Thursday, December 4, 2008

Safe Haven Law in Nebraska

I think it is wonderful that states have safe-haven laws. However, Nebraska didn't think to put an age limit on the children that could be dropped off at their hospitals. In fact 35 children, including some teenagers as old as 17, were dropped off and abandoned at state hospitals. Some of them were crying hysterically as they pleaded with their parents not to leave them there.

I saw one mother on television that said she just could no longer cope with her teenage son, so she drove halfway across the United States to drop him off in Nebraska. Isn't that sad? Anyway the lawmakers got together and drew up another bill that the Governor signed setting a limit of 30 days of age so no more of this will happen. Children were dropped off from as far away as Florida and Michigan. Five of the children were from other states. What sad situations in families.

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