Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Taliban Suicide

A Taliban veteran of Guantanamo Bay killed himself with a hand grenade after he was cornered by security forces. He had become one of Pakistan's most wanted rebel leaders. Mehsud was wanted in many terrorist cases according to an Interior Ministry spokesman. He was a supporter of the al-Qaida terror network and an active Taliban commander in Pakistan. His death was a boost for Pakistani authorities under pressure from the U.S. to crack down on Taliban and al-Qaida militants fighting on both sides of the Afgan border.

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Plame's Lawsuit

Valerie Plame, former CIA operative, lost a lawsuit that demanded money from the Bush administration officials whom she blamed for leaking her agency identity. she had accused Vice President, Dick Cheney and others of conspiring to disclose her identity in 2003. She said it violated her privacy rights and was illegal retribution for her husband's criticism of the administration. But U.S. District Judge, John D. Bates, dismissed the case on jurisdictional grounds and said he would not express an opinion on the constitutional arguments.

Al-Qaida Threat Persists

Trying to justify the Iraq was, President Bush cited intelligence reports that he said showed a link between al-Qaida's operation in Iraq and the terror group that attacked the United States on September 11, 2001. Democrats, of course, disagree. Bush said the merger between al-Qaida and its Iraqi affiliate is an alliance of killers and that is why the finest military in the world is on their trail.

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Sex Photos

Did you know that four percent of American youths online have been asked to send a sexually explicit photo of themselves over the internet? Researchers have done a new study and of the 65 youths in the study, who reported receiving a request, only one actually complied. But they say that is still a troubling number. With millions of youths online, that projects to potentially thousands across the country. We really need to start talking to kids more directly and informing them of the criminal implications of this type of thing. We need to encourage them to be aware of these situations and report them.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Cat Has UnCanny Knack of Predicting Death

By now everyone has heard about the cat in a hospice unit that seems to predict death. It would seem that in 25 cases the cat went to the bedside of the person about 4 hours before the died and laid down beside them. Perhaps this was somewhat of a comfort to the person dying. The cat has been so predictable that the doctors call the family when the cat goes to a patient. The cat also stays while the body is removed and then moves on to the next one it somehow senses is dying.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Restless Legs Syndrome

Do you have restless leg syndrome? If so, you might be interested in the findings of scientists that have linked this to being biologically based and not an imaginary disorder. New studies published recently in two top medical journals are being called the first to identify specific genes responsible for restless legs syndrome symptoms. They have linked a common gene variation to nighttime leg twitching. It involved people in Iceland and the United States. A second study identified the gene variation and two others in Germans and Canadians. This discovery demonstrates the power of genetics not only for uncovering the biological causes of disease, but also for defining diseases such as RLS and establishing them as a medical condition.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

ABC Follows Daniel Baldwin Through Rehab

In a series of confessional video diaries, Daniel Baldwin opened up about his cocaine addition. He was taped in various stages of his treatment that were shown on ABC News "Primetime" July 17. Baldwin, brother of actors William, Stephen and Alex Baldwin, allowed "Primetime" to chart his progress through a three month drug treatment program in Malibu, California. He taped more than 19 video entries for them. He said he had been very thorough in his recovery and identified where he was powerless. The 46 year old said he was truly powerless over cocaine, there was no questions about that in my life. He said it was difficult to look into the camera, difficult to talk about his inadequacies, my inability to stay sober when he is a relatively bright man and has had a lot of great blessings and a lot of great opportunities.

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Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Sting and His Wife Lose Case

An employment tribunal ordered Sting and his wife, Trudie Styler, to pay a former chef $51,000 in compensation after she won a sexual discrimination claim against them. She won her claim in May. She said she was fired after she became pregnant. At a hearing earlier this year, she said she had worked for the 55 year old pop star and his wife for eight years, cooking meals for them and guests including Madonna and Elton John. Then she said Styler grew unhappy with her after she became pregnant in 2005, making her work long hours and growing angry when she took time off work because of illness.

Michael Jackson Ordered To Pay

Michael Jackson has been told to pay more than $256,000 in legal fees to a firm that handled some side issued during the 2005 child molestation trial. A Superior Court judge signed a judgment that awarded $216,837 along with $39,177 in interest to the Torande firm of Ayscough & Marar, according to court records. The law firm sued the 48 year old pop star for failing to pay legal fees for preventing the release of some information to the public and to lawyers in civil cases during his 2005 criminal trial in Santa Barbara County. Jackson was eventually acquitted of child molestation charges. Jackson countersued the law firm but that case was dismissed.

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Sunnis End Boycott Of Iraqi Parliament

Sunni legislators returned to Iraq's parliament July 20, after a five-week boycott, raising hopes the assembly can make progress on power sharing bills demanded by Washington before the lawmakers take a month's break. Nut the return of the Sunnis and the hard-line Shiite faction loyal to anti-U.S. cleric Mugtada al-Sadr could also signal problems for many of the bills, including the oil law, which is a top U.S. priority. The 44 members of the Iraqi Accordance Front attended the parliament session after striking a deal with the Shiites and Kurds to reinstate the Sunni speaker. Mahmoud al-Mashhadani, who was ousted by the Shiite dominated assembly last month for erratic behavior.

Kremlin Boots 4 British Diplomats

Russia retaliated against Britain in an escalating diplomatic fight July 20, but President Vladimir Putin sought to calm what he called a mini-crisis over his refusal to extradite a suspect in the murder of a Kremlin critic in London. Putin appeared intent on keeping the dispute over alleged Russian involvement in former KGB agent Alexander Litvinenko's slaying from harming trade and investment ties. While Putin tried to play down the fight, he also suggested it was up to Britain to back off in the confrontation.

Monday, July 23, 2007

U.S. Officials Claim Iraq Gripped By Fear

Iraq is a nation struggling to meet goals of security and political by September and gripped by fear. This dashed the hopes of Congress that the country might turn a corner this summer. One general said not to expect a solid judgment on the U.S. troop buildup until November.He said if there was one word he would use to sum up the atmosphere in Iraq, on the street, in the countryside, in neighborhoods and at the national level, that word would be fear. For Iraq to move forward at any level, that fear is going to have to be replaced with some level of trust and confidence and that is what the effort at the national level is about.This could take more time than first thought.


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Base Lacks Fuel and Electrical Power In Iraq

A shortage of electricity and fuel at an Iraq military base has led to deteriorating equipment, difficulties with medical care and spoiled food that sent Iraqi troops to the hospital, according to a U.S. report. The assessment said that the Al Rasheed Brigade facility was not receiving enough electrical power from the city grid and was relying on generators. But contractors were not supplying enough fuel to keep the five generators going, leading to failures in the wastewater processing and refrigeration systems.In the most significant incident, the report said 300 Iraqis were hospitalized with intestinal illnesses after eating bad food.

Katrina Contractors Mad Over Missed Payments

Contractors hired to clean up after Hurricane Katrina are fuming over delays in getting paid by FEMA, and some politicians fear the red tape will discourage companies from bidding on the big rebuilding projects that lie ahead for New Orleans. One company claims it is owed about $150 million and some contractors have walked off the job or gone to court to get the money they say they should have been paid for demolition and debris removal completed as much as a year and a half ago. One contractor, who is suing for about $1.7 million for tree clearing in 2005 said they had better hope another storm doesn't hit them or you guys will be under water for six months. Every body has a bad taste in their mouth from Louisiana.


