget to ride the Branson Scenic Railroad and the Branson Belle Showboat. Our neighbors just got back and stayed in a beautiful condo on the Lake and took in Silver Dollar City where you can see the old time original crafts come to life. Shepard of the Hills is a wonderful performance for everyone. And riding the ducks on land, then water and back onto land is very exciting. There is plenty to do with the kids too, water slides, driving the Go Kart Track and seeing Ripley's Believe it or Not is well worth it. And try to see the Titanic, one of the latest additions and the Imax Theater is always a hit. But whatever you do, take time to shop. Their chocolate store is terrific, plus so many fabulous malls. Who could ask for more? Food - there is every ethnic food available and many breakfast buffets to start your day off right. It is less than a day's drive for us and we are checking out the packages now to see what we want to do and we want to spend our vacation there.


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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Padraig Harrington Wins Tennis Open

Greg Norman had to be feeling bad when he lost the Open to Harrington. When you work so hard and get so far, it is tough to see someone else enjoying watching the engraver putting someone else's name on the oldest trophy in golf. Winning a major puts you in a special club, but winning two of them puts you in an even more special class. Harrington had hurt his right wrist so badly, he couldn't put in all the practice he wanted too. But I guess that made all the difference because even though he hurt, he was rested up and he won.

Medical Drug Reference Software

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Tuesday, July 22, 2008


It looks like the first hurricane is going to hit Texas. Last I heard they thought it would be a category #1. However, it could become category #2 once on land. But they are also thinking the winds could die down once it hits land. Today I saw pictures on television of all the people on the beaches, little children playing in the water and on the sand. Are they nuts? People are boarding up their homes and businesses and people were out playing in the ocean like there was nothing wrong. I can't believe people sometimes, can you?

Steering Rack

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My next door neighbor brought me over a container of fresh cherries, picked right off her daughter's tree. There were two kind, both very nice. She had them all washed and ready to use. You can cook some and make sauce with them, being sure to spit out the pits. Or you can pit them and make pies or whatever you wish with them. She brought me lots more and I took out all the pits last night and I have a huge bowl ready now. I think I will make 2 pies if there are enough and take one to her. I told her if she brought me more I would make a pie. I haven't had fresh cherries for years and they are so good.

Sunday, July 20, 2008


Saturday we are going to my brother's friend's house for a BBQ. My sister is driving up for it too. I am making potato salad and pie. Lola and my brother are furnishing several kinds of meats. My brother says he is making his famous baked beans. I think my sister is bringing a fruit salad. It sounds real good. Hopefully, his daughter can get off work and join us too. Hope the weather is good. It was good this weekend.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Digital Camera

We are going to get a digital camera from our granddaughter and her husband. They are getting a new one as their little daughter is growing so fast and they take so many pictures. I hope I can learn to operate it ok. I will be able to put pictures on the computer too. That will be neat once I learn how to do it. You can make videos with it too. That would help me with my posting on my blog too. Everything changes so fast. I never thought we would get a digital camera.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Turning 50

Another member of the family is turning 50 Thursday. It is quite unbelievable how the time flies. Our two sons are in their 50's now and this makes 2 son-in-laws and one daughter-in-law. One daughter-in-law is only 48 . Next will be our twin daughters in December and then all our kids will be in their 50's. It is really hard to figure out where all those years went so fast. Time is passing much too quickly.

Bean Field

We have a huge bean field east of us this year. That means, because it isn't corn, we will get a great deal more breeze from that direction this year. That is great. When you are surrounded by corn fields, they give off extra humidity and it cuts off the air flow and it gets much hotter. The problem with hot weather is that it blows in storms. I see on the weather that hurricanes are brewing in the ocean and they said this morning that 2005 was the worst year ever so far. We could have a lively year again this year too.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Tony Snow, Dead at 53

Today at 2 a.m. Tony Snow left this world, leaving a big gap in it. So many people feel like they almost lost a member of their own family. He was on FOX news a great deal. He also took Rush Limbaugh's place for a while, when Rush was gone on vacation. He was Press Secretary to both Presidents Bush. The Sr. Bush had many nice things to say about him, as well as, Barbara Bush. We feel so sorry for his wife and 3 children. Tony worked extra hard to leave behind enough money to take care of them when he was gone. He always had a big smile for everyone, even when he was quite ill.

Friday, July 11, 2008


We have a 2002 Pontiac and it is red with a spoiler and has the best looking body and rear lights. I have seen a lot of the newer ones and I don't think they are nearly as nice looking as ours. Ours rides so good too. No matter how far you go, you are always comfortable. It has great air conditioning and we have the CD player going with our favorite music along the way. We are going out tonight and will enjoy a few songs before we reach our destination. It is extremely hot outside so the air conditioning is going to really feel good tonight. They talked about storms but the sky is clear, sun is shining and it is very sunny.

