Monday, December 15, 2008

Want to own Michael Jackson's Glittery Glove?

How would you like to own Michael Jackson's glittery glove? No, seriously, it is going on the auction block. After it was unveiled in the l983 video for Jackson's hit "Billie Jean", the glove inspired countless copycats, quips and Halloween costumes. And now it will be part of a five day auction next year.

Julien's Auctions in Los Angeles will be auctioning off the glove along with the grandiose gates that once led to his Neverland Ranch. They announced this last Wednesday, and Jackson is also going to have more than 2,000 other personal items on the auction. The auction begins April 21 but Jackson's possessions will be on display before the auction begins. You can make a bid in person or online.

MusiCares, a charitable organization founded by the recording Academy to help musicians in need, will be the recipients of a portion of the proceeds from Jackson's auction. So get ready, count your money and get out to that auction if you are a Michael Jackson fan and want to get your hands on some of his personal possessions.

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