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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Harry Potter Book

Leaks, lawsuits, profiteering and legal action are going on in the days before the book release. Is this any way to treat such a fine young man like Harry Potter? Despite pleas for silence from author J.K. Rolling and some leading Potter fan sites, publishing's secret of all secrets, whether the wizard lives or dies, is in danger of becoming plain gossip as publication approaches for "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows." Alleged images of Rowling's seventh and final Potter book have already been circulating online days before the official Saturday release. More than 100 actual books may already have been received by customers. As of July 29, the $34.99 release was being offered on eBay for immediate purchase for $250.

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Friday, July 20, 2007

Steam Explosion Scares New York City

A steam explosion tore through a Manhattan street near Grand Central Terminal July 20, during the evening rush hour, sending residents running for cover aid a plume of steam. New York Police Department spokesman, said it was not terrorism related. There was no immediate word on injuries. Subway service was suspended. A geyser of steam, sometimes white and sometimes muddy brown, shot into the air from a gaping hole in the street near the train station and was as high as the nearby Chrysler Building The air near the site was filled with debris. Millions of pounds of steam are pumped beneath New York City streets every hour,heating and cooling thousands of buildings,including the Empire State Building.

Isuzu Pickup

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Thursday, July 19, 2007

Quake Damage to Japan Nuclear Plant

An earthquake wracked nuclear power plant in Japan was ordered closed indefinitely amid growing anger over revelations that damage was much worst than initially announced and mounting international concern about Jan's nuclear stewardship. Toyota and other Japanese automakers, meanwhile, suspended production at factories across the country because a major parts supplier sustained damage from the magnitude 6,8 quake which killed 10 people and left tens of thousands without power or water.

LeBron To Host the SNL

Cavaliers All-Star forward, LeBron James, fresh off co-hosting the ESPY Awards earlier this month will host the season premiere of "Saturday Night Live" in September. An NBC spokesman confirmed this. The 22 year old James will be the latest prominent athlete to host "SNL" following his boyhood idol, NBA superstar, Michael Jordan. Michael hosted in 1991. Indianapolis Colts quarterback, Peyton Manning appeared on the show last season.

Barry Bonds Trainer Remains in Jail

Barry Bonds is on the verge of becoming baseball's home run king and his childhood buddy works in a prison kitchen for 12 cents an hour. There seems to be no end in site either for his personal trainer, Greg Anderson. Anderson is being held in contempt of court for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating Bond's alleged perjury. He's been there since November in this, his fourth longest jail term connected to the federal government's seemingly endless investigation of steroid use by Bonds.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007


We had another rain storm overnight and little Holly, our Boston Terrier, paced the floor all night.I took her out to go potty a couple of times and then had to get back to sleep with her making weird noises because she was afraid of the thunder and lightning. Then tonight we had the same thing all over again and guess we could have more tonight. Makes for another sleepless night for Holly so she is catching up right now.

School Computer Furniture

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Wind And Rain

Wow! Have we been getting the wind and rain. Not as much rain as we would like but it has been raining some at least. The corn crop needs it pretty bad and the farmers are getting really nervous as alot of this corn crop will be sold to the biodiesel plants for making ethanol. The other day we had 80 mph winds and the town is full if downed trees and branches. We saw semi loads of whole trees being taken out to the country day before yesterday. The guys with the wood chipper are going to have their work cut out for them this month with all the branches everywhere.

Palestinian Democracy Falls

Palestinian democracy fell victim to bloody Hamas-Fatah struggle. President Mahoud Abbas rules the West Bank by decree. Hamas controls Garza with guns and parliament is paralyzed. Once seen as a model for the Arab world, Palestinian democracy has become the victim of a bloody power struggle between Abbas' Fatah movement and the Islamic militant Hamas.

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Rusia Drops Out Of Arms Treaty

Russia suspended participation in a key arms control treaty saying it will hold NATO inspections of its military sites and no longer limit the numbers of its tanks and other heavy conventional weapons. The move, threatened for months, added new tension to relations with the West already strained over U.S. plans to build a missile shield in Eastern Europe, Russian conflicts with its neighbors and Western criticisms of Moscow's human rights record.

China Suspends Meat Imports From U.S.

China has suspended the imports of certain meats from the U.S. in an apparent attempt to turn the tables on American complaints about tainted products from China. The American contaminants include salmonella, feed additives, and veterinary drugs. The U.S. and other countries have cracked down on Chinese products since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration in April found North American dogs and cats were poisoned by tainted Chinese pet food products.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

Teens Charged With Plotted Killings

What is going on with the youth of America? Authorities just charged two teens who have planned a bloody assault on students and staffers at a high school in New York. One is 15 years old and the other is 17 years old. The 15 year old was just recently suspended from his suburban high school for making violent threats and the other is an awkward 17 year old hungry for attention, according to acquaintances of his. They were planning a bloody assault for the ninth anniversary of the deadly Columbine High School rampage. This is just horrible and terrifying.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

My Friend Rose

I went this afternoon to see my friend Rose. Rose is 89 years old and has been through open heart surgery, 3 or 4 stints, an artificial knee replacement and not long ago, she broke her hip and had that replaced and is doing just fine. Now on Thursday she is going to have her pacemaker replaced and she will spend 3 or 4 days in the hospital. I like to go over and have tea with her every so often but now that I can't drive with my arm in a cast, I don't get over to see her as often. She was awfully glad to see me and we had a good visit over a hot cup of tea. On the way to Rose's we ran into two of our nephews, Danny and Kevin and had a good visit with them too.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

China Bans Antifreeze Chemical in Toothpaste

As China struggles to regain international confidence in the country's exports, they have banned diethylene glycol, a thickening agent in antifreeze, from use in toothpaste. Chinese made toothpaste containing the toxic substance, which can cause kidney failure, paralysis and death, has been yanked from sales in North and South America, Europe and Asia in recent weeks. Although there have been no reports of health problems stemming from the toothpaste, dozens of people in Panama died last year after taking medicine contaminated with the chemical imported from China. It was passed off as harmless glycerin.

Sweltering Heat Everywhere

From coast to coast and North to South, Americans are sweltering in oppressive heat. Even industrial size fans couldn't beat the heat in Hell's Kitchen Tuesday. The manager of a taxi repair shop in the Manhattan neighborhood said the fans only blow hot air around, doing little to keep the mechanics cool. More than a week of high temperatures across the West has raised wildfire concerns. Conditions have gotten supper dry and it's only going to get drier over the next few days. In the East, the heat spread as far south as Virginia. Temperatures in the 90's prompted hazardous weather alerts. In Washington, D.C. forecasters predicted 96 degrees which would feel like 101 with the humidity. New Jersey was more like a hothouse than a Garden State. In Iowa, there isn't any rain predicted for at least the next 5 days and the corn crop is suffering along with the people. This is serious and the farmers are worried.

Iraq Seizes Explosive Belts

Iraqi security forces seized 200 explosive belts along the Syrian border. This reinforces Baghdad's claims that its western neighbor isn't doing enough to stop the flow of fighters and weapons to Al-Qaida in Iraq. The belts were found during a search of a truck that had crossed into Iraq from Syria at the Waleed border station. When the truck was searched 200 explosive belts were found in it. He said the driver was detained but he would not give his name or nationality. Syria insists it is trying to seal off the flow but it is impossible to seal off the long desert border.

