Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Casey's General Store and Station

Our Casey's store and station has closed up after 15 years. I had read in the paper that the last day would be Oct 29th but wondered if it was really true. I guess their lease ran out and business wasn't as good as it was when they first started. Since then 2 more stations have been added to town, a Kum & Go and a Townmart and I guess there wasn't enough business for all of them. I am really going to miss them as I got gas there a lot and they had great fresh donuts and pizzas too.


I needed to do some banking earl this morning. They have a drive through window that opens early so I always go there to cash checks and make deposits. This morning they had the cutest little stuffed Halloween elf in the window and it had this saying on the front of it "I want candy and I want alot of it now". I thought it was really cute and gave both me and the teller a good laugh.

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Hot Tea and Me

Here I sit with a good hot cup of tea. I like to have a cup every afternoon almost. I like black tea best even though they say green tea is so good for you, I don't like it.
I'm sitting here with the utility bill and phone bills and other stuff and doing the first of the month books a little early. It's been a slow day and good day to get things like that done. I enjoy a slow day now and then and a good nap with Holly after lunch.

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Porter Wagoner is Dead at Age 80

Countr musician, Porter Wagoner, has died in Nashville at age 80, after suffering from lung cancer. He had been in Hospice before he died. He was the one who helped launch the career of Dolly Parton. From l967 - l974, Dolly and Porter sang duets together until Dolly found fame as a solo singer. Those of us who knew Porter Wagoner, will always remember his famous rhinestone suits and seeing him on the Grand Old Opry.

Monday, October 29, 2007

U.S. Mortgage Company Sees Loss

There have been so many mortgage foreclosures in the U.S. that it is no wonder that U.S. mortgage giant Countrywide Financial has reported a $1.2 billion in losses during the third quarter. It was the first loss for the firm in 25 years. A year earlier they made $647.6 million. The latest quarter included a $2.9 billion in credit losses. They hope that they are through the worst of the slowdown now and expect to make a profit in the fourth quarter.

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Cervical Cancer Is A Killer

Because cervical cancer is a killer, schoolgirls in Britain will be vaccinated against the virus that causes it. They are going to go further than is recommended by experts with all aged 12-13 eligible and a catch-up campaign up to 18. It is thought that vaccinating from human papilloma virus (HPV) could save hundreds of lives in the UK each year. I know I have heard a lot of news about vaccinating your girls in the United States as well but I don't know that it is settled yet. I believe they need the parents permission to vaccinate even younger.

Crockpot Cooking

I am making a delicious roast in the crockpot today. I use onion salt, garlic salt and Greek seasoning on the meat and brown it on every side in a big frying pan in oil.Then I put it into the crockpot. This is about 9 am. Then at noon I turn it on high. I put onion and garlic salt in the water to taste before adding the browned roast. About 2:30 I will add some whole onions, carrots, and then about 4 add potatoes. At 5 pm it will be ready to eat. Make some gravy out of the juice in the crockpot and everything is delicious and easy. Little cleanup too.

Colds and Flu

My husband is getting over his flu he got from his flu shot, but he is pretty weak yet. He walks on our Gazelle for 15 minutes, twice a day, but he found he couldn't make it very long this morning. And now he's got a cold. I don't know where that came from but he is coughing and runny nose and the works. I need to get to the store later and get more tylenol too. It helps with the aches and pains. I put sheet blankets on the bed this morning. That should make it warmer but he uses the electric blanket all the time now too. I think we are about due to get another new electric blanket.

Labor Pains

Well it looks like the labor pains are finally beginning to start. Last night my grandaughter was have quite a few labor pains and that little baby may be on the way today. It is really exciting. One day your daughter is having your grandaughter and the next day the grandaughter is having her baby. It seems to go that fast. I was a grandmother at 40 so my daughter is making up for lost time by having two grandchildren due at the same time. Maybe by tonight or tomorrow I can write about the new addition to our family.

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Texas Trip

Our daughter and her husband are expecting grandbabies any minute. One of them is in Texas and she was due yesterday so I am sure they are on pins and needles waiting to hear when the little boy is born. His name will be Emry and they will go to Texas for a visit as soon as the baby arrives. It doesn't take too long to drive there from here so they can take our baby gift along with them in the car. It is all pretty exciting.


