Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Injured Hawk

Awhile back my grandson found an injured big owl on his way home from work.  He lives in the country and it was by the road.  He took it home, got it well and called those who take care of such birds.  Well,  he ran across an injured Hawk.  So he took it home too and called those who take care of them.  He said its talons were really sharp and he had to be very careful.  He saved the lives of these two birds who would have otherwise died.  Pretty neat, don't you think?

Monday, December 17, 2012

Snow? Blizzard?

Sounds like by Wednesday sometime and Thursday for sure, we will be getting a bunch of snow.  The winds are supposed to be terrible on Thursday so I look for whiteout conditions.  This is ok for me but I feel for the people that need to go to work.  I can stay home and look out the window at it.  We haven't really had any snow to speak of yet this winter which is great for a lot of us but it is bad for those who make a living moving snow.  Also those with snowmobiles are going nuts wanting to get out there and use them.  And those selling them are praying for snow.  Everyone says we need a White Christmas.  I don't.  I love a winter without snow.  Let it catch up on the moisture with warm Spring rains hopefully.  I heard on the news about 2 weeks ago that there was someone out mowing their lawn.  That person is nuts too.  The grass is dormant for the winter and I think the last thing it needs is mowing.  Better have their head examined :0).

Amazing Wedge Shoes and Sneakers

We all want the most comfortable wedge shoes and wedge sneakers we can find on the market today.  I have really noticed all the many famous stars wearing wedge shoes to match their beautiful dresses.  I just love the blue ones with a blue dress.  They come in so many colors these days, you can find wedge shoes to go with your every outfit.  The wedge sneakers look fantastic with leggings or my skinny jeans.  But not only are they beautiful, but they are very well made and designed for wonderful comfort for your feet.  You know when your feet feel good, you feel good.  It is always neat to have people turn around when you walk past, admiring your wedges.  It gives you such a feeling of style and self esteem to know you are wearing such stylish wedges.  If you are like most women who love shoes, you will need several pairs to fit your wardrobe.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Birthday Special

It was my great grandson's 1st birthday and the theme was football. His Dad decorated a cake like a football field with green astroturf and all, made of frosting.  On top was a chocolate football.  I thought one of the neatest things was the fruit bowl.  It was a small watermelon cut out like a football helmet.  I've never seen anything like it and thought it was really neat and bet you will too when you look at this picture.

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Goldline Salt Cell

Keeping  your pool clean is very important no matter whether is it an outdoor pool or an inground pool.  Some people may not realize how important it is to test the salt level in their pools. Testing devices are recommended and then you want to be sure and get the best   goldline salt cell available to keep your pool at the right level of salt. By shopping the Internet, you will be able to find just what you need to keep your pool in great shape for your enjoyment.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Decorated Birthday Cakes

It is hard to believe but the little one year old's Dad decorated this cake for him.  He decorates all the birthday cakes and does a wonderful job of it.  Each one has a different theme too.  And the cake is delicious as well.  I am glad to be invited over to share in the cake and ice cream.  So much fun to watch the little ones open their birthday gifts too.

Another Birthday Party

Our little great grandson turned one year old.  He had so much fun opening his presents.  His Dad had a lot of fun keeping his older sister and brother from helping him too much :0).  He really went at those presents, ripping off the paper.  He did really well for one so young.  He had a great time and lots of fun presents.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Black Friday

Everyone loves Black Friday.  I take that back.  There are lots of people who don't like Black Friday.  I am one of them.  I can see no point in going out at 3 in the morning in the freezing cold and waiting hours to stand in line and try to get something that is really a bargain.  If I needed it that bad, I would have bought it a long time ago.  I can't see fighting for a parking place either, a half mile from the entrance to the store.  I think the best shopping is done starting in January, picking up things along the way till November and then stay away from the big stores, all the traffic, and fighting over items that are marked way down but there are never enough of them for everyone.  So I am sitting here in my warm house, with a hot cup of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie and enjoying every minute of it while others are out again today in freezing 19 degree weather shopping.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

More Birthdays

Yesterday we celebrated one of my littlest great grandson's birthdays.  He will turn one on the 20th of November and his folks threw a great party yesterday.  He really got into opening the presents.  For one so young, he ripped off the paper like he knew what he was doing :0)  It was so cute.  Of course, his older sister, age 5 and brother, who will be 3 this week, enjoyed helping him as much as his folks would let them to open the gifts.  They had their cousins over and enjoyed playing with the new games.  His dad decorated a neat cake with a brown football on top of a green football field.  That with ice cream, punch and crackers and a cheese ball filled everyone up for awhile.    Later chili with fritos and cheese was enjoyed by all.

Cleveland Golf Clubs

There are quite a number of golfers in my family now.  They are all interested in obtaining new golf clubs. It is getting into the Holiday season and the shopping is about to begin.  Perhaps you have already started your shopping for new golf clubs for various members of your family for Christmas and among those they would like would be the golf wedges.  Not just any golf wedges will do, they want the highest quality wedges they can find.  By shopping the Internet, I am able to obtain these high quality wedges from a company that has been well known for 25 years for the best wedges and golf clubs.   I found out that having the best wedges is utmost in the mind of everyone who plays golf.   My grandson recently moved into the neighborhood of the local golf course. They live right across the street from Hole #1.    His garage houses a golf cart and he loves golf.  His father-in-law loves to go with him and golf every chance they get.   Purchasing fine Cleveland golf clubs for Christmas will delight both of them.

Thursday, November 15, 2012


This little Spiderman is one of my great grandsons.  I thought it was one of the best costumes I saw this year.  I wasn't sure who he was, it was so good.  He was having a great time fooling great grammy.  And he knew where the candy bowl was.  He headed right for it.  I asked him to do a trick for me but he was too little to know what I meant and just looked at me with his big eyes.  He had a great deal of fun being Spiderman.

Marmot Jackets for Women

It is that time of the year again.  The time when you get out your warm jackets.  Time to put away the summer and Fall jackets for something lots warmer.  We have seen a few snow flakes and soon it will be serious about snowing as it is gradually getting colder and colder.   Now is the time to get a new   marmot venus jacket to keep you warm in the snow and cold wind chills we have in our State.  With a warm goose down jacket, you know you will be warm wherever you go.  I was looking at them on the Internet and I love the vibrant colors.  The jackets are so light weight, you wonder if they will keep you warm but they certainly do.  And not only that they are water resistant too in order to keep the wind out and the heat in.

Fun on Halloween

Here are two of my little great granddaughters in their costumes.  They are ready to go out for their first Trick and Treat on Halloween.  Aren't they just little dolls?  Next year they will really enjoy it more being older.  The first Halloween's are kind of different for them as they don't quite understand the reason for the costumes.  They all know the meaning of candy though, don't they?  They had a lot of fun.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Birthday Cake

Great granddaughter turned 5 November 1st.  Her Mom baked this cake and her Dad decorated it.  He has quite a talent for decorating.  He must have lots of patience.  Not only was the cake beautiful but it was delicious as well.  Everyone really enjoyed it.  We were all surprised to learn her Dad did the decorating.