South Korea Ships Oil To North Korea

South Korea sent a shipload of oil to North Korea, a move expected to trigger the communist nation to shut down its only working nuclear reactor in a landmark first step toward dismantling its atomic bomb program. The chief U.N. inspector, Mohamed ElBaradei, said he expects the agency's monitoring of the shutdown of the North's Yongbyon reactor will start early next week and the initial inspection is expected to be completed within maybe a month or so.

Gas Pump Relief?

Consumers may see some relief at the gas pumps although gas prices rose overnight. But now a Midwest refinery may restart. In the meantime, oil and gas futures dropped sharply from early highs on a growing sense that refineries are finally starting to produce enough gas. The average gas price jumped 2.6 cents overnight to $3.026 a gallon. Gas prices which typically lag the futures market, have risen 7.7 cents over the last week after falling steadily from a late May peak of $3.227 a gallon. July 1, a refinery in Coffeeville, Kansas, due to flooding and the shutdown this week of a huge piece of oil processing equipment at a BP PLC refinery in Whiting, Indiana, have sent prices in the Midwest and Plains states sharply higher, boosting the national average.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Wall- Mart Sales Soar

The world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart Stores Inc. said same store sales in June rose 2.4 percent excluding fuel sales. They soared past the average analyst estimate of 0.8 percent. The company also maintained its second quarter earnings guidance, saying its target range is achievable. Total sales for the five weeks ended July 6, rose 9.4 percent to $35.81 billion from $32.74 billion with the namesake Wal-Mart stores chains posting a 7.1 percent sales gain to $22.94 billion. Sales at Sam's Club also rose.

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Clergy Abuse Scandal

The U.S. Catholic Church is quietly entering a new season. Settlement negotiations are under way in Los Angeles for the largest remaining batch of clergy sex abuse lawsuits, Polls have shown greater trust in the Nation's bishops than a few years ago. There's even been a fundraising recovery in the city at the epicenter of the worst scandal to ever strike American Catholicism - Boston. Five years after the national abuse scandal begin there, triggering a long season of reflection, the church is moving out of crisis mode.

Federal Deficit Lower

The Federal Deficit is running sharply lower through the first nine months of this budget year as the growth in revenues continues to outpace spending growth. The Treasury Department reported that the government ran a surplus of $27.5 billion in June, up sharply from $20.5 billion surplus recorded in June 2006. The government normally runs a surplus in June, a month when individual taxpayers and corporations make quarterly payments to the IRS. With this surplus, the total deficit through the first nine months of the budget year, is down 41.4 percent from the same period a year ago. Then the deficit totaled $206.5 billion. The Bush Administration projected a new deficit projection of $205 billion, down significantly from $244 billion it forecast in February. This reflects the fact that revenue growth has continued to come in at a higher than expected level.

Cheap Magazines

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More heat Wave Deaths

The heat wave that scorched California a year ago may have contributed to hundreds more deaths than the state has officially reported. As recently as last month, state officials reported that the two-week ordeal of triple digit temperatures that began on July 14, 2006, killed 143 people. Statistics compiled by the Associated Press from each of California's 58 counties show the number of deaths last July was 466 higher than the average over the previous six years. This is a spike many health officials attribute to the broiling heat.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Arrests in Raid at Swift Plants

Arrests were made at Swift plants in three states. Nineteen people were arrested as part of a sweep around the country of illegal immigrant workers. Raids were conducted Tuesday and Wednesday in Colorado, Nebraska and Iowa. The arrests were part of the ongoing investigation into identity theft and illegal employment.Investigation is ongoing with several other people to see if they are here legally.

Wednesday, July 11, 2007


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Classic Cars

Everyone loves a good old classic car show. The people who own them shine them until you can see your face in them. We particularly love to see the old Model A's and Model T's and anything from the l910's and 1920's. But there are alot of unique newer cars too. There is going to be a classic car show here this weekend along with a parade, talent show and lots of food.

Heritage Farm

They have started a Heritage Farm in the nearby town. They have all the old time school houses, museums, churches, houses, steam engines and more. They Had Heritage Days this weekend and they do everything the old fashioned way. They have the steam engines running and threshing machines at various times of the year, A good old fashioned Norweigien meal was served too.It is growing into quite a place to visit.

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The Gas Price Went Up.

Sunday the gas was $2.989 a gallon and Monday it was $3.089 and tonight as we came home we passed the station and it was $3.189. Someone said they thought oil could go to $100 a barrel. I can't even guess how much the gas would be then. I guess we still have it good in America because it is lots higher over seas.

Hard Shell Tacos

They had a special tonight on hard shell tacos so we had those for a change. They have the best crisp tender shells that don't fall apart on the first bite. They are really good and backed with meat, lettuce and tomatoes. Of course, we add the hot sauce and I like some sour cream in mine too. Yum Yum

The Beach Club in Hallandale Beach

The Beach Club in Hallandale Beach is the place to live. It is in a prime location and is the ultimate in luxury. It is less than a mile from the Diplomat Resort, minutes from shopping at world famous shops and close to lots of exciting nightlife. There are three luxury condos located on nine acres of oceanfront property. The three towers contain spacious units on each floor and there are one, two and three bedroom units. You may be interested in one with a den overlooking the Atlantic Ocean. They have top of the line appliances and marble flooring in the wet areas. There are also ceiling to floor laminated windows. You can choose ocean views or intracoastal views depending on your choice of condos. They also have European kitchens with granite counter tops.

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Washing Clothes

This the kind of weather when it is hard to keep towels clean. It seems like you have a washer load almost continuously. But thank the Lord for washers and dryers. I used to like to hang clothes outside to get the fresh air smell but anymore there are so many bugs to drag in with the clothes that I would just as soon use the dryer.

Gas Prices

Gas prices are going up again as the price of the barrel of oil rises. We filled our tank on Sunday as it was empty and the next day it jumped up nearly 10 cents a gallon. Gas is something that you need to have unless you are going to be a hermit and stay home all the time and who wants to do that?

Atlanta Condos

Atlanta is a great place to live and this is the website to check out Atlanta Condos. This is the number one condo dedicated site on the Internet. It is the most searched. They receive thousands of unique visitors to their site every day looking to either buy or sell their condos. They allow various types of people such as Owners, Developers and Realtors to list condos for sale in Atlanta. Potential buyers can bypass the middleman and search their site for condos and get the contact information right there, They also have launched a new program called "Building Specialists". This is a real estate agent who specializes in a certain type of condo building. Most of the time this involves luxury high rise condos. You can create a wish list of everything you want in your neighborhood and one of their specialists will take it from there and find you the perfect location.

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We have a nice big double garage. We used to have a pickup but we sold it and it makes alot of nice room to work in the garage and keep the mowers, snow blower etc. Alot of our neighbors don't have garages and I would hate that especially when it is so hot or if it storms and hails on your car. I'm thankful for the garage.

Computer Desk

I got my computer desk from my grandson. He built it himself and it works very well for me. I am so glad to have it. I have it facing the window so I can see the kids next door outside playing. It is good to see kids outside rather than glued to the television or playing video games inside all the time. These kids get plenty of fresh air and sunshine and don't turn into fat couch potatoes.

Capella University

Capella University has done it again. They have made another great announcement in regard to their online school. If you are interested in getting your degree and higher education, you will want to look up the website of capella university. They have announced a new Bachelor of Science in Public Safety. Other new specializations include Information Technology, Architecture, and Health Informatics. This is Capella's first entry into the health care field at the undergraduate level. They are now taking enrollments in all these fields. You can call them at 1-888-CAPELLA (227-3552) Option 3 or email them at info.capella.edu. Be sure to look up their website for more information also. I am sure you will find the field you are most interested in.

