Monday, September 27, 2010

Mild but Cold Winter

I was just reading the newspaper this morning. They were saying that we could have a very cold winter this year. However, there is supposed to be less snow than last year. We really got it last year so I would be happy for less. It is hard to get to your appointments when it snows a lot. It takes awhile for the roads to be cleared and you don't want to go in blowing snow. I am not looking forward to winter this year for the first time that I can imagine. I always said in summer you can't dress cool enough but in winter you can put on all the clothes you want and stay warm no matter how cold it gets. But now I am not looking forward to the snow and ice and cold.

The Saga of Roots

Written by my friend Constance Hayden

Although this classic has been around for a number of years the power and majesty it possesses never fades. At the time the writing project was first proposed by the author, Alex Haley, many people scoffed at the idea of a story that tracked an African American's family tree and history. Although Caucasions had been tracing their family lineages for hundreds of years it was felt that because of the issues of slavery and the number of times a slave may have been transferred from one place to another that this challenge would be an impossible one.

The fact of the matter is that thanks to a family tradition that managed to survive that was handed down from the first slave; Koonta Kinte, the challenge was made easier for Alex Haley, the sixth generation descendant of Kinte. Haley traveled to Africa and was even able to find long lost relatives he never knew. Aside from the appreciation of what Haley accomplished, the viewer also finds themselves lost in the storyline as they eagerly watch to see what happens next in this family's struggles. Adding to the mix the wonderful talents of acting greats such as Lorne Greene, Robert Reed, Louis Gossett, Ed Asner, Ralph Waite, Cicely Tyson, Chuck Conners, Carolyn Jones and of course LeVar Burton, you cant help but be drawn into the story when watching on satellite TV in New York.

Bought Groceries and Nothing to Eat

I had to buy Swifter duster refills, Swifter floor duster refills, the local Garbage bags and some cough syrup. It really costs to get necessities like that and also soap for the dishwasher and Downey for washing clothes. Then you get home with it all and there is still nothing to eat. Isn't that something? I did get bread, milk and cheese though and a couple bananas so that is something. However, it really costs for the other things you can't eat or feed your family.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Heavy Rains

We decided not to go shopping in the rain today. They told us we would have heavy winds and rain today and they were right. Tomorrow is going to be a better day. I have some new shoes to pick up in the nearby town so will wait until tomorrow. I have put off getting them for a couple months so another day isn't going to make any difference. I have been busy on the computer today anyway. The trees are really moving. The leaves and changing and falling too now. Hope October is a nicer month and we don't need more rain.

Gold Bullion

Now is the time to try and save some of your wealth for the future. There is no better place to start than to buy something really safe such as gold bullion. Gold has never lost its value and now is a very good time to invest in gold. You can get it directly from the U.S.Gold Bureau as they have a large staff of professionals that are very knowledgeable in the market of precious metals. They are ready to serve your needs as soon as you contact them. They will help you with all the details of your purchase and furnish you with all the information you may need. Remember that gold has been a safe investment for centuries and it is a very safe investment today also.


Everyone seems to be getting in those last travels before winter sets in. It is a good idea because it sounds like we could have a harsh winter. I hope not. It is very cool and rainy today and the winds are picking up. They talk of flooding and to watch out for flooded streets. I think it is a good day to stay home.

Office Furniture

Is your office furniture as old and ragged looking as mine? It is kind of depressing to work in an office that isn't pleasant in appearance. I decided it was time to update my office and I started shopping the Internet to see what I could find in new office furniture. I was delighted to find some with color. It seems offices are always brown or black and I found some that was a delightful red and also blue. What a pleasant change it would be to come to work and have some bright colors greeting you. I think it would start my day off well to begin with and lift my moral also.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

New Programs

I sure am glad to have the new TV season start. It was neat to watch 3 new programs last night for a change. I did run into a few re-runs this summer that I had missed. But it is better seeing the new ones again. My husband is watching a movie I am sure I have seen so glad I am on the computer. But I am about to go watch one of the new programs that are on tonight.

