Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday!

Tomorrow is my husband's Happy Birthday. I have been collecting his birthday cards as they came in the mail and then I give them to him all at once on his Birthday. He used to give me a bad time and wanted to open them the minute they came. However, now he has mellowed out I guess and thinks it is a good idea to save them for his birthday. He is getting quite a pile of them so it will be fun for him tomorrow to open them all. We will probably go out to lunch and also out for a steak supper tomorrow night to celebrate.

High Limit Credit Card

Are you looking for a credit card with a high limit? If you are, it is interesting to note that they have varying reasons to give a person a high limit credit card and they don't publicize those reasons. Because that is kind of tricky, it is a good idea to apply for several and if you look on this site, they will guide you to a number of them that you can apply for.

Men - Have you had a PSA Test?

If you are 50 or over, please go get a PSA blood test for prostate cancer. If you are young, they can catch it usually through surgery, radiation and other ways. If you are older, you can get injections, radiation and now we hear there are various new kinds of chemotherapy. My husband just had a 3 months check up. He was going every 6 months because he was doing so well after 42 radiations treatments in 2000. Now the PSA is jumping up every 3 months and has reached a new high today again. In three months, it will probably be higher according to the doctor and at that time he will probably opt to take the injection. It isn't anything to mess with if you are young. Often if you are in your mid 70's or 80's, you can just forget about it and it won't kill you, you will die of something else first.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


We were able to spend some time the last two days with a number of our grandchildren and children. It was not a happy occasion that we attended. It was the funeral of a good Christian man though and we know he is happy in Heaven today. Our grandaughter's birthday is tomorrow and she will be 22 so we gave her a call tonight. We called tonight as she will be in college tomorrow and hard to get hold of. One of our grandsons turned 23 last Wednesday and they are all so tall. I am so very short so you can really see a difference when I stand next to 6 ft grandsons and I am 4 ft 8 inches. Well that's the long and the short of it for now.

Senator Ted Kennedy

Ted Kennedy had a minor seizure according to the news this morning. The 76 year old senator was taken by ambulance to the hospital yesterday. He has been under treatment for brain cancer and had complained that he didn't feel well on Friday. This morning we learned that he was there about three hours and now is back home. I wonder if the cancer is spreading or if it was the effects of the treatment for the brain cancer. It might have been due to a change in his medications also.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Ju Ju Be

If you are looking for a beautiful baby gift for that shower you are invited to, then check in this website and see the Ju Ju Be. They are such lovely diaper bags that any mother would be so excited to receive one for her baby. They come in all colors and designs and it will be hard to choose just one. They are so fashionable and functional at the same time. They come in all price ranges too so you are sure to find one to fit your budget as well. Take a look at them now and whether it is for yourself or someone else, you will love the silver colored accessories.

Moen Faucets

One easy way to update your home and not spend a tremendous amount of money is to install new Moen faucets throughout your home. If your home is like ours, the faucets are all the original faucets that were put in when the house was built. If you will check into their online website, you will see beautiful faucets for every sink in your home. I know out bathroom faucets are way out of date and showing wear. These faucets would really make them look much more attractive. When guests use the bathrooms, they will see and appreciate them as well. I could really use a new one in the kitchen too.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Wrap Sandwiches

I haven't really tried a lot of wrap sandwiches but I decided to try a Crispy Chicken Ranch wrap tonight instead of Mexican food. It was big and it was delicious. The chicken was tender and crispy and the wrap had spinach incorporated into it and it was really good. It had lots of other stuff in it and I didn't think I would eat more than half of it. But I finished the whole thing. I didn't get the fries with it or I would have had to take half home. It was really good and I would try it again. They have two other kinds too.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Boy Babies

There is a definite difference in boy babies and how they play and girl babies. Since we have two new ones in the family, just 13 days apart, it is fun to watch them grow and develop. They are first cousins so they should have a really great time growing up together and getting to know each other. We think our little great grandson has the biggest eyes and he has a personality to match. What do you think?

Monday, September 22, 2008

Lincoln Head Penny

On Abraham Lincoln's birthday, they are going to bring out the new Lincoln head penny. I saw it on television tonight and it is pretty neat. It has 4 different backsides on the pennies with Lincoln on the front. They gave a short documentary of how the Lincoln penny came to get started after the Indianhead penny. It was very interesting. During the war, they made that batch of pennies that turned black because they didn't have enough copper and I believe they said they used nickel instead. I've forgotten for sure what metal it was but I sure remember the pennies. I wonder if all the collectors have collected them up now as I haven't seen one in a very long time.