Window Replacement Newport News VA

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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Birthday Parties

November and December are big months in our extended family for birthdays.  I have 13 great grandchildren and most of them have been born during those months.  Most of mine were born in November and December and one son in January.  He not only brightened our lives, but he brightened my family ring with a red stone among the blue and yellow ones.  We are going to a big party for two of the great grandsons this weekend.  That means lots of fun and food for all in attendance.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

First Halloween

This is my little great grandson dressed up in his Halloween costume.  It is his first Halloween and he is excited to go out with his folks and his brother and sister.  He smiles all the time.  You can tell he is having a great time.  They came to my house all dressed up and were so cute.  Next year he will be walking along with the family.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Chuck E Cheese

This seems to be the favorite of all kids.  Here grammy and grandpa are having a ball with some of their grandkids.  It is always so much fun to stay with grandparents.  They love to spoil the kids and it is so much fun.  Good food too is always a joy.  The grandkids look forward to spending as much time as possible with their grandparents.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Wrestling Singlets

Many wrestling teams have their own colors.  They also have their own styles that must be followed.  In order to get the best deals on the right wrestling singlets, a search of the Internet is always a good idea.  By purchasing  wrestling singlets at there is a great selection to choose from.  In order to save money, the reversible singlets, that can be reversed from one color to another, certainly will do just that - save money.  They have a large selection of freestyle and also folkstyle singlets and you save even more money by checking out the closeouts on name brands.  It is easy to give them a call too on their toll free number to place your order.

Monday, October 15, 2012

Family Visit

My youngest son and wife are coming today.  We are all going out to lunch at the Pizza Ranch.  You just can't beat their food.  It is just about the best place to eat in our little town.  It seems hard to keep a good restaurant in this town where you can sit down and order a steak.  It's been many years since we had such a restaurant here.  But there is plenty of fast food like Subway, Hardees, Chinese, and more.  The town is growing as the industries are growing.  They need welders all the time it seems. 

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Snow Blower

We have a snow blower for sale.  It has hardly been used and is just like new.  Our landlord moves nearly all our snow all the time and all it takes is several shovel fulls by the garage door and it is done.  Last winter, the snow missed us nearly all winter so it didn't get out of the garage.  The year before was the same.  I guess we should have held off buying one until we found out whether we would need it or not.  This winter could be different and there has to be someone out there who needs a small snow blower.

Personalized Sports Gifts

If the men in your family are as sports minded as mine are, then   personalized sports gifts are a great gift for any occasion.  So any in our  family are Viking fans and also Hawkeye fans, that any of them would be delighted with a personalized football to add to their collection.  It is something different from the usual T-shirt or sweatshirt.  There are a great many choices so you are sure to find something to your liking.  Christmas is getting closer and it is a thought.  I was looking at the Internet and I see they even have them for wedding gifts.  Quite unique, don't you think for a sports loving pair.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Gas and Food Prices

I took a trip to my hometown today.  The weather was gorgeous.  The trees are all turning beautifully.  On the way home I stopped at a town near home where the gas price was lower than at home.  It pays to fill up every chance you get to save some money.  Then I went to the grocery store there and saved a great deal on a few things I needed.  It was a good trip all around.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Mexican Restaurant

Yesterday I traveled to see my son and his family 2 hours away.  We went to the Zoo and afterwards went for a late lunch at his favorite Mexican restaurant.  It was a new one to me.  We had a great lunch and everyone was really full.  Then we took a drive thru the city and saw where they all work and visited a bit with a grandson at their apartment.  It was a great fun day.  It was a bit chilly but that was better than the 90's we have been having in the past month.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Briefcase for Men

In today's world, a  briefcase for men is a necessity.  A great many men travel long distances to visit their clients and need one that can carry everything they need, plus having a handle so they can pull it like a small suitcase.  Others may prefer a different style,  one that will hold the necessary papers and laptop required for their job.  Either way, they want a good looking, long wearing briefcase.  In checking the Internet, there is a huge selection of briefcases made of several materials other than leather.  This may be what you are looking for.  And all the name brands are available at great prices.  You may have a preference, as well, for black or brown and you can have many choices of styles in the color you want.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Roller Bearings

An integral part of a great number of machines and machinery is roller bearings. It is important that they be working properly and have not worn out. There are a great number of varying types of roller bearings for every kind of machines or machinery. It is amazing how many types and sizes there are. Also metric and standard bearings are available. No matter what the need, you can find exactly what you need just by knowing the size and type.

Monday, September 10, 2012

First Day of School

My little great granddaughter started to pre-school this year. She was really excited to go. I think she would have gone last year if she could have. She goes 4 days a week but would happily go all 5 days if they had it for 5 days. She goes a half day and her little brothers now play more together at home while she is gone. She is growing up so fast.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bathroom Accessories

Your bathrooms are a very important part of your home. It is important to me that my bathrooms look attractive and have the proper lighting. A bathroom is where the whole family spends time every day of their lives, showering, putting on their makeup, combing their hair, doing those last minute looks in the mirror to be sure they look the way they want to before going out to dine or to visit company and friends. It is easy to update and provide a pleasant environment in your bathrooms by providing the most attractive and useful bathroom accessories. Good lighting is essential and choosing the best lighting can make such a difference in your bathroom. Perhaps you have not considered the knobs on your cabinets in the bathroom. However, changing those knobs can make such a difference. Of course having a set of toothbrush holders, soap dispensers, hand lotion dispenser and even kleenex box can greatly improve the looks of your bathroom. Baskets to hold pretty soaps are always nice to have too.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Great Wolf Lodge

The Great Wolf Lodge in the Dells in Wisconsin is a wonderful place for families to get together and have so much fun. Our daughter and husband went to the Lodge with all their family and grandchildren and you can see they were having a wonderful time. They love the good food too and playing in the water park indoors is such fun. They didn't have places like this when our kids were growing up and we probably couldn't have afforded it if they had. So I think it is wonderful to see our families going places together and enjoying everything together.

Bike Rack For Cars

In the Spring, Summer and Fall, bike riding is great fun and exercise also. Many people like to take their bikes along on vacation so that they can venture out once they have gotten situated in their Motel or camping spot. And if they are wishing to take their bikes on their car, then they start looking into a bike rack for cars. There are a number of various types. They may wish to put them on the back of their car or on top of the car. Prices vary too for different types. By checking the Internet, you can find just what you are looking for at the price you wish to pay. Often shipping is free too depending on how much you spend. I have put many miles on bikes over the years and love the sport and exercise of it.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Great Granddaughter

This is one of my little great granddaughters. She rode along with me and her grandparents to Colorado for her Uncle's wedding. We were blessed with a day in which we spent in the Rocky Mountain National Park. It was just beautiful up there. Here you can see how little a 4 year old looks next to just one of the rocks up in the mountains. Although it was sunny, it was a little chilly but we all had a wonderful time.