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4th of July

we took off for another town on the 4t of July to see the fireworks. Their pirotechnics team is No, 1 in this state and they never fail to put on a good show. While waiting for dusk, we eat hot dogs, walking tacos, pop and watch the talented young people dance, since and play musical instruments. It's always a good time.


It seems everyone loves to go camping in the summer time. We have lots of campgrounds in the area and they were all packed out for the 4th of July. The town next door has a huge 4th of July celebration with rides and a big parade. They said over 45,000 people filled the town that averages 8,000 in the winter. I think the parks for camping are still filled up.

Capella University

Capella is the fully accredited online university. They have been accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. Capella is a subsidiary of Capella Education Company based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. They are a great online university that serve over 17,900 students in 56 countries and all of the 50 states. You can check capella university out at their website or reach them toll-free at 1-888-CAPELLA (227-3552)to get information from them. They just recently launched a New Degree Program, Eight new graduate and undergraduate specializations in Psychology and several other fields of education. Look into their website and read up on their latest offerings. They are of great interest. The field of Special Education is growing almost daily. They offer a leadership specialization focused on Special Education Leadership. If you are interested in this field, now is a good time to look into it.

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What is your favorite candy bar or is it just chocolate, anything chocolate? Chocolate seems to be everyones' favorite and now they found that dark chocolate has health benefits. I always knew there was a reason I liked dark chocolate so much. But I like alot of other candy too. Lady Godiva chocolates are some of the best.

What's For Supper?

Yeah. Tonight is our TexMex night so I don't have to think about fixing supper. I always look forward to Wednesday nights as we go to our favorite place and have our favorite Mexican dishes. If my Mom was alive, she would love to go with us as she always liked things spicy.

Capella University

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It kind of looks like we could get a little rain later on today or tonight. We sure need it. The Corn is all in tassels now and the ears will be forming and they need rain. The corn leaves look like they are reaching toward heaven asking for a good rain, a soaking rain would be nice.


Do you enjoy reading a good book or magazine? I do. I also like to read the Bible in the afternoons when it is quiet. There is nothing like a really good book to keep your interest so that you don't really want to lay it down until you have finished it.

Capella University

There is more exciting news from capella university. They have just launched a new degree program. In addition to that they have eight new graduate and undergraduate specializations. They already offer 82 graduate programs in business, education and several other fields plus 16 certificate programs so this is a very real addition to their online university. They also announced a new Bachelor of Science in Public Safety program. additional offerings include Master of Science on Psychology specializations in Leadership Coaching Psychology. You need to go into their website to see all the new offerings they have in graduate and undergraduate specializations as it is too much to print here. I am sure you will find it all new and exciting and peak your interest in getting your degree also.
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Ice Skating

Did you ever learn to ice skate? It looks like so much fun but my feet just seemed to want to go out ahead of me about 3 feet and you know what that means? I spent all my time sitting on the ice instead of skating. I never did learn but I sure could roller skate and loved that.


Have you been bowling lately? We used to go every weekend but it seems like you get busy with the kids and your job and those things just seem to slip away. Besides as you get older, it gets harder and harder to find the right weight ball and throw it down the alley like you used to. Is it just me or are there more like me out there?

Capella University

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Swim Suits

Did you notice that swim suits are getting smaller and smaller? I don't know how you could help but notice. My husband's big handkerchiefs have more material in them than most of the swim suits these days and you need the figure to wear them. There is nothing quite as disgusting as seeing a fat lady in a bikini.

Swimming Pool

We have a new swimming pool in town or I should say "aquatic center". The kids love it and want to go every day. The first day they had 516 kids and people there. It is running way ahead of expectations, but it is no wonder. It is a beautiful place for kids to play and swim in the water on these hot summer days.

Capella University

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It's almost that time again to get a haircut. My hair is short and curly but it seems to grow out so fast. They say that is a sign that you are good and healthy so that is good. My husband's barber took a month's vacation and he really missed him and was glad when he returned.


Do you like to take naps after lunch? I was getting into the habit until I started posting much of the time. It's fun to push back in the easychair and have your little dog climb in beside you and you both take a nap. My husband takes one every day if he can and I tell him that is what keeps him young.

Cell Phones

Cell phones - you can love them and hate them. Don't you just hate it when you are having a nice dinner out and the person at the next table has a cell phone ringing and I mean loud. Then they carry on a long conversation about nothing so loud you can hear them next door. Sometimes I wonder if they just want attention?


The cutest thing next to kittens are puppies. Puppies are so lovable that you wish they would always stay small and never grow up. If you get a miniature puppy, they will stay small. Our little dog is a medium size and weighs less than 20 pounds and will not get any bigger but the dog we had before only weighed about six pounds. But could he bark - at everything and everyone. Drove you nuts but you loved him.

Capella University

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Now cereal is my idea of breakfast. My favorites come with crisp sweetened flakes, little bunches of flakes and raisens. On another day I will enjoy crispy flakes with strawberries. I love Great Grains too with dates, nuts and raisens. What's your choice? I like almost any cereal like mini wheats or oreo cereal too. I like to change off.

What's For Breakfast?

Now if you are my husband you will want to sit down to a couple of eggs with soft centers, over medium I think they call that. Along side the eggs, you will want toast and red raspberry jam, bacon or sausage or both and a big glass of orange juice. Does that sound good to you? He can eat that every day of his life and be content.

Capella University

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My Cat

I had a black cat named Midnight when I was little and it was the most calm cat we ever had. We would take turns dressing him in baby clothes and rolling him around in a doll baby buggy. He would lay there and sleep. But we had a neighbor who didn't like any animals and we think he put out poisoned hamburger to kill them. I think one day he killed my Midnight and we found him dead. That was heartbreaking. We buried him and put a big stone on his grave and painted his name "Midnight" on it. It is probably still there.


Aren't kittens just so much fun to watch play? They roll and tumble all over each other, wrestling and pouncing on each other. They have so much fun with a ball of string or you can dangle it or drag it across the floor and they will chase it or pounce on it. I love to see them at play.

Capella University

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Computer Chairs

You can't beat a good comfortable computer chair. I think we are going to have to start looking around for a good one as I am changing off with one now and a dining room chair and neither are very comfortable and get me in the shoulders after a long day at the computer.

Good Shoes

Everyone is running around these days in flip flop shoes. They make them very fancy today compared to the first ones I wore. But the problem is that people have no idea how much damage they can do to their feet running around in shoes that don't support their arches and feet.I wore cheap shoes all my life and now I am paying for it with arthritic feet and have to buy expensive shoes just to be able to walk without alot of pain.

Capella University

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Pill Box

Do you have a pill box that you need to count out every week for 7 days? Well I do. It is more vitamins and supplements than prescriptions but they still need to be counted out in advance and you have to watch to make sure you do the counting a day early so you don't get up one morning and have no pills to take. That's a real bummer, believe me.


Do you like to skate? Skates are another thing that have really changed over the years. There used to be alot of roller rinks with good music to skate the 2-step to and do all the popular dances to on skates. Now everyone skates on the inline skates on the street and sidewalks and the kids even have wheels on the backs of their shoes on the heels. It's a changing world, that's for sure.

