Thursday, January 31, 2008

Drought is a Serious Problem in the Southeast USA

Drought could dry up coolant water and force nuclear plants to shut down. Nuclear reactors across the Southeast could be forced to throttle back or temporarily shut down later this year because drought is drying up the rivers and lakes that supply power plants with the awesome amounts of cooling water the need to operate.Utility officials say such shutdowns probably wouldn't result in blackouts. But they could lead to shockingly higher electric bills for millions of Southerners, because the region's utilities may be forced to buy expensive replacement power from other energy companies.

Online PhD Programs

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President List of Hopefuls Trims Down

The race for the White House narrowed abruptly Wednesday to twin two-way battles, party maverick, John McCain, the man to beat for the republican nomination while the Democrats faced a historic choice between a woman and a black man. Edwards said he was stepping aside so that history can blaze its path. This was a reference to a riveting contest between Hillary Rodham Clinton and Barack Obama for the 2,025 delegates needed for the Democratic nomination. It will be interesting to watch. I don't like any of the 3. I am not for abortion of any kind.

Attention Super Bowl Fans

Relax, Super Bowl fans, and spare your hearts. For rabid fans of the New York Giants and New England Patriots, this Sunday's Super Bowl won't be just a game. It may be a health hazard. Heart attacks and other cardiac emergencies doubled in Munich, Germany, when that nation's soccer team played in World Cup matches, according to a new study. While history suggests European soccer fans can get a bit more worked up than the average American football fan, doctors think there are some valid warnings to be shared. It is reasonable to think that something quite similar might happen as happened in Munich. Emotional stress is blamed for the heart problems, but they added that lack of sleep, overeating, wolfing down junk food, boozing and smoking could have played a large part too.

Capella University

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Wall Street Still Anxious - Closes Lower

A still anxious Wall street closed lower Wednesday sacrificing the advance it made after the Federal Reserve cut interest rates half a percentage point. Investors collected profits after nearly three sessions of big gains, unwilling to leave money on the table amid ongoing economic uncertainty. It was not surprising that the market pulled back, having suffered months of losses and having driven the Dow Jones industrials up more than 470 points so far this week ahead of the late day downturn.

Winnebago Industries to Lay Off 200-225

Winnebago Industries Inc. will lay off from 200 to 225 workers as the recreational vehicle industry continues to see a downturn. The company confirmed the layoffs Wednesday in a conference call with industry analysts to discuss the retirement of Chief Executive Officer Bruce Hertzke and the succession of President Bob Olson to chief executive. Olson said Winnebago had postponed downsizing but high fuel prices and low consumer confidence has dampened motor home purchases and 2008 sales are expected to be flat. Winnebago employs 3,200 workers. Its last round of layoffs were in 2005, when 170 workers lost their jobs. Most were rehired within 30 days.

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Roger Clemens Makes Stop by Astros' Minicamp

Roger Clemens bounced up the steps of the Houston Astros dugout Wednesday morning and faced a group of wide-eyed minor leaguers that included his oldest son. For three relaxing hours at the team's minicamp, he was free from questions about steroid use, the Mitchell report or his pending appearance before a congressional committee. He was back in his element, baffling hitters with sliders and instructing pitchers on simple mechanics. He was absolutely loving it. He said if he can share any insight with these young kids, it is all the better and he enjoys it so much.

Wash the Car!

Boy is our car dirty. My husband purposely ran through a huge lake of water on the road to "wash" off some of the dirt underneath the car. Get some of the salt off the bottom. Well now it is twice as dirty on top. You can hardly see out the side windows decently and the windshield was a mess. Thank the Lord for windshield wipers and washers. And now it's too cold to wash the car because all the doors will freeze. You just can't win in the wintertime in this State.

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Stomach Surgery May Cure Diabetes

A new study gives the strongest evidence yet that obesity surgery can cure diabetes. Patients who had surgery to reduce the size of their stomachs were five times more likely to see their diabetes disappear over the next two years than were patients who had standard diabetes care. Most of the surgery patients were able to stop taking diabetes drugs and achieve normal blood tests. One of the lead authors of the study said it was the best therapy for diabetes that we have today and it is very low risk.