Monday, September 20, 2010


I have been looking around for some new curtains. It is hard to find what I want in the sizes I want. Our local store had quite a few but in such dark colors. I want something white or bright. We will be going to the big super Wal-Mart store tomorrow so I can search their curtains and see what they have. Hope to find some the right size. I have been checking through the Internet to see what they have available online so have some idea of what to look for.

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Our Veterinary suggested we give our little Boston Terrier some sliced American Cheese every day. He said it was good for their stomach. So we have been doing that when we have lunch. It is so funny because she knows that and about 10 minutes before we prepare our lunch, she jumps up from a dead sleep and looks at us. She knows it is time for "Cheese" and she wants it. If you ask her if she wants cheese, she will bark and bark. She seldom barks so you know she is serious about it.

Netbook Reviews

Today it is very convenient to keep up with your work on the computer by having a laptop as well. If you travel you want to take your laptop with you but have you considered getting a netbook? They are lightweight and easy to pack in your luggage. They have a nice sized screen so you can see well what you are working on. But before you run out and buy one be sure to check out the netbook reviews. There are many different kinds and you may have a favorite color in mind. You also want good lighting on the screen and a good price. By checking out the Internet you can save quite a bit on several netbooks by buying them online.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Dishwasher

I can hear my husband from my office, putting away the clean dishes out of the dishwasher. I don't know why many people don't mind packing the dishwasher and letting it do the dishes, but somehow they hate to put them away. I have gotten so I like to put them away before I go to bed, make the coffee and lay things out for the next day. I have been busy tonight and I am sure glad he is helping me out.

Massage Tables

There is nothing that does a body more good than a good massage. Massage therapists always use the best tables. If you or someone you know is going into the massage business, you want to be sure and get the best massage tables available. I saw on the Internet that there are both portable and stationary massage tables. The portable tables are made in the USA and you can get free shipping. You would probably be interested in chairs too and other accessories and they have everything at great prices.

Redfeather Snowshoes

To be honest with you, I didn't know there were such a thing as this type of snowshoes. I wish I had known about them sooner when I was able to use them. However, I think they are just great and I found them on the Internet. A great brand is redfeather snowshoes. They certainly have a wonderful variety and many different colors. To ease your budget, they give you free shipping on orders over $75. I like that too. I know my sister could use some in her cross country skiing. I see they even have them for kids. There is a pair for every sort of athlete.

Cheap Auto Insurance

Our state required you to have auto insurance and to have proof of it in your glovebox. All states require it and it can be very expensive. I always wonder every time it comes up for renewal if we are paying too much for ours. So I decided this year to shop the Internet and see what I could find. I found several cheap auto insurance companies. All I had to do was put in my zip code and up popped name brand insurance companies. With a click of the mouse, I could get quotes from all of them and compare and see if I could save money. I bet you are thinking of doing the same thing.

Cookie Dough

We have a cookie dough factory right in our town. They produce cookie dough in about 10 kinds in small buckets. They are for schools and other organizations to sell to make money for their organization. The little 4 year old girl next door came over yesterday selling cookie dough. How can you turn down a cute little girl selling something for her school for the first time. I got some chocolate chunk cookie dough and also white chocolate macadamia nut cookie dough. Next time I think I will try the sugar cookies.

Social Security Disability

I know from the experience of my best friend how hard it can be to get Social Security Disability, no matter how much you deserve it. She was told she had Stage 4 cancer and had a short time to live. What she needed was some good assistance in order to get her social security disability. There is a company who is devoted to helping people obtain their SSDI and they work hard at it. There is no fee until they get your SSDI for you. It doesn't matter if this is your first application or have been denied. Their fee is paid through the Social Security Administration and they will work hard for you if you are having problems getting your claim through.

Family is Growing

Our family is growing. Our children have their families now and they are for the most part, grown up and many have married. Now the grandchildren's families are growing too. Pictured here is one of our grandsons and his bride and their two boys. It seems like yesterday we were babysitting our grandson and his twin sister and now he has two children of his own. We now have four generations of family and it's still growing.