Scion FR-S New Sports Car

What man or woman would not absolutely fall in love with the new Scion FR-S sports car from Toyota. They have combined the best of everything in order to turn out this dream car. Although it has a 4 cylinder engine it has 200 horsepower and is lightweight and affordable. It has just come out on the market and been introduced to the public in June 2012. It is available with both 6 speed automatic or 6 speed manual, pleasing all sports car lovers. And the colors - there is a large range of colors and of course, I am a little prejudiced toward red so I love the new Firestorm color. It grabbed me the minute I saw it. Sleek and shapely, this is the car that will catch your eye the minute you catch a glimpse of it. Toyota has taken all the best points of several of their cars and put them altogether in the Scion FR-S to turn out a sports car that will attract everyone. It comes equipped with 11 air bags so it has you covered from all directions for extra safety. Be sure and check out the specifications of this beautiful new sports car yourself.
The All new Scion FR-S
Brought to you by the all new Scion FR-S

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Family Fun

It is so neat to see a whole family get together for some fun. Here you see some of this happy family gathered together for a good meal. They have gone to the Dells with all their children and grandchildren. Have you ever been to Wolf Lodge? It is a great family place with an indoor water park and everything else you would want. I would love to go if I was just 40 years younger :0)

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Birthday Party

I was invited next door to their son's 16th birthday. I remember mine so well. I got my driver's license as soon as I turned 16 and have been driving ever since without receiving a ticket. He was quite excited to get cards with money for gas for the car he got when he turned 16. He gives his sisters a ride to school now and often back home too. I know they are happy not to have to ride the bus anymore. They are all growing up so fast. It was fun to go over and have good food and visit with old friends I hadn't seen in a while. I think that is the last birthday party now for this year.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Taco Tuesday

Another Taco Tuesday has rolled around. We have missed a couple of them. My brother spent a couple in the hospital or recuperating. So today we will be able to go and enjoy the great Mexican food of the Taco Johns in his hometown. I wish we had one here because everything they have is good. They have great breakfast dishes too but it is too far to run over there to get breakfast. I would rather go for lunch. They have a huge variety to choose from and often I take something home to have for supper or lunch tomorrow. Looking forward to it.

Stewart Esten Law Ofices

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

The Weather is Changing - AGAIN!

They say in our State that if you do not like the weather, just wait a few hours or a day and it will change. It seems we have had a very extreme hot summer with a few cooler weeks in between. It has been quite warm and tonight we are going to break the record for a record low temperature. We go from closing the windows and turning on the air conditioning to opening the windows until it gets too chilly and close them again. I love a nice cool NW wind and by the looks of the western sky, we might even get something called rain. We hardly know what that is in this State and the crops are ruined this year. That is sad.

Houston Fence

Our daughter and her husband just bought a new house. It is still in the stages of completion and they have a lovely back yard. However, their yard and 3 neighbors are all connected. There is just no privacy there. In checking the Internet, they found a company that manufactures the finest of privacy fence houston. There are a number of various styles too and wood. They want a good looking fence that will last so they are looking for a company that does excellent work and does not cut corners. They have found there is a difference in some manufacturers if you check into it closely.

Mother's Little Helper

It is wash day today and Mother's Little Helper is checking it out. He is growing up so fast. Pulls himself up to everything now. He will be walking very soon. His Mom has her hands full taking care of three little ones. Their ages are 9 months, 2 years and 4 years. I remember when all 5 of ours were 5 and under. The last two were twins which made double the work but double the pleasure too. Now they are all married and a couple have grandchildren. How time flies.

Monday, August 13, 2012

Cicada Killer Wasps

I was reading in the paper this morning about Cicada Killer Wasps. They burrow into the ground. This hot dry weather we have been having has been perfect for them. They are called Killer Wasps but they actually never sting anyone. They have not found anyone who has been stung by one. They mind their own business and don't have hives so they have nothing to protect. Often a person gets bitten by a wasp because you have disturbed their nest. The ordinary wasp likes to build a hive along the soffit of your home. The usual wasp spray does not kill them either.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rocky Mountains National Park

I just can't seem to quit writing about the beautiful mountains we saw on our trip in June. One of the stopping off points in the Rocky Mountain National Park was here where there was a bridge crossing the base of a waterfall. It was just beautiful, clear water pouring down from the side of the mountain. The elevation was quite high and left you breathless so it was a slow walk to this point. It was, however, worth the walk and a beautiful site to see. My daughter says she is ready to go back there for another vacation.

Small Business Accounting Tools

It does not matter what size business you have, there is always plenty of accounting and bookkeeping to do. When you have to do it manually, that is doing it the hard way. It takes a great deal of time to keep up with business bookkeeping. Small businesses have quite a time keeping up with all the paperwork and inventory. In addition to that, keeping track of their customers and their customer's accounts, those that owe money and those payments that come in from the customers can become an all consuming job. However, there is help. By obtaining the best software for your accounting and bookkeeping essentials, you can cut way down on the hours you spend reconciling accounts. I remember when I was keeping the inventory manually, it was quite a job to stay on top of it and order the right amount of items at the right time so we never ran out. In addition, there was the keeping of records to be sure everything got paid on time. The first time I got acquainted with accounting software, I just loved it. It was so much easier and less time consuming. It left me more time to assist customers with their purchases and no staying late to finish the books. By checking the Internet you can find that it only takes a simple form to fill out and you are on your way to getting the right software for your small business. It is quite easy to get started and your data is safe and secure. Over 200,000 people are using this software and are very happy with it.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012


I wear my hair quite short and curly. Every three months, I go and get a curly permanent. Then every month, I go back and get a haircut. It is so easy to care for. I just brush my hair and go. It is great for summer and this has been a hot summer. They say as you age your hair should get shorter and shorter for the best look. I do not like to see women 65 and up with long hair. It does not look good on them. If they are trying to look young, it isn't working :0)

Naturopath Clinics

Every day people go to their doctors for various health problems. Generally, they get a small physical and the doctor asks a few questions and prescribes a prescription medicine he feel will cure your condition or at least help it. I find many of my friends are turning to naturopath clinics in order to treat their health conditions naturally without prescription medicines. If you live in Canada or perhaps even close to the Canadian border, you may want to search out naturopathic doctors in Toronto. It is easy to get an appointment by calling their phone numbers of two clinics that are available. They will give you a very good examination and blood work and advise you whether they can help you or not with your health problems. Not only that but on your first visit if you take along a copy of their form, available on the Internet, you will receive $30 worth of natural nutritional supplements if you make your appointment before August 31st.

Saturday, August 4, 2012


We are really hurting for rain. In looking at the map it looks like there is a lot headed right at us. I hope it turns into a good all day soaking rain. We have only had about 1/2" twice in two months. The crops are dead in many parts of the State. Farmers are cutting it for silage. What a shame. At least some good will be gotten out of it but it will make a real shortage of corn and beans this year. Grocery prices will continue to rise. It's a bad situation.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Skrupa Law

Some years ago, we got into debt that we just could not control or pay our way out of. Taking out bankruptcy gives you such a feeling of embarrassment and it is the last thing you want to do. However, sometimes it is the only way out and you need to find a good firm such as Skrupa Law to work it out with you. As a nebraska bankrupcy attorney you will find they are sympathetic to your cause and will help you through your situation. They are able create solutions for you for debt relief and help put your mind at ease and reduce your stress. They can walk you through the possibilities of filing Chapter 7 or 13 bankruptcies. They also have affordable prices, as well, so that is an additional help to you. Help put your mind at ease by contacting an experienced firm that has your best interests at heart.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Brother's Surgery

My brother had a colonoscopy about 2 weeks ago and Monday he started passing blood like crazy. I took him to ER and they did a scan and found his stomach was bleeding. He was losing blood faster than they could give it to him. They had to go in and cauterize several veins and in 3 months they will have to go in again and cauterize maybe that many more. If it stops, that will be it but if it doesn't, they will have to go in again in another 3 months and cauterize some more. The whole one side of his stomach was raw and a vessel had burst causing the bleed. I hope he will get to go home tomorrow and will be ok now for the next 3 months at least or more.