Capella University

If you are looking for a good online university then get on the web and check out capella university. It is a superior online university offering a large variety of graduate degrees and undergraduate specializations. They also offer 16 certificate programs. They have just made a new web release announcing a new book co-authored by one of their faculty members. The book is titled Appreciative Coaching-A Positive Process For Change. Sara Orem, PhD is excited about this new book. She feels it is something that is needed for individual coaches to managers and executives. Sara has her own coaching firm, as well, so she is quite experienced in this field. Capella University is proud to announce this book and recommend it. They were founded in 1993 and are a fully accredited online university. They have been accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. For information, check out their website online.

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What's Your Cup of Tea?

What kind of tea do you drink? I like good old black tea. Alot of people are drinking green tea now because they say it is so good for you. I hate the taste of it. I will stick to my black tea any day. Some folks like all the flavors. They can have those too. That's not tea, it's flavored tea water.To e, there is nothing like a good hot cup of black tea with a little sugar and milk. To each his own.


What's for lunch? Maybe a sandwich and chips and milk. Perhaps a hot dog and chips. Maybe a nice bowl of your favorite soup and sandwich? Is a Subway sandwich what you crave or a slice of pizza at the gas station? Hamburgers at Hardees is another option. Lunch gets to be so routine, you try to liven it up someway with extra pickle, lettuce maybe? We will see, as my husband is making it for me while I post.

Capella University

A new book has recently been announced by Capella University. It is co-authored by a capella university faculty member, Sara Orem. Sara has her own coaching firm, as well as, serving on the faculty of Capella University. She feels they have presented a new application to appreciative inquiry. Capella is pleased to announce this new book titled Appreciative Coaching - A Positive Process For Change. They have found that people and organizations flourish when they focus on human ideals. If you can make people feel good about themselves, they will work better and the company for which they work will also profit from this.

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What kind of carpet do you have? We have blue Berber carpet and it really takes the wear and stays looking the same. We got it about 7 years ago and it looks the same as when we had it put in. I like the light blue and it doesn't show all the dirt or lint either. It is great carpet. I would recommend it to anyone.


A good bicycle is good exercise for everyone. As I look out my window, I see three neighbor kids riding their bikes. When we were kids we used to ride out in the country at least 10 miles and back again. We often put our lunch in a bag on the handlebars and off we went for the day. We had great fun and it was good exercise at the same time.

Capella University

A new book has been published at capella university. It is so-authored by Sara Orem, a Capella University faculty member. The book title is Appreciative Coaching: A Positive Process For Change. Recent developments in psychology appear to show that people and organizations flourish when they focus on human ideals. Sara feels this will be of great help to the individual coaches of managers and executives who deal with their people daily. Capella University continues to release such great books as this one and you can get more information on their website. They have been around since 1993 and know the business of education and also the importance of a good education. If you are ready to advance your education online, look up their website for more information.

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Earl and Sharlene

Earl and Sharlene live next door. They built a lovely living room onto their house and expanded their kitchen. Instead of the usual deck, they poured cement with a sort of curved design and then carpeted it. Sharlene then plants her flowers along the edge in the little curves and it looks quite nice. They also put a special shaded cover over it so they can sit out there and enjoy the outdoors.

Cinnamon Red Hots

Do you like Cinnamon Red Hot candy? We really like the individually wrapped pieces and keep some in the car. When you are driving a distance, it is nice to have something pleasant to put in your mouth as it always seems like you get dry and thirsty. We also like to keep wintergreen lifesavers in the car too.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Capella University

Capella is an outstanding fully accredited online university. It has been fully accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and was founded in 1993. Serving over 17,900 students in all 50 states and 56 countries, capella university is a great place to get your degree online. They have just announced that a PhD Capella faculty member has just co-authored a new book Appreciative Coaching. They are excited to have this book available to individual coaches of managers and executives. These are the people who deal directly with their employees and this book is meant to bring out the best in their employees to create change for the better for their companies. Sara Orem has presented her program to several National Organizations and Federations annual conferences. She has her own coaching firm and enjoys working with leaders of firms.

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My Sister

My sister is 11 years younger than I am but I think I am in better health than she is. She is going through problems with her high blood pressure and retaining fluids in her legs. I don't like that at all. She has changed doctors and they are trying different blood pressure medicines. She has always had trouble getting her blood pressure down far enough and that is so important. I worry about her.

My Brother

My brother is really getting into the posting business. He would love to post for Blogitive but he hasn't been accepted yet. He's been posting for PayPerPost and doing quite well and now he has been accepted by Bloggerwave so he is excited. He is retired and the extra income is a very real help to him. His health isn't the best either, so it is good he could find something he could do at home.

Capella University

Where do you go to find a good online university? It is right here on the Web. Check out capella university as it is the best fully accredited online university available. You can gather alot of information about them and if you need more information you can call them toll-free at 1-888-CAPELLA (227-3552) and they will be happy to help you and answer all your questions too. They have just released a web announcement in regard to one of Capella's master's degree students. She has been honored by receiving the FBI Director's Community Leadership Award. Capella University is happy to announce such a fine award for Tammy Alexander's achievements in connection with lectures and workshops for the FBI and a great deal more.

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Comedy Programs

A good laugh is good for everyone and there is a program on right now that is English. It must be hillarious as my husband is really laughing in the next room as I am doing my blogging. I love the English shows as they have a different kind of humor and I love to hear them talk with their English accents.

Lawn Mowing

Lawn Mowing is not my favorite job. I guess I mowed the lawn so much as a young person at home that I had my fill of it. My husband loves his lawn. He didn't have a lawn on the old farm they grew up on so I guess that is why he loves it so much and cares for it. He seeds it and puts on fertilizer and trims it all. But now it has been so hot for 2-3 weeks that it is all dried up and won't need mowing for some time. We need alot of rain for it to recover.

Capella University

Did you know that the FBI gives out awards? I didn't either until I read the web release from capella university telling all about it. It is the FBI Director's Community Leadership Award. It was first established in 1990 by the director of the FBI to publicly recognize the achievements of individuals and organizations actively involved in crime prevention. Each of the FBI's 56 field offices gives the award to one organization or individual. This time it was awarded to Capella University's Tammy Alexander, a master's degree student. Tammy was quite honored to receive this award and I am sure Capella University is very proud of her and to have her as their student.

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We Washed The Car

We really should put that down on the calendar or something as it hadn't been washed in ages. I am sure it almost went into shock. We went to the new car wash where they can also wash motorhomes and semi trucks. It does a really good job and has dryers to dry it on the way out. The car shines like new again. We need to do that more often.

Winter Onions

Have you ever had winter onions? They are just wonderful. Our neighbor has them every year and she brings us a bunch every so often. They are so mild and crisp and they are the first onions that are ready each season. She saves the seeds and plants them and they stay all winter and then in the spring they are the first little green onions up. We just love them.

Capella University

I am looking up the website of capella university to see what they have to offer me in the way of a degree in public safety. I found they have everything I need and more. It is a great online university and if you are in the market to get your degree, you should really contact them too. They have been around since 1993 and really know their business. They are fully accredited and you can get started as soon as you are ready. They are up-to-date in releasing important happenings at the university such as their student who is studying for her master's degree. She has just won the FBI Director's Community Leadership Award. She feels there are alot of people more deserving but she is very honored to be recognized among them all.

