Saturday, December 29, 2007

Sony to Stop Making Rear-Projection TVs

Sony is dropping its money losing rear-projection TV business worldwide to focus on two flat-panel technologies - liquid crystal display and organic light-emitting diode. Sales of rear-projection TV's had been declining recently as LCD TV's gain in popularity and get bigger. In October, Sony lowered its global sales forecast for rear-projection TVs, which uses a projector to create images on large screens, to 400,000 from 700,000, which is down from 1.1 million the previous fiscal year. By contract, Sony expects to sell 10 million LCD TVs this fiscal year through March, up from 6.3 million the previous year.

Credit Card Applications

When it comes to getting a new credit card, there seem to be a million of them. Every week, the mail is full of pre-approved credit card offers and so far none of them have looked good to me. I found I could go to the Internet to this website Credit Card Applications and I could apply right online securely without worry of someone getting my private information. I could search through all kinds of credit cards and they even had those cards for those with bad credit. I was looking for low interest cards but also wanted to get some benefits like cash back would be good. They even have some with airline miles and of course you can pick the one that gives you the best deal on 0% on balance transfers. I didn't have any problem finding a card I needed at this site because they have so many to look through and find the one that fit me best. If you are in need of a new credit card or just a credit card because your credit isn't the best, check into their site. I know they will have one for you.

Israeli Soldiers Shot Dead

Two off duty Israeli soldiers were shot dead while hiking in the West Bank. They were killed by Palestinian gunmen, but before they died, they managed to fire back at their assailants and kill one of them. A second Palestinian assailant was seriously wounded in the firefight according to the army. A woman who was with the two Israelis but escaped unharmed told Israel Radio they had been hiking in the hills outside the Palestinian town of Hebron and not far from the Jewish settlement of Kiryat Arba where all three lived. They were approached by a jeep carrying a group of Palestinian gunmen who fired at them, said the woman.

Ricky Martin in San Juan

A festival in San Juan is saluting Ricky Martin. A decades old street festival in San Juan's colonial district will dedicate its 2008 celebration to Ricky Martin. Martin's international singing career and charitable work for children will be saluted at the San Sebastian Street Festival which kicks off Jan. 17. The popular festival, now in its 38th year, is a raucous four day celebration that attracts thousands to the cobblestone streets of Old San Juan. Martin, who is 36years old, said in a statement that he is thrilled to receive the honor. The ex-Menudo member has long been one of Puerto Rico's top selling artists. His hits include "Livin'la Vida Loca" and "She Bangs". Martin created the nonprofit Ricky Martin Foundation to advocate for children's rights. He has also spoken out against human trafficking, especially the trafficking of children.

Baby Shops

This online website baby shops has all the information a new parent could use. They have more than 120,000 real parent reviews of more than 32,000 local baby shops and parent friendly businesses all over the United States. Not only that, but you can find family friendly places to eat, activities, baby gear business and lots of baby products. There are also blogs, chat rooms, message boards for parents to find out answers to every question they come up with about babies. At your fingertips are answers about where to get maternity clothes, or where to find the best pediatrician. Things as simple as feeding times for your baby can be answered at this site. They have thought of everything and the answers come from experienced parents who have been through it and have good answers for you. Check it out and see for yourself.

Iraqi Cabinet

Iraq's Cabinet approved the draft of a general amnesty bill for detainees being held in Iraqi prisons, a measure which could go a long way toward reconciling Iraq's warring sects and factions. But the measure will not be brought to parliament for debate until March at the earliest. Many key draft laws, including measures to share oil revenue and to allow some members of Saddam Hussein's Baath party to hold government jobs, have remained mired for months in Iraq's gridlocked parliament. There was no immediate reaction from Sunni lawmakers who have in the past called for such a bill.

U.S. Troops in Baghdad

U.S. forces said they waged successful battles against both Sunni and Shiite extremists and announced Thursday they had seized two men possibly linked to the capture of three American soldiers earlier this year. The battles north and south of Baghdad came as the military seeks to take advantage of the improving security situation in Iraq to carry out targeted operations against extremist groups and the foreign led al-Qaida in Iraq.

Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is one of the larger projects in life and you want everything to be just beautiful so you start planning about a year ahead. So if you are planning to be married next year, you had better get started and there is no better place to start than to go online to this website Wedding Planning as they have it all organized right there for you. They can help you with the showers before the wedding, the invitations for your guests, the reception planning, right down to the best caterers. There are so many other things, such as the wedding dress, flowers, gifts for your attendants and these days many buy favors for the guests too. All these can be planned and organized right down to the photographer by getting online now and working with these folks for a most wonderful wedding and Honeymoon, as well.

Friday, December 28, 2007

Dodge Charger Accessories

Got a Dodge Charger you would like to spruce up a bit? Then Dodge Charger accessories is the website for you. They have everything you need from custom floor mats to great customized dash kits especially to fit your car. While you are at it check into the neat steering wheels and grill guards. They even have wind deflectors just right for your car. How about some exotic gauges and fender flares. There is just no limit to what you can do with your car and this is the website that can furnish it for you.

30 People Killed

More than 30 people were killed in a fuel pipeline fire in Igbagbon, Nigeria. A ruptured gasoline pipeline exploded in flames, killing at least 34 people near Nigeria's main city of Lagos as they tried to scoop fuel from the gushing leak, according to policy on Wednesday. A witness said he saw 40 bodies. The government blamed criminal gangs breaking into pipelines. The explosion, on a line that carries imported gasoline from the Lagos port to inland depots, occurred Tuesday morning at Igbagbon, a village near Lagos. It was a stretch of pipeline in remote swamp waters, and news of the fire only filtered out Wednesday morning.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

General Mills Profits Rise

General Mills, food maker, managed a slightly higher profit in its latest quarter. The company that makes Cheerios cereal, Yoplait yogurt and Progresso soup also affirmed its earnings guidance for the full year, saying it has plans in place to counter what it expects will be continued increases in grain, dairy and energy costs. Golden Valley-based General Mills Inc. earned $390.5 million, or $1.14 per share, in the fiscal second quarter of 2008, ended Nov. 25 vs $385.4 million or $1.08 per share in the year earlier period. Revenue climbed 7 percent to $3.70 billion from $3.47 billion a year earlier on strength across all segments.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Asteroid Could Collide with Red Planet

There is a newly discovered hunk of space rock that has a 1 in 75 chance of slamming into Mars on January 30, according to some scientists. These odds are extremely unusual. They frequently work with really long odds when they track threatening asteroids, said one of the astronomers with the Near Earth Object Program at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory. The asteroid, known as 2007 WD5, was discovered in late November and is similar in size to an object that hit remote central Siberia in l908, unleashing energy equivalent to a 15-megaton nuclear bomb and wiping out 60 million trees

Options Trading

For a number of years now, companies have been giving their more executive employees stock options. However, many of these employees are not educated in stock option trading and don't really know the first thing about it. Of course, no one wants to lose money on their stocks so the more information they can gain, the better. Now there is options trading where you can find, analyze and compare over 250,000 stock options. They are there to give you unlimited toll-free support and not only that but they will give you a guarantee that if you don't make money and lose money instead, then you don't have to pay them for their services. You can't beat a deal like that. Look into their Smart Search today and see what they can do for you.

NFL Threatened

Two members of the Senate Judiciary Committee sent a letter to the NFL last week threatening to reconsider the league's antitrust exemption if it doesn't make games on the NFL Network available to more viewers. Senator Patrick Leahy, Democrat from Vermont and Senator Arlen Specter, Republican from Pennsylvania, expressed concern that most fans in their home states will not be able to see games involving New England or Pittsburgh.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has become Public Enemy No. 1 among Dallas Cowboys fans because of a link being made between her appearance at the game and the poor performance of her new boyfriend, quarterback, Tony Romo.Cowboys receiver, Terrell Owens, playfully said that right now, Jessica is not a fan favorite either in the locker room or in the Texas Stadium. The Cowboys lost that game 10-6 in Philadelphia and Romo had what was statistically the worst game of his career, all while the actress - singer, sat in a luxury box wearing a pink No. 9 jersey she showed off for the TV cameras.