Denver Magazine

Denver is the beautiful city situated in the Rocky Mountains. I used to have many relatives living there but now I have a cousin who has been there since 1950. Denver Magazine is a great way to keep up with what is going on in Denver. Both the residential and business districts are booming. If you are looking for luxury living, the are building and expanding. They have a great many championship sport teams in Denver so if you are sports minded, you can find all the information you need on the players, games, etc. in this fine magazine. And ladies, it has all the latest fashion information, and places for fine shopping such as boutiques. The spas will surely draw your attention too.

New Gazelle

Got an email this morning that our Gazelle was shipped Tuesday and was loaded on the truck in a neighboring town this morning for delivery today! That is great news as they provided free shipping and said it would take 7 to 10 days. We are so anxious to get it set up and using it again. Bike riding isn't quite the same but worked in the meantime. Glad that it is a good weather day today for the UPS man. We didn't get any mail on Tuesday due to the blizzard.

Gaza Residents Flood Into Egypt

Tens of thousands of Gazans flooded into Egypt on foot, in cars and in donkey carts. They came through a border fence that was blown up by militants. It punctured a gaping hole in Israel's airtight closure of the Gaza Strip and gave a boost to Hamas. In a shopping spree that was both festive and frenzied, they cleared out stores in an Egyptian border town, buying up everything from TV sets to soft drinks to cigarettes.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Kugel Mesh Lawyer

The law firm Mark & Associates, P.C. are handling many cases of defective products for people who have been injured by them. Presently, one of the cases they are involved in is the Kugel mesh used in hernia operations. These have been recalled due to injuries of a serious nature. Serious infections, bowel obstructions and bowel perforations are just several of the problems that have occurred because of these mesh implants. My husband had a very serious hernia about 7 years ago now and his side still often hurts him. I am thinking after reading this, that perhaps we should also look into Kugel mesh lawyer to find out more about it. It would really be something if his mesh implant is one of those being recalled. The recall is due to a "memory ring" and I beieve it would be important to check it out.

Toyota Short of Topling GM Worldwide

Toyota is about 3,000 vehicles short of topling GM worldwide. Toyota said it sold 9,366 million vehicles around the world last year, about 3,000 fewer than the tally from General Motors - the world's No. 1 automaker for 77 years. Earlier, Toyota Motor Corp. said it had sold about 9.37 million vehicles worldwide last year, making for an extremely tight race with U.S. automaker General Motors Corp., which said it sold 9,369,524 vehicles. Both companies have denied they are too concerned about the numbers games. Toyota executives even have expressed worries about a possible backlash if they dethrone GM, an American icon. They have been setting up more plants in North America and have tried to show it is a good U.S. corporate citizen.

U.N. Chief Appoints George Clooney

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon designated George Clooney as a U.N. "messenger of peace" Friday to promote the world body's activities, especially in its far flung peacekeeping missions. The 46 year old actor has been campaigning for an end to the 4 1/2 year war in Darfur and for Humanitarian aid for the millions caught up in the conflict. He will become the ninth U.N.peace envoy. While many U.N. agencies have goodwill ambassadors to promote activities ranging from helping children and refugees in promoting human rights, "messengers of peace" are selected by the secretary-general to promote the broader work of the United Nations.

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Supreme Court Steps Into Cigarette Suit

The Supreme Court agreed Friday to a cigarette maker's request to decide whether tobacco companies can be sued under state law for allegedly deceptive advertising of "light" cigarettes. The tobacco industry is trying to head off a wave of state-based challenges regarding the light cigarettes, even as it is appealing a federal judge's order to stop marketing cigarettes as "low tar", "light", "ultra light" or "mild" because they mislead consumers. The issue before the justices is whether state laws against unfair marketing practices may be used in suits against the tobacco companies or whether federal law bars such lawsuits. The Federal Cigarette Labeling and Advertising Act says states can't impose any requirements on the advertising or promotion of cigarettes. A Federal judge initially thew out a suit filed by three Maine residents against Altria Group Inc. and its Philip Morris USA Inc. subsidiary that alleged the advertising of light cigarettes was unfair and deceptive.

