Saturday, December 26, 2009

Destin Florida

I was thinking about taking a vacation this winter in Florida. In checking the Internet I found that one of the best beaches is in destin florida. I had no idea there was so much to do in Destin. We love to fish and they have the best fishing. The white sand beaches are just calling to me too. And there are so many fine restaurants and nightlife there to enjoy. It is so easy to get on the Internet and fill out a form and book your vacation by car, plane and arrival and departure times. In my opinion, it couldn't be easier than that.

Home Lighting

Our lamps are very old. I would venture to guess that we bought them in the l970's. I really feel it is about time to get some new home lighting. It would really spruce up every room in our home to change the lighting. There are so many new different types and brands. It is exciting to check the Internet for the best buys and discounts. It is also important because once I get the lighting changed, it will probably be some time again before I make any more changes.

Weight Loss Pills

There has been a lot of advertising lately about weight loss pills. I am sure it is because there was considerable concern before the Holidays started about eating and putting on excess weight. Now we have just passed Christmas but the parties are on the horizon for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day with lots of tempting food. It pays to check out the Internet and see what is available and what really works to lose that excess weight you may have gained from all the good Holiday food.


In deciding how to dress up my home, I decided something that would do a great job of sprucing up the house would be new tiles. There is such a good selection of tile materials now and great colors. It is easy to choose the ones that will compliment your decor. It is good for your moral to make changes in your home that brighten up the rooms. It is always so nice to walk through your home and admire the changes you have made.

Insurance Quote

Insurance is a big part of our lives. My father was always very serious about having enough life insurance to protect his family. You never know when something can happen and take away the bread winner of the family unexpectedly. But it is always a good idea to get an insurance quote before you buy. Homeowners insurance or renters insurance are something you should not be without. Car insurance is the law in many states. But check out the Internet before you buy to get the best quote possible on whatever insurance you may need.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Pumpkin Pie

I remembered awhile ago that I didn't have a can of pumpkin in the house. What is Christmas without a pumpkin pie. So I made a quick trip to the store when I picked up the mail. I guess it is really in demand and a while back they said there was a shortage of pumpkin. I noticed when I went to the store that they were rationing it to 2 cans per customer. I don't ever remember them having to do that before. Anyway, we will have a pumpkin pie for Christmas at our house.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Sounds like More Snow is on the Way

It sounds like we could have more snow for Christmas. I think we are to get flurries later today or tonight and then more on Sunday. Next week sounds like it might be a snowy week too. We have huge piles of snow everywhere already. It makes it hard for the landlord to know where to put it all. Especially if we get a great deal of snow and it blows, then he has to push the piles way back into the yards. We end up patching the grass every Spring but it always comes back.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

New Crockpot

My new crock pot came yesterday. I got it FREE with points from taking surveys with a company on the Internet. It is really a nice one and my old one had to be 30 years old at least. It just didn't seem to be heating right anymore. It didn't have a removable pot that you could take to the table and serve or put in the refrigerator with leftovers in it. That is a great advantage. It also has a "keep warm" feature which is really neat. I am so happy to have it.

Florida Vacations

One stop shopping is on everyone's minds these days. So if you are planning florida vacations then you also would want to go to a one stop shopping store to reserve your vacation, wouldn't you? Why not check the Internet for specials on stays at hotels? Also, you need to know what vacation packages are available. In this economy, you want to be wise with your money and get the best deals around. Do not forget to check out all the ticket specials to the Orlando theme parks too.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Wisconsin Family Visit

We are looking forward to having family come through here from Wisconsin this week. They plan on pulling their trailer to Arizona for the worst of the winter. They have had a great deal of snow already in Wisconsin and hopefully the roads won't be as icy as they were last year when it is time for them to head to Iowa. We always go out with them for a great Mexican meal as they don't have any good Mexican restaurants where they live.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Pizza Tonight

We have been home since Sunday with all the weather that went through here. I have cooked and cooked. But tonight it is my night to enjoy someone else's cooking. Tonight we took in the buffet at Pizza Ranch. They also have the best broasted chicken for miles around. Tomorrow it is back to the stove to make meals again but for tonight it was fun to get out.

Cancun Adults Only

We have always enjoyed taking a vacation or a long weekend away from the kids. That is why we looked up Cancun Adults Only to see what accommodations we could locate. The white sand beaches of Riviera Maya are just the place to enjoy a warm relaxing time. With luxury rooms with beautiful ocean views, you can totally relieve the stresses of every day life and work. Enjoy the beach, the swimming pools, a delicious menu sure to please everyone, spend some relaxing time at a spa or take in some nearby shopping. Check out the Internet for this place of indulgence that will completely pamper you.