Mexican Fiesta

I feel like I am going to a Mexican Fiesta tonight when I go to supper at Carlos O'Kellys restaurant. They have the best Mexican food ever. And they challenge their chefs to come up with new dishes all the time. Their fried ice cream is the very best around, as well, but they are coming up with new and different ice cream desserts. They bring your favorite drinks in huge glasses. Ours, of course, is Pepsi and I love their Pepsi with grenadine. It is the best. Enchiladas San Carlos are my favorite with two kinds of sauces and Spanish rice and refried beans. And then they add a little lettuce with some special little tidbits on top that you don't see anywhere else. No fish fry for us tonight - it's Mexican all the way. Yay!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Steak Supper

Tonight we are having ribeye steak for supper on the broiler. I just love it with garlic salt and greek seasoning. I have a little Charbeque that sits on the counter and makes it so convenient. Fresh fries and Garlic bread are on my supper menu tonight also. And along with some good green vegetables, you have a great supper. For dessert, we will have sliced peaches. Doesn't that all just make your mouth water now?
It's easy and simple and oh so good.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

U.S. Wavered over South Korean Executions

The American Colonel, troubled by what he was hearing, tried to stall at first. However, the declassified record shows he finally told his South Korean counterpart that it would be permitted to machine-gun 3500 political prisoners, to keep them from joining approaching enemy forces. This may sound harsh, but this is war. Other American officers observed that in the early days of the Korean War, a secretive slaughter believed to have killed 100,000 or more leftists and supposed sympathizers, usually without charge or trial, happened in a few weeks in mid-1950. This was photographed and confidentially reported on such wholesale executions by their South Korean ally. They found through extensive research that Gen. Douglas MacArthur took no action to stop the mass killing. The knowledge of this reached top levels of the Pentagon and State Department in Washington, where it was classified as secret and filed away.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Bomb Hits Troops in Afghanistan

The troops from the U.S. led coalition patrolling south of the Afghan capital were hit by a bomb last Thursday. This caused an unspecified number of casualties. The government, in neighboring Pakistan, denied that its main spy agency was behind a recent assassination attempt on the Afghan president. And that they took aim at Kabul for failing to prevent the attack. The coalition convoy was struck by the bomb Thursday morning during a patrol in Wardak province. The scene was secured, but the exact number and nature of casualties was unclear. The aftermath of the Thursday attack was filmed by a television cameraman. The footage that the television cameraman filmed showed the burning wreckage of a vehicle on a bend in a mountain road. Militants held up what looked like an M-16 rifle and dragged away a belt of ammunition. Unfortunately, it was not possible to independently verify whether the footage was from the same incident that was reported by the coalition.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Peach Pie and Cherry Pie

I have to get up in the morning and get busy and make a peach pie and a cherry pie for our picnic on Saturday. Everyone seems to like fruit pies best and I think someone is bringing an apple pie too. We all love fresh homemade pie with a crust that melts in your mouth. I have a wonderful recipe that makes a tender delicious crust for any pie. Of course, when it comes to some other pies, such as chocolate, then I love a good graham cracker pie crust.

Flat Panel Mount

We just got a new 42 inch flat panel television set. We just love it. And we are told that we can mount it right on the wall but we want to be sure to get the right flat panel mount that is suited to our home. We want one that will fit in with the decor and in checking the Internet I found this online website that has a number of them to choose from. Now to decide which one will work best for us and get it ordered. It will be great to have it delivered to our home and not have to go out looking for one.

Men's Jewelry

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Picnics are great fun this time of the year. We are going to have a big one on Saturday. All the families will be there that are cousins. I am making a big bowl of potatoe salad and plan to make a bunch of deviled eggs. Also want to make a peach and a cherry pie. If they turn out good, will be bringing a big pan of Scotcheroos too. They are sooo good. There will a lot of families there so we will have all kinds of wonderful foods. I'm taking caffeine free Pepsi along. I need to find someone with a big cooler though. I have one that is really too small for everything.

Zimbabwe President

President Robert Mugabe refused Tuesday to give into pressure from Africa and the West. He said the would can shout as loud as they like but he would not cancel this week's runoff election even though his opponent quit the race. The opposition is headed by Morgan Tsvangirae, who quit the presidential contest and sought shelter in the Dutch Embassy. South Africa's ruling party issued a tough worded statement calling on Mugabe's government to stop "riding roughshod" over their opposition. There was a report in the Times of London that Britain has drawn up contingency plans for deploying troops in Zimbabwe to resolve a humanitarian crisis and to evacuate British nationals and their dependents. That did not make the African national Congress happy and they warned against international intervention after hearing the report.