Super Bowl Tickets

There has sure been a lot of hollaring and screaming over the games of the New England Patriots and also the Green Bay Packers at our house. My husband isn't a fan of Dallas but he seems to be leaning more to the Green Bay Packers this year. He never likes to see the same teams end up in the Super Bowl. He would like to see changes and new teams get to go there. No matter what happens, Super Bowl Tickets will be at a premium again this year so if you want to go you better start now. And this is the place to go. Get onto the Internet and go to this website super bowl tickets as they are the world's best for getting the tickets you want. They are ready now with tickets and other arrangements such as a fully catered suite for 24 people. Look into it if you are going with a group. It could be just what you need. No matter what, it will be exciting and a fun trip.

SeanTaylor Murder

Four suspects accused in the killing of Redskins Pro Bowl safety Sean Taylor have filed written not guilty pleas to first degree felony murder and armed burglary charges. The four suspects from the Fort Myers, Florida area are charged with breaking into Taylor's Miami home Nov 26 and shooting him during a confrontation in his bedroom. Taylor, age 24 years,, died the next day.

Friday, December 21, 2007

Missing Teen In Aruba

The disappearance of American teenager, Natalee Holloway, has become a cold case. Prosecutors closed their investigation, saying they still believe three young men were involved in her death but can't prove it after 932 days of searching failed to turn up a body. She disappeared on May 30, 2005, having been seen last leaving a bar with the three suspects.

Plasma TV Lifts

If you have gotten a new plasma TV and are not sure how to hang it or where to put it then check into plasma tv lifts for the best solutions to your problem. They have beautiful cabinets that your plasma TV fits into and with the push of a button, it comes up for your viewing. These are beautiful pieces of furniture that will look great in your living room or family room, wherever you will be watching your TV. Your guests will be amazed when you push a button and your TV appears. Check into their website and check out the various styles and you may have difficulty choosing between such designer consoles.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Computers are a wonderful invention when they work properly. Mine isn't working just right at the present time and it is connected to my printer so I can't print anything either. It is like having your one hand tied behind your back. I am using an old laptop right now but as old as it is, it is dependable. I am sure glad I have it for a backup as it has been very helpful for me.

Cancun Vacations

This online website Cancun Vacations invites you to explore their five luxurious resorts suited to everyone's particular tastes. Any one of them will cater to your every wish. They have one especially designed for nudists so they may enjoy the sun and beach and amenities they offer. Perhaps you are arriving with your family, then you will want to make your reservations at their family-friendly hotel, especially geared to please the children, as well as, the adults. Delightful fresh food, prepared daily will delight everyone. They use the freshest of ingredients and bake their own fresh bread daily. The AzulBlue is the world's most stress free hotel. Relax in an aromatic bath and let the stress just melt away. I know you will find the hotel of your choice at this website and a marvelous all inclusive vacation.

Medieval Diets Far More Healthy

Medieval humans may have enjoyed healthier lifestyles than their decendants today because they managed to survive plagues and pestilences. Their low-fat, vegetable rich diet, washed down by weak ale, was far better for the heart than today's starchy, processed foods according to one General Practitioner. Even though they ate more, they burned off calories in a workout of 12 hours labor each day. Life was tough then.


Duke is playing Pittsburgh tonight and the last time I looked it was tied up twice. My husband is a great fan of all basketball and football games but he doesn't really care much for baseball. When I was young, baseball was of the most interest to me. Now days, alot of the younger people watch a great deal of golf and tennis. It seems there are so many more sports today than there was some years ago.

AZ Pool Remodeling

If you want a beautiful pool, not just your ordinary swimming pool, then please check in with this website az pool remodeling on the Internet because they will design the most beautiful pool for you that you have ever seen. They have been in business a long time and use the very best materials to construct their pools. Take a look at their website and see some examples of the great pools they have constructed for others. They are just absolutely gorgeous. They would be a delight just to look at and a great selling point, should you ever have to move. I don't know that I have ever seen such beautiful pools. And although they may be the most beautiful pools, they are not the most expensive. They also have financing available for you.


We have a very thick bad fog outside tonight. It makes for very dangerous driving conditions and the drivers do not slow down around here. They just keep going just as if it was clear. It is just like out in California. We used to live there and you could see the fog coming and we tried to outrun it one night to get home and we didn't make it. And it was the worst thickest fog I ever saw. Well tonight here in the midwest it is competing with the California fog because it is really thick and besides that it is very cold outside. I hope everyone drives carefully.

"Bubble Boy" Develops Leukaemia

One of the boys with no immune system being treated with pioneering gene therapy at Great Ormond Street in London has developed leukaemia according to his doctors. They said they had been braced for this as cancer was an acknowledged risk of this treatment for X-SCID, commonly known as boy in the bubble syndrome. A trial in France of a similar therapy was halted in 2002 after four of eleven children developed leukaemia. So far ten children have been treated at the London hospital.

Payday Loan

It is really hard to make ends meet today from payday to payday. Gas prices are going up so high it really takes a chunk of your paycheck just to get to work and then groceries have gone up too, probably because the truckers have to pay so much for diesel these days. You can't blame them for raising their prices on grocery deliveries to the food markets. So there you are with some week left at the end of the money and payday is a ways off. What do you do? You get onto the Internet and go to this online website payday loan and find the help you need. No matter where you live, they are licensed in all states. And they have an easy application to fill in and you will get your needed money quickly.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007


Have you notice the big rise in groceries? It seems like almost everything has gone up $1. Cereal is really getting high priced and now they are talking of using lots more of our corn for ethanol and that prices will rise more on groceries. The amount of gas they make is really a small percentage of all the gas Americans use so I am not sure it is such a good idea to use so much corn for that instead of food.

Americans Look To Jesus for Diet

Five loaves, two fish and a goblet of red wine could be on the menu for Americans if a new diet takes off.Don Colbert, a Florida doctor, believes asking yourself "What would Jesus eat?" is the best way to stay fit,slim and trim. In his book, which gets its title from this question, he explores some of the Old Testament dietary laws and looks at foods mentioned in the Bible.He says that if you truly want to follow Jesus in every area of your life, you cannot ignore your eating habits. The health of Americans, as we know, is going downhill and it is largely due to our bad food choices. There is an obesity epidemic.

Bathroom Lights

There is nothing that bugs my husband worse than not being able to see well enough in the bathroom lights to shave properly. This website has some very decorative lights that are also excellent lighting fixtures. I love the sconces and the decorative overhead lights dress up your bathroom and make it more suitable for when company comes. You can be proud of your lighting in the bathroom.

Bathroom Vanities

Now is a good time to update your old bathrooms with new bathroom vanities A new bathroom vanity can make your bathroom look so much more pleasant and give you a new outlook. This website has a tremendous variety of vanities, both single and double, very modern and traditional and at great prices. You will save enough to paint and update your accessories in your bathrooms. Check them out for a big selection of discount vanities.

Makeup Mirrors

Next to a gal's make up, her makeup mirrors are the most important part of her beauty routine.This great online website has a wonderful variety of both lighted and unlighted mirrors with several kinds of magnification. This way she will be able to put on her makeup to her satisfaction. It would be helpful to have one that attaches to the wall so she would have both hands free but they also have handheld. Prices range quite widely so there should be one you can easily afford. It is almost Christmas, it would be a nice gift and you can get it delivered in time.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Capella University

This online university was first founded in l993. It has long been accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. It has 20,000 students in 50 states and 56 countries who depend on them for their higher learning. They have 104 graduate and undergraduate specializations and 15 certificate programs so I am sure you will find what you need right here at their website capella university. It is much easier to study in the comfort of your own home and at your own rate of speed, than to have to jump into your car, tired out from a day at work and fight the traffic to get to the local college. Then to sit for a couple of hours and try to concentrate when you are worn out and need to drive home again. Advancing your education is the best thing you can do for yourself and they are as close as your keyboard to find the classes you need or you can call them toll-free for information, as well.

