Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Have you been to a CARMAN Concert?

I have been to a number of CARMAN's wonderful concerts.  His music is all Christian and he writes much of it.  He has been diagnosed with incurable cancer and given a certain time to live.  He wants to put on at least one more concert for the Lord and needs $200,000 to do it.  You can help him by pledging money at You will be blessed by doing this and you can choose the amount you wish to pledge and by doing so there are many gifts you may receive.  It's up to you what you choose.  He has 41 days left to reach the goal of $200,000 and I know there are many of you that would like to help him.  You can pledge as little as $1 or a whole lot more.  No pressure.  Check it out, please.  Thank you.

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