Kentucky Police Identify Five Found Dead in Car

The bodies of a family reported missing more than a week ago were found in a car submerged in a northern Kentucky creek. Foul play is no suspected according to State Trooper, Chip Perry.The car was found in Eagle Creek in Gallatin County, near a sharp curve on a rural road about 30 miles southwest of Cincinnati. Authorities removed the car and found the bodies of two adults and three children inside. The father was 33, the mother 26 and the 3 children were ages 5, 2, and 18 months old. All are from Sanders in Gallatin County. Isn't that one of the saddest things you have read?

Miami Heat Tickets

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Overseas Demand is Likely Behind Factor Orders

Orders to factories for big ticket manufactured goods jumped unexpectedly in December, good news amid signs that the U.S. economy may be tipping toward a recession. I don't think this is going to help though. Analysts said the 5.2 percent growth in orders, while potentially boosting industrial output in coming months, likely came from overseas demand and that domestic growth faced continuing threats from tight credit and mortgage markets that have forced consumers to retrench.

FBI Investigates Possible Loan Fraud

The Federal Bureau of Investigation said it is investigating 14 companies for possible fraud or insider trading violations in connection with loans made to risky borrowers, and investments spun off of those loans. Agency officials did not identify the companies under investigation but said the wide ranging probe, which began in Spring 2007, is ongoing and involves companies across the industry, from mortgage lenders to financial firms that bundle home loans into securities sold to investors.

0 Premium Waters

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January Freeze

Boy, did we have a blizzard yesterday. It was a good old fashioned blizzard where the temperatures were down to and below zero and 3-4 inches of fluffy snow blowing 45 to 50 miles an hour. You could hardly see your neighbors. I looked out the window and could not see past the neighbors swing set. Now - that is BAD! There were so many accidents on the roads, freeways and even in town. Why don't people stay home when they can't see to drive?

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sprint Nextel Will Cut 4,000 Jobs

Sprint Nextel Corp.'s stock plunged after the wireless carrier said it will cut 4,000 jobs and close 125 retail locations in response to a steep drop in its customer base. Sprint shares plummeted nearly 25 percent, prompting analysts to forecast even more cuts in the coming months as the nation's third largest wireless carrier struggles to compete with AT&T Inc. and Verizon Wireless. The layoff of about 6.7 percent of Sprint's work force and closure of 8 percent of its stores is to be completed in the first half of the year. Sprint said in a news release that the cuts will trim labor costs by $700 million to $800 million a year. I have a friend working for them and I hope he doesn't lose his job.

Slain Border Patrol Agent Identified

A Border Patrol agent was killed by a suspected smuggler's vehicle that he was trying to stop near the border. He was identified as Luis Aguilar, a 32 year old father of two. He was struck on Interstate 8 in the Imperial Sand Dunes Recreation Area about 20 miles west of Yuma. He was trying to place spike strips in the path of two vehicles believed to have illegally entered the country from Mexico when one of the vehicles hit him. Both vehicles drove back across the border into Mexico. This is so sad for his family, wife and children.

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Monday, January 28, 2008

Tiger Woods Wins

Tiger Woods won by 8 and tied Palmer. He joined some elite company Sunday, even though he might as well have been playing alone. He thrilled the four-deep gallery with an improbable flop shot from the muck of the trampled grass behind the ninth green to save par. He sent Torrey Pines' into delirium with a 60 ft birdie putt that started in one direction and slid into the cup from the other. He made three straight bogeys on the back nine, a rarity for him when he's in the lead. All in all, it was his 62nd career victory, tying him with Arnold Palmer for fourth place on the tour list.

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fish Fri Friday

We got out into the cold and went to the fish fry and had a good visit with relatives. Our niece is attending college now to be a doctor's assistant, kind of like an LPN. She goes 3 nights a week and her daughter watches the little one 2 nights and her brother watches him one night a week to help her out. She got a nice duplex and got a good raise at her job so things are going much better for her than they were. The fish fry isn't going to be going next week as the head people are going to Hawaii. Neat!!