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Huge Hurricane Rages On Saturn

A hurricane-like storm, two-thirds the diameter of Earth, is raging on Saturn's south pole. New Images from Nasa's Cassini space probe reveal this. Measuring 5,000 miles across, the storm is the first hurricane ever detected on a planet other than Earth. Scientists say the storm has the eye and eye-wall clouds characteristic of a hurricane and its winds are swirling clockwise at 350 mph. It looks like a hurricane, but it doesn't behave like a hurricane. So whatever it is, they are going to focus on the eye of this storm and find out why it is there. Interesting, isn't it?

Obesity Fight - New thinking

There is a call to rethink the obesity fight. It cannot be tackled by just encouraging healthier eating and more exercise according to health experts. These experts, led by a London based academic, says governments should adopt more sophisticated approaches to obesity. Work conditions, food subsidies, town planning and advert restrictions are all key according to the experts. Latest statistics show that a quarter of adults are obese in the UK, but the percentage is predicted to rise to over 50% if current trends continue. They are epidemic in the United States, as well, and that includes children.

College Accreditation

It is very important that a college be accredited. This online university college accreditation has been accredited by The Higher Learning Commission. But not only that they are presently the first and only online university to be accredited by the Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs (CACEP). They have produced podcasts of students and faculty discussing their experiences at this university which are very interesting to all and they have made them available to you through subscription by checking into their website for the information. When you decide to proceed to finish your degree or go on to your Masters Degree, you will want to obtain as much information as possible. You will also find their toll-free number at their website so that you can call them for information too.

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Chicago Bomb Defendant is Cleared

A jury in Miami has cleared one man of trying to blow up America's tallest building, the Sears Tower in Chicago, as part of a holy war. The jury was unable to reach a verdict on six other defendants, and the judge declared a mistrial. Prosecutors say they plan to try them again next year. The jury spent more than a week considering their verdicts. The defendants were known as the Liberty City 7 after the poor area of Miami the operated in.

Monday, December 17, 2007


Our granddaughter turned 30 on the 13th and my little sister turned 63 on the 15th. It is hard to believe so many years have passed us by so fast. I had a very good visit with my brother on Saturday. I don't get to just sit down and visit very often and it was a great day to do it. Also went to my 89 year old friend, Rose's on Sunday afternoon and sat and had tea with her and we visited about the olden days. She remembers a lot about those days. She was sure glad to see me.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Christmas Coffee

I am going to our Pastors' house this morning for a Christmas coffee. We are each to bring a dozen Christmas cookies for a cookie exchange. That will be fun as we will each bring home a dozen different cookies. I don't bake a lot anymore because we just don't need to eat all those sweets and I am trying my best to stay away from them as much as possible. But it isn't always easy and once in a while you just have to have some goodies. This time of year doesn't last long and then it is another year before it happens again but it seems to come around faster and faster every year.

Friday, December 14, 2007

Chrome Mirrors

Everyone who has a truck they are proud of, is always trying to add accessories to make it look even better and draw attention to it. That is almost as much fun as driving your truck. Now you can add to the beauty of your truck by going to the Internet to this online website chrome mirrors and checking out the great chrome mirror covers they have. They are constructed of triple chrome plated ABS and custom fit to your vehicle. There is no cutting or drilling because they use high quality automotive grade 3M adhesive tape. This makes it a much easier job to install and they will make the other chrome on your truck stand out also. So give your truck that extra style you desire and check out their website for these covers and many more accessories for your truck and car too.

John Lennon's Hair

A lock of John Lennon's hair sold for $48,000 Wednesday in an auction of Beatles' memorabilia collected by the band's hairdresser. The hair - inside an autographed copy of Lennon's book "A Spaniard in the Works" - sold to an unnamed telephone bidder. Goringes auction house had estimated the hair would sell for $4,000 to $6,000. Lennon gave the book and the lock of hair to Betty Glasow, the Fab Four's hairdresser during their heyday. He wrote in the book, "To Betty, Lots of Love and Hair, John Lennon xxx" It is astonishing that there is still so much interest in the Beatles and the sale goes to prove that John Lennon is still an icon, said Francesca Collin, a spokeswoman for Gorringes. "To have some of Lennon's hair along with a signed note from him really does give it fantastic provenance and authenticity." Collin said. Glasow decided to sell the items because she wanted fans to have them.

Chicken and Fish Fry

We went to the fish fry tonight and the fish was extra good. Had a new coating on it and was crunchy and really good. They just brown their chicken and then put it in the oven and it just falls off the bone, it is so tender. They also have excellent brown gravy for mashed potatoes and if you like scalloped potatoes better, they have those too. They had beets tonight which was different and also chicken and noodles instead of beef and noodles. It is a really good meal for a very good price and lots of people go there every Friday night. Tomorrow I go to our Pastors in the morning for Christmas coffee and Christmas cookies. Everyone is bringing a dozen to share. I think that will be fun. I am looking forward to it.

Gold Chain

What a wonderful collection of beautiful jewelry on this site. If you have been searching for just the right gold chain then this is the website for you. They have a huge selection including white gold Byzantine chains, gold diamond cut chains, my favorite, and also Turkish rope chains and pendant chains. And that is only a few of them. If you can't find the chain of your dreams here, I don't believe they make it. Christmas is almost here so pick out the one you love and start throwing a few hints and maybe Santa will just happen to bring you the gold chain you have been dreaming of owning.

TV Mount

Are you running out of space in your living room or family room, what with all the TV, DVD, CD, and other electronic equipment you have purchased? Now you can free up space by getting a tv mount and put the TV up where it is easier to watch and not only that, but you can get a new Home Theater Chair to watch it from. They have all kinds of TV stands and mounts and others for your other equipment. Get organized by checking into their website and see all the many choices you have. They also have a toll-free number you can call them on about their products. It couldn't be easier.

Drug Rehab

If you or someone in your family needs drug rehab please check out this website for the best in care. Their staff is well trained and able to set a treatment plan especially suited to you. Because they are small, they are able to give you wonderful individual care to ensure your successful recovery, regardless of whether it is from drugs, alcohol, an eating disorder or perhaps pain killers. The founder himself has been through drug rehab and therefore, started this center to help many others with the same additions. Located in a beautiful setting with ocean views, your stay with them will be very pleasant. Don't put it off. If you need their help, contact them very soon.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Microsoft Buys Stake in Facebook

Microsoft has paid $240m for a 1.6% stake in Facebook that values the hugely popular social networking site at $15 billion. Facebook spurned an offer from Microsoft's rival Google, which was also keen to invest in the site. Microsoft will also sell internet ads for Facebook outside the United States as part of the deal that took several weeks of negotiating. Microsoft already provides banner advertising and links on the US site. Mark Zuckerberg started the online social networking site in his Harvard University dorm room less than four years ago. Mr. Zuckerberg, age 23, has indicated he would like to hold off an initial public offering for at least two more years.He rebuffed a $1 billion takeover offer fromYahoo last year.


Since time began, men have coveted gold because they knew it was not only beautiful, but valuable. As far back as the Egyptians and Romans, men have collected gold and made it into beautiful objects. Now is the time to buy gold for yourself to protect your wealth and diversify your investments and you can go online to gold and find out more about how to do this. They have investment quality gold and there are a number of ways you can purchase this gold. You can use cash, secure storage or financing and metals trading. Everyone knows that gold is permanent and is a safe and secure investment. Go online and find out a great deal more about gold, the prices and they also offer you a free gold report, "Gold in The Age of Uncertainty" that will explain to you the three reasons you should own gold. Protect yourself now by investing with a secure company such as this one.