Homes for Sale Louisville, Kentucky

Any time you are going to move, you need a good place to find the home you want. Say you have been transferred to Louisville, KY. You live many miles from there and have no idea what is available in Louisville. The best thing to do is check out the Internet for homes for sale louisville ky. You can search through all the local listings and featured homes, as well. Perhaps you want to check out the area and see what is available for shopping, entertainment and where the best schools are. You can find out the prices of homes available where you would choose to relocate in Louisville. In the opposite idea, perhaps you have a home to sell there. It can all be checked out easily. You can find out what your home is worth.

Colonoscopy Tests

This is a great test to determine if you have or could possibly have colon cancer in the near future. My husband had the test and they found a huge tumor. They were able to remove it completely and in time. He did not have too have any follow up treatments such as radiation or chemotherapy. Colon Cancer kills many people each year. If you haven't had yours, please do so. It could save your life.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Bath Time

It is so much fun to watch a little child in the bath. They have lots of toys to play with. This little guy is having a great time. His tub is just the right size for him. I think this is much safer than placing a child this size in a regular size bathtub. You can see by his big smile how much he is enjoying his bath.

Leather Dyeing

Leather furniture can add so much beauty to your home. However, it also receives a great deal of wear and tear and before you know it, it is showing signs of wear that are unsightly. Then what do you do? You want to find an expert company who is very well experienced in regard to leather dyeing. You can then see about getting a Leather Recoloring Kit. Perhaps the leather seats in your car are showing signs of wear also. You need expert help identifying the type of leather or vinyl in order to get the right color for dyeing. By searching the Internet, locate a company that has all this to offer you and more.

Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel is a famous and beautiful Hotel in Colorado. While there, some of our family went to see it. Here you see a couple of our grandsons by the grand staircase in the Stanley Hotel. You can see what a magnificent place it is. I do not know how long it has been there but I think it has been a long time. I would have enjoyed seeing it too if there had been more time to sight see.

Friday, July 20, 2012

Fun with the Grandkids

It was fun for all and lots of good pizza. Here you see Grammy having a great time with a couple of her grandchildren. It is always fun when they get together. The kids had the time of their lives. They love their grandparents so much. It is fun to watch them all play together.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Hungry for Pizza

Think he can eat the whole thing? My Grandson is horsing around but I bet he could eat it all if he wanted to. The whole family is having pizza and having a good time. Everyone loves pizza. My favorite is the one with everything on it. Good stuff.

Friday, July 6, 2012

Family Trip

This is my daughter and her husband in the Rocky Mountains. The picture was taken by their 4 year old granddaughter. She did really good didn't she?
Here I am with my little great granddaughter in the Rocky Mountains. We had such a nice trip out there and back. We went to my grandson's wedding. It was just beautiful up above Estes Park. I had not been to Colorado since I was 18 so it was a great trip for me to see the mountains again. We all had such a good time.

Pulse Oximeter

My brother has been having breathing problems so they set him up with a medical station at home. He has to check his blood pressure, weight and also his oxygen level. They gave him a pulse oximeter so that he could report his oxygen level every day. There are several kinds. His is the type you put on the end of your finger. But they make them for your wrist, as well. There are several other kinds such as tabletop and hand held oximeters. They are used everywhere in the medical profession, hospitals, clinics, etc.

Business Insurance Quote

Do you have a computer business. Perhaps you have an IT or Web business. If so, you know how important it is to have good insurance. By checking the Internet you can get a business insurance quote quite easily. Just fill in your specialty and they can get you quotes as quickly as in hours. You do not have to wait for days and days. Since they have multiple carriers of insurance, it is easy for them to get just the right insurance for you at the right price. You can even chat with an assistant right online who can assist you more quickly.

Holiday Week

It seems like it was one long Holiday week. Where my brother lives, the people start moving into the parks and into their summer cabins on the lake. Also they have mobile homes in the mobile home parks that they only stay in during the summer. It starts out with the big "move in" on Memorial Day weekend. They have a huge city wide rummage sale that weekend. Then the carnival comes to town several days before the 4th of July and sets up and the fun begins. A big parade is held on the 4th and this year the carnival stayed over for a few more days of fun. Their little town of maybe 8,000 grows to 20,000 easily during this time and a good share of the summer.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Flower Girl and Ring Bearer

The little flower girl and ring bearer are brother and sister. He had the cutest cap on but he wouldn't leave it on for the whole wedding service. They did a very good job for only being 2 and 4 years old. The little flower girl danced a lot that night after the reception and had a great time. Both are my great grandchildren and a joy to see having a great time while their uncle got married in beautiful Colorado.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Rocky Mountain National Park

We were blessed to have our grandson's wedding in early June. The fire started that day and was just one white plume of smoke. We went up into the Park on Sunday and it was just beautiful. Now I understand a great deal has been burned. What a shame. But most of all, it is terrible that many people have lost their homes and more may lose their homes before they get the fire under control. There is so much dead wood and trees to keep feeding the fire. My cousin in Denver says the wind carries the burning embers along, spreading the fires worse.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Colorado Fires

The fires are burning out of control out west. And there are so many of them. Our grandson was married above Estes Park and I heard this morning that a number of structures have been burned near there and sounds like it getting closer to Estes Park. My cousin lives in Denver and she said the winds are spreading the sparks and there seems to be no stopping the fires. They are burning in several States out west. He was married on June 9, and I think it was just in the nick of time. Scary.

Friday, June 22, 2012

No Email

They talk about people being lost without their cell phones. Well, I think it is even worse or just as bad when you can't get into your email. Someone hacked in and took over but I am getting it fixed by experts. It should never happen again. Guard your passwords with your life. They are very important.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Grandson's Wedding

I got to ride along out to Colorado with my son-in-law, daughter, and little 4 yr old great granddaughter to attend their youngest son's wedding way above Estes Park. It was magnificent. They were the first couple to be wed in the new outdoor chapel up there. At first it was breathtaking and I do mean that. The day before the wedding we walked up to the building and I had to sit and let my heart slow down. The next day it was much better as was more used to the high altitude.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Colorado Mountains

We went to our grandson's wedding in Estes Park last week. It was such a beautiful drive up to where they were married. They were the first couple to be married in this new wedding place. It was so much fun and little hummingbirds were flying around right in front of them to the flowers while they were being married. It was amazing.

Monday, June 4, 2012

Craft Supplies

It seems like everyone is scrapbooking these days. In shopping the Internet I discovered a great place to get craft supplies. My neighbor does a lot of craft work with her daughter and is always looking to save some money on her craft supplies. By ordering off the Internet, she can get fast shipping right to her door. That goes for my daughter and daughter-in-law too as they are making graduation scrapbooks for the grandchildren that are graduating soon. It is great to find a place with a large assortment of everything for every craft.