Midwest Auto Recycling

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Big Sur is Threatened as Fire Edges Closer

A huge wildfire is burning through a national forest and flames inched toward the scenic tourist town of Big Sur. Firefighters rushed there Thursday to protect historic structures and hundreds of homes. Fire engines stood guard next to rustic buildings as thick smoke and ash drifted over the Pacific Ocean brought on by flames from a lightning sparked blaze that was creeping closer and closer. Firefighters fortified their lines near populated areas but were letting the fire rage nearly unchecked through steep mountain forests. The flames torched massive redwoods and sent them toppling. As of last Thursday the blaze was only 3 percent contained and had burned nearly 37 square miles near the coast about a mile south of Big Sur. The Governor of California says they used to only have fires in the fall but now it seems to be year round.

Pakistan Presses Ahead with Offensive

As they pressed ahead on Sunday with an offensive against extremists near the Afghan border, Pakistani paramilitary forces destroyed a handful of militant centers and uncovered alleged torture cells. A spokesman for Pakistan's top Taliban commander promised Sunday that militants would retaliate against the government. They were suspending efforts to reach and implement peace deals. Pakistan's new government has sought to reduce violence through new peace deals, so this operation in the Khyber tribal area is a shift from their plans.

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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

G-8 Protesters Clash With Police

Protesters clashed with police in Tokyo on Sunday during demonstrations against an upcoming summit of leaders from the Group of Eight industrialized nations. There were more than 1,000 people involved in two rallies. Several were arrested according to the report of the local media. At least one man was dragged away after clashing with police in riot gear. This happened at one demonstration in the downtown Tokyo shopping district of Shibuya.

Shrine Protests Paralyze Kashmir

Unsuccessfully, thousands of police attempted to keep people off the streets in Indian Kashmir on Sunday as mass protests continued for a seventh day. This was against what the demonstrators charge is a government plan to build Hindu settlements in the Muslim majority region. As a 22 year old protester died and the unrest deepened on Sunday, this brought the week's death toll to four. Paramilitary soldiers and police turned out in full force in Srinagar. This is the region's main city. They attempted to enforce what amounted to an undeclared curfew.

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Man Charged With Battery by Sausage

Now, I really laughed when I read that headline. Really now, a sausage? Yep it's true. They charged this guy with battery after he hit his mother in the head with a three pound package of Polish sausage. He was in the kitchen cooking and talking on the phone when officers arrived Saturday night. According to his mother, Gregory Allen Praeger, age 46, was drinking and arguing with her. Then he picked up the sausage and hurled it at her, grazing her head. She did not have to go to the hospital as she was not badly hurt. Just about the time you think you have heard everything, something new comes up, doesn't it?

911 Memorial Must Open by 9/11/11

Disputing a report that the project could not be finished on time, the head of the foundation that is building the September 11 memorial, told supporters on Tuesday that it is essential to open the memorial by the 10th anniversary of the terrorist attacks. Monday, it was announced that nearly every project under construction at the World Trade Center site is behind schedule and that the memorial would not be able to open by its target of September 11, 2011. On Tuesday, Chris Ward, said the public might have access to the cobblestone, tree covered memorial plaza by the attack's 10th anniversary, but construction would still need to continue after that. Everyone is hoping it will open sooner than predicted.

Djembe Drums

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Plane Crash Kills Four

According to an Alabama sheriff, four people died after a small plane crashed shortly after takeoff about 40 miles north of Birmingham on Sunday. The three victims were identified by Walker County Sheriff as car dealer, Bobby Crump, his wife, Jan, and their son, Matthew, who was a University of Alabama student. the fourth victim was a friend of the family and fellow student Lauren Brue, age 19 of Iowa. What a sad happening. We seem to hear of so many small plane crashes. I wonder what happens.

Villagers Burn Government Buildings

Furious over the way officials handled a teenage student's death, thousands of protesters set fire to police and goverment buildings and overturned vehicles in southwest China. The violence erupted in Weng'an, a county in Guizhou province on Saturday afternoon when the demonstrators converged around the buildings and began attacking the property. They included many middle school student demonstrators as well. Rioters also clashed with paramilitary police dispatched to calm the situation.

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Cancer Center - Prostate Cancer

We are going to the cancer center this morning. My husband was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2000. He had 42 radiation treatments and the cancer went into remission. Now it seems to have flared up again and his PSA went way up. So we are going to see his Doctor this morning to see what the next step will be. I understand they have a radiation pill-like thing they put right under the skin on the stomach area. We will find out soon.