Microsoft Buys UK Mapping Service

Microsoft has bought online mapping company Multimap to expand its web business. Multimap, which was established in l996, is among the UK's top 10 visited websites, receiving more than 10 million users each month. Microsoft hopes that the acquisition "will play a significant role in the future growth of our search business". Web search giant Google, Microsoft's arch-rival, provides its own online mapping service, Google Maps. Microsoft's internet empire also includes services such as Virtual Earth, Live Search and Windows Live.

Mexican "Cannibal" Kills Himself

A Mexican man accused of murdering his girlfriend and eating her body parts has been found dead in his prison cell. Jose Luis Calva was found hanging by his belt in the jail in Mexico City after apparently committing suicide. Mr. Calva was arrested on October 8, by police investigating the disappearance of his girlfriend, Alejandra Galeana. In his flat in the capital, they found her dismembered bod and a draft of an unfinished novel, Cannibal Instincts. The discovery also led to him being investigated in connection with the murders of his ex-girlfriend in 2004 and a prostitute, whose body was found in plastic bags in the city earlier this year. Officials said they were investigating how he got the belt he apparently used to hang himself when he was supposed to be on continuous suicide watch.

W South Beach Condo

Now this is one of the premier luxury residences in South Florida. Consisting of 511 luxury units, each with an unobstructed view of the ocean, this 19 story beachfront property is the place to live. How would you like 300 ft of Miami Beach for your backyard? I would. You can go online to W South Beach Condo and see this beautiful condo. Take a tour of the photo gallery and check out the floor plans of this gorgeous condominium. You can also check out the cost of buying or renting units. Would you like a one bedroom unit or two or three? Or perhaps one of the five bungalows or eight penthouses. Prices range from $750,000 to more than $10 million. It is close to marvelous shopping, entertainment and you walk out onto your own private beach. In 20 minutes you can be at the airport and be home again if you travel. There are so many extras that you simply must check into their website and tour through it to see it all. You will be delighted.

Ike Turner, US Soul Musician Dies

US soul legend, Ike Turner, the former husband of Tina Turner has died at the age of 76. He died at his home near San Diego, California. There was no immediate word on the cause of death. He rose to fame in the l960s, and is best remembered for his musical partnership and stormy marriage with Tina Turner. She said he abused her, but he somewhat rehabilitated his image in his later years, winning a Grammy in 2007. Scott Hanover, an official at the performer's management company made the announcement that "Ike Turner passed away this morning. He was at his home." Turner, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, is credited by many music historians with making the first rock 'n' roll record in l951. Turner was also known as a prolific session guitarist and piano player. After marrying Tina Turner in 1959, the pair produced a string of hits, including A Fool In Love, It's Gonna Work Out Fine. The song River Deep Mountain High, produced by Phil Spector, was one of their most successful singles. But Mr. Turner will be forever remembered for his turbulent relationship with Tina Turner, the BBC's Peter Bowes in Los Angeles says.

Arctic Summers Ice-free by 2013

Scientists in the US have presented one of the most dramatic forecasts yet for the disappearance of Arctic sea ice. Their latest modeling studies indicate northern polar waters could be ice-free in summers within just 5-6 years. Professor Wieslaw Maslowski told an American Geophysical Union meeting that previous projections had underestimated the processes now driving ice loss. Summer melting this year reduced the ice cover to 4.13 million square km, the smallest ever extent in modern times. Remarkably, this stunning low point was not even incorporated into the model runs of the Professor and his team, which used data sets from 1979 to 2004 to constrain their future projections.

Wholesale Roses

If you are in need of flowers for any kind of special occasion, then this online website wholesale roses is the place for you to shop. They make it easy and affordable. You may be planning for a special dinner party and need a beautiful table arrangement. They also furnish flowers to restaurants, hotels and special events. If a wedding is in the planning, then you have come to the right place to make it easy and less stressful. They provide fresh cut flowers directly from the flower farm to your home by FedEx so they arrive within 2 o 3 days of being cut. For a wedding they can provide for you what the describe as a Wedding in a Box. It contains 23 different items such as the bridal bouquet and flowers for all your attendants and helpers. By cutting out the middle men, they can save their customers as much as 75% on their flower costs. For gorgeous, large beautiful roses they can't be beat. Check out their website for more information.

Bond Fund Manager Wants Fed to Lower Rate

Bill Gross, manager of the world's biggest bond fund, said the Federal reserve should lower the rate it charges banks for direct loans by a greater amount than it cuts the overnight rate when policymakers meet next week. He says he is hopeful for a 50-basis-point cut of the discount rate. Lending between banks will be assisted by cutting the discount rate to a level where there is potential to make money by going to the discount window and lending money at the London Interbank Offered Rate for a three-month contract. At 5 percent, the discount rate is half a percentage point more than the Fed's target for overnight loans between banks. The central bank has lowered the discount rate three times since August as a contraction in credit markets drove up bank's funding costs.

Dell Computers Will Soon Be at Best Buy

Dell Inc. is venturing further from its direct-to-customer sales model and will start selling computers at Best Buy stores in January. Analysts say Dell must expand its presence in stores because consumers increasingly see computers as an extension of their personality and want to touch them before buying. Dell built its business on selling personal computers directly to customers over the phone or Internet, but it has been cutting deals with retailers as growth of PC sales slowed and Dell's U.S. consumer revenue declined.

Sea World Tickets

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ConAgra Stock Climbs Most in Seven Years

Omaha based ConAgra Foods Inc., the maker of Peter Pan peanut butter and Slim Jims meat snacks, climbed the most in seven years in U.S. trading Thursday after the company said second quarter profit from continuing operations beat its forecast. The food maker said earnings for the three months through Nov 25, exceeded its previous projection of about 40 cents a share. It cited revenue gains from seasonings and foods sold to restaurants and other food manufacturers, as well as commodities trading.

Wal-Mart Sales Rise

Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the world's largest retailer, said November sales rose 1.5 percent as shoppers stocked up on holiday food and gifts. The sales were within the company's forecast of unchanged to up 2 percent at locations open at least a year. Same store sales may increase from 1 percent to 3 percent this month, the Bentonville, Arkansas based company said. Wal-Mart increased post-Thanksgiving discounts to lure shoppers hit by higher gasoline, housing and food costs.

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Great Beasts Peppered From Space

Startling evidence has been found which shows mammoth and other great beasts from the last ice age were blasted with material that came from space. Eight tusks dating to some 35,000 years ago all show signs of having been peppered with meteorite fragments. The Ancient remains come from Alaska, but researchers also have a Siberian bison skull with the same pockmarks. The scientists released details of the discovery at a meeting of the American Geophysical Union in San Francisco, USA. They painted a picture of a calamitous event over North America that may have severely knocked back the populations of some species.

Striking Dinosaurs Found in Sahara

Two new dinosaur species have been discovered. The creatures are both sauropods, the group of giant plant eaters that includes the well known Diplodocus and Brachiosaurus. One of the newly discovered species, Jobaria tiguidensis, is a long necked, broad toothed creature that is strikingly primitive for a sauropod that appeared quite late about 130 to 140 million years ago, in dinosaur history. An adult Jobaria would have weighed about 20 tons and grown to the length of 65 feet. University of Chicago palaeontologist, Paul Sereno, whose team dug the creature out of the Sahara desert in the republic of Niger, said the fossilized bones represent a particularly fine dinosaur specimen.

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Brit Awards to Honor Paul McCartney

Veteran singer, Sir Paul McCartney is to receive a special prize for outstanding contributions to music at next year's Brit Awards. The former Beatle is one of the UK's most respected artists with a career spanning four decades and album sales in excess of 100 million. Ged Dohert, from the Brits Committee, said honoring the 65 year old would be a historic moment for the awards. The ceremony will take place at London's Earls Court on February 20.