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Friday, October 26, 2007

Pneumonia Shots

We got pneumonia shots yesterday afternoon and my husband got his flu shot in the morning also. I had gotten my flu shot the week before but he had to wait due to his cataract surgery. But now he is running a fever and chills and I think perhaps he shouldn't have gotten both shots the same day, one in the morning in one arm and one in the afternoon in the other arm. I think he is having a light case of the flu. They sa that is good but he doesn't feel so good. My arm where they gave me the pneumonia shot has turned bright red and swollen and now I have another big red spot like hives just below it. I hope I don't get any other hives. It had been 10 years since we had the pneumonia shots. We get flu shots every year and I think everyone should if they can, and aren't allergic to eggs and anything else on their list.

Headache Treatment

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Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is amazing. It takes longer to get the patient ready for the surgery that it takes to do the surgery. The surgery is about 10 minutes and you go from being almost legally blind to 20-20 vision. My husband has had both eyes operated on now and he has 20-20 and 20-30 vision and the doctor says in 2 weeks he will have 20-20 vision in the latest eye surgery. He will only need photogray lenses because his eyes have always been very sensitive to light and a bifocal just for reading, although he can read without glasses, but it is a bit harder. In 3 weeks he will have his new glasses and the world already looks so much different without the cataracts clouding the lenses in his eyes. It is just great.

Baby Stores

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Iran is Defiant at New US Sanctions

Iran has responded defiantly to new sanctions imposed by the US targeting Iran's Islamic Revolution Guards Corps and three state owned banks. The Iranian foreign ministry said the sanctions were doomed to failure. But US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice says the measures are to confront the threatening behavior of the Iranians. Something had to be done since the insisted on continuing with their nuclear plans. I guess we will see in the future how it works out.

Apple is ready to Set Leopard Free

The latest update of the Apple Mac operating system OS X, Leopard, goes on sale on Friday. Do you have a Mac? In the last three months, Apple sold 2.2 million of them, which was up 400,000 on its previous best quarter.Mac fans have been waiting for months for the release of Leopard. Apple had pushed back the launch to finish development of its much hyped iPhone. The early reviews for Leopard have been positive and evolutionary. Apple is hoping to build on recent strong sales of its Mac. Apple thinks it will be a Vista beater due to new features not found in Vista. I'm anxious to see how it turns out. My brother has Vista and he isn't all that happy with it.

Civic Radiator

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Russian President Putin

Russian President Putin gave a stark missile warning to the United States. He says the plans for a missile shield could precipitate a situation similar to the Cuban missile crisis of the l950's. He was speaking after a summit with EU leaders in Portugal aimed at deepening ties despite disagreements over human rights and foreign policy. Russia has long opposed US plan to build missile bases in European states once in the Soviet sphere of influence. The Cuban crisis saw the Soviet Union and the US go to the brink of nuclear war. We sure don't that to happen again.

Car Repair

We took our car in for repair this morning. It had a loose tie rod and we had to be there early at 7:30 a.m. There were sure a lot of people coming in to have work done. This is a very busy garage and they are very reasonable priced. It would have cost us about $40 more if we had gone to the dealership where we bought the car. That makes a lot of difference in your budget when you are retired.

Flu Shots

We both went up and got our flu shots so now we are all set. They say it takes a couple of weeks to be effective and the flu really does not start I guess until the first of the year. But we are glad to be protected. In past years, we had really bad cases of the flu that put us right down in bed for several days and once I lost my voice for a whole week along with it. It isn't fun. So if you haven't gotten your shot yet, please do because you won't be sorry.

Twin Grandchildren

We have twin grandchildren, a boy and a girl. Two years ago they got married a week apart in June. Now they are both going to be parents at the same time within a day of each other. The girls are both due tomorrow or Sunday. Wouldn't it be something if both babies are born on the same day. One is in Texas and they know they are having a little boy who will be named Emry. His sister doesn't want to know what their baby is because they say there are so few surprises in life, that this can be one of them. I think I agree with that. We can hardly wait for the girls to go into labor and have those great grandbabies.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Italian's Cannot Try US Soldier

An Italian court has thrown out a case against a US soldier charged over the killing of an Italian intelligence agent in Iraq in March 2005. The court ruled that Italy had no jurisdiction in the case against Mario Lozano, who was on trial in absentia. The agent, Nicola Calipari, was shot dead on his way to the Baghdad airport after securing the release of a kidnapped Italian reporter. Spc. Lozano denies any wrongdoing, saying he had no choice but to fire.

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Organic Food Rule Change Warning

The Soil Association has warned that food flown into the UK will be stripped of its organic status unless it meets new stricter ethical standards. The association, which certifies 70% of the UK's organic food sector, says firms must show trade brings real benefit to developing world farmers. It wants all air-freighted food to meet tough ethical trade standards. But Trade and Development Minister, Gareth Thomas, said he feared the changes could harm African farmers. The Soil Association says few overseas firms currently meet the planned new standards.

