Thursday, July 25, 2013


When all is said and done and the instruments and equipment is all in place, I do not think there could be anything more important than the  microphones.  There are a great number of various microphones available.  Indeed, there are also many different prices, depending on the kind you want or need.  Right now there are several discounts being offered and details about free shipping.  Not only that but if you are not quite sure what you need or want, you can call their experts on their toll free number and get the advice you need.  They are eager to be of help to you.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Birthday Parties

Tomorrow I am invited to a triple birthday party.  The people next door have 3 daughters.  Their birthdays are quite close together.  They used to have individual parties for each.  It seemed like there was a party every other week.  To make it easier and less expensive, too, they grouped them together and are going to have one big party tomorrow.  It will be at the new swimming pool and park in town.  They have rented the pool for an hour and a half after closing time so that the family can all swim after a picnic supper.  It is supposed to be a little cooler tomorrow, although still in lower 80's.  Hope it doesn't rain.  We need the rain but would be nice if it could hold off until after the party.

Monday, July 8, 2013

Swimming Pool Time

Part of the family spent their time in a new swimming pool.  It was a hot weekend so that was very enjoyable.  My daughter had made so many different 4th of July treats and her daughters-in-law also made many.  If you didn't get enough to eat, it was your fault.  Last night my daughter made homemade enchiladas and they were soooo good.  I got to bring home a few treats too to eat later.  It was a fun Holiday with the best ever Fireworks the night of the 4th.  Also had a family reunion on Saturday and a nephew came who has moved back here from Florida.  I hadn't seen him in maybe 10 years or more.  That was a treat too.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cold Shower

On a nice warm day it is so much fun to run thru a cold shower of water.  My little great granddaughter is having the time of her life running thru the sprinkler.  All the kids are enjoying being outside.  When they can run and play in the water it is so much fun.  I remember doing that too as a child.  We always played outside 90% of the time from sun up to sundown.  It is so much fun to hear their squeals of laughter as they run thru the cold water.