Rustic Bathroom Vanities

Having a cabin in the woods, rustic bathroom vanities would be just the thing to make your bathroom a showplace. There are so many beautiful styles to choose from and FREE shipping if you spend over $119. In shopping the Internet, I found such a delightful choice of rustic vanities for our farm home. And something I really like is that they are made in the good old USA. Too much is shipping in from other countries and we make good products in this country, products that will stand the wear and tear.

The Old Tire Swing

Remember the days of the old tire swing? We had one and we used it a great deal every summer and even in the winter sometimes. It is a simple way to provide lots of fun for children and inexpensive too. Here you see two of the great grandchildren having the time of their lives playing on the tire swing. There is so much nice room to run and play on the farm.

Almost makes you wish you were a kid again.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

New Crops

A couple weeks ago already, the little corn could be seen coming up in rows. It made me feel sad because that was one thing my deceased husband loved to see. He loved to ride somewhere and see the new little crops coming up. The fields are almost entirely green in places. It won't be long and it will be way above knee high by the 4th of July this year.

Monday, May 28, 2012

New Kittens

The great grandchildren are ecstatic over their new batch of kittens. I remember when I was a kid, we had lots of new little kittens. We named many of them and had pet cats for years. After I got married, my husband was more fond of dogs so we had dogs for all our lives. We just lost our little Boston Terrier, Holly, last year. You certainly miss your pets when they are gone.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Band Festival

This is the weekend of the annual Band Festival in River City or as we know it, Mason City. This is where 76 trombones first started. It is where the original movie was made with Meridith Wilson. Many bands come from miles around to march in the parade on Memorial Day. Along with that, it is celebrated with many vendors and much fun. We are hoping for a nice dry day and no rain but they will march rain or shine.

Kitchen Compost

We all want to be environmentally friendly, therefore, many of us have started composting. One of the easiest ways is to get a compost bin for your kitchen. Then you can easily add left over food you would normally throw out or send down the garbage disposal. There is a huge selection to choose a kitchen compost bin. There are many types and colors and you do not have to worry about odor. Having a bin right on your counter is so convenient. You are not always running outside to add to the compost outside. They are good looking so they compliment your kitchen as well.

Memorial Day

Monday is Memorial Day. Our town is having a special program Monday morning. They are going to call off the names of all the Veterans in this area . Then they will have a 21 gun salute in honor of them. My husband will be one of those names called as he passed away last September. He had a wonderful honor guard at his funeral. Pictures here are the men who took part in his Honor Guard.

Push Reel Mower

In today's world, everyone is trying their best to help the environment. One of the easiest ways is to use a push reel mower rather than the noisy, gas engine mower. You would be surprised at how light weight they are. They are easy to push and so quiet you can use your cell phone while mowing if you wish. A push reel mower will mow the grass easily and has a number of various settings. If you mow regularly and don't let the grass get to tall and out of hand, it will do a wonderful job for you. They are priced low too and will save you quite a lot of money on gas and running to the station to get gas.

Swimming Pool Pump

If you have your own swimming pool, then you know how important it is to keep the water circulating and flowing in the pool. I am also sure that you are interested in an energy efficient pump that will do a good job for you. That is why a swimming pool pump needs to be evaluated on its performance before you buy it. In checking the Internet, I found a company that has a large inventory of many types of such pumps, all kinds of brands for above and below ground pools. It pays to check them out for energy efficiency before you buy them.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Kids Grow Up Fast

Here is one of the latest additions to the family. My daughter is holding her latest grandson. He is growing up so fast. I think when you have your own children you are so busy, you do not always realize how fast they are growing and maturing. I thought he was about 3 months old and he is going on 6 months. Time really gets away from you. Babies are so cute and fun to watch.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Great Grandson's Accident

Poor little Kaden fell against the bottom of the fireplace. It cut his head just above the eye. This is a delicate place to stitch. His Dad and Grammy took him to the ER in the neighboring town. They stitched him up and he has quite a few stitches. He was such a good little boy. Hardly cried at all. He will have a scar to remember some day.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Recycle and Garbage Day Tomorrow

I had built up 3 weeks of garbage, 2 sacks full of newspapers and magazines and a big sack of junk mail. Also had a recycle bin that was nearly full. All were pretty heavy and I pulled a muscle awhile back in my back so my son-in-law hauled it all out for me. Tomorrow is pickup day. I usually just have one yellow sack with some garbage in it but I really had a lot today and was glad to have the help. It's great to be able to call on family to help you out. They are all so good about that.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Super Moon Special

What a sight! As the moon rose above the trees it was orange at first. That is just what a Harvest Moon looks like in the fall here. Then it became white and clear and you could see the land mass clearly on the moon. They said it was the closest the moon gets to earth and it was spectacular to see. I kept watching it off and on all evening as it was quite a beautiful sight to see.

Friday, May 4, 2012

New Swing Set and Slide

Our beautiful warm weather has returned and the kids can go out and play again. They love their new slide. Their grandpa has gotten them a new swing set to go with it now so they can have doubly the fun. We had a week of colder weather and we were kind of spoiled but now the warm weather has returned. We no longer have to cover the flowers in case of frost. The kids can play outside without coats again. Actually, I have had the air conditioning on several days this week already.

Monday, April 30, 2012

Having Fun With Grammy

Grammy is watching the grandchildren today. It is a cloudy, cold, rainy day so she decided to find something different for them to do. She suggested they play beauty salon and the kids were all for it. Of course, they wanted to fix grammy's hair too. So while she rolled up her granddaughters hair, granddaughter did her best to roll up grammy's hair too. Grandson could have a play haircut and he thought that was fun. You just have to use a little imagination to entertain the little ones. They will remember the special times they spent with their grammy.

Playground Equipment

WOW! I have just got to say that playground has come a long way since I was a child. It is so well made now and safe. I find that playground equipment is so colorful and makes such a delightful playground for children to play. The Merry-Go-Round of my day is now a Merry-Go-Cycle and what fun and much safer than those we played on. I notice almost all of the parks in our town have been upgraded to much more safe and colorful fun equipment. The schools, as well, are doing the same and my granddaughters have colorful, safe equipment at their homes for my great grandchildren to play on. I am really happy to see a company doing all it can to make playground equipment not only lots of fun but safe as well.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Church Greeters

This is a 5 Sunday month so I was Greeter again today for the second time this month. Greeters are important, especially when new people come in. They enjoy seeing a smiling face greeting them. We also direct them to the sanctuary and restrooms, classrooms too. It is important to be on time too so you are there before the people start coming. I always like to be a bit early.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Raining Cats and Dogs

You know that old expression that it is raining cats and dogs? Well, that is about how hard it has rained all day. We really need the rain but it has also been so cold along with it. I guess it won't be warming up until the weekend. Next week looks like it will be in the 70's. Funny Spring weather this year after a mild winter.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Graduation Announcements

We are experiencing out first graduation event in our family. Since it is the first graduation, we are not sure of just what to do and what is expected of us. Of course the graduation announcements are of major importance. However, we have found that there is a great deal more to it than just sending out an announcement and planning a party. Arranging the proper place to have the party is very important. A great many friends of ours have cleaned out their garages, painted the inside and spent an enormous amount of time gathering together pictures of the graduate from Kindergarten thru 12th grade. This involves making up poster boards of all the pictures and preparing them for posting in the chosen place for the graduation party. In order to be sure we are doing all the right things, we got on the Internet and found a place with a wonderful variety of just the right graduation announcements we need. It is nice if they are gender specific, announcing your son's graduation or your daughter's graduation. Along with that you can add pictures to the graduation announcement and also whether it is high school or a college graduation. We had not thought about that angle. With a team of expert to help us put together just the right graduation announcement and invitation, we felt a lot less stressed out about the whole thing. In addition to those things, we had forgotten all about using the school colors and specifically from which field they were graduating, such as nursing or dental college. By doing it up right, the graduation announcements really become a wonderful keepsake in memory of this grand occasion. Their graduation is not only of great importance to us but to them, as well, and we want it to be something they will remember all their lives.