Mexican Oil Rig Accident Kills 18

At least 18 workers have died after huge waves knocked a drilling platform and an oil rig together in the gulf of Mexico, setting off gas and oil leaks. Mexico's state oil company, Pemex, says 61 people were rescued from life rafts but several are still missing at sea. Pemex said it would take several days to control the leaks but they were not as bad as originally feared. The bad weather forced the Mexican authorities to close the main oil exporting ports in the Gulf of Mexico.

Kenmore Refrigerators

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A380 Superjumbo Jet Lands in Sydney

The world's largest passenger plane, the Airbus A380, has landed in Sydney on its first commercial flight, after a seven hour journey from Singapore. Singapore Airlines took delivery of the huge plane, dubbed the Superjumbo, just over a week ago. Passengers bought seats in a charity online auction. It can carry some 850 passengers, but took about 450 to Sidney. The superjumbo's advent ends a reign of nearly four decades by the Boeing 747 as the world's biggest airliner.

Fire Winds Ease over California

Weather forecasts have raised hopes of some respite from the wildfires raging out of control across southern California for the last four days. Forecasters say the Santa Ana winds, which fueled the spread of the flames and had reached hurricane strength, are just starting to die out. We have a niece in Escondido and so far her house hasn't burned but she was packed and staying with relatives 80 miles away and they hadn't let her go home yet as of yesterday. When we lived in California, we learned the called them the Santana winds because they believed they came from Satan. Interesting, isn't it?

Palestinian Inmate Dies of Wounds

A Palestinian prisoner has died of wounds he suffered in a riot at a jail in southern Israel. Israeli prison officials said the man had been hit by what they called non-lethal objects fired by guards during Monday's riot. They did not disclose the precise devices used on security grounds. Palestinians say the guards provoked the riot by searching sleeping quarters at night, and then used unacceptable violent methods to regain control.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

EU Blue Card to Target Skilled

The European Commission has unveiled a Blue Card for skilled immigrants, based on the US Green Card. The plan would allow suitably qualified people and their families to live and work within the European Union. The EU says it needs 20m skilled workers over the next two decades and is very short of expertise in engineering and computer technology. The scheme, which is more restrictive than the US Green Card, would need the approval of all 27 Eu member states.

Killer of US Nun is Jailed

A Brazilian judge has sentenced a gunman to 27 years in prison after his retrial for the murder of US born nun and environmentalist Dorothy Stang. The killer was again found guilty of killing Sister Dorothy on the orders of two rangers in 2005. He had been granted an automatic retrial under Brazilian law because his first sentence was more than 20 years. She campaigned for poor farmers' rights and to preserve the rainforest from loggers and developers. Her murder followed a dispute with ranchers over land they wanted to clear for pasture and he wanted to protect. The killer said at his first trial that he mistook the bible she was taking out of her bag for a gun.

UN Slow to Stop DR Congo Abuses

All sides in the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo are guilty of murder, rape and forcing children to fight, according to the Human Rights Watch. The New York based human rights group says the UN has been slow to react to the worsening crisis in the east which is developing into a Hutu-Tutsi war. The Congolese arm has threatened an all out offensive against both Tutsi and Hutu militias in the region. Refugees have been streaming across the border into Uganda by the thousands.

Missile Shield is Urgent

President Bush has said there is a real and urgent need for a missile defense system in Europe. He also said the missile threat was from the Middle East, not Russia, which strongly opposes sites for the shield in Poland and the Czech republic. He warned that Iran could have a ballistic missile capable of reaching Europe or the US by 2015. Earlier, US Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the shield could be delayed while Russian concerns were tackled.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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Bush Eyes Mexico Drug Fight Funds

President Bush has asked the Congress for $500 m to help Mexico fight against illegal drugs. A White House spokeswoman said the US would do all it could to support Mexico's efforts to break the power and impunity of drug organizations there. The request, the first part of a $1.4 billion initiative, is due to be discussed by Congress in Washington on Thursday. Analysts have compared the package to the controversial and much larger, aid the US gives Columbia to fight drugs.

Turkish Troops Missing After Raid

An attack by Kurdish rebels on Sunday that left 12 dead, have eight Turkish troops still missing. This was confirmed by the Turkish military. The statement came as a news agency, believed to be linked to the rebels, named seven of the missing troops. Protests in Turkey have put pressure on the government to launch raids on rebel positions inside Iraq, but Ankara has vowed to pursue political solutions. Iraq's president says the rebels are set to announce a ceasefire.