Thursday, December 10, 2009


Boy did we have a big bad blizzard in our part of the country. We had so much snow, it blew into huge snowdrifts so you couldn't really measure it. We think we got 6+ inches. I know just an hour from us they got 11 inches and other parts got even more. We stayed in the house for two days watching the snow blow by the windows. Driving wasn't allowed in our State at all. I am glad it is over but now we have sub zero temperatures and it is still dangerous to be outside for longer than a few minutes.

Implant Dentist Plano

Everyone wants to have a beautiful smile but not everyone has a perfect set of teeth. Some have a tooth missing that spoils their general appearance when they smile. My nieces are fortunate to live in Plano, Texas and when they needed a tooth replaced they went to see an implant dentist Plano. Replacing a missing tooth with an implant can make all the difference in your life. It can give you more self esteem and confidence.

Acne Treatment

Acne can be heartbreaking. Most people try so many things to help cure their acne. If you have it, I am sure you didn't know what to do about it. As time went on, you probably saw doctors and tried an acne treatment or perhaps several to clear up your acne. By checking into the Internet, you can locate a website that has done all the work for you. They have checked out the safety, efficiency and can provide you with other customer feedback on which works best.

Weight Loss Diet

Oh my, here it is that time again. It is the happy time of the year when all the parties begin. Everyone is baking their best goodies to enjoy. And, what do we do? We eat and eat and put on weight and then we need a good weight loss diet. But which one is the best? I know I feel I need to get on the Internet and find a website that has done the work for me and can tell me the best products to help me lose my Holiday weight.

Motorhome Insurance

A motorhome is a big investment. Many people sell their homes, and their motorhome is their home, especially in retirement. Of course, the next most important investment to make when you own a motorhome is motorhome insurance. If you do have an accident, it is possible to have your entire home and belongings go up in smoke. If you already have this insurance, often by checking the Internet, you find you can save a great deal of money by switching companies.

Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Calendars

I went to the bank this morning and picked up two new calendars. I decided it was time to get ready for 2010. I like to copy my birthdays and other important events onto the new calendar. It takes some time, but it is worth it. It always takes me some time though to get up the ambition to tackle the job :0). However, this afternoon, I got it all done and it is ready to go and that's a good feeling.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Glove Weather

My brother says he used to go out in winter without gloves. But as he has gotten older, it bothers his hands. Now he wears gloves all the time. I always wear gloves when it gets cold. The steering wheel is just too cold to drive without gloves. Mine are looking kind of shabby but I have a couple new pair of leather ones to wear. Have been wearing them for church, but may start using them all the time.

Weight Loss Products

Here we are again in the season of Holidays and eating goodies and expanding our waistlines. Everyone I talk to is talking about weight loss products. They feel if they can just lose a few pounds quickly now, then when they enjoy all the good foods of Christmas and the Holidays, they will kind of be ahead of the game. Instead of coming out of Christmas 7 pounds heavier, they may turn out to be their normal weight instead. It think it is a good plan but you need to check out the Internet to be sure you are using the top products that will help you lose that weight.

Unique Gifts for Her

It is getting close to Christmas and my husband has a problem. We have been married for so many years that he has bought me just about everything I have ever wanted. Now he is saying to himself, "how can I get unique gifts for her"? I sort of accidently let him see me looking at this unique website on the Internet. He couldn't help but get a number of ideas for gifts this year. Since I love jewelry, scarves, candles and things for our home, he should have no problem at all.

Belly Fat

My husband has been so concerned about the amount of belly fat he has. He would so like to get rid of it in the worst way. But when I checked the internet for belly fat you would not believe the pages and pages of products offered. Where do you start? You need a company who has done all that work for you and sorted them down to 7 percent of all those millions listed. These are the ones they found that really do what they say.

Health Insurance Leads

Along with everything else, the economy is affecting the insurance business in a big way. No longer is it profitable for a person to go visiting the local insurance companies to get quotes for insurance or renewing their insurance. Most of us are on our computers a great deal so why not use them to get quotes?

With the government working on a new health care plan, I feel all insurance companies need all the health insurance leads possible. But not only that, they need to be good honest leads. So it is very important that insurance companies obtain their leads from a reputable source that has sorted out all the honest, truly interested people who are seeing such insurance on the Internet.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Good Doctor's Report

My husband spit up a little blood two mornings in a row. We thought we better have it checked out. So he went to the doctor and she took a chest x-ray. We just got the report and everything in his lungs is fine and clear. It turned out he had a tiny blood vessel bleed during the night and that was what caused the bit of blood. What a good report!!