Friday, January 25, 2008

No Illegal Drugs Found in Ledger Apartment

There were six types of prescription drugs in Heath Ledger's apartment, including anti-anxiety medications and sleeping pills. The autopsy was inconclusive. A rolled up $20 bill was also found on the floor near the actor's bed but tests detected no traces of drug residue. Three of the prescription drugs were prescribed in Europe. It looks like a possible drug overdose and appears to be accidental. His death is heartbreaking to his fans. He was only 28 years old.

Donate Car

Everyone likes to do as much as they can to help others and teens now days seem to need all the help and support we can give them. I know many have a car that is sitting around gathering dust and you don't know what to do with it. Now donate car will be happy to take that car off your hands and you can use it for a tax deduction because they are a non-profit organization that makes videos for kids and teens. You can also give donations to them to help them with this great cause. Take a look at this video and see what they are doing. Donations and used cars have provided 2.4 million videos for kids. Isn't that great? Why not have a part in helping teens and kids in this fabulous way that appeals to them? Check into it today. Every bit we can do will help.

Tiger Woods on Course at Buick

The PGA tour began a slow shift back to golf at sunrise Wednesday at Torrey Pines. Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson had not been on the same piece of property in nearly four months, since celebrating the U.S. victory at the Presidents Cup in Montreal. They were on the first tee together in the chilly morning of the Buick Invitational pro-am. That was one day after a player meeting on the new anti-doping policy that brought the occasional outburst. Many people feel the PGA Tour season doesn't start until Tiger Woods shows up. This year, it couldn't come fast enough.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

General Electric Quarterly Profits Up

General Electric Co. delivered some good news Friday to investors who worried about a slowing economy, saying its quarterly profit rose 4 percent and reaffirming its outlook for 2008. The conglomerate's big ticket business - jet engines, railroad locomotives, and water treatment plants, powered GE's profit, posting $3.4 billion, or 26 percent more than the fourth quarter of 2006. It also gave GE a global reach that should help blunt the impact of a possible U.S. recession.

Los Angeles Plastic Surgeon

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Onetime "Dirty Bomb" Suspect Sentenced

Jose Padilla, once accused of plotting with al-Qaida to blow up a radioactive "dirty bomb" was sentenced to 17 years and four months on terrorism conspiracy charges that do not mention those initial allegations. The sentence imposed b U.S. District Judge Marcia Cooke marks another step in the extraordinary personal and legal odssey for the 37 year old Muslim convert, a U.S. citizen who was held for 3 1/2 years as an enemy combatant after his 2002 arrest amid the "dirty bomb" allegations. Prosecutors had sought a life sentence but Cook said she arrived at the 17 year sentence after considering the harsh conditions during Padilla's lengthy military detention at a Navy brig in South Carolina.

Clinton, Edwards Critical of Obama's GOP Praise

Hillary Rodham Clinton and John Edwards criticized Barack Obama's praise of the Republican Party and Ronald Reagan - an anathema for many Democrats, particularly union members considered crucial to winning Nevada's Democratic caucuses Saturday. Obama responded by suggesting Clinton would be a "president whose plans change with the politics of the moment" as part of one of his most direct critiques of the New York senator yet.The intensity reflects what polls suggest could be a tight contest today as Nevada plays its most prominent role ever in a presidential nominating campaign.Obama told a newspaper that he thought it was fair to say that the Republicans were the party of ideas for a pretty long chunk of time there over the last 10 or 15 years in the sense that the were challenging conventional wisdom. I think President Reagan was a great man. He was our governor when we lived there for 9 years.

Gold Coins

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Baghdad - Bomb Kills 6 in Anbar Province

The U.S. military worried Sunday about receiving mixed messages from Iran, listing a dramatic drop in Iranian-made weapons reaching Iraq but no reduction in the training and financing of Shiite militants. This report further muddles U.S. - Iranian relations as Washington ratchets up its anti-Tehran rhetoric in the shadow of a recent intelligence report that the Islamic republic halted a nuclear weapons program four years ago. A second suicide bombing in two days killed 6 people in Anbar province, the birthplace of the Sunni movement against al-Qaida in Iraq that has been a major factor in a recent downturn in nationwide violence.The apparent target near Fallujah was a U.S. backed Sunni tribal sheik who escaped harm but the bombing reflected the difficult in routing insurgents led by al-Qaida in Iraq even in areas where the military has made major gains. I think Iran is dangerous and we better keep an eye on them closely.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Suicide Bomber Kills 18 at Iraqi Funeral