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My Cast

I am getting a bit tired of my cast. Although it is the prettiest hot pink and no one has written on it and it is beautiful as casts go, I will still be glad to get it off. I suppose they will put something else on my wrist to keep it straight for awhile as I am sure it will be weak after having the cast keep it steady. Eight more days, but then, who's counting?

And the Weather Changes

The wind went northwest and the air dried out the humidity and it really makes a difference. My brother has emphysema and Monday he thought he would die just walking a short distance to the mailbox. He could hardly wait to get back into the air conditioning. Today you can have the windows open and enjoy the fresh air. It's a good day to get out and go for a walk or weed the flowers or do something outside for a change.

Capella University

This is the outstanding online university of all. When you check out the website of capella university you will see what I mean. This the online university best suited to help you obtain your degree or perhaps step up from a bachelor's degree to a master's degree. They have all the qualifications and you can check out their website or call them, toll-free at 1-888-CAPELLA (227-3552) for any information you may need to make you decisions in regard to furthering your education. They have just made a web release in regard to one of their students who is studying for her master's degree in education. Tammy Alexander has just received the FBI Director's Community Leadership Award and they are proud to announce this to everyone.

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Al-Qaeda Condemns Rushdie Honor

Osama Bin Laden's deputy, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has threatened to retaliate against Britain for giving a knighthood to novelist Salman Rushdie. The 20-minute audiotape was posted on a website used by Islamic militants. A Downing Street spokesman said:"We will not allow terrorists to undermine the British way of life". The former Egyptian surgeon, who is believed to be the architect of the al-Qaeda ideology, said Britain's award for Indian born Sir Salman was an insult to Islam.

Black Jury Unable To Find Verdict

The Jury in the $60 Million fraud trial of media tycoon Lord Black has said it is unable to reach a unanimous verdict and asked the judge for advice. Lord Black is on trial in Chicago accused of 11 charges of fraud, one count of obstruction of justice, and one of racketeering. The charges relate to his tenure as chief executive of newspaper publisher Hollinger International. The jury has been in deliberation for nine days.

Capella University

Now is the time to get that degree you have been wanting to get. The first thing I would like to advise you to do is check into the website of capella university. This is a fully accredited online university that was founded in 1990 and serves over 17,900 students in all of the 50 states and 56 countries. They have just recently made a Web Release in regard to one of their students who is working on her master's degree in education. Tammy Alexander was given the FBI Director's Community Leadership Award. She is a director at Fountainhead Technology in Knoxville, Tennessee. Her responsibilities include lectures and workshops for the general public, as well as,academia and law enforcement. Her field is information assurance and cybersecurity training. The award she received was established in 1990.

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China Food Safety Head is Executed

The former head of China's State Food and Drug Administration has been executed for corruption. He was convicted of taking $850,000 in bribes and of dereliction of duty at a trial in May. The bribes were linked to sub-standard medicines blamed for several deaths. China has been criticized over the number of recent cases involving tainted goods and correspondents say Zheng had become a symbol of the crisis. He had appealed against his sentence, arguing that it was too severe, and saying he had confessed his crimes and cooperated with police. But his appeal, heard in mid-June, was rejected shortly afterwards.

Thousands Flee Indonesia Volcano

Mount Gamkonora is one of 129 volcanoes in Indonesia. Thousands have been evacuated from the slopes of a volcano that is spewing out hot ash and smoke in the east of the country. The alert has been raised to its highest level amid fears a major eruption could be imminent. Scientists have reported seeing fire and ash clouds rising as high as 13,100 ft since Monday. Some 8400 villagers have been moved to special camps away from the volcano, Wouldn't that be scary to live so close to a live volcano?

Capella University

Are you looking for a good online university so that you can get your degree or complete your degree at home? Capella offers 82 graduate and undergraduate specializations and also 16 certificate programs. You can look into capella university on the Web at their site and see all they have to offer. They have been around since 1993 and really know the business of higher education. The news just came out about one of their students who is working toward her master's degree in education. Tammy Alexander is studying education with an emphasis on enrollment management. The FBI has given her the FBI Director's Community Leadership Award. Isn't that great? This award was first established in 1990 and they give one award to an individual or organization from each of their 56 field offices. I feel Capella is a university that takes a very real interest in their students and their accomplishments to put out announcements such as this one.

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Pill Shows Promise To Curb Drinking Addition

A single pill appears to hold promise in curbing the urges to both smoke and drink. According to researchers, they are trying to target a pleasure center of the brain. It has already been sold to help smokers kick the habit but now they think it may help people with drinking addictions too. Farther down the line they are talking about the possibilities of the tablets being considered as a treatment for addictions from anything from gambling to painkillers. Several experts caution that there is no such thing as a magic cure.

Wild Fires Ravage The West

Dozens of wild fires are ravaging the west. Hot Springs, South Dakota is being hit hard. Overnight rain and cooler temperatures slowed a wildfire that had raced out of a canyon. It destroyed at least 30 houses and killed one homeowner who went back to his home to try to save some of his belongings.The change on the weather gave the firefighters a chance to shore up their fire lines. But conditions could shift for the worse again. The blaze started by lightning on Saturday and by Monday covered 11 square miles just southwest of Hot Springs. This is on the south side of the Black Hills. It was 20 percent contained and fire crews hope to have it contained by Thursday.

Capella University

FBI Director's Community Leadership Award goes to a Capella student who is studying for her master's degree. Isn't it something exciting to see capella university announcing such exciting matters involving their students. It is, indeed, an outstanding online university. Tammy Alexander is certainly to be congratulated on receiving such a prestigious award for an excellent job done. In addition to her regular position at Fountainhead College of Technology in Knoxville, TN., she serves as the vice president on the board of advisors for the FBI. The board is called Infragard East Tennessee Alliance and is a FBI program that works to improve and extend information between government and private industry. This sounds pretty important to me. The award was established in 1990 and is given annually to one organization or individual in each of the FBI's 56 field offices. Capella can be proud of the high caliber of students they have. For more information on their graduate and undergraduate degree programs, look into their website, please.

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Neighbors can be good and bad. We have some we never see, some we wonder how they provide for their family when they don't seem to work much, if at all. Some spend their days running back and forth for coffee and running uptown. Others are hauling their kids to the swimming pool in this hot weather and we have a beautiful new pool or I should say "aquatic center." Then there are those who work all day and stay pretty much to themselves at night as I am sure they are worn out, especially in this heat. And then there are the neighbors who are good friends and would do anything for you and bring you fresh vegetables out of their garden and you like to take them fresh baked goods. It takes all kinds to make a world.

Pizza Tonight

Hey, it is Pizza Night at our house. We don't have to make supper tonight, although last night's supper was really good. We had burgers, home made potatoe salad and sweet corn fresh from the field. It is so good this time of year. Who can resist it. By the time you are done, you feel like you have it all over your face and glasses and stuck in your teeth, but it is well worth it. But tonight we are going to Pizza Ranch and they have the best broasted chicken too, mashed potatoes and gravy and a vegetable. They have a great salad bar too.

Capella University

One of the leading accredited online universities is capella university. There is no doubt about that. They were founded in 1993 and ever since have been increasingly in the Web news for outstanding achievements. On May 10, 2007, a master's degree student of Capella's received a wonderful award. It was the FBI Director's Community Leadership Award. Tammy Alexander was the recipient of this great honor. As the director of information assurance and cybersecurity training a Fountainhead College of Technology in Knoxville, Tennessee, she keeps quite busy. Her responsibilities are many. Among them, developing and conducting lectures and workshops for the general public. She also is responsible for academia and law enforcement. While accomplishing all this, she is also studying education at Capella, working toward her master's degree. Capella is the kind of online university where you can accomplish great things and complete your degrees at the same time. This is the university for you. Why don't you look them up at their Website and get all the information you need.