Palestinians Riot in ISrael Jail

At a prison in the Negev desert in southern Israel, hundreds of Palestinian prisoners have clashed with Israeli guards. Israeli officials said fifteen Palestinians and 15 guards were hurt. The Israeli authorities say the riot started during a routine search but the Palestinian Authority said it was unacceptable practices at the jail. More than 2,000 Palestinians are held in Ketziot Prison. At one point, some of the camp was on fire as prisoners battled with their guards.

Monday, October 22, 2007

US Sailors Shot Dead in Bahrain

Two US sailors have been shot dead and a third critically wounded at a navy base in the Gulf state of Bahrain, according to the US Navy. The shootings are under investigation. The navy said the incident is a domestic situation involving female sailors and not terror related. There was no intrusion at the base. No explanation was given for the deaths and the sailors have not been named. The shooting took place at a barracks at US Naval Support Activity.

US Dollar Touches a New Euro Low

The US dollar tumbled to a new euro low in Asian trade as concerns over the state of the US economy deepened. The euro traded as high as $1.4348, breaking its last record set on Friday when one euro brought $1.4319. The sell-off triggered on Friday by a profit warning from building equipment giant, Caterpillar, prompting concerns over the slowing US economy. But the dollar bounced back to trade at $1.4146 against the euro bloc's currency in the afternoon trade in London.The greenback also slipped to a six-week low against the Japanese yen on Monday, touching 113.25 yen at one point, but gained against the British pound to trade at $2,0315 after initial falls.

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Microsoft to Carry Out EW Ruling

Microsoft has finally agreed to start complying with a European Commission 2004 anti-monopoly ruling against it. The commission said the US firm would now comply with its obligations. The software giant was ruled to have shut out rivals from its Windows operating system to gain a larger share of the market from web servers. It will now give third party program developers access to information that will allow them to make systems interoperable with Windows. It will also substantially cut the fees it charges for such data.

Man, 24, loses 82 year old Wife

An 82 year old Argentine woman who attracted media attention last month when she married a 24 year old man has died as a result of heart problems. Adelfa Volpes was admitted to the hospital soon after she and her new husband, Reinaldo Waveqche, returned from their honeymoon in Brazil. She died in a sanatorium in Santa Fe, the city where the couple were married. Ms. Volpes had rejected criticism over the age difference with the groom, who is the son of one of her best friends. Their love is said to have blossomed when he went to live with his future bride after his mother's death when he was 15.

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EU Eyes New Priorities After Deal

European Union leaders say the bloc should turn to new priorities such as globalization now that they have agreed on a treaty to reform Eu institutions. UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown said there would be a declaration of new priorities to come before the December Council of Eu leaders. The reform treaty was agreed in Lisbon early on Friday, after much wrangling. The agreement, called the Lisbon Treaty, was sealed after objections from Italy and Poland had been overcome.

Bomb Blast in Southwest Pakistan

According to police, there was a bomb blast in southwestern Pakistan and six people were injured and at least seven people have died. The explosion took place in the town of Dera Bugti in Balochistan province. Some reports say the explosion was in a market, while others say the bomb was on a bus at a bus station. Militants in Balochistan have been fighting for greater autonomy for the mineral rich province for the last five years.

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Call to Increase Stop and Search

More young people should be stopped and searched to help tackle knife and gun crime in England according to a leading black police representative. Keith Jarrett, the outgoing president of the National Black Police Association said he would be pressing police for such an approach. He said that the black community is telling him that they have to look at this. Some senior black police officers have criticized the suggestion fearing it could lead to racial profiling. Black people are six times more likely to be stopped than white people.

Cubans Vote in Municipal Election

Cuba is holding elections to choose more than 15,000 municipal council members. It is the beginning of a process that will culminate in delegates electing a new National Assembly next March. These are the first elections since President Fidel Castro temporarily handed over power to his younger brother, Raul, over 14 months ago. Critics, led b the United States and several European Union nations, say the process in the one-party state is undemocratic.

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Battle Follows Mogadishu Ambush

Fresh fighting has broken out in Somalia's capital, Mogadishu, according to witnesses. At least eight civilians have been killed and 12 people wounded. Fighting broke out when insurgents ambushed Ethiopian forces returning from a security operation, near the football stadium in Towfiq district. Casualty figures among the fighting forces were not clear. Ethiopian troops are supporting the Somali government against an alliance of Islamist opposition groups.