Office Supplies

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Billions and Trillions for Bailouts

What is your opinion of the government, alias you taxpayers, bailing out all these big financial institutions? Headlines in our local paper reads "Paulson urges quick action on $700 billion bailout". Is there no end to the money funnel? Is the United States that loaded with cash they afford all this? I feel if you bought a house you can't afford, that is your problem. And if the banks loaned money to people without good credit, that is their problem, not ours. All these big banks and the small ones too don't hesitate to take your money and give .25% interest on it? Where is all the profit going? It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. Check out the houses your banker is living in and owns and then look at the miserable percentage of interest you got on your checking and savings accounts. But try and get a loan and see what the interest rate is. It isn't .25%. Your can bet your bottom dollar on that.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Wedding Shower

I just came from a wedding shower and it was enjoyable because there were a number of my neighbors there. I got really acquainted with more of them and it was fun to watch the little kids want to open the gifts. It is surprising all the nice things people get at showers. So many things didn't even exist when I got married. It was a very good turnout and they had lots of good things to eat. One thing that happened was they washed a punch bowl and then filled it full of ice cubes to put in the punch. The guest of honor was holding the bowl and it just exploded in her hands, glass and ice going everywhere. Had to get out a vacuum at the restaurant where it was held and vacuum the floor and make sure the little kids stayed away from the area until it was done. It must have had a flaw or something you couldn't see.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Yellowstone and Teton National Parks

Our brother-in-law and sister-in-law have been traveling through Yellowstone and Teton National Parks. They call and let us know periodically just where they are and what they have seen. She is especially interested in getting into the back roads where most people don't travel as much. She said some of the roads had been closed due to mountain lions. That is not my cup of tea. I like more safe places. They were going to raft the river one day but he got a little altitude sickness and she thought the rough tumbling in the water on the raft would be too much. They traveled on out to Washington and visited two of their children and then back to Montana to see her sister. Then they were going to spend a few days in the Black Hills. It is so beautiful there and then head back home. I would guess they may be arriving home today. What a great trip.


The neighbors have two cats and they are gone for the weekend. My neighbor called and asked if I would go over and feed them and make sure they have plenty of water until they get back. They have a neat automatic litter box for them too that I have to keep an eye on in case of power failure. Then you have to reset it. It automatically scrapes the litter periodically into a box at the end. This enables you to change that box when it is full without ever touching the litter. Both cats are excited when I come because it means they get more food. Their dishes are usually empty and they are especially hungry in the morning. One is kind of laid back and the other wants to play. Cats can be quite entertaining.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Leaves are Falling

Well it won't be much longer and it will be time to get out the rake. A rake just doesn't fit my hand anymore. I have a mulcher mower that we run over the leaves and it mulches them into tiny bits. I think God meant for them to decay and be used as natural fertilizer for the lawn. I don't think he meant for everyone to rake them up and burn them and pollute the air. Some cities, like one we used to live in, get so bad you can hardly breathe outside due to all the leaves burning. We are not looking forward to winter though and we know that comes next after the leaves fall.

Franchise Opportunities

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Thursday, September 18, 2008

Nap Time

You know that there is nothing like a good nap in the afternoon after lunch. My husband takes one every single day except maybe on the weekend when he is so busy watching ball games. But I have found as I get older, that those naps are quite nice. I just like to push back in my Lazyboy and my little Holly climbs in beside me and we take a nap anywhere fro 30 minutes to an hour. I think it is really good for a person if you can do it. But then I also exercise 30 or more minutes a day also. It makes for a more healthy body and I think it may even help you live longer as your body can rest and repair itself.


We have a department store in our town that has been here for over 50 years. They have a great deal of merchandise and compete with the big stores like target and Wal-Mart 20 miles away. If you can't find it at Goodnatures, you don't need it. That is their slogan. For years they have also had an Annex where you could get all the bath and bed and sewing items you could ever want and their prices are very good. However, they sold out everything in it and it is temporarily closed right now. It is going to open as an upscale boutique. I believe that will bring even more people to our little town to shop. At any given time, you can see all kinds of cars lined up along both sides of the street and around the corner with people shopping at Goodnatures. Mr. Goodnature, who started it, used to walk up and down the street noting the various counties and states on the license plates. That is because people come from everywhere to shop their. Our niece in Ankeny comes up here to shop and that is about 110 miles south of us. We are very fortunate to have good businesses in our small town and it is nice to walk in and have the clerks call you by name.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Miami Heat Tickets

Wasn't it a bummer when you wanted to get tickets to the Miami Heat and they were all sold out? Well now it is football season and you want to get tickets to your favorite teams and sure enough - they say they are all sold out. Well, what you do is you go to this online website Miami Heat tickets and you will find all the great tickets you want to any event you can think of. Want great theater tickets? They have first class tickets to all shows, sports, theaters and how about a great show in Vegas? Just give them a call. They are prepared to serve you. You will be glad you did.