Ferrari Parts

So you drive a beautiful Ferrari but sometimes you need a part and you aren't sure where you can get it. Well, if you shop the Internet for Ferrari parts you can find anything you want. They have thousands of parts available and they take pride in their original parts for your Ferrari. Not only that but you can get tools and accessories as well. They provide parts worldwide to both owners and independent shops. They are well-known for their high quality and great Customer Service too.


What kind of new electronics are you in the market for? Want to save a lot of money? Of course you do. The way I do it is to shop the Internet from the convenience of my home. I have found some wonderful buys and had them delivered directly to my home. Now that it is football season, my husband is glued to the television. But now he wants HD so here I go shopping the Internet again and I found a great buy on a 50" HD television. Not only that but I found a DVD player and also great GPS for the car.

Steel Buildings

If you are in need of a garage or a good workshop, you should consider steel buildings. They can be put up in a day and you are ready to go. You can shop the Internet and save thousands of dollars. They withstand the weather better than wooden buildings and you can have your building up in so much shorter a time. It really pays to look into these good sturdy buildings, no matter what you are going to use it for. You don't have to paint them and that saves even more money.

Spanish ABC's

Our little granddaughter has a book of Spanish ABC's. Her mom came into the room to find her singing her ABC's in Spanish. Her Mom didn't know that she knew them in Spanish. I think that is amazing since she isn't even 3 years old yet. Her Mom has also taught her to "sign" and her little brother too. That is really amazing to me.

Address Labels

I send out a lot of bills, letters, and cards to all my friends and family. Because of that I use a great many address labels. I just love unique and colorful address labels. I get a lot of comments on the address labels I use. I shopped the Internet to find unique labels and found them in all kinds of designs and colors. You can even get them for various uses such as wedding, baby or Mother's Day labels. There is just no end to your choices and it is fun to use new ones all the time.

Production Jobs

I can remember back when we were first married my husband was just out of the Army. He began looking for production jobs because he didn't have a lot of education. However, he was brought up on a farm and he knew how to work. It didn't take him long to get a good job in a manufacturing plant. He was a great fork lift driver for many years. In those days you went door to door applying for work but the Internet has simplified things considerably. Now you can go online and search for jobs, post your resume if you have one and they will even send you job alerts. It sure takes a lot of stress out of job hunting.

Sick Husband

When my husband asked to go see our doctor, I knew he was really sick. He has been coughing something awful and said he could feel it down in his chest. I quickly got him an appointment and we went right over to the clinic. They checked him over and gave him a nebulizer treatment to clear his lungs. He could breathe so much better. He also got one of those Z-packs of antibiotics to take. They always help him get well sooner. Sure glad we went to the doctor or he could have had a bad case of bronchitis.


There seems to come a time in our lives when we get tired of our usual jobs. Then it is time to get out in the world and see what else is available. You may want to completely change your career. Many of my friends have done just that. They put in their time on their job and then decided it wasn't really where they wanted to be all their lives. They had something else in mind so they started a job search on the Internet and were successful. Companies have lined up a great many jobs and it is easy to fill out forms and register your resume. Then sit back and watch what the world has to offer in new jobs. You can even get help writing your resume if needed. If you are in this position, take that step and start toward your new career.

Fall Colds and Cough

Besides all the stuff that is causing my husband a great deal of misery from allergies, now he has caught a cold. He is feeling quite miserable and weak. We have some good cough syrup that has helped him sleep well. That is one good thing. However, now he just came and told me he should see our doctor so I am calling the doctor to see if I can get him in to see her. He has such a deep cough and seems to be getting worse this afternoon.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pizza Ranch Night

It was Pizza Ranch night tonight. They had a terrific salad bar and a huge variety of pizzas tonight. It is kids night so I think one kid eats free with every 2 adults. We counted 11 kids by the time we were done eating. There were mostly little boys but there was one little girl in a highchair that looked like she might be a year old. She had 3 brothers. She will be well protected when she grows up with 3 big brothers to look after her.