Australia Poll Rivals in TV Clash

As the election approaches, Australian Prime Minister, John Howard, and his opponent, Labor leader Kevin Rudd, have faced each other in a TV debate. In the live, 90 minute clash, the two sparred over economic policy, climate change and troop levels in Iraq. Both politicians grew more irritable as the debate went on but neither was able to land a knockout blow. Opinion polls put Mr. Rudd ahead of the long-serving Mr. Howard at present.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Password Protection

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Friday, October 19, 2007

Egypt Protests EU Vote on Nuclear Free Zone

Egypt has sent a high level protest to dozens of European nations expressing astonishment and regret at their refusal to endorse Cairo's call for a Middle East Nuclear Free Zone at a conference last month. The October 4 letter, made available Wednesday to The Associated Press, was signed by Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit and asked for an explanation. Other Muslim nations and Egypt consider Israel the main nuclear threat in the region. The US and its allies see Iran's defiance of the UN Security Council in its development of technology that could be used to make the bomb, as the greatest menace to Middle East peace.

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The review board is trying to make sure that all products containing hoodia are good. When you purchase a diet aid you want to feel sure that it will do what it says it will do for you. Often, companies aren't honest with you and when you read the fine print, you find you will lose weight only if you cut way back on calories and exercise a great deal. It is good someone is looking out for us, isn't it?

Anti-Poverty Campaigners Launch Effort

In Nairobi, Kenya, schoolchildren in a slum sang out a Bob Marley ballad Wednesday as they joined a continent spanning effort to draw attention to the crushing poverty. The campaigners say this poverty contributes to tens of thousands of needless deaths each day. This campaign, called the "Stand Up, Speak Out" campaign, is part of U.N. efforts to promote the Millennium Development Goals that include eradicating extreme poverty and hunger and achieving universal primary education by 2015.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Bush To Focus on Mid-East Peace

The US Secretary of State says President George Bush has decided to make ending the Israeli-Palestinian conflict one of his highest priorities. The current moves to re-start talks were the most serious effort to resolve the conflict in many years. Ms. Rice is in the West Bank, where she has been trying to salvage a peace conference planned for next month. The Palestinians have warned that if no tightly worded text is agreed on which to base talks, they will not attend. The Israelis say they do not believe an agreed text is necessary.

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New Zealand Police Hold 17 in Terror Raids

New Zealand police have arrested 17 people and seized a number of weapons during a series of anti-terror raids. More than 300 police were involved in the operation, reportedly targeting Maori sovereignty and environmental activists - not foreign groups. Those arrested had used firearms and other weapons at military style training camps. Among those held was the prominent Maori rights campaigner, Tame Iti.

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Arctic Muds Reveal Sea Ice Record

A new technique to track changes in the extent of Arctic sea ice over the past 1,000 years is being developed by a UK team of the University of Plymouth. The scientists are stying sediments from the sea bed in the fabled Northwest Passage. These muds may cast valuable historical light on why some famous expeditions to the region were successful while others were doomed to failure. The research could also guide computer forecasts of future climate. The reasoning is that, as with tree rings and coral growth, the thin layers of sediment which build up on the ocean floor act as a storehouse of information about the patterns of past conditions. The Plymouth work is being conducted from the Canadian Coast Guard ship, the Amundsen.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Marriage Comedy Tops Theaters in U.S.

Romantic comedy Why Did I Get Married? has topped the US box office, with takings of $21.5M. It pushed Disney comedy Game Plan into second place, and took more than George Clooney and Cate Blanchett's latests films combined. Clooney's legal drama Michael Clayton climbed 19 places to three, tying with Joaquin Phoenix's We Own The Night. Blanchett's Elizabeth: The Golden Age was at six with a disappointing $6.2m.

Inquiry Into Nuclear Test Veterans Case

A parliamentary inquiry has begun into British nuclear tests in the South Pacific in the l950's, which veterans say led to genetic defects. Veterans claim they were not given proper protection during the Christmas Island testing program and their families have become ill as a result. The inquiry will hear from scientists on the impact of the radiation and from the veterans themselves. About 700 veterans are currently suing the UK government for compensation.

Sweden is Top for Welcoming Migrants

A study of how Europe integrates immigrants has exposed wide variations in the welcome foreign workers receive. The European Union backed research found Sweden doing the most to help migrants settle and Latvia the least. Overall, EU nations are only doing half as much as they could, said researchers acting for a consortium of 25 organizations across Europe.

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China's Leader Targets Corruption

The five-yearly congress of the Chinese Communist Party has opened in Beijing with a tough message from President Hu Jintao to more than 2,000 delegates. Mr. Hu said he party's very survival depends on resolutely punishing corrupt officials. He said that despite economic growth there were many social and environmental concerns facing China. President Hu is expected to consolidate his grip on power but a new generation of leaders for 2012 is set to emerge.