Sunday, April 15, 2012


The thunderstorms and tornadoes are moving north. Oklahoma really got hit bad and continue to receive more storms and damage. I heard in one State that 4 semis were blown off the Interstate and those drivers all landed in the hospital. They were not sure if it was straight line winds or a tornado. Either way, it is bad. A small town of about 280 people was almost entirely wiped out in our State. They are talking more winds this afternoon and possible severe storms. I think this has been the worst year ever for tornadoes.

Welding Jackets

I think everyone will agree that welding is a very important and skilled job. It is important to have the proper equipment, as well as, welding jackets. It is quite easy to receive welding burns and it no fun. When shopping for such a jacket, you want to look for one that is flame retardant. By shopping the Internet, you are able to locate the best in welding jackets at very reasonable prices. With great savings, along with free shipping, you can more easily fit them into your budget and be safe while welding.

Does Enlarge Maxx Work?

Millions of men now days seem to be having sexual problems. Of course, rather than see their doctor, they head for the nearest store to see what they can buy to boost their testosterone levels. Many times, there are a number of products on the shelves that they can buy and try and they may wonder does enlarge maxx work??
Only by trying it, will they find out. However, often by checking the Internet first, they can find a company that has checked out all these products and will give them the answers. They can also recommend which products are most favorable and will work best.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lunch with My Brother

Since we have had such a nice winter, I have made it a habit to go on Tuesdays to see my brother. We then go out to lunch at Taco Johns. He has been going there for some time, however, I live in the next town and generally snowy winters keep me at home. But this year was a great winter with very little snow. After shopping yesterday, I met him at Taco Johns and we had a great lunch together and visit. They always have very good food and we both love Mexican of almost any kind.

Monday, April 9, 2012

AMT Models

Building model cars is a serious hobby for many people. In checking the Internet, I found good looking amt models. Of course, you need to find the best place to buy just what you want. It is also important to get models to work with that fit the proper age range. If you are perhaps wishing to start a child out putting together model cars, this would be very important. You do not want to discourage them right from the beginning by buying models that are too difficult for their age range. Most likely, another consideration is the selection and price of the models.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Sunday

This was the most beautiful sunny day. We had rain yesterday which kind of put a damper on some of the early Easter egg hunts. We had an early Easter dinner on Saturday. The Mom's hid the eggs all over the house though and the great grandchildren had a ball finding them. Their Grammy brought out Easter baskets with little windmills, bunny masks and candy and they were delighted. Even the adults got something as well. I got a neat jar of jelly beans with a note attached explaining the colors, such as the red ones stood for the blood Jesus shed for us, etc. Also received a big chocolate candy bar with a cross on it. Very unique and special.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Yard Work

Now that my husband has passed away, my son-in-law has been helping me with yard work. He came over tonight and sprayed all around the house for bugs, spiders,etc. Then he spread the weed and feed over the lawn. That really works great to keep the dandelions down. Then he also spread some grass seed on places that took it hard this winter, probably because we didn't have the snow cover we usually have. The next project will be to spray waterproofing on the deck but that should wait till it is a nice calm and warmer day. It is sure good to have help for all the things my husband always did. My neighbor has mowed the lawn once already. It is usually late April or May before you have to mow.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fun Weekend

My sister came to stay with me Friday afternoon. We went out to supper with 2 sister-in-laws and a brother-in law who were returning to Wisconsin after spending the winter in Texas. We went to Carlos O'Kellys and had a wonderful time, delicious Mexican food. Then my sister and I took a one day bus trip to MPLS to a passion play that was wonderful and they served a hot meal afterwards. That night we went to a new restaurant in my home town and tried out the food there. It was very good. Today we attended church and went out to a Wendys and had great sandwiches there. It was a beautiful day here today. It is 73 degrees. We have had the most wonderful winter and beautiful Spring now and everything is about a month ahead of schedule. My peony tulips are in full bloom, yellow and the red and deep red ones are about to bloom. The hyacinths are gorgeous and the lilacs have flowers starting on them. My neighbor came over and mowed the lawn while I was gone and brought me some delicious salad. I am blessed.

Search Engine Marketing

Everyone who has a business wants to be able to get their products out to the most possible number of prospective customers. They want to investigate every and all of the internet marketing services in order to find the one that will do the best job for them. In order to increase your website rankings, you also want to find the most economical and affordable company to assist you. In checking companies, you can find one that has many different search engine categories. Whether you are a large or small business, you can find the best pricing that will fit into your budget.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Faucet Filter

For some time now we have been using a Brita faucet mounted filter in our kitchen. It filters the water of all impurities to about as close to 100 percent as you can get. It saves so much money on buying bottled water. Not only that, but I heard that it actually is not good for you to be drinking water out of the plastic bottles. I also have a Brita filtered container in the refrigerator that holds a considerable amount of filtered water. It is very handy to have both of these and know you are drinking pure water. I have filled containers for guests and family who have run out of their bottled water and they can rest assured it is very clean and filtered totally. It lasts about 2 months before it signals you with a red flashing little light that it is time to put a new filter in. So handy.

What to Buy?

Thanks to Lemuel Craft

My husband’s birthday is coming up and I have no idea what to get him! I always love to find special gifts for him that he can use and will appreciate but what do you get for the man who has everything? Enter my hughesnet internet service. Tomorrow while he is away playing softball I’m hoping to find something to entertain the kids and do a little research. Surely I will be able to come up with something! If nothing else, he can always use some new clothes. No matter what I order I will have them delivered to my mom’s house. If I don’t I run the risk of having him intercept the delivery from the UPS manand spoil the surprise. Since he works from home most of the time it can be difficult to sneak anything past him. Even if I can, the kids have loose lips and aren’t very good at keeping secrets! That’s why I have to distract them even when I am looking online for a gift.

Spring is in the Air

What a beautiful sunny Spring day today. The terrible winds of the last few days have slowed down some and should be better today. I notice the tulips have really grown since the rain. I need to get out in the flower bed and get rid of the old stuff from last year. All the perennials are coming up fast now but we are still in March and they are ahead of schedule. Need to clean out the old growth from last year but needs to warm up a bit more before I do that and wind slow way down.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Richmond Tennis Center

Today everything is about exercise, keeping trim, watching your diet and weight. It helps to keep your blood pressure under control, as well, and you feel so much better. The richmond tennis center is just the place to have fun and get that exercise you may have been putting off. With their beautiful center, it is a pleasure to go there. If you live in Richmond, VA., they are there to serve you. Tennis is a great sport and with beautiful courts, it is a real pleasure.