Best Way to Lose Weight Fast

I have been trying to lose weight for years. Just what is the best way to lose weight fast? I have been trying to find that way for a long long time. All the diet pills seem to offer you quick losses and you are disappointed. Many of the food plans say they will do that for you, but will they really? I see a lot of celebrities talking about their wonderful diet plan they have delivered to their doors with delicious foods that will stop your cravings and take off the weight. But that is not always true either. I feel the best way to find out how to lose the weight quickly is to get on the Internet and find someone who can give you information on a forum or weight loss articles. Knowledge is a great thing to have and a good idea to check out everything in regard to fast weight loss.


Everyone today is on what I call a health kick. It is a good idea to try and keep yourself as healthy as possible. One of the ways is to take multivitamins. But how do you know which are the best ones to take. Are they all okay or are there some risks or side effects you should know about. In checking the Internet I found there are companies who have done all the research for you and can recommend the best ones for you to take. You can find out what the benefits are when you take vitamins. Not only that but you can purchase the recommended multivitamins online for half the price or nearly that. What a great savings and help for your budget too.

Holly's Eye Infection

Holly's eyes just kept getting red and more red so we took her to the Veterinary. He said she had some infection around her eye and gave us some salve to put on her eye lids. She had scratched at her face too so we put salve on that too. It is a week today so I think we can try taking off her collar and see how it goes. If she rubs her eyes again, we will have to put it back on. She is on antibiotics too and another pill every day twice a day. But we are glad to see her looking better and feeling better too.

Weight Loss Diet Program

Summer may be over and swimsuit season may have ended but I bet you still have some weight you want to lose. I know I do. I have investigated a number of diet plans and have not been happy with any of them. What I need is a good weight loss diet program that really works and keeps on working. I know that if you take diet pills, you can drop quite a few pounds right away, but it comes back just as fast. I think often it is just water weight you are losing. You didn't gain the weight fast and you can't expect to go to sleep one night and wake up thin the next morning. I like to check out the Internet and find someone who has done all the work for me and can recommend a diet program that really works. Instead of having packaged meals delivered, it would be good to have recipes you could follow and then you would know how healthy they are and how much sodium they contain. There has got to be a better way and I think I found it.

School Got Out Early

I heard this backup noise and there was the school bus about 2 hours early. I wonder if it got too hot in the classrooms again. We have had some quite hot weather and they have been letting the kids out early. By staying past lunch and over noon, they can count the day and don't have to make it up. Last winter was bad and there were many snow days to make up.

Best Wrinkle Cream

When you get up one morning and look in the mirror and see your wrinkled grandmother staring back at you, what do you do? You head for the nearest store that would sell the best wrinkle cream and try and decide which will work for you. It has been my experience to find out from others just what luck they have had with the many various creams. Is that big expensive brand really the one that will do the job? Maybe yes, a and maybe no, but in shopping the Internet, I learned a great deal about wrinkle creams. I found that many of them, no matter what the price, are all made by just a few manufacturers. That was a shock to me. So I checked on further and found the creams that were highly recommended through people's usage. Everyone should investigate before they spend big dollars on products that "say" they will work on your wrinkles and find out if they will really live up to their claims.

Sleep Pills

There is nothing like a good night's sleep to start your day off right. When you can't get to sleep or toss and turn all night, you get up cranky and out of sorts and people ask you if you got up out of the wrong side of the bed. What you really need is good sleep pills so that you can get the good night's rest you need to face the next day. One of the main things to do is research these pills and find out if they are safe or have drug interactions. When you have a very busy job that demands a great deal of you, you need your nightly rest. Also,if you are a mother and have a family to take care of, you need to be at your best for the day. A good night's sleep can really help with everything you need to do every day.