Putin Told of 'Assassination Bid'

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been warned of a plot to assassinate him during a visit to Iran this week, according to Kremlin officials. The Interfax news agency cited sources in the Russian special services saying a gang of suicide bombers would attempt to kill Mr. Putin in Tehran. Iran's foreign ministry dismissed the reports as "completely baseless". A Kremlin spokesman told Reuters there were no plans to cancel the trip to meet President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

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Airbus Set to Deliver First A380

Airbus is sset to hand over its first finished A380 "superjumbo" to Singapore Airlines on Monday, 18 months behind schedule. The construction of the A380 able to carry up to 800 passengers, has been beset by persistent and costly delays. It has also been overshadowed by allegations of insider trading against managers at parent company EADS. Chief executive Thomas Enders said it would still be the greatest challenge for Airbus to meet future deliveries.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Key Activists Arrested in Burma

Burma's military rulers have arrested three of the last remaining leaders of the recent pro-democracy protests which were violently suppressed. Among those detained was Htay Kywe, who led some of the first marches and was a prominent activist in a l988 uprising. The arrests came as thousands attended a pro-government rally in Rangoon, many of them apparently under duress. UN envoy Ibrahim Gambri, who met junta leaders earlier this month, is preparing for another visit to Burma. Following the latest arrests, few, if any, leaders of the l988 generation of former student activists are thought to remain at large.

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Argentina reveals Rugby Passion

The Argentine rugby team, the Pumas, have for the first time in their history reached the semi-finals of the World Cup. Only South Africa stands in the way of what just a few weeks ago seemed like an impossible dream - meeting the World Cup holders, England, in the finals. Few expected them to beat the hosts, France, in the opening game of the tournament, followed by Ireland, and then Scotland in the quarter finals. With each victory, this football obsessed nation has turned its attention increasingly to the oval ball and some have even begun to think the unthinkable.

Talks Aim at Kosovo Breakthrough

New talks are to take place in Brussels to try to break the deadlock over the future of the UN-administered Serbian province of Kosovo. International mediators will again try to achieve agreement between Kosovo Albanian and Serbian officials. Ethnic Albanians, backed by the US and most of the EU want full independence but Serbia, supported by Russia, is offering broad autonomy. The UN has set a deadline of December 10 for resolution. The UN has administered Kosovo since a Nato bombing campaign forced out Serbian troops in l999.

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Belarus Allows Rare Pro-EU Rally

Thousands of opposition supporters in Belarus have taken part in a rare demonstration for ties with the EU. President Alexander Lukashenko, who sought to ban similar rallies in the past, allowed the protest to go ahead in the capital of Minsk. The president has been barred from traveling to the US and the EU, which accuses him of rigging elections. But he has recently sought to build links with the Eu, following fuel price rises by Russia, Belarus' main ally.

South Africa vs Argentina in Rugby World Cup

The last two unbeaten sides in the World Cup contest the second semi-final with South Africa taking on Argentina at the Stade de France today.South Africa, who have won all 11 of their previous matches with the Pumas, will start the contest as favorites. But Argentina, in the semis for the first time, have already upset France and Ireland in the tournament. South Africa made one change with prop CJ van der Linde back after an injury, while Argentina is unchanged.

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Els Wins Seventh Match Pla Title

Ernie Els claimed the World Match Play title for the seventh time with a 6&4 drubbing of Argentina's Angel Cabrera in the final at Wentworth.The South African's victory earned him the prize money and he is now top of the European Order of Merit. Cabrera bogeyed the 1st hole and was quickly four down, but did birdie the 24th and 27th to cut the gap to two. Els then two-putted the 30th for another winning birdie and a par on the next put him five up with five to play.

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US Rejects Russian Missile Call

Talks between the US and Russia about the US anti-missile system in Europe have ended without any sign of progress. At the talks in Moscow the US rejected Russian appeals to halt the scheme. The Russian Foreign Minister said his country would take steps to neutralize the threat posed by the missile system if it went ahead. He said it was based on a false assumption, that there was a nuclear threat from Iran. U.S. Defense Secretary Robert Gates said the shield system was not directed at Russia.

Iraqi Kurds Sign Four Oil Deals

The Kurdish regional government in northern Iraq has announced four new oil exploration deals with international energy companies. The news is likey to upset the central government in Baghdad and the United States. Both have been pressing the Kurds to hold off negotiations until national oil and gas laws for opening up Iraqi's energy wealth are in place.

