Sunday, December 21, 2008

Meteorologists Oppose FAA Cutback Plan

News out of Miami, Florida says that the National Weather Service employees are balking at a cost-cutting proposal that would pull meteorologists out of all 20 air-traffic control centers across the country. They feel if this happens, people are going to die. It is as simple as that. Dan Sobien, president of the union that represents weather service workers says it is as simple as that.

The Federal Aviation Administration pays for 84 weather service employees stationed in air-traffic centers. Meteorologists would be moved to two central forecasting locations in Kansas City and outside Washington. The workers have worked side by side with air-traffic controllers since l978 after the National transportation Safety Board ruled that a crash the previous year was because flight crews could not get quick updates on hazardous weather. Doesn't it sound like a bad idea to you to move these meteorologists? We need all the help we can to keep those planes safely in the air.


Anonymous said...

It’s classic EEL! Failed FAA Acting Administrator “Bobby” (The Eel) Sturgell is once again trying to blame everyone and everything else but himself for his own awful failures on his way out the door. Not enough de-icer? Sturgell blames Natural Causes… Potash Miners… Labor unions… “Overpriced’ Meteorologists… Who else has Sturgell blamed lately? Congress… The ATCs… Whistle-Blowers… “Politics”… “Special Interests”… The Pilots... Israel… India… The Philippines… The Airlines… The EEL-Of-Sturgell will even blame useless FAA functionary “colleagues” like FAA’s Kirk (The Ghoul) Shaffer, as if those aero-publicist hacks actually did any REAL work to begin with. Yet we all know 3,500-and-climbing aviation fatalities occurred on “Bobby” Sturgell’s FAA watch. That’s what happens when you let an EEL “run” a federal agency. Bye EEL!

Anonymous said...


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