A suicide bomber apparently targeting a senior security official blew himself up inside a funeral tent on Monday, killing 18 people in the latest of a series of deadly attacks chipping away at the notion of a calmer Iraq. The U.S. military has repeatedly warned that the fight against insurgents is not over, and the bombing in a village north of Baghdad was the third in as many days in Sunni Arab areas thought to have been largely rid of al-Qaida militants.

Executive search Firm

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Marine was Perfect Victim

The mother of the murdered Marine said that her daughter's image as a woman who struggled with the truth made her vulnerable and may have triggered events that led to her violent death. It was so sad to hear that the found her pregnant burned body with a little hand sticking out - burned. She was 8 months along. They still haven't caught the married Marine that killed her and buried her in his back yard. There is just no caring for life today.

Australian Open - Henin, Sharapova

Henin, Sharapova win to set up quarterfinal showdown at the Australian Open. Now comes the hard part. Justine Henin will put her 32 match winning streak on the line against Maria Sharapova in the Australian Open quarterfinals. This is their first meeting since the season ending championship final in Madrid. The top ranked Menin had another straight-set win over an unseeded player, routing Taiwan's Hsieh Su-wei 6-2,6-2, in the fourth round Sunday when two-set victories dominated after an extra long Day 6. Sharapova pounded fellow Russian Elena Dementieva 6-2,6-0, breaking the 11th ranked player in six of her seven service games, including one at love to finish off the match in 62 minutes. She says she has always loved tough games against her.

Friday, January 18, 2008

Dow Jones Drops 306 Points

Wall Street extended its 2008 plunge sending the Dow Jones industrials down 306 points and to their lowest level since last March after a regional Federal Reserve report showed a sharp and unexpected decline in manufacturing activity. Downgrades of key bond insurance companies added to the market's black mood, with investors fearing an escalation of months of credit market problems. The Dow lost nearly 2.5 percent, giving the index its worst three day percentage decline since October 2002. The Standard & Poor's 500 which is the index closely watched by market professionals, fell nearly 3 percent. The Dow, S & P 500 and the Nasdaq composite index have now given back all of the gains they achieved in 2007.

Disposable Gloves

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Grohe Faucets

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Couple Leaves 70 Friends $1.6 Million

A farmer, Willis Hatch, and his schoolteacher wife, Arlene, lived simply but blissfully together for 57 years before dying in an auto accident in November. Now, about 70 of their friends and neighbors are surprised to find themselves a collective $1.6 million richer as the beneficiaries of the late couple's frugality and generosity. The recipients of their generosity were bequeathed certificates of deposit ranging in value from $5,000 to more than $1100,000. The couple's estate was valued at $2.9 million and included the CDs, the farm and some stocks. Everyone is so shocked to be receiving this money. The Hatches never had children of their own and lived into their early 90's.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Weather Channel May Be Sold

Landmark Communications, a Norfolk, VA-based company is family owned. They are exploring the sale of the company's businesses, including the Weather Channel and nine daily newspapers. Frank Batten, Jr., Landmark's chairman and CEO, said in a statement that the privately held company has retained JPMorgan and Lehman Brothers to help it look into possible sale scenerios. They said at this early state they could not speculate on where this process would lead. Batten, whose father helped build the company after taking over as publisher of the local newspaper in l954 was the spokesman.

Monday, January 14, 2008

Bank of America to Buy Countrywide Financial

Bank of America said it will buy Countrywide Financial for $4.1 billion in stock, a deal that rescues the country's largest mortgage lender and expands the financial services empire of the nation's largest consumer bank. The acquisition will make Charlotte-based Bank of America Corp. the nation's biggest mortgage lender and loan servicer. Bank of America said it initially plans to operate Countrywide separately under the Countrywide brand, with integration occurring no sooner than 2009.

