Monday, January 5, 2009

Fresh Baked Bread

I have two loaves of brown bread rising in the pans. It will be a long time before it is ready but it will sure be good when it is done. Hot bread, butter and raspberry jam is a big favorite of ours. I don't think there are too many things that smell better than freshly baking bread.

Cinnamon rolls would probably be my next favorite. Cinnamon anything smells up the house so good. I have a wonderful recipe for bread pudding that smells so good when it is baking. It has cinnamon in it too. My husband's family always ate it hot with cream and a little sugar sprinkled on it. We use half and half and warm the leftovers a bit the next day in the microwave and it is just as good as when it came out of the oven. I save up the heels of the bread until I have enough for a batch. It is so good.

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