When I go out shopping for a new diet pill, I am faced by many shelves full of them. I never know whether to believe all they say about their pills. It seems that many promise a great deal and then do not deliver on their promise. In checking the Internet I thought I would check out apidexin and see what I could find about it. It is great when someone gathers lots of information from consumers about a diet pill and then tells you all about it so you make your own decision. Not only that I have found in my Internet shopping that I can save a bundle of money buying them online. Why should I pay high prices for a diet pill when I can order online and have it sent directly to me?

Women's Sweaters

It is really starting to feel like Fall here now. I got up this morning and the house was cold and it was cold outside too. This is the time of the year I love to shop for women's sweaters because the first thing I do after getting showered and dressed is put on a warm sweater. I love all kinds of colors and there are always new styles to choose from every year. I do a lot of shopping on the Internet because it is fast and easy and I can have things shipped right to my door. That way I save a lot of stress running from store to store to find just the right ones for this year. My old ones look kind of beat up so its time to start shopping.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Holly's Birthday

Holly will be 12 on the 25th of this month. It seems like yesterday that we got her as a little puppy. She is different in that she has a white face instead of the black mask most Boston Terriers have. She also has one blue and one brown eye. She has been having some infection around her eyes and the Vet says a lot of dogs have allergies at this time of the year. She had it last year too. We have 2 pills to give her and some lotion to put around her eyes twice a day for a week and hopefully by next Wednesday it will be cleared up. It looks better already.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Shopping at Wal-Mart

I really enjoy shopping at Wal-Mart. They have such a clean and organized store. We took two watches in the other day and the woman took links out of the wrist bands at no charge. We always can find great bargains there and we always get our cereal there as it is so much cheaper than our home town store. We do buy most of our groceries in town but when we get to Wal-Mart, we get things we can't always get here at home. We think it is the best store around.

Accutane Lawsuit

A lot of acne sufferers put their faith in Accutane when their regular acne drugs didn't work. It was sold under quite a few different names, so you need to check the Internet to see what they were. That is, if you feel that you may have bad side effects such as Crone's disease or ulcerative colitis or something else. The FDA took it off the market in 2009 and that is an definite indication to me that it was a dangerous drug. Pain, cramping, and bleeding are just a few of the symptoms. If you have some of these symptoms, you may find that you have an Accutane Lawsuit. By checking into the Internet, you can find an experienced group of lawyers who would be able to assist you. You can also gain information about it by checking questions asked by others.


My husband just went out and mowed our lawn. Two of the neighbors had mowed theirs so he thought he should also mow. I didn't think it was long enough but guess it does look more even. I took a trimming shears and cut some long stuff that was growing where it didn't need to be. Then we could hear thunder. The weatherman said the other night if you hear thunder, take cover. I saw on television last night where lightning struck a lady while she was ironing. Lucky she wasn't killed.

Car Insurance Quotes

It is that time again to renew our car insurance. I always wonder if we are getting the lowest price so I decided that this time I would check out the Internet to see about other companies. I found out I could find out car insurance quotes very easily. All I needed to do was fill in my zip code and I could get all kinds of free quotes. That way I could make a good comparison to my present company and see if I could save some money. It was well worth my time because I found out I could save quite a bit by changing companies.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Gas Prices

I see the gas prices are rising again. They kind of dropped over the weekend but first thing Monday morning they jumped up 11 cents a gallon around here. We went to a larger town yesterday to do some shopping so bought gas there for 14 cents a gallon less. It doesn't amount to a lot but I guess every bit helps. I heard one guy tell of another that drove the distance to that town just to get cheaper gas. That's crazy because I am sure he drove out whatever gas he saved, just by driving to that town. Some people just don't think.