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Grey Poupon

There is nothing better to liven up a cold sandwich in your lunch or at home than a good mustard. I have been asked to try Grey Poupon and give these mustards my honest review. The new Harvest Course Ground grey poupon is a stronger mustard for those how like a real "bite" to their mustard. If my mother was alive today, she would absolutely love it. The Hearty Spicy Brown mustard is more to our liking, however, on some things like Polish Sausage, the new Harvest Course Ground grey poupon would really give it a hightened flavor. Hearty Spicy Brown grey poupon would be my choice to add to my salad dressing when making homemade dressing for homemade potato salad. And my family love deviled eggs and adding some of the Hearty Spicy Brown grey poupon to them would spark them up just a bit. And what is a hot dog without good mustard like these grey poupon mustards? They just wouldn't be the same. My husband likes a little with his fresh fried potatoes and a little added into some casseroles will give it more flavor too. Kraft has always been known for turning out fine products and here are two more that live up to their reputation.

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Wal-Mart Names New VP of Grocery Division

A former executive from rival British retailers Safeway PLC and Tesco has been named by Wal-Mart as its executive vice president of grocery merchandise. Jack Sinclair, 57, will be in charge of planning, category management and general oversight of Wal-Mart's U.S. grocery business. He will report to executive vice president and chief merchandising officer John Fleming. He was group marketing and trading director at Safeway PLC, the British grocery chain, which is unrelated to North American Safeway Inc. He previously worked for British retailer Tesco Stores Ltd. which is launching a U.S.l effort also.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Toyota Passes Ford in 2007 U.S. Sales

Toyota Motor Corp. overtook Ford Motor Co. to become the No. 2 automaker by U. S. sales in 2007, using new products and relentless strategy to break Ford's 75 year lock on the position. They sold 2.62 million cars and trucks in 2007, which amounted to 48,226 more than Ford, according to sales figures released last week. Toyota's sales were up 3 percent for the year, lifted up by new products like the Toyota Tundra pickup. General Motors Corp. remained the U.S. sales leader, selling 3.82 million vehicles in 2007 but that was down 6 percent.

Microsoft Giving Out Free Xbox 360 Games

Microsoft Corp. said it will give Xbox 360 owners a free video game to make up for poor performance during the holidays by their system's online hub. Gamers log on to the Xbox Live Web site to buy games, television shows and movies to load onto their consoles, and to interact with other players. Video game blogs such as Joystiq recently reported that users had a slew of problems with the site during the holidays, including troubles signing in, downloading media and getting matched with online opponents. Microsoft reported they are disappointed in their performance.

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Ringo Starr Returns

I saw Ringo Starr the other morning on one of the morning shows. He was playing and singing and he was just as good as ever. Every Beatle lover will want to hear him and he is making a comeback or going out to play again. The music was great and his voice was beautiful. If you are a fan, you will be sure to want to hear him if you get a chance and he is somewhere near you. I didn't hear all of the details but I am sure we will hear more about him soon.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Commercial Jets to Test Anti-missile System

This spring, up to three American Airlines jets carrying passengers, will be outfitted with anti-missile technology. This is the latest phase of testing technology to protect commercial planes from attack. An American Airlines spokesman said that the test will determine how well the anti-missile system holds up under the rigors of flight. The first Boeing 767-200 will be equipped in April or later. American operates that Boeing model mostly between New York and San Francisco and Los Angeles. American said it is "not in favor" of putting anti-missile systems on commercial planes but agreed to take part in the tests to understand technologies that might be available in the future. Pretty interesting, isn't it?

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Oil Futures Drop

There has been a drop in crude inventory that has pulled the prices down below $100. That was a record high per barrel, but one day later the crude inventories fell by 4 million barrels last week, much more than the 1.7 million barrel decline that analysts had expected. On the other hand, inventories of distillates, which include heating oil and diesel fuel, rose by 600,000 barrels. And supplies of gasoline rose by 1.9 million barrels, more than the 1.3 million barrel increase expected. So maybe we will see a drop in gas prices again I saw $2.999 at the pump last night, the highest it has been in awhile.