50 MPH Wind Gusts

Oh my goodness, is it windy. I went to get the mail and could hardly get my car door open. It has been blowing very hard all day with wind gusts up to 50 MPH. I had to be careful getting back into the car that the door didn't slam on my leg or foot. I had several errands to run and then it started to rain a little on top of the wind. It looks like it has all gone North of us though and I am happy for that.

ACH Rules

We are all very concerned these days about all the transactions we make through automatic payment systems. That is why it is very important that all rules and regulations are known and followed by those who are taking part in the Automated Clearing House. Those ach rules are available easily by checking into the Internet. I was just checking this out myself and found there are many various regulations and also a rule book available.

Flower Delivery

There is nothing quite as exciting as receiving a beautiful bouquet of flowers. And if it is unexpected, it is even better. When you receive a flower delivery or send one it is wonderful to find out that all the money you spend goes to your local greenhouse and there are no service fees. Without service fees, you can spend more money on the beautiful flowers you wish to send. My Mom always enjoyed it so much when I sent her flowers. There are so many beautiful Spring floral arrangements now including Easter and Passover.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Mosaic Tile

When it comes to updating your home, you can find many uses for mosaic tile. I am sure that often people hesitate to use mosaic tile because they feel it is too expensive. Or they feel it may be too hard to install. In reading on the Internet, I found that is not true either. It can be quite easy for you to install as the backsplash in your bathrooms and definitely in your kitchen. It truly adds to the beauty of your kitchen, as well as, being easy to keep clean. Once you decide on the type of mosaic tile and color, then it is easy to measure and order. Installation is also quite easy and what a difference it will make wherever you choose to install it.

Beautiful March Weather

This picture will show you just how warm the weather is here in March. We have been running at least 20 degrees above normal almost all winter. We haven't had any snow on the ground for a long time now. It has been like Spring for weeks before it was officially Spring. Now it is almost like summer. With temperatures in the 80's, it is just hard to believe. Everything is budding out and the tulips are coming up fast.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Computer Savey

The children now days use a computer like we use the telephone. Everything comes easy for them because they start out young. They can work things for adults that the adults don't know how to do. Here you see a couple of my great grandchildren with iPads. Gee Whiz, I don't even have one or know how to run one. It is just amazing to me and will get more amazing I think as they grow up.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


I am really excited about my grandson's wedding. It is going to be in a most beautiful place. The trip itself will be wonderful. Will be a real vacation to me. I am excited to see mountains again. It has been many years since I was there. I have one cousin living there but otherwise, most of the family have passed on. It should be beautiful weather too.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Early Spring

I think we must have an early Spring. The trees are all budded. The tulips are out. The forecast is calling for some rain instead of snow. It is going to be in the 60's and even 70 this coming week. It is so neat to open windows in March and let fresh air in. Only traces of snow piles anywhere and they are ice so take longer to melt away. I love it!

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Something Good to Eat

Like they say, nothing says lovin like something from the oven. Here the great grandkids are enjoying some fresh warm cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven. They are very neat when they eat too.

Their Mom is a great cook and baker. Wish I had been there to enjoy this with them. It looks so good. Yum!

Friday, March 2, 2012

Party Time

It has been quite a time of birthdays for our great grandchildren. We have quite a few that were born in November and December. Here are a couple of them enjoying opening gifts. It was just like an early Christmas. I don't know how the grandparents can find something new to buy for Christmas presents after all the Birthday presents the kids received. They sure had fun though.

Safe Diet Pills

Here we are again, having celebrated lots of Holidays and put on the pounds because of all the delicious food that was set before us. I do not know about you but I want something to help my appetite and get rid of those extra pounds. But how do I know which are the safe diet pills? The shelves are full of them and they all have wonderful promises of practically desolving your fat in your sleep. Or else, they will stop your appetite so you won't eat inbetween meals and cut back on food. Will they speed up your metabolism or instead cause you serious health concerns. For myself, I like to check out the Internet for a company who has done all the checking for me and can recommend the top diet pills that will work and are safe for me to use.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Hugs for Great Grammy

Grandchildren are so much fun but great grandchildren are even more fun. What a blessing they are. One of them told me the other day that I was the best great grammy! What a delight. They are so sweet and so happy to come and see you and have you come and see them too.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Today is Sunday and the Day for Church

It is a beautiful blue sky, sunny day today. It is up to 44 degrees but we have terrifically high winds. I wondered when I went to church how the wind was going to be on the road. Now this afternoon it has picked up for the next 4 hours they say and going to get to 45 mph gusts and hang onto your steering wheel or stay off the road with high profile vehicles. We had a guest speaker this morning and she was excellent. Really presented Jesus to all of us and those that don't know him personally got a chance to do just that. If you die today or tonight where are you going? Heaven or Hell? Jesus is the only way to Heaven, there are no other gods that can get you there.

Technology isn't my thing

Guest post from: Natalie Walter

Technology is just not my thing but thankfully my brother and business partner totally gets it when it comes to computers. It’s nice because he and I own our own small printing shop and I don’t have to run to an IT guy every time I get an error message on my computer – he usually knows what’s going on and how to fix it. I am kind of the creative behind the business and I’m really good at the numbers, too, so I do all our in house accounting but at the end of the day it’s nice that Mark can do all the engeneering and also put all the computer stuff on track. We make a good team, he and I, and we have since we were kids which is why I think we knew this business together would be a good idea from the get go. Who would have guessed the Marlo brothers would be working together ten years down the road? We fought like dogs when we were kids and in high school!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


It is only 25 more days now until the first day of Spring. We have had the best winter ever. This is the first year my daughter has had to drive to work from another town so it has really been good for her and her husband. They used to live right in the town where she worked so it was a piece of cake to get to work every day. We have only had a couple of "iffy" days where snow was flying and we were under winter storm watches. But they never materialized. I think this is the best winter with the least snow that I can ever remember. They say we had one other, but it must have been many years ago.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Military Funeral

When my husband died last September he had a Military Funeral. It was one of the largest groups of men at the service than I have seen in years.
It is such an honor to have these former servicemen perform at a funeral of a deceased serviceman. My husband would have been so proud to have seen them. And they presented the flag so nicely folded too.

STD Testing Colorado Springs

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Little Babies

My, do the little babies grow fast. Yesterday, three of my great grandchildren came to visit with their Mom and Grammy. Their little brother is growing so fast and he smiles a great deal. What a sweetheart.

Had lots of fun making him smile and he is so strong already. He's wanting to stand up on your lap. It is just amazing how fast they grow.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Zucchini Bread

My neighbor raises a lot of zucchini every year. They say there are more zucchini in the world than people. I don't know about that but she freezes it and then makes the best zucchini bread in the winter. I gave her some pecans and she made some yesterday. It is delicious with pecans. Last time she used walnuts and it didn't have the flavor that pecans give it. She also brought me some chocolate chip cookies. What a great neighbor!