Gold Bullion

For centuries, civilizations have known the value of gold. It not only keeps its value but most often grows in value. I heard on the television this morning that the price of gold is rising quickly so now is a great time to buy gold bullion as a way to preserve your wealth in a safe way. Everyone is attracted to gold. Gold jewelry is coveted by all people and always has been. You can purchase your gold directly from the U. S. Gold Bureau and the will help you decide on a safe depository for it. They will also ship it directly to you if that is your wish. No matter what you decide, you can rest assured that you are making a safe investment.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

High Wind Warning

We have a high wind warning here till 1 PM. I just felt my chair shake a bit and that is very unusual. The trees are taking a beating and those not strong enough, will surely go down today. We had some good rain yesterday but now a cold wave is moving through. We will probably get more rain later in the week from Tropical Storm Hermine that is hitting Texas. Bet our grandkids are glad they are out of there and back in Iowa now. It is only 57 degrees and cloudy so guess I will go get my sweater.

Infrared Saunas

Now is the time to buy that infrared sauna you have always wanted because Infrared Saunas for Sale is what you have been waiting for. I checked into the Internet because we have been wishing for a sauna for a long time but we were unable to find one that we felt was roomy enough. I discovered Infrared Spas and Saunas could be purchase at great prices and free shipping too. When I saw that I discussed it with my husband and we both knew that this was a great time to buy the Infrared Sauna of our dreams. They are made of such beautiful cabinets and have large spacious rooms. We loved the Hollywood style because it would be able to hold 4 people and family or friends could enjoy our new sauna with us.

Family is Growing

Our family has sure grown since we got married nearly 60 years ago. We certainly obeyed God's word to Adam and Eve to go forth and populate the earth. Here are two of the latest additions to our family in the past 25+ years. Our granddaughter is carrying little great grandson around in the latest type of baby carriers. He is getting really big though and I wonder how much longer she can do that. It hurts my back to think about it :0) He is really growing up quickly.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Clouds and Wind

The clouds are moving in on us and it went from a sunny day to a dreary day. The winds are terrific. I don't like it when they blow this hard. They can do too much damage. The neighbor has her clothes out on the line. They really dried today but if she doesn't watch them, they are going to blow away. I have seen that happen before. I just hope it doesn't blow in more rain.

Pull Up Bars

Everyone is into physical fitness these days. One of the way you can do this is with pull up bars. In checking into the Internet I found you can get these with several accessories that make your exercising even more valuable. It also gives you a variety of exercises using the bars. You can strengthen your muscles and get your body into shape with a number of easy exercises. Everyone wants to burn fat and improve their physical fitness as much as possible. In my opinion, these pull up bars have everything you need for a great many exercises to get you in shape.

Fall is Here

Doggone it, it is cold out. It is cold in the house too. My fingers are getting cold here at the computer. I think I will get get my sweater on. I see the computer says 59 now but it is more like 50 outside here. I wonder where their thermometer is. It must be in the sun. It was 40 degrees at 6:30 this morning but there was a beautiful sunrise.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Purchase Attractive Scrubs Cheap

Just because you have to wear scrubs doesn't mean they have to be unattractive. When you can get good buys on 100 cotton scrubs at great prices, why wouldn't you want to do that? They have designed accessories to go along with your scrubs also. You just can beat cheap medical scrubs that are well made and fashionable. Whether you are working in the medical field or dental fields, you can find the scrubs to fit your career path. You may need a cotton lab coat for your job and this is the place to find them. For orders over $155, there is free shipping within the continental United States, making it even more of a bargain. Look attractive while working in best cotton scrubs, coats, caps and more.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Our local barber retired due to old age and health problems. My husband just didn't know what to do after going to this barber for so many years. Now he is going to my beauty operator to have his hair cut and he really likes the haircuts. We went this morning and she did a fine job of cutting his hair. He is so glad he can pretty much get in for a haircut whenever he needs one. She does a very good job.

Mortgage, Insurance and Financial Leads

A business thrives on new customers. It can't be stagnant, remaining with the same customers they may have had for years. It is important to get new leads for potential sales and to build your inventory of customers. You want a growing business so you may turn to the Internet to find other sources of customer leads. In checking the Internet,I found a company I could trust to furnish me with the fresh leads that I needed for my mortgage business. They have the ability to screen out old leads or those that are not legitimate. You can get fresh leads emailed to you daily and grow your business exponentially. And since their leads are backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, you can't go wrong.