Eczema - Bath Products Can Treat It

Bath products are an effective way of managing eczema in children, according to new NHS guidelines, despite a recent report saying such emollients may do little. But the NHS watchdog warns parents not to waste money on "high Street" allergy tests for the condition, and to avoid herbal remedies and food supplements. These are unproven and may cause side effects. This is the first time recommendations for treating eczema,which affects one in five children, have been compiled.

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Pierce Brosman Sued by LA Photographer

A photographer has taken legal action against actor Pierce Brosnan after an alleged altercation in Los Angeles. Robert Rosen said he was taking photos of the former Bond star on October 26 when he struck him in the chest. He claims he was left with severe physical and emotional pain and injuries, including bruised ribs. Last month prosecutors in Los Angeles said there was insufficient evidence to charge the 54 year old actor over the alleged incident.

Iraq Prison Hit by Mortar barrage

A number of mortars have hit a prison in Baghdad, killing at least seven inmates. About 20 others, including several policemen, were injured in the incident according to latest reports. The prison is close to the main buildings of the interior ministry and it is not known if it was specifically targeted for attack. Also on Monday, a serious fire broke out at a storage tank in the Doura oil refiner on the outskirts of Baghdad. The fire was a result of rocket or mortar fire.

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Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Don Imus Returns

He's back. Don Imus returned to the airwaves, eight months after he was fired for a racially charged remark about the Rutgers women's basketball team and introduced a new cast that included two black comedians. Imus lineup of guests featured two presidential hopefuls, Democrat Chris Dodd and Republican John McCain. As he did several times in the days after the episode, Imus condemned his controversial remark last spring and said he had learned his lesson.

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Monday, December 10, 2007


We have a drug store in town that has built a new facility out on the edge of town. It isn't quite as handy but they have a drive through window that is quite nice. I ordered a refill this morning and took advantage of their free delivery service. It is really nice when it is about 10 degrees to have them bring the prescriptions to you instead of getting in the cold car and driving out to their new store. I really appreciate that service. It is great.

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I have a good friend I worked with for many years and since I have retired, I still keep in touch with her and we exchange gifts at Christmas and our birthdays. Wednesday, we are going to Sally's Restaurant for her famous hot beef and exchange gifts with my friend. They have the most wonderful pies too of all kinds. My favorite is coconut cream pie.

Saturday, December 8, 2007

Asylum Seekers Could Face Longer Detentions

More people seeking asylum in the U.S. could be detained and then jailed longer under a new Homeland Security Department policy for people wanting safe harbor. The new policy applies to people placed in so-called expedited removal, a broad post-Sept 11 category for immigrants who arrive in the U.S. seeking asylum or whose immigration paperwork is incorrect, invalid or nonexistent. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, a division of the Homeland Security Department, said it issued the new policy Nov. 6 to make detention rules for asylum seekers more consistent and clear. But refugee advocates say it sets tougher standards for asylum seekers to win parole from detention. The U.S. generally grants safe harbor to refugees fleeing persecution because of their race, religion, nationality, membership in a particular social group or political opinion.

Friday, December 7, 2007

Patriots Survive Scare

The New England Patriots are still perfect, but looking mighty vulnerable. New England pulled off its greatest escape thus far to become the sixth team in NFL history to start a season with 12 victories. For the second straight week, it was a struggle against a losing team, but the incredibly resourceful Patriots got Tom Brady's 8 yard touchdown pass to Jabar Gaffney with 44 seconds left to beat the Baltimore Ravens 27-24 Monday night. The winning drive in the final minutes covered 73 yards and required two fourth down conversions, one on the defensive holding penalty 6 seconds before Gaffney beat Dawan Landry in the left corner of the end zone.

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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Sudan's President, British Delegation to Meet

Sudan's president will meet a British delegation to discuss a possible pardon for a teacher imprisoned in Sudan for allowing her students to name a teddy bear Muhammad, a presidential spokesman said. Two Muslim members of British parliament have been in Sudan for two days trying to set up a meeting with Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir. He is the only one who can pardon Gillian Gibbons, the 54 year old British teacher who has been imprisoned since Thursday. They will meet at 10:30 on Monday morning at the presidential palace. Gibbons was sentenced Thursday to 15 days in prison and deportation for insulting Islam because of allowing her students to give a teddy bear the same name as Islam's revered prophet - a violation under Sudan's Islamic Sharia law.

John F. Kennedy Center Honors Five

Martin Scorsese and Brian Wilson scored from "Good Vibrations" to "Goodfellas". Steve Martin strutted as one of the "wild and crazy guys". Diana Ross sang to Motown stardom. Pianist Leon Fleisher surmounted a debilitating injury. Their contributions to American culture won them a visit Sunday to the White House and recognition by President Bush, followed by an evening of celebration at the John F. Kenned Center for the Performing Arts. For their career achievements, the five were named in September as members of the 30th class of Kennedy Center honorees. The two hour event will air December 26 on CBS.

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Plan to rescue Borrowers is no Solution for All

If lenders temporarily freeze low introductory interest rates on home loans made to risky borrowers before the soar, it would be a modest fix for the country's fractured housing market. The problems are so far reaching, according to analysts, that an emerging Bush administration backed plan, nicknamed "teaser freezer" by one economist, won't spare many borrowers, or bankers from the pain of escalating foreclosures and defaults. One economist says the plan is better than doing nothing but he added it is not necessarily going to make a big dent in the foreclosure problem that is facing us because thousands of borrowers still might not be able to make their monthly payments. As a result, the plan is unlikely to quell worries that the housing market's ongoing problems will drag the economy into a recession.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Study Makes Noises on Bird Song.

There is a study going on into what happens when people hear birdsong. Researchers at Aberdeen University will spend two years listening to birds to find out how their songs, calls and cries become a part of people's lives. "Listening to birds: an anthropological approach to bird sounds" has received funding from the Arts and Humanities research Council . The team is keen to hear from anyone interested in birds from across Britain and throughout the world. They say they are interested in understanding how people come to focus on particular sounds and how they develop the skill of identifying songs and calls and more.

Honda Radiator

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Funerals are not fun to attend but they are sort of like family reunions. You see a lot of people and family that you haven't seen for a long time. We are going to a visitation tomorrow night and there will be quite a few people there we haven't seen in years and also some grandchildren we haven't seen either, for quite awhile. We had a snowstorm yesterday and I hope the roads are clear as we have about 30 miles to drive one way at night.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Flu May be Stopped by Simple Measures

A couple of the simple physical measures that you can take to prevent the flu are, of course, handwashing, but also wearing masks could play a key role in blocking the spread of a flu pandemic. In the UK, the government is doubling its stockpile of antiviral medicines in preparation for an future pandemic. Researchers believe, though, that simple, low cost measures such as handwashing and masks should be given a higher priority. I think they are probably correct as we spread a lot of germs with our hands and not covering our mouths when we cough.

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Friday, November 30, 2007

Flu Could Wipe Out 62 Million People

A global flu pandemic could kill 62 million people warned the experts. In l918 a pandemic claimed 50 million lives and experts predict the toll today would be higher than this despite medical advances. The world's poorest nations would be hardest hit, fueled by factors such as HIV and malaria infections, the Harvard University researchers believe. Needless to say, yet developing countries can least afford to prepare for a pandemic. This needs to be addressed.


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Broadway Walkout Ends

A deal has been reached to end a strike by stagehands at Broadway theaters in New York, which has shut down more than 20 shows for more than two weeks. This has been a great disappointment to visitors to New York who planned their vacation to take in a couple of Broadway shows.A spokeswoman for the theaters said performances would resume and did resume yesterday. This agreement came after two days of marathon talks between the strikers, the theaters and producers.

