Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Eye Examination

I had my annual eye examination today. They used to be quite simple but now they run you from room to room doing all kinds of tests. I think it is a good thing as it is much more thorough that it used to be. The pressure in my eyes is normal. They have a new machine that tests for the pressure in case you have or are getting glaucoma. It is much more accurate as before my eyes always tested way too high in pressure for at least 15-20 years and there was nothing wrong. Now they get a correct reading.

The doctor checks for macular degeneration and retinal damage and everything was fine there too. He said I have cataracts that are growing slowly and maybe by my next annual checkup, they will be ready to be removed. My husband had them removed from both his eyes and enjoys wonderful eyesight with new glasses that have just a little correction.

I think it will take longer for mine but I could be wrong as I have such great eyesight right now and his was really bad. Anyway I didn't need new lenses or anything so it was a good checkup.

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