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Friday, October 12, 2007

Al Gore Receives Nobel Peace Prize

He says his Nobel Peace Prize is an honor and a chance to elevate global consciousness about the threat posed by climate change. The former US vice-president was awarded the prestigious prize jointly with the UN's Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The White House congratulated Mr. Gore but said it would not change its policies on global warming. He said he accepted the award on behalf of scientists like those in the IPCC, who had worked tirelessly for years to get the message about global warming out. This is the most dangerous challenge we've ever faced, he said.

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Poker Tables

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Paris Urges Tougher Iran Sanction

France has urged its EU partners to expand economic sanctions against Iran to end its nuclear defiance. The French Foreign Minister said Iran was close to mastering uranium enrichment which he said was a de facto military capacity. Paris is likely to be backed by Britain, but Germany and Italy oppose tougher sanctions. Iran denies Western accusations that it is seeking a nuclear weapon, saying its nuclear program is for civilian use.

Giuliani Blames GOP Spending for Election Losses

Republican presidential contenders scolded Congress for extravagant spending of tax dollars and Rudy Giuliani blamed the issue for GOP losses in last year's elections. He says they lost control of Congress because they were just like the Democrats as far as spending was concerned and shame on the GOP. Mitt Romney also said that it was time for Republicans to act like Republicans and he promised to veto any spending increase that is more than the inflation rate minus one percentage point.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Topps Meat Co. Closes Business Due to Recall

Six days after it was forced to issue the second largest beef recall in U.S. history, Topps Meat Co. said it was closing its business. They have been in business for 67 years since they first opened their doors and the decision will cost 87 people their jobs. That is a shame. On Sept. 25, Topps began recalling frozen hamburger patties that ma have been contaminated with the potentially fatal E. coli bacteria strain O157:H7. The recall eventually ballooned to 21.7 million pounds of ground beef. Thirty people in eight states had E. coli infections matching the strain found in the Topps patties but none have died.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007


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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Indians Eliminate Yankees

Yup, the Indians Grady Sizemore hit a leadoff home run,and the Cleveland Indians are now headed to the AL championship series while the New York Yankees were braced for a showdown with their boss.The Indians closed out New York 6-4 in Game 4 Monday night, completing the third straight first round debacle for the Yankees. It may cost manager, Joe Torre his job. Sizemore said it was tough and exciting. They fought hard and got it done here.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Yankees Win Over Indians

The New York Yankees came dangerously close to getting swept away but woke up just in time to save their season and perhaps Joe Torre's job. Johnny Damon lofted a three run homer in the fifth inning, rookies Phil Hughes and Joba Chamberlain rescued Roger Clemens and the Yankees rallied past Cleveland 8-4 Sunday night, closing within 2-1 in their first round Al playoff series.

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Cubs Go Quickly in Playoffs

Make it 99 years and counting for the Chicago Cubs. And this time, they can curse what happened at the plate and on the mound instead of a billy goat or a black cat. The Cubs big three hitters were a big disappointment and things weren't much better on the mound as the Arizona Diamondbacks beat Chicago 5-1 on Saturday night to complete a three game sweep in their NL division series.

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Russia Marks 50 Years of Sputnik

Sputnik's launch began the superpower space race. Ceremonies are being held in Russia to mark the 50th anniversary of the start of the space age, the launch of the first satellite, Sputnik. Former Soviet cosmonauts, engineers and officials are taking part in events recalling what is considered one of the most significant moments in history. The launch was a propaganda coup for the Soviet Union during the Cold War and began the space race with the US. After years of decline, Russia is back in the space game with ambitious plans.

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Unknown Peru Amazon Tribe Seen

According to a team of ecologists, a previously unknown indigenous group living in isolation has been found deep in Peru's Amazon jungle. As they flew overhead looking for illegal loggers, the ecologists spotted the 21 Indians near the Brazilian border. Contact with outsiders can be fatal for isolated tribes people who have no immunity to many diseases. Some groups have fled deep into the jungle to avoid contact with loggers and oil and gas prospectors.

Thousands Freed in South African Mine

More than 2,400 exhausted South African gold miners have been rescued from deep underground after they were trapped by a power cable accident. About 800 miners are still waiting to be lifted to safety after Wednesday's accident, which left them 1.4 miles underground. Rescuers are confident all miners will emerge from Elandsrand mine, 50 miles from Johannesburg. Some Tuesday night shift workers have been underground for 40 hours.