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The Corn is Tall.

That old song "Oklahoma" comes back to me when it says "the corn is as high as an elephant's eye and it looks like it's climbing right up to the sky". The corn is beginning to look that way here. It is really tall, way taller than the old saying "knee high by the 4th of July". It passed that a long time ago. I could easily get lost in it as I am very short. I think nearly anyone could get lost in it now. It needs rain badly though and the farmers are getting worried as alot of the corn is going to the biodiesel plants to be made into ethanol to be added to the gasoline.


Well my husband had his ultrasound this morning. I didn't take very long and he said the technician checked the main blood vessels in both his legs from the groin to the ankle. It will be a few days before our doctor gets the results and then they are to call us with the results. In the meantime, they are having him take 2 aspirin every 4 hours with food during the day and at bedtime. I suppose that works as a blood thinner too. It is still hurting him to walk so hasn't gotten any better since about Friday.

Capella University

A great announcement has just been made by capella university in regard to the latest release of a new podcast. Their podcasts focus on the experience of earning an online degree. This particular podcast is aimed at training at the Pentagon level. Carla Chladek is the featured interview on this podcast, however, Capella has other regular podcasts available that feature students, staff and faculty. The newest one is called "Inside Online Education" Podcast and was developed for the training needs of the 2,000 military who support the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. A student herself, pursuing a master's degree in education, Carla discusses her work as Program Manager for the Joint Staff Training Program at the Pentagon. This has got to be a very important work for our country. It lives up to the high standard of education Capella offers.

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Middle Eastern Group Bids on Packing Plant

Iowa Quality Beef Supply Cooperative meatpacking plant in Tama, Iowa, has been closed for awhile. But now an investors group from the Middle Eastern country of Qatar is in negotiations o buy the closed plant. Government statistics show the U.S. exported nearly $80 million in beef in the Middle East in 2003. Co-op members also said there is a high demand for high quality beef in Islamic countries. If the plant would re-open it would certainly be a very positive thing for the industry.

Google is Growing

Google Inc. is buying email security specialist Postini Inc. for $625 million dollars. This will fortify the internet search leader's effort to sell online software services o corporate customers seeking alternatives to Microsoft Corporation's long dominant products. Google has long been the leader in search engines although they have alot of competition from Yahoo, Microsoft and others.

Capella University

Looking for a good online university to get your degree or go on for your master's degree? Well, all you need to do is go online to capella university and you have found the right place. They were founded in 1993 and have been fully accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. They are located in Minneapolis, Minnesota and you can also call them toll-free for information at 1-888-CAPELLA. Look up their website and see their newest podcast release. They are endeavoring to manage the training programs at the Pentagon. I think that is quite exciting when you are doing something for training of the military who support the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Their very own student, Charla Chladek, is speaking of her work as Program Manager for this training program. She is working on her master's degree in education. Now is the time for you to look them up and get ahead in today's world.

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Turkish Troops Massing on Iraqi Border

It has been reported that Turkey has massed a huge military force on its border with Iraq bolstered fears than an invasion targeting hideouts of Kurdish rebels could be imminent. But we wonder just how deeply into Iraq is the Turkish army willing to go? How long would they stay and what kind of fallout could come from allies in Washington and other NATO partners?

Hurricane Center Director Resigns

The director of the National Hurricane Center was reassigned Monday, four days after many of the center's employees called for his removal because of his comments about an aging weather satellite. More than 20 of Bill Proenza's nearly 50 staff members signed a statement last week urging federal officials to dismiss im. They said he had undermined the public's confidence in the center by exaggerating the forecasting problems scientists would face if the satellite failed.

Capella University

I have decided to get my degree in human services after spending the better part of my life in Personnel. I began by looking at the local college to see what they had to offer but I was afraid after working all day, I didn't want the drive back and forth, especially in the winter. So I began looking through the lists of online universities and I came across capella university. This was the answer for me. It is a fully accredited online university that I could study with at home. I was impressed when I read of their latest podcast release to manage the training programs of the Pentagon. It is called "Inside Online Education" Podcast and features a Capella PhD student. I knew this was the place for me. I was able to find other podcasts at their website that were of interest as well interviewing other students and staff. I was impressed to give them a call and get more information. I think you should do the same if you are wishing to further your education. They serve 50 states and 56 countries and that is quite an area.

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Iowa Gambling Revenues Reach Record Highs

Yes, Iowa gambling revenues have reached a record high. It is no wonder with all the casinos popping up everywhere and the one in our area has greatly expanded to attract more gamblers all the time. The previous record set in 2006 was $171 million and now it has reached $1.32 billion in fiscal 2007. Between July 1, 2006 and June 30, 2007, more than 22.5 million guests visited Iowa's 17 state-licensed casinos, losing an average of $62 each at the three racetrack casinos and $57 aboard the gaming boats.

Troops Storm Mosque in Pakistan

Troops stormed the compound of Islamabad's Red Mosque. This prompted a fierce firefight with militants accused of holding scores of hostages. At least 20 militants and 3 soldiers died in the fighting. The commandos attacked from three directions and quickly cleared the ground floor of the mosque according to an Army spokesman. Some 20 children who ran toward the troops were saved.

Capella University

I am sure it is with great delight that capella university announces their latest podcast that focuses on the experience of earning an online degree. I feel this goes along well with the high academic training and educational degree programs that Capella is known for. This podcast features Carla Chladek. She discusses her work as program Manager for the Joint Staff Training Program for the Pentagon. There are 2,000 military who support the Chairman at the Pentagon, and she is responsible for their training needs. This is a great responsibility. She is presently pursuing a master's degree at Capella, in education. You can't find a finer online university to obtain your master's or bachelor's degrees. They are as close as your computer at their website or you can reach them on their toll-free number: 1-888-CAPELLA.

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Katie Couric - Big Mistakes

Katie Couric feels her biggest mistake was trying new things on the CBS Evening News. She sometimes wishes she hadn't moved from NBC's "Today" show to the CBS Evening News. Her move to anchor the CBS newscast has been a bust so far. Its ratings are deep in third place, and the network rolled back some of the changes it made last fall to shake up the format. It just didn't work as the evening news is a more traditional hard-news evening newscast in the mold of its predecessors and competitors.

Heat and Humidity

Did you know that the heat and humidity can have an impact on radio and television signals? The hot and humid weather and the density of the air help the signals travel very long distances. We have noticed when we watch television programs off our antenna, that often other channels try to cut in and this is the reason. This is called tropospheric ducting and has made the local channel difficult lately. When the weather is right, two other channels, much father away, travel here and interrupt the signals. Interesting, huh?

Capella University

Have you been thinking that it is about time you continued your education but you don't have time? Hate driving to the next town at night, after work, when you are already tired out. Then you need to get online and check out capella university, one of the finest fully accredited universities online. You can do this in the comfort of your own home and on your own time. Capella has just announced their latest podcast, one that is going to be of great value to the military and the Pentagon. A student pursuing her master's degree in education is featured on this podcast. She hopes to ensure that the training needs are met for the military that support the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. This is quite an accomplishment.