Friday, January 4, 2008

U.S. House Spent $20.3 Million on Mailings

U.S. House members spent $20.3 million in tax money last year to send constituents what is often the government equivalent of junk mail. They sent nearly 116 million pieces of mail in all. Many of these were glossy productions filled with flattering photos and lists of the latest roads and bridges that the lawmaker has brought home to the district. I call that pork at it's worst. How about you?

Small Business Phone Systems

A small business a great many important parts to it including Personnel, Accounting, Payroll, Customer Service, Warehousing and Shipping among others, but most important is the small business phone systems. Without a good phone system, you really have no means of communication with your customers. Sure you can send out emails and advertise but without the phone where would you be? This company has everything you need from corded phones, headsets, voice mail and a great deal more. Their products are name brands that you will recognize immediately. You can give them a call and visit with them about your needs. They have a toll-free number and if you visit their website you will see many of their products online. They are efficient and courteous so check into them today.

New Home Sales at Lowest Level in 12 Years

The housing market plunged deeper into despair last month with sales of new homes plummeting to their lowest level in more than 12 years. The slump worsened even more than most analysts expected, heightening fears that the country might be thrust into a recession. New home sales tumbled 9 percent in November from October to a seasonally adjusted annual sales pace of 647,000. That was the worst sales pace since April 1995. The housing picture turned out to be more grim than most anticipated. Many economists were predicting sales to decline by 1.8 percent to a pace of 715,000. BY region, sales fell in all parts of the country, except for the West. In the Midwest, new home sales plunged 27.6 percent in November from October. Sales dropped l9.3 percent in the Northeast and fell 6.4 percent in the South. In the West, however, sales rose 4 percent.

Business Performance Management

It important to keep a business running smoothly and your management must be able to cope with all the daily happenings to keep it running that way. Today you can go online to business performance management for your business needs, no matter what they are. They have solutions for you in budgeting, forecasting, reporting and more. They have great customer care that is there to serve you. They will work with your management from the top on down to solve the various problems you may be incurring. In other words, they have it all, so why not contact them today.

Luxury Homes

I think when most of us think luxury homes we think of movie star homes and homes in Hollywood. But luxury homes have changed with the people of today. They now have hot tubs, saunas and all the amenities everyone wants in a specialized resort. Heated floors in the bathrooms - doesn't that sound wonderful and a home that is computerized to keep it just the right temperatures of heat and cool, plus being eco-friendly in the materials that were used to build it. Look into this site for a listing of the most beautiful luxury homes available.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Perfect Cash Advance

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Debt Consolidation

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Auto Loan

We have traded cars every two years for a great many years.  And every time we traded, we traded in the car we had and there was always a balance due on the auto loans we had on our cars.  The dealer was always more than anxious to have us take out a loan with the company they dealt with and we found the payments were higher and the interest was higher and it ended up hard to keep up with the payments.  So then we tried another means for car finance and that was to go to the local banker we always dealt with.  We found we could get a slightly smaller rate of interest but by the time you had to make payments for 60 months, you still were paying alot of payments and interest and it kept you from doing anything else with your money.  You couldn't save anything because that big car payment was always staring you in the face.  Now there is a better way to handle your money and that is to go onto the internet and look into refinancing your car and getting those payments down and also the interest so you can have more money in your pocket each month to take care of all the needs of your family and even put away money for the future for college for your children.  You wouldn't feel strapped for cash all the time the way you are now.  If you have a new car or are thinking of trading cars, then now is the time to check into this site. They will give you a free quote today and they make all kinds of auto loans for new cars, used cars and also loans so you can refinance your present car and quite being a slave to those high auto loans with the high interest.

Recession Expected to Strike in 2008

Five economic stocks will send U.S. manufacturing into a mild recession in 2008, according to a new report from an undustrial trade group. But the situation should get better in 2009 if the housing market rebounds and helps stimulate the economy. Daniel Meckstroth, chief economist for the Arlington, VA-based Manufacturers Alliance, said that while the next 12 months should provide a formidable challenge, he thought new housing starts should improve significantly in 2009.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all you bloggers out there. Wishing you a great and blessed 2008 with prosperity, good health and all your wishes to come true this year. It is off to a start with the coldest day of the year but there is a lot of sunshine and even though the wind is very cold, it is a pretty winter day.