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Boston and Colorado Opens With Wins

Josh Beckett waited four years between postseason starts. When he got back on the mound, nothing much changed. He's still Mr. Zero when October rolls around. The 2003 World Series MVP pitched his second consecutive post-season shutout Wednesday night, backed by a two-run homer from David Ortiz that helped the Boston Red Sox beat the Los Angeles Angels 4-0 in their AL playoff opener. Beckett retired 19 consecutive batters after a leadoff single, allowing just four hits to run his postseason scoreless streak to 18 innings. His three postseason shutouts tie Whitey Ford and Mordecai Brown for second on the career list, one behind Christy Mathewson.

Eczema Baths a Waste of Money

Bath products to help ease the skin inflammation caused by allergic eczema may not be worth the amount of money the NHS spends on them according to a study that was done. There is no clinical evidence these emollients work, nor any consensus of medical opinion, researchers writing in Drug and Therapeutics Bulletin contend. Allergic eczema is a condition which most commonly affects children. Applying specialist ointments and lotions straight onto the skin may be effective, according to the Bulletin.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Blackwater Boss Grilled Over Iraq

The chairman of US private security contractor Blackwater has defended his firm and his staff during a grilling by a congressional committee. Blackwater has come under scrutiny since a shootout last month in Baghdad in which 11 Iraqis were killed. The FBI has begun investigating that incident. The firm's founder, Erik Prince, said his staff were brave and effective, and had acted appropriately.But one of the committee asked if the firm was a shadow mercenary force.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Japan Prime Minister Sets Out Policy Agenda

Japan's new prime minister has called for dialogue with the opposition to resolve a row over a controversial naval deployment. In his first speech to parliament, Yasuo Fukuda said extending the mission, which supports US led troops in Afghanistan, remained an urgent task. The 71 year old also pledged to build closer ties with Asian neighbors and restore public trust in government. He became prime minister after Shinzo Abe stepped down last month.

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Shock at South Africa Lion Murder Aquittal

A South African man convicted of murdering a man whose remains were found in a lion enclosure, has had his life sentence overturned on appeal. White contractor, Mark Scott-Crossley and an employee were alleged to have beaten up black former worker Nelson Chisale and thrown him to lions. He was convicted of murder and given a life sentence in 2005. Now an appeal court in Bloemfontein has overturned the murder verdict and reduced his sentence to five years. The appeal court ruled that the prosecution in the 2005 trial had failed to prove that Mr. Chisale was still alive when he was thrown into the lion enclosure.

Aquittals in Canada Blood Trial

A Canadian judge has acquitted four doctors and a US drug company of criminal negligence in a long running tainted blood scandal. At least 20,000 people were infected with hepatitis C or HIV in the l980's and l990's before Canada used up-to-date blood screening practices. At least 3,000 people are known to have died as a result of receiving tainted blood products. The case is the first to stem from Canada's worst public health disaster. A second trial will deal with the bulk of the deaths and the thousands infected with Hepatitis C

Medical Supplies

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Zimbabwe Running Out of Bread

Reports from Zimbabwe say bakeries have run out of flour and there will be no bread in the foreseeable future. The Agriculture Minister has confirmed that this year's wheat harvest yield of 145,000 tons is only one third of the country's requirements. The agriculture minister is quoted as blaming the shortages on the failings of what he called the "new farmers" created by the land reforms. Last week, the government announced it would import l00,000 tons of wheat. But even at that, it would still leave Zimbabwe short of its 400,000 ton target for this year.

Vienna Embassy Bombing Foiled

Austrian police say they have arrested a man who attempted to enter the US embassy in Vienna with a bag containing explosives and nails. The suspect is a 42 year old man of Bosnian origin from the northeastern province of Lower Austria according to police spokeswoman. He was arrested shortly after running off when his backpack triggered a metal detector at the embassy's entrance. Nobody was injured in the incident, but police sealed off the area afterwards.

Credit Card

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Putin Eyes Prime Minister's Job

Russian President, Vladimir Putin has raised the possibility of becoming a future prime minister by agreeing to enter the December parliamentary polls. Mr. Putin, who must leave office as president next year, said suggestions he might seek to become Russian prime minister were entirely realistic. He said he accepted the proposal by the United Russia to head the party's list, without becoming a member. By being on the list he is guaranteed a seat in the next parliament.

Adobe Challenges Word on the Web

Adobe has joined a growing lists of firms offering web-based alternatives to conventional office programs. The software developer has acquired the online word processor Buzzword, which allows users to create and share text documents on the web. Similar programs are already offered as elements of other free office software suites from Google, ajax 13 and Zoho. Microsoft has also announced a new web feature for its Office suite which lets people access documents online.

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