Mowing the Grass

It finally rained enough so the brown grass turned green again. Then it was time to get out the mowers. I have my own mower that I am used to. It isn't self-propelled because I can't keep up with one of those. But last year my husband bought a new one and he just loves it. He kind of makes fun of my old mower but it is a full-time mulcher and it just fits me. He thinks it is hard to push but I don't. I guess I am used to it as I have been using it since about l992. It is the best mower, never uses oil and is easy on gas too. But this time when I mowed I think I picked up some pollen and my nose has been running ever since. That is a bummer.

Mums and other Flowers

I just love Mums because they bloom in the fall. They come in many colors and come up every year. I really thought that last winter was going to be their doom but they survived and several are already in bloom. The rest are covered with buds and it won't be long now. We planted all flowers that would come up each year so that we wouldn't have to dig up bulbs and try and find a place to store them. Without a basement, it is hard to do. We put in a lot of tulips and hyacinths and they came up first in several colors and then other plants began to bloom. The red sedum was very pretty and is spreading just like I wanted it to. We seem to have one area that is hard to grow flowers but it is doing well there. It is always enjoyable to have some blooming all through the summer. I would like to have more Mums yet and may add a few more.

VoIP Phone Systems

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I was just looking at my curtains in here and thinking they could be replaced. They have been up for 8 years now and they are showing the wear. It might be nice to do something completely different with the windows. Perhaps valances or another color. I have white everywhere except the kitchen has a bit of yellow design. I like the light color but maybe a light blue or green or something different. They say it is good for your moral to change your carpet every 7 or 8 years. I think that is a good idea if you can afford it. I know it makes me feel good to change something in the house, be it curtains, rugs, or furniture.

Gas Prices

I heard this morning that the price of a barrel of gas has gone below the $100 a barrel mark. Will that mean lower gas prices for us. I would be very surprised if it did. It seems that once it goes up, it stays up or goes higher, rather than coming back down. I really think we need to start drilling in this country as quickly as we can and get more refineries up and running. Talking about it just prolongs it and they need to start NOW. It is time to let the environmentalists walk. Take away their cars for awhile and see how they like it. I don't think they care a bit about the average person who is using grocery money for gas or spending their prescription medicine money on gas. Those on Social Security or limited income of any kind are really hurting and it is shutting down some really huge companies. They are killing our economy and there should be a way to get started when the United States has enough natural resources to provide enough for the country and sell to other countries. It just doesn't make sense to drag their feet on drilling.

Online Degree

"Inside Online Education" is the latest podcast put out by Capella University. Check out this online university at this website online degree for the latest information on this podcast. It concerns a state approved reading and literacy program. They are a fully accredited online university and put out regular podcasts that are approximately 15 minutes long. Their staff, faculty and students provide interviews for these podcasts to give you great information regarding online education. They currently serve over 23,500 students in 45 other countries and 50 states. They were founded in l993 and fully accredited by The Higher Learning Commission.

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Life is Good

Boy, I am taking it easy today. Our daughter took us to lunch today and we had a great lunch and great visit too. She took her little dog in for grooming so she comes to our town for that. It is always great to see her and even better yet, I have not had to make any meals today. I think it about time I took Holly in to have her nails buzzed too. I will have to check the calendar and see if she is due for that but I am pretty sure she is. They use a dremel machine on her so there are no rough edges to catch on the carpet or anything. I really like that.

Mexican Night

This is Tex-Mex night at our favorite restaurant in a nearby town. They have quite a few selections and you can order ala carte so you get just what you want. I like lots of sour cream and salsa with mine and so does my husband. I love to go out and eat supper so that I can blog and not worry about what is for supper. My husband can make some things, but his cooking is limited, however, he has gotten better over the years. With a little instruction, he has made potatoes, meat and gravy, a veggie but I haven't stopped and taught him how to cut lettuce and make a salad. I hate the packaged stuff as it wilts so fast but I also love it because there is so much variety in the various packages of lettuce salad mixes.