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Snow and Ice

Well, we got a little bit of that snow they promised us but that is just the beginning. I heard cars were spinning off the road last night. It takes awhile to get used to winter driving again. The highways are clear now but I guess we are really in for a 6 inch snowfall tomorrow and freezing rain and it doesn't sound good at all. I went to the grocery store and stocked up as the cupboards were bare. I don't usually get that much, maybe once a month or even less. But like to have enough meat in the freezer to last a while so we should be set. Keep an extra loaf of bread and some frozen garlic bread and biscuits in there too as it seems like milk and bread are two of the things we run out of most quickly. Sun is shining and wind isn't blowing so it isn't too bad.

Wine of the Month

I have received two bottles of wonderful red and white wine from the Belvedere and Bradford Mountain Wineries. This delicious Chardonnay and impressive Zinfandel are a part of the wine of the month program that Sally and Bill Hambrecht began in l979. Their newsletter is very interesting, telling about how the wineries came to be. Bill, whose investment banking firm is the most successful in the world, also has award winning wines, especially from grapes grown on hundreds of prime vineyard land. Producing quality wine, doing it well and sparing no expense has paid off in a unique combination of wineries. You can order direct from them and have them sent to your home or friends with a gift card enclosed especially for them. They would make wonderful Christmas presents and you can also set up a plan wherein you can have these fine wines shipped to you every month, quarterly, six months or 12 months, depending on the wines you choose. In addition, if you are giving a gift, you can order a special illustrated gift box that not only makes a wonderful presentation but is a great keepsake box to use for many things. The newsletter contains a very interesting history of Zinfandel grapes and more. Order yours today.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Republican Debate - Sparks Fl

The Republican presidential candidates have had heated exchanges in another televised debate, their first to feature questions submitted via video-sharing website YouTube. Among other topics, they clashed over immigration and the troop timetable in Iraq. They stood there in matching dark suits and white shirts on the stage in St. Petersburg, Florida - eight candidates who were so reluctant to engage the youthful, online generation that they had turned down an earlier invitation from YouTube. But now they were here, apparently determined to make the most of it. They turned what could have been another dull stage show into the most animated and entertaining GOP debate so far.

Used Cars Austin

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Hackers Hijack Web Search Results

A huge campaign to poison web searches and trick people into visiting malicious websites has been thwarted. The booby-trapped websites came up in search results for search terms such as "Christmas gifts" and "hospice". Windows users falling for the trick risked having their machine hijacked and personal information plundered. The criminals poisoned search results using thousands of domains set up to convince search index software they were serious sources of information. It is sure a good thing they caught this before it was too late.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Iraq - Long Term Presence Framework Set

On Monday, President Bush signed a deal setting the foundation for a potential long term U.S. troop presence in Iraq. The details are to be negotiated over matters that have defined the war debate at home. That is how many U. S. forces will stay in the country and for how long. The agreement between Bush and Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki confirms that the United States and Iraq will hash out an "enduring" relationship in military, economic and political terms. This proposal underlines how the U.S. and Iraq are exploring what their relationship might look like once the U.S. significantly draws down its troop presence.

St. Judes's Hospital

Marlo Thomas wants holiday shoppers to set aside a little of the money they are spending on holiday shopping and donate it to St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. This hospital was founded b her father, Danny Thomas. There are so many children who are alive today that would be dead if it were not for St. Jude's Hospital. Most people couldn't afford the care on their own, so it is a very good place to send your donations.

Monday, November 26, 2007

Prostate Cancer

Prostate cancer sneaks up on men. There are no symptoms. If you get really sick, then chances are it is in your bones already and there isn't much hope. It is very important that all men get a PSA blood test by age 50. I think age 45 would be even better. Men in there 50's usually have to have surgery if diagnosed with prostate cancer. An enlarged prostate can also give a high reading of PSA but they take biopsies to find the cancer for sure. Men over 70 aren't offered surgery usually, but rather radiation or hormone shots. It is a sneaky disease and worth a man's time to check into it.

Bose Home Theater

Most people enjoy movies at home and I know a system that is the finest money can buy. They have beautiful sound and color DVD systems providing surround sound that is out of this world. If you are interested in Bose home theater then go to this website and see all the advantages of having a one. I would certainly enjoy and love to have such a system in my home. It would make a wonderful Christmas gift for anyone to spend quality time at home with. Now is the time to put it on your Christmas list and start hinting.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Pakistans's President Frees Thousands of Opponents

President Musharraf freed thousands of opponents from jails Tuesday in a sign he is rolling back a wave of repression under emergency rule and flew to Saudi Arabia to talk about the future of an exiled rival, Nawaz Sharif. Saudi officials said there were efforts to arrange a meeting between Musharraf and Sharif, who was ousted as prime minister by the general's l999 coup. However, a Pakistani official said Musharraf's goal was to prevent Sharif from returning before parliamentary elections January 8.

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Last Rhodesian Prime Minister Dies

Ian Smith, age 88, ruled the country now known as Zimbabwe. He was the last white prime minister whose attempt to resist black rule dragged the country now known as Zimbabwe into isolation and civil war. He has now died. He recently suffered a stroke and died at a clinic near Cape Town, South Africa, where he spent his final years with his family and long time friend, Sam Whaley, who was a senator in the former Rodesia.

Blames Bush and Cheney for Deceit

Former White House press secretary Scott McClellan blames President Bush and Vice President Dick Cheney for efforts to mislead the public about the role of White House aides in leaking the identity of a CIA operative. In an excerpt from his forthcoming book, McClellan recounts the 2003 news conference in which he told reporters that aides Karl Rove and I.Lewis "Scooter" Libby were "not involved" in the leaking involving operative Valerie Plame. I for one, am tired of hearing about this.

Samsung 46 inch LCD

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Thanksgiving Dinner

We are going to our daughter's for belated Thanksgiving dinner today. There will be too much food as always and everyone will overeat. That's half the fun of it. There will be lots of pictures taken and the new baby girl will be there for us to see her in person instead of just pictures. Heard the kids are coming home from Texas for Christmas so will get to see the little baby boy then. Neat.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Cinnamon Rolls

Did you ever make little cinnamon rolls out of leftover pie crust? My Mom always used to do that and we just loved them so I make them too. Some people just roll out the crust, spread some butter on it and sprinkle it with cinnamon sugar and then bake it and break off pieces of it. I roll it out, spread butter on it, put cinnamon sugar mixture on it, then sprinkle just a bit of brown sugar on it, roll it up, cut it in little rolls and put it on non-stick foil on a baking sheet, bake at 350 degrees till just nicely set. Some of the butter and brown sugar will run out the sides a bit and they are ready when that is light brown, not burned. Pick them up with your fingers and eat them. UMMM good!

Mailing Lists

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Pumpkin Pie

Just baked a delicious big pumpkin pie. There is nothing so good as a homemade pumpkin pie with lots of Cool Whip on top. I make mine with only cinnamon and not all the other spices that give you a major case of heartburn. It is delicious and everyone who has eaten my pumpkin pie just loves it. Taking it tomorrow for dinner.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

U.S. Agrees To New Talks With Iran

The United States has accepted an Iraqi proposal to hold new talks with Iran about the security situation in Iraq. The as yet unscheduled meeting would be the fourth round of talks between Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Iraq, and his Iranian counterpart. Two previous sessions ended inconclusively with Iran rejecting U.S. allegations that Iran is supporting Shia insurgent groups in Iraq by providing bomb make material responsible for the deaths of American troops.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Handgun Ban Challenge in D.C.

The Supreme Court said Tuesday it will decide whether the District of Columbia can ban handguns, a case that could produce the most in-depth examination of the constitutionalo right to "keep and bear arms" in nearly 70 years. The Justices' decision to hear the case could make the divisive debate over guns an issue in the 2008 presidential and congressional elections.