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Hot Weather

The hot dry weather is beginning to take its toll on the bean and especially the corn crops. We need rain badly. We got half an inch the other day but that was not nearly enough. We need a good soaking rain. The lawns are all like brown straw. The only thing growing is the weeds. We were fortunate in that the rain came from the right direction to soak down the flower bed good. At least we don't have to drag out the hose again for a bit.

Spike Lee Plans Movie

Spike Lee has announced plans to make a movie about the struggle against Nazi occupiers in Italy during World War II. He hopes this will highlight the contribution of black American soldiers who fought and died to liberate Europe. The courage of the black soldiers will be highlighted, who despite suffering discrimination back home, offered a contribution that has so far gone largely unnoticed in other Hollywood movies.

Capella University

Today's latest release from capella university is a new podcast featuring a conversation with one of their students who is pursuing a master's degree in education at Capella. This a very important podcast as it is going to assist the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff at the Pentagon. It is in conjunction with ensuring the training needs of his 2,000 military members who support him. Capella has other podcasts available, as well, featuring interviews with Capella students, faculty and staff. You can get these through Capella University's website and listeners can also subscribe to the podcast RSS feed at capellacommons.com/rss/. You even get them by subscription from iTunes. Capella was founded in 1993 and continues as the finest accredited online university. Look them up today and see all that is available to you to get your degree.

Monday, July 9, 2007

Nigeria Fears Push Oil Over $76

Oil prices are surging past $76 a barrel due to growing concerns that unrest in Nigeria will hit exports. The kidnap of a three year old British girl this week has been seen as an escalation of the violence that has plagued the oil rich Delta region. High oil prices may fuel inflation and dent consumer spending according to analysts. Brent crude reached a record high of $78.30 last August when the conflict between Israel and Lebanon was at its height.

Saturday, July 7, 2007

Paul Newman Donation

Paul Newman has donated %5,000 to a school drama club. When Ypsilanti High School drama teacher, Michelle Peet, checked her mailbox earlier this week, she discovered the color of money. Paul Newman who was once a budding actor himself, had donated $5,000 to the school's drama club as part of its ongoing fundraising effort. Michelle found inside the envelope a check that will help defray costs associated with the drama club's upcoming trip to the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Club members are scheduled to perform a 90 minute show there. He wrote a note that said that the enclosed contribution was sent with every good wish for continued success in their worthy endeavors. To date the club has raised $75,000 and needed $10,000 more so this cuts in half what they need to raise yet. They are so happy.

Bulk Candy

I love chocolate candy and there is a new website where you can get it in Bulk Candy amounts and they will ship it to you and it won't melt into an unrecognizable mess. This is really a fun site to look into. They have all the various candy bars, plus specialty candies. Remember the candy cigarettes when you were small? They carry those along with other old time candies. Pez Star Wars dispensers candies are great fun for the kids and if you don't have kids, pass them out to the nieces and nephews. They have a huge assortment of candy bars you won't be able to pass up. You will just have to order more than once to enjoy all your favorites and like I said, they will ship them packed so they won't melt before they get to you. That's great here as it is running near 100 degrees all the time.

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It's Sweet Corn Season

Picked up our first sweet corn last night to have tonight. The season is short so have to get all we can while it's ready. The best sweet corn of all should be into the local grocery store soon. It's called Jake's sweet corn and whoever he is, he raises the best sweet corn.

Thursday, July 5, 2007

What's For Supper?

We have decided to go for TexMex tonight since we missed our regular meal last night. Took the car through the new car wash and it is probably in shock from being washed but it sure does look great. Looks like new and my husband put a coat of polish on parts of it so it looks even better. Doesn't sound like we are going to have any rain for several days just lots of hot humid weather. The central a/c is getting a real workout.

Integra Radiator

When the radiator started leaking today, one of the hottest days of the year, I didn't know where to turn. But a friend of mine told me about the Integra Radiator and just where to get on the Web and find a location. I couldn't believe how easy it was. I just put in my zipcode and it showed me three places in the town next to us about 7 miles away. and this company is family run with great prices so I could not only save money in time and gas, but on the radiator itself. They have warehouses all over the U.S. so it is likely you can find a location near you but if you can't, then they can probably send it to you and have it on your doorstep the next day.

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Barry Bonds Named All-Star Starter

When the All-Star game comes to his home ballpark, Barry Bonds will be in his usual spot in left field. He is as much a fixture in San Francisco as cable cars and the Golden Gate Bridge. He overcame a 119,000 vote deficit in the final days of balloting and finished 123,000 ahead of the Chicago Cubs' Alfonso Soriano, to claim the third and final starting outfield spot for the National League.

Hamlin Gets Victory

Denny Hamlin was so nervous on the last few laps of the NASCAR Nextel Cup race, that his right foot was shaking. He believes he needs race wins to be a serious contender for his first Cup championship. So he was out in front, thanks to a late race gamble on a two tire stop. Jeff Gordon, four time series champion was looming close in his mirrors. Hamlin pulled off, beating series points leader to the finish by 0.068 seconds, less than a car length, to earn his third career victory and the first since last July at Pocono.

IPITV Magazine

Travel tour operators are always looking for new innovative ways to promote their businesses. Now there is ipitv that can bring them business solutions. They are very experienced in marketing and media. Their co-founder has more than 6 years experience and Michelle Paltani's main objective is to develop new business strategies, oversee quality assurance and much more. Eric Calhoun, also a co-founder has over 4 years experience in media development and creative design and he wishes to focus on engaging design and innovative content. This magazine will continue to go far. They have already won two South Florida Travel Publication Awards. They have already been featured in the National Travel & Tourism Guide for Media Publications.

Labonte's Passion Still Burns for NASCAR

Old NASCAR drivers don't seem to go away either. Either they get deals like Darrell Waltrip or Rusty Wallace or they keep getting back into cars like Bill Elliot and Terry Labonte.Supposedly, LaBonte retired after last fall's race at Texas Motor Speedway. But he returned to competition last week at Infineon Raceway. There he drove Michael Waltrip's No. 55 Toyota to a 35th place finish, two laps behind race winner Juan Pablo Montoya. He also plans to run the No 55 at Watkins Glen, the other road cource on the Nextel Cup circuit on August 12 and he recently did the pre-race testing of Busch Series cars at Montreal.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Need a New Bike

I found a neat site for bikes of all kinds, plus more like personal training. They also have auctions on various products. It's easy to find and navigate and fun to look around this site.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

The iPhone Has Arrived

Have you bought your iPhone yet? They look pretty cool. They are being sold, however, only at Apple and AT&T, or online at apple.com, for the initial launch. It's two hours drive from here to the nearest store to buy one in this area. They will be sold at other outlets later. Apple Inc. appears to have pulled out all the stops to propel iPhone hysteria into the stratosphere. Technology analysts say Apple started its publicity campaign for the iPhone uncharacteristically early. They first showed the device six months ago.

Baltimore Real Estate

Moving or relocating to Baltimore? This site has Baltimore Real Estate of all kinds and I am sure you will find just what you are looking for. They have a great number of apartments of all sizes that will accomodate you. Some have dens for a more homelike feature. They have laundry facilities in the apartment with washers and dryers. This apartment community has a work-out room with weights, cardio equipment and everything you need for exercise. They also have trash pickup Monday through Friday which is a definite plus. Briarcliff Apartments are privately owned with maintenance men available 24/7. Look into their site or give them a call to get yourself the apartment you have been wishing for.

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