Presidential Dollars

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Apples, Grapes, Bananas

Do you eat enough fruit? We try to keep a good supply of apples in the house so instead of grabbing a cookie or chips, we eat some fruit. I like to buy some yellow bananas and also some green ones so they will be ripe by the time the ripe ones are gone. That works out pretty well. We have been getting the best crispy apples up until this last batch. They were a little over ripe and we don't like them when they are kind of mushy. I hope there will be some new crispy ones in the store next time I go. A lot of them come from New Zealand and they are really good. My husband really loves sweet grapes too and so do I and they are also good for you.

What is Your Next Car?

What kind of car are you going to get next. Do you want one that takes the new E85? Or are you thinking of an electric car? That would be ok if you don't have to travel long distances. We have a Pontiac Bonneville and we use ethanol in it. We always have and we seem to get along fine with it. It is unleaded gas with corn oil blended in with it or something like that. I am not much of an expert on that but I know they are building plants all around us to make alternative gasolines out of both beans and corn. The one problem seems to be that it is raising the grocery prices out of site so I am not sure we are gaining anything at all as the gas prices are also going up.

Blister Relief

I don't think anything hurts worse than a blister. It seems no matter whether you rake, sweep a lot or even shovel or work in the garden, you end up with a blister on your hands. Now this company has come up with blister patches that you can use to prevent the blisters from happening in the first place. Check into their website at blister relief to find out all about them. They take the pain right out of the blister and what a relief that is. Even if the blister lasts a long time, they have been proven to last as long as 4 to 6 weeks. Isn't that great?


Clotheslines and clothespins seems to have gone the way of the dinasaur since the new clothes dryers came out. Our neighbor always hung out her clothes for as long as I can remember. But her washer and dryer got to the point where they needed replacing and they got very energy efficient new ones. Now she does not hang her clothes outside anymore. I quit doing that years ago because you always managed to bring in some bugs, wasps or something on the clothes and I didn't like that. Dryers make your towels so nice and soft. I know that fresh air smell on sheets can't be replaced but the work of hanging them up has gladly gone by the wayside.

Wedding Shower

I am invited to a wedding shower on Sunday for the next door neighbor. They will be getting married October 10 and we will also be attending their reception and dance. We don't dance but we always enjoy watching those who do. And it is always fun to see the decorations and join in the celebration with the newlyweds. They both have children and they are going to take part in the wedding too. The little 2 year old will be flower girl. That should be really cute. I always enjoy the beautiful way the party people decorate and they always furnish wonderful food for everyone too. Each wedding is different so it is neat to attend them all.

Gold Coins

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Zoe is my daughter's little Bishon dog. She is so cute. Whenever we come to see them, we sort of go through a routine of petting, rubbing her tummy, and gently roughing her up and she just loves it. She watches out the front door for you to come and then she can hardly wait for you to get in the house and play with her. Once that is done, then she goes on her way again. She is well trained and rings a little bell when she needs to go outside. I wish I had thought of training our dog that way. However, since Holly has gotten older, when she needs to go out, she just sits in front of one of us and stares or makes a little guteral sound in her throat and then we know she needs to go out. It is great to have a well trained dog.


Afgans are a work of art by those who are able to make them. We won a beautiful afgan on our 50th wedding anniversary at a drawing at an open house at the retirement home here in town. It is just lovely and the lady who made it did such a beautiful job on it. They are so nice and warm and when it is cold, it is great to get the afgan and wrap yourself in it or put it on your bed for extra warmth too. I admire anyone who has that talent. Our daughter was very talented in knitting and making afgans too. She made each of us one that we will always treasure.

Spa Jobs

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Monday, September 15, 2008

Beautiful Fall Day

It was just about a perfect beautiful Fall day today. It was not too hot. Kind of a light breeze with a bit of coolness to it. The sun was bright and shining all day. No clouds, no rain for a change and everything was beautiful outside and enjoyable. I think in our area, Fall days are the best days of the year. Spring has become cold, wet and dreary the last 10 years perhaps. We look forward to the nice Fall days but not the winter and the cold and snow. But today was one to really get outside and enjoy completely.