Vday Gifts for Wife

What did you get your wife for Valentines Day? Whoops! You say you forgot it completely? Well let me tell you that it is never too late to get a belated vday gifts for wife.
She will be very pleased and excited to get the unexpected gift now and I am sure it will pay off in rewards for you from her. Looking for something unique? Check out the Internet for the best selection of a great many gifts that are unique as well as beautiful flowers and jewelry. I saw a selection of so many different things that would please any woman while I was checking out the Internet.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Home Cooking

I don't do much of any cooking anymore since my husband died. I buy a lot of things that keep on the shelf or in the freezer and microwave most of my meals. I did make chili this weekend and put enough for 3 meals in the freezer. My daughter moved to town and calls me often with some tasty dish they had made for supper. Her husband is quite a cook, as well. Yesterday, I picked up a contained of meatballs that look wonderful and also fresh fried potatoes so you can guess what supper will be tonight along with a fresh salad.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Bad Credit Small Business Loans

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Washed the Car

I went out to lunch at the local Pizza Ranch yesterday. When I came out, I looked at my red Pontiac and it looked terrible. It was full of dirt, probably road salt too. So went to the car wash. There was someone in there already and one came behind me. So guess everyone had the same idea. We are supposed to have about 2 weeks of nice weather so thought it was a good time to get my money's worth and get rid of the salt that can damage your car. Car looks like new. :0)

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hawaii Trip

Our oldest son and his wife just got back from a trip to Hawaii. He said it was beautiful there and he had a good time, but he wouldn't want to live there. First of all, it was too hot and humid. And secondly, he likes living on solid ground without water all around like on the island of Mauai. They came home to 60 degree temperatures where they live and that is VERY UNUSUAL for our part of the country.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Work Life

Guest post by Gerard Mcdaniel

I went to when I first started the company to get all my stuff aligned, you know, the t1 line and the business voip and all that. I didn’t know a thing about technology when I first started this business so it’s really been a learning experience for me so far. I can’t believe after all this time in the managerial space once it came time for me to start my own company I actually had to hire my son’s 19 year old college buddy to come over and teach me what he could about IT but you know, when you’re the boss you’ve got to know a little bit about everything. I think it’s crucial to be well informed about what’s going on in the smallest parts of your company and if you don’t then you’re just asking to lose money. It’s never a good idea to have someone working for you doing something you’re not educated to do yourself but you know, I can’t be everywhere all the time so…

Monday, January 23, 2012

Pool Cover

A swimming pool is such a delightful part of your home. The family can enjoy it at any time they choose. However, sometimes neighbor children come over to play unexpectedly and it is a great idea to have a Pool Cover over your pool. The sides of the pool often are wet and can make for a slipping hazard, as well. Elderly relatives may inadvertently slip on the edge of the pool and fall in and with a pool cover, they are protected from such a fall.

Bake a Little Cake

3, 2, 1 CAKE
These individual little cakes are amazing and ready to eat in one minute! They are perfect
for whenever you feel like a treat without all the fat and calories that cake can have. Genius idea!

1 box Angel Food Cake Mix
1 box Cake Mix - Any Flavor
2 Tbsp Water
Makes 1 serving.

In a ziploc bag, combine the two cake mixes together and mix well. For each individual cake serving, take out 3 Tablespoons of the cake mix combination and mix it with 2 Tablespoons of water in a small microwave-safe container. Microwave on high for 1 minute, and you have
your own instant individual little cake!

KEEP remaining cake mixture stored in the ziploc bag and use whenever you feel like a treat! You can top each cake with a dollop of fat free whipped topping and/or some fresh fruit.

Helpful Tips:
This recipe is called 3, 2, 1 Cake because all you need to remember is
"3 tablespoons mix, 2 tablespoons water, 1 minute in the microwave!"

TRY various flavors of cake mix like carrot, red velvet, pineapple, lemon, orange, etc. Just remember that one of the mixes has to be the angel food mix; the other is your choice.
The flavor possibilities are endless!

The best thing is, you open both cake mixes into a gallon storage bag, one that 'zip locks' or 'self-seals', or a container that seals tightly, shake the two cake mixes to blend and then make the recipe. Storage of mix is simple, put it on a shelf. No need to refrigerate, since the mix is dry. Always remember, that one of the cake mixes MUST be Angel Food. The other can be any flavor. The Angel Food is the cake mix that has the egg whites in it. So, if, anyone is allergic to egg whites, DO NOT serve this recipe.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Gift For Your Brother

I like to try and get something different for my brother's birthday every year. This year I checked out the Internet and found the perfect gift for his birthday. He loves to eat and lives alone so doesn't have many treats. So if you are looking for a gift for your brother as I am looking for one for my brother, I found the perfect place. I found chocolate dipped strawberries, cookie baskets, a three-layer chocolate cake and also a Wine Country Picnic Basket, any or all of which he would just love. Now I just have to make up my mind which to get him. When the gift arrives at his door, he will be so surprised as will your brother.

Mexican Lasagna

I made a big 9 x 13 pan of Mexican Lasagna last night. It smelled so good while the meat mixture was cooking. I didn't have taco seasoning so used a tablespoon of some wonderful Mexican spices I have so it should be extra special. You use tortillas in the pan instead of the lasagna noodles. You cover the bottom of the pan with them and then a layer of the meat mixture. Next, you put a covering of shredded cheese. Next comes another layer of tortillas (only one thickness) and then the other half of the meat. I like to cover it and let it sit overnight and then bake it the next day. You would never guess that it is tortillas and not noodles in it when you go to eat it. Just before it is heated thru, you put another cup of shredded cheese on top and just let it melt and it is ready to eat. I can hardly wait.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Business Translators

We all know that the world has become global. Businesses throughout the world now deal with many countries other than their own. That is why it is very important to be able to find the best business translation company available anywhere in the world to assist you in translating all your business translations. That is why when you check out a company, you should find out just who is going to do the translations for you. It is important that the high quality of the translations is correct when you are dealing with a company that uses a different language than the one you use. At Rosetta in London, you will find that they provide a business translation service that not only involves an editor, but also a proof-reader and the translator. It is so important that they have individuals translating that have relevant experience in the particular field in which your company needs translators. Whether it is pharmaceutical,engineering or any other field, they are prepared with industry specific terminology to suit your particular business. Legal implications also enter into the translation of your documents and they are well prepared to make sure that all translated documents meet this requirement and the highest standards possible. Their expertise in legal translation is extremely important.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Sunshine and Warm Winter

The sun is shining brightly again this morning. The temperatures are climbing right along and it is going to be another beautiful snow free day. In fact, all week is going to be snow free. Well, I guess they said we might see a few flakes on Wednesday but so far even those have passed us by. It is almost freaky because we are usually buried in snow and cold. The golfers have even been out golfing this winter, something that is unheard of here in this area. We love it!!!

ipod Docking Station

Have you got an ipod docking station? If not, this may be the time to shop for one. I got on the Internet and found a wonderful assortment of them. I also found the best prices available to get one. Maybe you wanted one for Christmas and did not receive it. Well, now is the time to check it out and see for yourself what kind of a deal you can get. There certainly is a huge selection so you ought to be able to find just what you want.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Family Photos

At Christmas and New Years, out come the cameras to take pictures of all the families that attend. Here is just one of many with a Dad and his little ones.
The new baby is a joy for all. Little brother and sister sure love to kiss and hug him too.