Movers New York

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Oil Prices Approach $100

Oil prices resumed their march toward $100 Tuesday, rising to records over $98 a barrel as futures drew strength from a declining dollar,and news of refinery problems. I don't know how many people in this country really realize how much trouble the dollar is in. It is lower than any currency anywhere in the world and this is a serious situation. There is also speculation that the Federal Reserve will again cut interest rates. Heating oil futures also rose to new records. Gasoline prices, meanwhile, extended their decline at the pumps they say, but not around here. It is going up.l We paid $3.10 a gallon this morning, while we know in the larger town about 25 miles away it is $3.00. That was the highest it has ever gone in this area as far as I can remember. Our light and gas company advised us awhile back, already, that our bills for heat and lights this winter would be at least 1/3 higher than last year and that is quite a bit.

Winter is Here

Winter is here and snow is knocking at our door from the west. A big snow storm is out west and we are getting alot of the cold off of it. It is 30 degrees but with the wind it feels like a wind chill of zero. We had to get gas this morning and I thought my hands would freeze. Walking into that Northwest wind is almost unbearable. So glad to get back into the nice warm house.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Pakistan Rejects Call to lift Emergency Rule

President Musharral's government dismissed a last ditch U.S. call to end emergency rule, leaving the Bush administration with limited options Sunday in steering its nuclear armed ally back toward democracy. Pakistan said U. S. Deputy Secretary of State John Negro-Ponte brought no new proposals on a make or break visit,and received no assurances after urging Musharraf to restore the constitution and free thousands of political opponents.


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Beowulf - the Movie

This movie lead the weekend box office with $28 million. It is the animated telling of "Beowulf" who rids a Danish kingdom of the feared beast Grendel. The Paramount Pictures release earned $28.1 million in its opening weekend - 40 percent of which came from special 3-D showings in regular theaters and on Imax screens.That's a lot of ticket sales.

Cyclone Deaths Reach 2300

Hundreds of thousands of survivors await aid in Bangladesh. They swarmed below each time a relief helicopter was spotted. But tents, rice and water were slow to reach hundreds of thousands of victims of Bangladesh's worst storm in a decade. It was a massive rescue effort that drew help from around the world Sunday.

Monday, November 19, 2007

Thyroid and Holly, Our Little Boston Terrier

Holly has been having some problems with breaking out with staff. It comes at any time without warning and then she has to be put on antibiotics until it clear up. Well, it got so bad we went to another Vet and found out through a blood test that her thyroid is low. Her hair wasn't growing back where she had the breakouts and she was really beginning to look like she would go bald. She takes a tiny little pill every day and her hair has come back and she is beginning to look so nice again. It's funny how a dog can have a "people" health problem, isn't it?


The neighbor lady just got home from buying groceries and I have been watching her unload them. They have 4 children and I just saw her carry in a case of one kind of cereal. They are all in school except the one year old and I am sure they really go through alot of cereal. It seems like the sacks of groceries are almost endless. I remember when our five were all home yet, it took 2 grocery carts to fill it and I got so good at packing them, it took 3 or 4 for the grocery boy to carry them to the car.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Themed Gift Basket

Wouldn't it be nice to be able to send beautiful flowers anywhere without leaving the comfort of your home. Now you can. Just go to this online website themed gift basket and you can order beautiful baskets of many choices of flowers and have them delivered. If you are a guest at someone's home for Thanksgiving, it would be lovely to choose a beautiful Thanksgiving basket and take it along or have it sent to them. A beautiful centerpiece would be a great idea. And Christmas is just around the corner and they have many choices for gift baskets for Christmas. If you need ideas, you can just call them toll-free and they will assist you with ideas. I like the cookie baskets myself too. They also have wonderful baskets for birthdays and anniversaries and other holidays.

Hamas Rounds up Fatah Supporters

Hamas took quick action and founded up hundreds of Fatah supporters. This was in order to shore up their control of the Gaza Strip. They promised additional steps against its bitter rival one day after a huge Fatah rally ended in mayhem and violence. Hamas forces opened fire as an estimated 250,000 Palestinians were beginning to leave a rally marking the third anniversary of the death of Yasser Arafat.

Weight Loss From Diet Drugs Only Modest

Three diet drugs recommended for long-term use result in minimal weight loss and carry some serious side effects, a review of research found. But experts say the drugs may still be worth it for some people. Xenical, Meridia and Acomplia (not sold in the US), are the three drugs. Thiouogh most users of the prescription drugs remained overweight, the drugs improved cholesterol levels and blood pressure and reduced diabetes.

Moving Location Services

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Friday, November 16, 2007


There seems to be a lot of difference in men's razors. We bought an awfully nice one Wednesday for my husband's birthday. He got it home and tried it out and he didn't like the way it shaved or didn't shave parts of his face. So tonight we stood in a long line and returned it and bought another. He is going to try it out tomorrow after charging it up tonight. I hope this one works.

Plus Size Lingerie

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Exercise Equipment

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New Year's Eve and Dick Clark

Dick Clark is going to be back again this year for the "Rockin Eve" show along with Ryan Seacrest. They will ring in the New Year together as co-hosts for 2008 on "Dick Clark's Rockin Eve" on ABC. This will be the 36th year for the show. In 2004, Clark, age 77 missed the show when he suffered a stroke. He has been back in business for the past two years now with Seacrest as co-host, counting down to midnight from New York's Times Square before an audience of millions watching from TV. Seacrest is 32, and is expected to eventually succeed Dick Clark as host of the show.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

New Eye Glasses

My husband finally got his new eye glasses today after two cataract surgeries that were very successful. He has 20-20 vision now in both eyes and just has a little bifocal to read with. He said it sure makes a difference as he was straining to read and his eyes were getting very tired every day. They loaned him a little pair of reading glasses but they were so scratched he really didn't even like using them. He's a happy man now having gone about 2 months without new glasses.

Car Insurance Rates

When you get a new car, sometimes you decide to go looking for a new car insurance to see if you can lower your rates. Or perhaps your company has kept raising their rates and your brother is telling you to change to his company. So I decided to go onto the Internet and see what I could find there for good car insurance and I found this site that gave me a lot of information on just what I was looking for in auto insurance. I like to be able to get several car insurance quotes before I decide which company to go with.This online website car insurance rates has all the information you need to make an informative decision. They not only have everything you need to know about car insurance but they can tell you how accidents effect your rates and what the minimum liability amount of insurance that you need to carry. You can go into their "State by State" and find your state and key in on it and see all about the insurance requirements for your state. They will give you free quotes for multiples drivers of your vehicle too. For our state they gave me the 5 lowest rates and I could get quotes in 5 minutes.That is terrific.

Baby Pictures

We finally got the baby pictures of little baby Emry William on email. Email is sure a great thing when they are in another state and we can see the baby right here on the screen. He's not so little. He's 9 pounds and such a nice big baby. They are easier to handle than a 5 pound baby. Ours were all over 8#10 oz, 8# 14 oz and 9#2oz, so I know. He will be so much fun with his little cousin Kaelyn when they get bigger. It is so neat to have two great grandchildren so close together and we will get to see them more than we get to see the other three.

Monday, November 12, 2007


We got an email from a good friend of our kids that has become an auctioneer. Now they have bought their auctioneering business near Chicago. That is a goal she had in life was to become an auctioneer and she went to school and got her licensed about 3 years ago. She always has been a very fast talker, hardly coming up for air, so I can believe that she is doing very well. She is also working for the Pregnancy Center and is an Executive there. She is a great Christian and doing so much good work.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

New Business Credit Cards

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Telephone Marketers

Well the telephone marketers are back on the phone again and I had to call in again and get my phone on the "Do not call" registry. They say it runs out every 5 years after you register. That is a pain and there seems to be alot of other kinds of calls that get through no matter what. I get alot of surveys over the phone and alot of calls for money from various groups. Sometimes I just hate to hear the phone ring but it doesn't ring now quite as much since I signed up again.