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Do you Like Bread Pudding

Do you like bread pudding? If you do, I have a wonderful old Betty Crocker recipe that makes the best bread pudding ever. It has been a family favorite of my husbands for years. There is nothing quite like the wonderful smell throughout the house of the bread pudding baking in the oven. It's the cinnamon in it that does it. You can hardly wait to get it out of the oven, pour some half and half over it, sprinkle on a little sugar and devour it. It keeps in the refrigerator for a long time, but it doesn't last over 2 days at our house. You can warm it in the microwave and it's as good as the day you baked it.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hurricane Ike

Hurricane Ike is really causing a lot of power outages and flooding everywhere it goes. Terrible winds. Sounds like Houston has millions out of electricity and a great many trees down. High water in lower floors of hotels. The reporters really take their lives in their hands to bring us the latest news and show us the terrible rains, waves and winds. I sure wouldn't want their job. Just so they stay safe. They told a great many people to evacuate or it was certain to be their death and they ignored the warnings, thousands of them. I guess some said they didn't want to leave their pets. I know that has got to be hard but wouldn't it be worse to lose you own life and those of your family. Many of these people who stayed in Galveston had kids and it hit there very hard. Louisiana is getting hit hard in places too with levies breaking in several places with thousands of homes flooded. Just terrible.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday Night Fish Fry

Here it is Friday already. And at our house, it means the Friday night fish fry at the Knights of Columbus. Those people are all volunteers and they do a wonderful job of putting out a fantastic meal for just $7.50 a person. You just can't beat it. The menu includes pickled beets, tiny carrots, celery, potato chips, applesauce, coleslaw, beef and noodles, escalloped potatoes, mashed potatoes and brown gravy, green beans, hot baked beans, huge pans of every part of the chicken baked to perfection, falling off the bones, 3 kinds of fish, tartar sauce, buns, butter, salt and pepper, hot coffee, milk and water. Now if you are not hungry yet, once you get out of the car in the parking lot, you will encounter all the wonderful smells coming from the kitchen. It is buffet style and all you can eat so you just can't beat it. Sometimes, the Girl Scouts are there with all kinds of marvelous pies, bars and cookies - that is, if you have some room left to eat them. I'll save some room anytime for a great piece of homemade pie.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Election in Angola

Since l992 Angola has been plagued with problems. But Friday they stumbled on the road to Democracy, so to speak. The first election in 16 years was held there. However, voters had to wait for hours to be able to vote because of ballot shortages and a lack of voting officials. It was somewhat of a nightmare. This voting follows one of Africa's longest civil wars, including a resurgence of fighting that was set off by the last balloting in l992. It was good though that the voters remained calm in spite of the delays and disorganized start to the election. It was good that the election was peaceful as I would imagine there could have been rioting. I am sure it took a great deal of self-control to have the patience to wait so they could have their first vote in so many years.

Health Insurance Quote

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Wednesday, September 10, 2008


We traveled to the next town tonight. On our way we saw two young deer feeding on a farmer's grass. My husband said they had just come out of the corn field. They have a great many deer in that area as one of the State Parks, Pilot Knob, is located just 7 miles east of there. A farmer by the airport leaves several acres of corn every year just for the deer to feed on. It did become a hazard though for the airplanes flying in and they had to put high fences up to keep the deer off the runways. They are beautiful animals to see but not on your hood. More deer are killed on our freeways and highways than the hunters get each year. They are going to have extra doe hunts in order to cut down the huge population that is endangering the drivers.

Acute COPD Exacerbation

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Tuesday, September 9, 2008

America's Most Wanted

Do you remember awhile back they wanted to take this program off the air? I thought they were crazy and so did everyone else I guess because they got it right back on the air again. They have caught so many terrible murderers, molesters, wife beaters, robbers and plenty of drug dealers and buyers. It is neat the way they set people up and catch them using the internet to meet what they think is a very young girl for sex, only to find out that they are being met by the police. Also the johns are caught in traps with prostitutes too and I bet they have an awful time explaining that to their wives, as a great deal of them are married. John Walsh is doing a marvelous job on this show and you the public are also doing a fantastic job of calling in and helping them locate some really vicious criminals and even escapees. I hope they never consider taking it off again. I think there would be another great uproar if they try it, don't you?

Wheels, Wheels, Wheels

As I sit at my computer, I can look out the window and see wheels of all sorts. There are boys' and girls' bicycles of all sizes. They come in small, medium and large and boys and girls all over, riding them. Their Mom gets out there on her bike and they all line up behind her. Even the little 2 year old with training wheels and she takes them all out riding. When they come home, they all play on the swing set and for awhile the neighbors had a big tent set up that they played in. The little swimming pool sits idle now since school started and the weather got clear down to 35 degrees last night. I think I was 12 or perhaps 13 when I got my first bicycle and I earned it by paying $1 a week for 40 weeks out of my paper route. Can you imagine kids doing that now? They have wheels almost from the time they can walk till they get their first car at 16. What a change from the days I was growing up. My husband never had a bicycle so he has never even ridden one. He doesn't know what he missed out on. We used to spend the day riding miles and miles, carrying a lunch with us to picnic along the way somewhere. Those were the good old days.