I went to an auction last week and there was everything under the sun there. I never saw so many toys and many were in their original boxes. There was alot of yarn and goods for sewing too and furniture and just about everything. We had to have something to eat too, of course, so had some maidrites and rice krispie bars with thick chocolate on top. My daughter brought me home the cutest little stuffed kind of brown and white dog. He is sitting here watching me type. At least he doesn't bark and doesn't have to be fed and I can just look over at him once in a while and enjoy him. He's my little posting mascot.

Cheap Wedding Favors

Along with everything else that goes with a wedding, are the wedding favors. It is good to find a place where you can get cheap wedding favors. A person needs to save a little money wherever they can but this website can help you save money in many ways. They have specials and you can get a discount on those specials. Right now wedding napkins are on sale and that is a good buy. You go through alot of those. They have a section too that tells you what is new and what is on special sale. They have everything for the reception, cake serving sets, cake toppers, table centerpieces, and even garters. Favors are many fromcandy and cookie favors to wedding cameras so that everyone can take memorable pictures during the reception and then the cameras are given to the bride and groom for their enjoyment.

Six Month Checkup

Tomorrow is my six month checkup. I had to take one of those fasting blood tests last week so I will get the results of that. Think I have lost a few pounds as I am exercising more and it makes a person feel good to exercise. Too much sitting puts on the pounds snacking too much. I am anxious to see how the test turned out as I am anemic and always glad to see good results there. I take liver and iron daily to keep it up.


I heard today from my brother that there was quite a bit of snow coming down about 20 miles or so north of us on Friday. We heard there were some flurries around but we didn't see any. The wind was very bad, about 40 mph and it was extremely cold and the wind chill was way down there but it didn't snow and I am glad of that. It seems to come soon enough and the winter seems like it is 6 months long. It helps if it waits till January and then it doesn't seem quite as bad.

Rare Coin

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Filing Cabinet

I think one of those big jobs I must do one of these days is to go through the filing cabinet again and throw out all the obsolete files in there. I have so many old medical forms but everything needs to be shredded too because they have information on them you don't just want to put out in the garbage. And now days they won't let you burn stuff like you used to be able to do. That was so simple then.

Plastic Piece for My Chair

I need to get to the store and get a piece of plastic to put under my chair here at the computer before I completely wear through the rug. I just noticed it is beginning to show signs of wear from rolling back and forth. I have two chairs that I use and both seem to be doing the same thing. I guess they are easy to find at Wal-Mart or Target so I will be going there the middle of the week and get one. It will be lots easier to move about too by the computer.

HD Professional Stock Videos

If you are looking for good High Definition stock footage, then you should look into HD Professional Stock Videos for what you need. They collect all the extra stock footage of cinematographers that they have left over after a "shoot". On the other side, there are people looking for just that High Definition stock footage because they aren't satisfied with the standard type. They buy up these extra clips and sell them royalty free so those buying them are able to use them all over the world. This is a great advantage to the cinematographers as they make 50% of the net revenue that is gained by the sale of their footage and gives them a regular monthly income at the same time. It is good for both buyers and sellers.

IBM Selectric Typewriter

I had them come and get my IBM Selectric Typewriter for repair. I think I need to give them a call and see what is going on with it. Although it is maybe 20 years old it is in excellent shape and a great electric correctible typewriter. I am beginning to wonder what it is going to cost too. I know the man who runs the business. He cleaned that typewriter on my job for many years and my employer let me buy it when I retired.

Italy Fans Rampage After Killing

Italian football fans have reacted violently inside and outside stadiums following the police shooting of a Lazio supporter. He was shot in what police called a tragic error as they tried to stop violence between rival fans at a motorway stop in Tuscany. The match was stopped after fans and police clashed.Later hundred of fans rampaged in Rome and there were also more in Milan.

Historical Options Data

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United States Stalling on Iraq Executions

The Iraqi Prime Minister has criticized the United States for failing to hand over for execution, three former prominent figures in Saddam Husseins regime. The three were condemned to death in the campaign against Iraqi Kurdes in the l980's. I wonder what the delay is. Chemical Ali is one of the men condemned to die. Let's get on with it.

Apple iPhone Debuts in UK Stores

The much hyped Apple iPhone has finally hit the shelves in the UK where people have been very anxious to get their hands on one. Staff cheered as very excited customers made their way into Apple's flagship store in London. A small number of Apple fans eager to get their hands on the iPhone began staying overnight at the store in order to be first to get one. It was the same in the USA when it came out there.

Payday Advance

Living from check to check has almost become the American way and probably around the world as well. Now there is help when you run out of money between paydays. Just go online to payday advance and check them out.l They are a very trusted company and it is easy to apply online. If you apply today, you can have money deposited to your savings or checking account by Tuesday. You can also have the payments taken out of your checking or savings accounts the same way. They will take out the payments on Payday or just after or you can choose to pay the advance off in full if you like. They are individually licensed in each state so you can deal with them in the confidence that they will be there in the future and that your loan is legal. That is really reassuring. Look them up today if you are in need of some extra cash before payday.

Drugs for ADHD is Not The Answer

Research shows that treating children with ADHD is not effective in the long term. A study says drugs such as Ritalin and Concerta work no better than therphy after three years of treatment. In fact, the findings of a US long time study show that it may even stunt the children's growth. That would really be bad. I hope they look into this much more.

Emirates Orders 81 Air Bus Planes

Emirates has ordered 81 air bus jets in a deal worth more than $20 billion for the European plane maker. The Dubai based airline is buying 70 of the Airbus midsized A350 model and 11 of the Airbus A380 twin-deck super jumbos. Emirates said the planes would play an important role in the growth of both the airline and Dubai.


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Holly's Bedtime

It is time for Holly's bedtime. If I am working on the computer, she comes in and kind of talks to me in her little dog's language and tells me it is time to go to bed. She must have a little clock in her brain because she is always on time most of the time. I know she is waiting so I better get going and get her to bed on her comforter.

Nine Troops Dead in Afghan Ambush

It is a very sad day today as it was reported that nine troops were dead in an Afghan ambush. Six were US soldiers. Militants ambushed a patrol of Afghan soldiers and US troops from NATO's International Security Assistance Force. The ambush was one of the costliest for US forces this year and the deadliest for the US since it helped overthrow the Talaban in 2001.


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Visit The New Grandchild

We would love to visit the new great grandchild, Kaelyn Sue, but I know we would get lost forever in the town where she lives. We were there some years ago to get a couple of beautiful western suits at a special store there and we got lost going and coming home. We see more country by accident than on purpose so guess we will have to wait till Thanksgiving and that's not too far off now.

Cherry Pepsi

Cherry Pepsi is my drink of choice and with granadine, it is even better. That is what I had last night with my Mexican food and it was soooo good. They give you an extra big straw now that know of takes you back at first because so much Pepsi comes up through the straw at once, you aren't quite prepared for it. But you get used to it quickly and it sure was good.

Phoenix Pool Builders

This family owned and operated company phoenix pool builders has been in business for 29 years. If you look into their website you will see moving photos of some of the most beautiful pools I ever saw. They don't just build pools, they build the very best pool for the best cost. They use the best materials and pride themselves in giving great customer service along with their high quality pool construction. They are the oldest pool company in Mesa, Arizona and they are ready and willing to turn your backyard into a tropical paradise. Check out their site and see for yourself a sampling of the gorgeous pools they have constructed.

My Printer

I can't use my printer right now because it is connected to my computer and my computer isn't working. I can't connect it to this laptop or I would. I really miss it as it saved me alot of writing. But this too will pass, I hope and I will be printing again in the not too distant future.

Israeli Police Swoop Down in Prime Minister Probe

Israeli police have raided 20 locations in connection with investigations of corruptions of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. The trade and industry ministry and the headquarters of the national post office were among the places searched. The Prime Minister is the subject of three investigations, but denies any wrong doing.