Monday, September 8, 2008

"Help me!" The Neighbors Hear

Here's a funny one for you. The neighbors kept hearing cries for help coming from inside a Trenton, New Jersey home. They called the police last Wednesday morning. They figured when they kept hearing the cries for help, that sounded like a woman, that they better do something about it. When the officers arrived, no one answered the door so they kicked it in to make the rescue. Can you imagine their embarrassment when they found a caged cockatoo making the convincing call for help. I guess it wasn't the first time it had happened. About seven years ago, the 10 year old bird named Luna, cried like a baby for hours. Thinking there was a possibly abandoned baby in the house, state child welfare workers made a visit to the home. The owners say the bird increases her vocabulary by watching television both in English and Spanish. My husband has always been fascinated by talking birds and has always wanted to get one.

Sunday, September 7, 2008


Funerals are not my favorite thing to attend but when it is someone close to you or when it is someone you think a great deal of, it is nice to go and see them one more time. We know they are no longer there in that body, but if they are a born again Christian, then they are in Heaven. That makes it more of a celebration of life in eternity with God in Heaven rather than a sad event. We will be going to one this week of a very good friend who has professed her love for Jesus for over 90 years. Her husband was there to greet her, I am sure, when she arrived and she is walking on streets of gold now with no pain and with joy.

Condoleezza Rice Goes to Libya

There have been decades of terrorist killings, American retaliation, suspicions, and insults. However, with Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice going to Libya for a peacemaking visit with Moammar Gadhafi, it looks like the United States and Libya have made a historic turn-around. Rice had dinner at Gadhafi's official Bab el-Aziza residence. She is the highest ranking American official to visit Libya since Richard Nixon was Vice President in l957. Will any good come out of this meeting? Guess we will have to wait and see won't we?

Friday, September 5, 2008

Republican Ticket

I usually don't write about politics. However, I am so impressed with Sarah Palin that I just have to say something about it. I think she is a real down to earth woman who will fight for the taxpayers to see that their money is not spent foolishly. I realize the Vice President doesn't have much to do with anything it seems but she is a fireball. It was so good to finally hear John McKane tell his story of survival during the war. That took a lot of guts because we all know servicemen who are back from a war that simply can't talk about it at all and never talk about it their entire lives, not even to their closest family. This is a man who is 100% for America and I believe he will do his very best for the taxpayers too. Congress has been on a pork barrel spending spree way too long. I know one of the congressmen from our State only holds his job because he keeps handing out money here like it is going out of style here. But enough of that.


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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Serena Does it Again

Serena Williams barely got the better of her older sister, Venus Williams in a U.S. Open quarterfinal, but she did it. She broke the tie in their head to head series. This was the 17th time they had met as professionals. These two sisters grew up together working out in the same court in Compton, California. They both played brilliantly, however, Serena won by three total points. They are quite a pair of tennis experts. It must be something to play against your sister. Venus has beat Serena too in the past.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

It Feels Like Fall

Woke up to 45 degrees. Now that is chilly for this time of the year. It is a beautiful sunny day and the wind is blowing and it is down right cold. A light jacket feels mighty good. A sweater around the house with the windows open feels good too. I think we are going to have an early winter and I don't like the sounds of that. It seems to have been an awful short summer. Only 18 more days till the official first day of Fall.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Crockpot Roast

My crockpot roast was delicious. I browned it with garlic and onion salts and put it in the crockpot this morning. I added whole onions about 2:00 and made mashed potatoes . The juices from the roast made the best gravy ever. Also had a lettuce salad and a dish of ice cold sliced peaches out of a can so that was easy and they are very good. The meat just melted in your mouth, it was so tender. Such an easy delicious supper. Have mashed potatoes and gravy left for another meal too.

Hurricane Gustav

Hurricane Gustav is coming ashore now on the Gulf Course. I have been watching the reporters in New Orleans and I think they are risking their lives to bring us the latest developments of this hurricane. Almost every evacuated this time and some shelters even let them take their pets which was really nice. With New Orleans being below sea level, it seems to me if this one hits it hard again, they might as well let the sea have it and move to higher ground. I know I would never live there for anything.